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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, July 09, 1895, Image 1

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Vol. XI. No. 61. CONCORD, N. 0., TUESDAY. JULY 9, 1890. Whohe NO. 1,191 NEWS BY WIRE. The Standard ronrtenaes Telegraphic Mewi frm All Parts Matters About People. Places and Thing's. A. destructive cyclone passed over Morgan county, Ga., on Monday. Copiah county, Miss., convention, on Monday, gave a big silver majority. All the prisoners in the Hender sonville (N. C) jail got out and made their escape Sunday night. Rev. W G Morgan, at, Petersburg, Fla., denounced bitterly President Cleveland on his foreign and finane cial policies. Hon. Jobn W Foster has returned from China, where he served as counsellor to the Chinese peace envoys in the negotiations to end the Chinese Japanese war. The Populists on the board of charities in Kansas have been charged with having been bribed with coffee and other groceries and merchandise. The wages of operatives in the woolen and worsted mills of Rhode Island will be increased this month from 71 to 12 per cent. Edward W Tcrb:rt, who cliams to be a cousin of the late Henry W Grady, was arrested in New York on a charge jf omtczzlsment said to have been ..committed two years ago, Minister Rinson, while in Washington, did not sea tie President. A meeting ffili be held in Atlanta next Mon day to protest against the freight rates of the Southern. The Santa Pita copper and iron mills of New Mexico were destroyed by fire Sat urdiy. L033 $100,000. The Libn erty tell will be taken to At lanta all objections being removed. Jenth or Mrs. TflnecotT.1 Since January Mrs. Winecoff, the wife of Mr. G M V Winecoff, who lives just above Forest Hill, has been bed-fast. Her illness has been long and severe. On Monday evening death brought an end to her suffer ing. Several years ago Mr. Winecoff moved here from Mississippi, to hich State years ago he had gone irom Cabarrus. He and his family, in this oid affliction, have the sym pathy of the community . Her re mains were interred atJMt. Olivet, Rev. McLaurin conducting the funeral. An Afllieted Family. Sadder news has not been told than the affliction of Mr. Robert Johnston, of No. 8 township, who, on Monday, July 1, laid to rest the remains oi his beloved wife, who left an 8"months-old infant that just one week later, on July 8, closed its eyes and went to sleep in the arms of JesuB. On Saturday last an 8-year-old girl of Mr. Johnston fell from a fence and broke her arm. Mr. Johnston is one of the good farmers of No. 8, and in his time of sorrow has the profoundest sympathy of his friends and neighbors, and The Stand akd joins them in extending condolence. All Free. Those who have used Dr. King.'s New Discovery known its value, and those who have not, have now the opportunity to try it Free. Call on the advertised Druggist aud get a Trial Bottle, Free, Send your name and address to H E Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a sample box of Dr. King's New Life, Pills Free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, Free. AH of which is guarante eA to do you goof wad cost you noth ing at Fetaer's Drug Store. ICE FACTORY HERE. THE DEFENSE TO REST There Are No Towns No Plucky As Concord---The Matter Was Consid ered. Today. Concord may have an ice factory in a few weeks. A representative of ice machinery company was hare and dis cussed matters with parties inter ested in the establishment of an ice factory. If the matter comes tc a point, the factory will be located near the Electric Light station. The County CommiNsloners full Of Business. The County Commissioners met Monday to hear complaints about the assessment of real estate. It appears that it was understood by many that the values were to be cut down 20 percent. In some town ships this was done; in others the cut was greater and still others the cut was not more than 3 per cent. This, as is readily seen, does not equalize the burdens over the county. In No. 6 the assessed value of real estate is not cut down more than $2,000 in the aggregate, while in No. 8 the decrease is about $35,000. This is the matter that held Lhu attention of the Commissioners on Monday and Tuesday. They want to distribute the burdens of taxa'ion over the county in equal measures. They, the Commissioners are con servative and just men, and whatever they do, will be right so far as they are able to make it. A Very Sad Man. A Standard reporter met up with Rev. Dr. O M Payne, whom everyn body in Concord, knows and esteems. All know him to be a gentleman of warm and tender heart. The re cent affliction and trouble that was thrust upon him by the untimely and cruel death of his brother, to whom he was bound by the closest and strongest of ties of brotherly love and devotion, has told upon him to such a degree that a mere acquaintance can see a big change 'Tis, indeed, sad, and this writer when seeing him and meeting him, was never more touched by the sad ness and trouble of this man of God, one who has always been a strong and deep sympathizers of others in trouble. Dr. Payne has in the people of Concord a profound and sincere sym pathizer in this, his hour and time of great sorrow and pain. Lo cunt b Passed Ovei the City. Early this (Tuesday) morning the attention of many of our citizens was attracted by the buzz of some winged insects passing over the city, going direct east. Not until late in the day, however, did we learn what they were, when several planters from the Cold Water bottom section en the Mt. Pleasant road told a re porter that a swarm of locusts had struck the woods in Lipe's pasture. They say the song of these gauze winged bugs can be heard for several miles. Sunday Rchool Convention In No. 10 Township. The Sunday School Convention of No. 10 township will be held at Boger's Chapel on Saturday, July 20th, 1895. Addresses will be made by RtTS. Bryant and Long, Messrs L T Hartsell, J F Newell, H C Cook, Dr, Lttfferty, and others. The several choirs of the township HJ! furr;?h nr:? tor Mhemuell on Stand Five Honrs-Six WitnesNf ToM; ?! To-Iny-The Case Will ProImMj- CJo to tSe Jury Satur day. SpecialHo The Standard- Lexington, N. C, July 9, 1895. Shemwell was on the stand about five hours yesterday and during the rigid cross examination did not be come at all confused. Shemwell talked perfectly coolly, tipped his chair backwards and for wards in a leisurely way, and when once he fell back over the step when his chair slipped he arose without a flutter. 9 Some half dozen witnesses have testified today and the defense will perhaps rest its case by six o'clock. It is thought the case will be given to the jury Saturday. OUR OLDESTCOUNTMAN Was Sick But is Uetter Looking for CSold Prof. Brooks Begins August 5thlnerterly Meeting: An Instru ment That Smell Gold. Georgeville, N. C, July 9 Crops ?re looking fine in this vi cinitr. ml 1 There will be a townBhip Sunday school convention at Georgeville on the 25th of July. The Mt. Pleass ant, Cold Springs, St. Paul's and Georgeville choirs will furnish mu sic for ths occasion. Prof. Brooks will take charge of the school at this place the 5th of August. We wish him a pleasant stay among us. Quarterly meeting will be held at Center Grove next Sunday. A hired boy in this neighborhood while hauling wheat fell overboard in the ditch. Two gentlemen from Canada are visiting the Nugget gold mine. They have an instrument which they call an indicator and they say that they can find a gold dollar in a twenty acre field with this instrument. Mrs. Will Leonard, living near Nugget Gold Mine, is quite sick. Her many friends wish her a speedy recovery, Mr. Charles Widenhouse has been having chills, but he is about done shaking. Mr. Martin Widenhouse, one of Cabarrus' oldest citizens has been sick, but is improving. He is 91 years old. E. E. W. ADDITIONAL NEWS FROM ".70SIAR." Plenty of fruit. The recent rains haye made a wonderful change in the crops. Farmers have their wheat in their barns, and are now laying by their crops. Mrs. Maggiei Sikes, of Charlotte, is visiting relatives in and around Georgeville, Mr. E A Jerome and Dr. Hartsell want on a visit to Albemarle on the Fonrth. Quire a number of young people amended the 4th of July picnics at different places this year. When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorla. When she was a Child, she cried for Castorla. When she became Miss, she clung to Castorla. When she had Children, she gare them Castorla. CANNONS & FETZER'S T f onld rove ft mountain, lfl WF1 ' ' GIVING THESE THINGS AWAY WITH f N I! Improved Chautauqua Kinderg.vtejr Drawing Board and Wt'ng Des'e, 1 M lib w 1 I GaSH ; , IE ; TRADE N Open for us. COME AND SEE T HEM Open for ui 4 m t And get a cir cular that will tell you all abou it 1 IwT 1 i roiJing! or aKfanj mT r? C " f 3 CANNONS & R

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