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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, July 10, 1895, Image 2

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The Daily Standard "Vf BY JAMES 1. COOK. OFFICE IN CASTOR BUILDING v, Srii.d:;rd is published every (Sunday excepted) and delivers sd by carriers- ErES OF SUBSCRIPTION One year : U 00 Six months 2 00 Three-months 100 One month 35 Single copy 05 ADVERTISING RATES. T i';us for regaiar advertisements mado iinown on application. Addrt as all communications to THE STANDARD. Concord. N. C. ?ONCORD, JVLY 10, 1805. TSSE AACEfil'OR OF HAS. I'd Uimps a modern scientist; original ancestor. A Western paper JMjS ;h.v: "thinkmg men have never hztii exaccly satisfied with taking literally the biblical account of the origin of their species." What if thsj naven't? After they write, ;t r-: .d their literature, thy lie down kita die and with them their ?t'ie and a: 3 scarcely ever recalled. 'yid agnostic the fellow, who after all has to acknowledge "I do not know" figures for awhile, sows some tttui of doubts here and there, rid iinaily dies he never offers better, he does not dis prove "?hat biblical believers haye v.he g:ttt&at confidence in, (though they may not be able to prove it vitii iu. ithpmatical certainty), much of vv:-"h has already received the stamp of authenticity by the rec ords profane history, by the in .:eijce3 upon man and the world nd i y the prophecies which have b?-n I'aUilled, and which biblical Icni nlug have been so strengthened in thousands of ways until the most :auticu8 and skeptic ought to be Theid are doubtless many who v;- 3 sso3tic3 merely to be odd, -riginal, independent, or something. A tout the .best one, the greatest intellectually, was the late Huxley "I do not know" was his trade mark, The world perhaps admired '.iiii for his intellectual greatness and he bad many interested ones to watch him and to read him and to study him yet a mighty few of ihem would be willing to die on such uncertainties, Men often times rid hobbies that the Bible dots not excuse and which enteri tain, amuse and eyen fascinate many and especially those "that do not inovr," but H is safe to say that when they are nearing the brink of the darK river they wish for some thins more certain, even that which the old, old story tells of. But to return The tame authority above quoted js also : "Since the dawn of civ ilization the higher types of reason jng mortals have held the belief that man is a near relative to tbe lower animals." There are so few who endorse this, that their fewness makes them conspicuous their iao lation, bo to speak, causes more im portance to be attached to them and their teachings than ig justly due. Such men are usually lionized, and and their contentions by Unortho dox, they would not rise above the horizon of the ordinary. The evolutionists ought to hate a platform, on which all could stand. They differ, and promulgating widelv different views they carry conviction to but few. Professor Edward D Cope,a scien tific connected with the University of Pennsylvania, has Jsolved (?) man's ancestry. He has found an unbroken chain from man back to a low grade of fishes which existed in palezoic time. This may account for some persons being so "fishy." From the anthropoids ( r manlike apes, Cope's theory extends back eight removes, by so doing each creature on the line of ascent gets an ancestry not to be much proud of. How an opossum or like animal can evolve from a cold-blooded rep tile or a hoofed-creature from an oppossum, is certainly a verv "scien tific discovery." Frederick G Gherke is another about man's scientist He BPranK into Promi nence after the death of Darwin in 1882. He adyanced a unique theory. He says that the ape is not even a remote cousin to man. This is re freshing. But he makes it bad enough ha traces man to bears, polar bears at that. Says Gherke, the bear man ; "My idea is that the earlier bears came down through Uehring Straits on icebergs which .drifted to the shores of tropical Asia. In the course of ages they took to the cayes and there shed their heavy coats of hair The connecting link be tween what is now man and the bear beiDg an indescribable manslike bear or beanlike man, whichever ex pression suits your fancy best." Prof. Allen, an Australian scien tist, argues that the laet. animal an cestor of man was a kangaroo. Quite natural for an Australian, The meanest scientist is a German savant who recently proved (?) that man's original ancestor was a plant louse, and that the human race will again degenerate to yegetableeating mites. Dr. J. S. Flagg, a scientist of Boston, lectured last yar and said among other things: "Man, although the 'triumph of eyolu- ( uon, is not necessariiv descended from the ape, but rather that the ape is a living example of one of the stages of man's development from the lower animals." These great thinkers (?) ought to get together and promulgate a plat form of principles on which could stand, without conflict, manlike apes, reptiles, opossums, kangaroos, polar bears and vegetable parasites. Whenever, reasoning (?) men be gin to formulate new ideas, speculate on vital matters and forget that God "created man in his own image" and try to set up a new system of religion and wander away from the Bible and its teachings and say"! do not know" then they have no case and amcunt t nothing except manufacturers of dangerous networks for themselves, aad confusion to a few who read and study thtm. A NEW TRAVELER, Last Wednesday G W Bowman left Denver in a buggy propelled by gas, and will attempt to reach Chi cago at a cost not to exceed $5.10. We have not learned whether he got there on time or not. If he succeeded he will receive from a capitalist in Chicago the sum of $10,000 for the right to sell the machine in half of the State of Illinois. The gas engine weighs 275 pounds and the supply of gaso Jine may be put under the seat, Where it mny be drawn upon when occasion demands. Ee estimates that a gallon per horse power is suflicieut for ten hours' run. The machine complete is designed to cost just about what a good horse and harness is worth, and the expen3e of running ths vehicle is less than the cost of feeding and shoeing a horse. n The issue of the Raleigh News and Observer gotten oatTuesday and which it justly calls a school edi tion was made up of 24 pages, It contained cuts of many teachers in the State and school news from Currituck to Cherokee. It is one of the finest papers ever issued in the State. Josephus Daniels is doing a good work m North Carolina, The Charlotte Observer editorially noting the birth Sunday last of the new lady baby in the family of the president, gets off this sorrowful complaint and it is also amusing : "Mrs. Cleveland was hardly fair to the daily newspapers which do not get out Monday morning editions." Rnllrond Kates Meeting of Baptist Young' Peo pie's Union of America, Baltimore, Md. Tickets on sale July 16 and 17. Good going only on date of sale with final limit August 5, 1895. Iron-clad a'conditions to bo com plied with, Fare for round trip 12-30. TURNING GRAY AND THREATENED The Danger is Averted by Using 9 HAIR VIGOR "Nearly forty years ago, after some weeks' of sickness, my hair turned gray find began falling out so rapidly that I was threatened with immediate baldness. Hearing Ayer's Hair Vigor highly spoken of, I commenced using this prepara- tion, and was so well satisfied with the result that I have never tried any other kind of dressing. It stop ped the hair from falling out, stimu lated a new growth of hair, and kept the scalp free from dandruff. Only an occasional application is now needed to keep my hair of good, natural color. I never hesitate to recommend any of Ayer's medicines to my friends." Mrs. H. M. Haigiit, Avoca, .Neb. i Ayer's Hair Vigor PREPARED BY DR. J. C, AYER & CO., LOWELL, MASS., U. S, A. Ayer's Sarsaparilla Removes 1'imples, All Free. Those who have used Dr. King.'s New Discovery known its value, and those who have not, have now the opportunity to try it Free. Call on the advertised Druggist aud get a Trial Bottle, Free, Send your name and address to H E Bucklen &Co., Chicago, and get a sample box of Dr. King's New Life, Pills Free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, Free. All of which is guaranteed to do you good and cost you nothr? ins at Fetzer's Drug Store. Tha All - WiJ WVyVA bliC hall over the of Mr. M) U Walter, near the depot, and will, in the future, hold their meetings there. The room is to be fitted up for this order's especial use. THE RACKET STORE 1 r4- 'I'HTn IT ri I I I ... A f-1 sTV1 You Money on Nearly Every Purchase You Make. Musquito netting 5c yd. White ducking for ladies and children suits at 10c yd. White checked nainsook 5 cents up. English long cloth at 15c yd Crinoline Sc yd, whalebone dress stays 3c bunch. 15c rubber lined shields 10c. Machine thread 3c. 28 inch colored shirting 4c yard. Special line of ladies black and colored hose at 10c worth 15c. Gents hermsdorf black seam less sox at 12c. Washable Windsor ties 5c Silk 44 " 15c New lot of dress trimming laces just in. Aluminum hair pins 10c dczen. Silver or black belt and skirt pins only 2c Castile soap 2c, batter milk soap 5c. One package of 12 boxes of matches for 10c. hoe blacking lc. New lot of closing fans 5c up including feather fans at 32 and 45c. Job lot of gentsk and boys linen collars 5 and 6i cents. THE RACKET D. !J. BOSTIAN'PROP'R

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