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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, July 11, 1895, Image 3

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A BATCH OF LOCAL NEWS. ricked lip and Put in Shape Jiy Our lliiNtliMic Pencil Pusher. Court ' convenes Monday week, July 22. Blackberry salesladies stormed the town today. There are about fiftv guests at Misenheimer's Springs. Of late the electric lights are get ting to be vry satisfactory. Hanging bee in Salisbury Thurs day, July 25. . A large crowd will attend from here. I Master GastonMeans has a posi tion with Mr. Whittimore at the roller covering shop. All the Concord people, except Airs. D. J. Bostlan, haye returned from Sossamon'g Springs. Capt. Thies is expected in Char lotte today with a bar of gold from the Haile Gold mine. York s & Wadswoith have just completed their annual stock taking. 7.' he salesmen look worn out. Rev. J. Q, Wertz, of St. John's, '-a in the city selling the overpro duction of his garden aud patches. Tne Starreltc Mineral (?) Spring, on eii Corbin street, has one ruest Mr. Maun Stewart. He id being greatly benefitted. M:si Lucy Montgomery will en teruin a number of invited friends tomorrow night in honor of the Mies Norri of Raleigh. The Charlotte Observer says: "Hope Barrier, of Mt. Pleasant, is here. He made the trip on his wheel, coming from Concord in two and one-half hours. The Standard regrets to note the serious illness of Mrs. Margaret Grier, of Harrisburg. Mrs. Grier is quite an aged lady and ia the aunt of the Messrs Means, of this city. Mr. Archibald Curry, who spent several days in the city with his friend, Parks King, nas secured a school at Mill Bridge,Rowan county, and has gone there to teach during the summer. Blood-purifiers, though gradual, are radical in their effect. Ayer'g Sarsaparilla is intended as a medi cine only and not a stimulant, exci tant, or beverage. Immediate re sults may not always follow its use ; but after a reasonable time, perma nent benefit is certain to be realized A baseball club was organ ed Wednesday night at the old Lutheran church grounds with Louis Smith as captain, and James Hamilton secretary and treasurer. The first game under this manage ment will take place Saturday at Forest Hill, if arrangements can be made to that effect. The atate Agricultural and Me chanical College ia rapidly growing in public favor. Last year, though only six years old, the College em rolled two hundred and forty stu dents. This is, we believe, a more rapid growth than any other instir tution in the State has ever made. its announcement appeara in this issue. "A Stitch in Time" A dose of jer'e Pills haa saved many a fit of sickness ; but when a remedy does not happen to be at hand, alight ail ments are liable to be neglected, and the result, frequently, ia serious ill ness; therefore always be supplied with Ayer's Pills. Col. John Fritz Moose, of No. 6 township, was in town on his way to Greensboro. He was in a jovial mood and stated that nis happiness 'was due to the abundance of fruit and crops in general. He als6 says that silver is freer now than ever, and that he is content with his portion. THE RUSH OF HUMANITY, leopl? Who Travel,, as S?n by Our Reporter. Mr. W. R. Ode-11 left this morning for Durham on business, Miss Elizabeth Gibson will go to Misenheimer's Springs tomorrow. Dr. N D Netzer and Merchant M C Walter are in Charlotte this afternoon. Mrs. G T Crowell is in Char lotte yisiting the family of Mr. J F Misenheimer. Mi s Jennie Smith and Mr. E P Hill haye returned from Sossa- mon'8 Springs. Mr. Barney Douglass, a clever and popular traveling man, was in the city today. ExSheriff White, of Charlotte, is yisiting his daughter, Mrs. Eiam King, on South Main. Miss Mattie Miller, who has been visiting Miss Connie Cline, has returned to her home at Bear Poplar. Mr. and Mrs, S. J. Durham came in last night from Dallas. Mr. Durham left i his morning for Lex meton. Prof. Dau, of Conoyer, spent Wednesday night with Key. N. I. Biikke. lie ia one of the professors of Conover College. Master Morrison Fetzer has gone to Ilcidsyille, where he will join a tishiug party and camp at Poplar pond for a week. Mrs Sergeant, of Greensboro) who has been visiting at Elbeth, re turned home this morning, accom panied by her daughter, Mrs W 11 Odell. Misses Maggie and Addie Can non, of Concord, who are making a pleasant round of visits in Char lotte, go to Miss Saide Young's to day. Charlotte Observer. --Mrs. S E Allen, of Winston, and her daughter, Mrs, Hazel Saunders, of Sumter, S. C, left this morning for the former's home. They have been spending some time in the city with relatiyes. Miss Minnie Mclver, oi Sand- ford, who has been visiting Mrs. Ja3. P. Cook, left this morning for Greensbbro where she will visit the family of her cousin, Dr. Chat, Mcl ver, of the Normal school. Doc Miller rtlioi, Tuesday eyening while Mr. Doc Miller was preparing supper at the old home of his father in No. 9 township, an Albino, who is in his employ, was fooling with an old rusty pistol (an unloaded one) which went off, shooting Mr. Miller in the right thigh. It was entirely ac cidental. Mr. Miller was brought to the home of his father Mr. EOS miller, on South Main street today in a very sad plight. The ball has not yet been removed, aud the wound ia now too sort to prtbe. The wound is a severe one. A Little White Girl Whipped by e Kro Children. A little after 1 o'clock this (Thursday) afternoon while little Sallie Bost, the HKjear old child of Mr. Ai Bost, of Cannonville, was on her way home from up town, was attacked by a number of little colored children with willow switch es who threshed the little girl un mercifully around her bare legs. This was done "merely for fun," says the negroes, who took part in the affair. People who live in that part of the city near Cline & Black welder's store state that this kind of conduct is a very common occur rence. Policeman Soger as notified and proceeded to investigate ' the matter at once and if the children are caught they should ba severly dealt with by the law, j TO THK PICNIC ! Guilford Battle Gronnd W ill Cutch a Kumler orconeord him! Hbarrns. About seventy-five boarded the northbaund passenger train this (Thursday) morning, their destina tion being Greensboro. This occasion is the annual free ride given the stockholders of the North Carolina railroad, who meet at the aboye named place each year. Today is jollification day at the Guilford Battle Ground, only a short distance from Greensboro. A uooacu yiiiuiu ia in progress ana a great time will be experienced by many who attend from this point, all visitors haying been extended a cordial invitation to participate in the pleasures of the day. Among those who took advantage of the occasion were: Mrs. M L Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Gecrge Moose, Misses Nan nie E Moose, M C Moose and L H Moose, J 0 Moose, P R Moose, Gourley Moose, A E Lentz, Wade Barrier, R E Pidenhour, Misses Chasse Brown, Pearle Brown, A F Moose, Laura Barnhardt, Agnes Moss Vallie Brown, Katherine Gib son, Cor Lentz, Pose Mund, Effie Brown, Jennie Brown, Sadie Fisher, Maggie Johnston, Grace Fisher; John F Moore, M E Moose, J II Moose, J. W. Walker, Frank Mund, R L White, Harry Lilly White and many others. I.moU At Tliis List And See IT Ton Need Any Of Them. Circus Soap, the best for the price in this market. The most popular line of tobacco in town, by the plug or box. The finest Green tea in town just come in. Damp proof Matches, tha btst match I ever sold. Railroad Mills Sweet, Gail &Ai, Ralph, & Carolina Belle Snuff, any quantity. Oriole Parched Coffee, the best. Oak Ridge & Dan Valley Flour, I guarantee every sack in price and quality. There is no hotter flour put up than Dan Valley. Fresh Butter almost every day. I call special attention to all these goods as I buy them in quantities to meet the closest trade. Honest, fair dealing is my motto, lw Joun. P, Allison. Fr Pills. S9nd your address to H E Buck len & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits, These pills are easy in action and are particulary effective in the cure of Constipation and Sick Headsche. For Malaria and Liver troubles they have been proved in valuable. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free from everydeletes rious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken by their action, but by giving tone to stomac and bowels greatly invigor ate the system. Regular size 25c, per box. Sold by Dr N D Fetzer Druggist. Wbat a Mlxtnr. The following incident of New York life shows how badly our pop ulation is mixed: "An Italian sent an American lad to a Chinaman for bis laundry. The American gave the Chinaman a 50tcent piece. John bit on it and said: 'Counterfeit; you getiee in trouble; mo kapee,' and put it in his pocket. ITh Italian then called and started to give the Chinaman a beating. A Greek left his oyster stand to act as a peace makr.e The Italian drew razor and the Greek shied a bottle of cayenne pepper at him, which struck a He brew. A negro who. was . passing shouted, and an Irishman in the uniform of a policeman arrested the fighting congress of nations which was presided over Dy a Dutch police j ustice. - . - Dr. Miles1 Fain MWs are guaraqtoefi totf feo4KfteU& sUniite. "One ceal a do LOWE & SON. STRAW HATS To Close out at half price. W!MDOW SHADES 2o. 25 and 4o cents complete with rollers. ALL OF OUR SUMMER WASH GOODS, NOW CUT TO LESS THAW COST. You can get uico goodsj for 5 cents the yard. Everything sold at Rock Bottom PriCes. LOWE & SON. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE GINGHAMS, OUTING CLOTHS, PLAIDS AND SHEETINGS,! AND SALT BAGS, DEALERS IN GEIIEH L BUYERS OF 8i' all Kinds AND Four foot wood Hal vays wanted best prices for same We invite an inspections of all; the goods a Manufactur (Hell ImUm Co., KMtllSE SPARKLING WITH NEWNESS Every few days we get in a supply of new and stylish goods See oar N. B. Crepons. see our J31ack Creponsl And we have also a big lot of Criterion Cloths that are sims ply beautiful at 81-3c. And we have just received a big lot 36s inch Striped and Fig- urea urepe Effects. Cheap, too. You ought to see our lovely Jaconette -Plisse. The Prettiest goods in the morket. We have a beauti ful line of Organdies, Figured Effects; also White French Cr gaudies 2 yds wide. Now, when you want a pretty Oxford Tie don't fail to see us. We haye them at all 'priees 50c, $1,00 to $kJ.6(). See our Sun Urns brellas at low figures. Morrion, Lentz & Co Speculation, HAMMOND & CO. ; StockndnBond Brokers, 130 & 132 Pearl Street, NEW-YORK CITY, N. Y. Scocks, Bonds and Grain bought and sold, or carried on Margin. P. S. Send for explanatory circus lar on speculation, also weekly mar ket letter. (Free) dwly CONCORD MARKETS' COTTON MARKET. Corrected by Cannons & Fetzer, Good middling 6 Middlings 64 Low middling , 5,75 Stains , 4Jto 5 j PRODUCE MARKET. ; Corrected bv C. W Swink. Bacon 8 Sugar-cured nams 12Jtol5 Balk meats, sides 8 to i Beeswax ...5 Butter r. 15 Chicken 20to25 Corn 45 Eggs 10 Lard Stall Flour(North Carolina) 1.75 Meal 50 Oats ...37 Tallow 3to4 - NOTICK I will sell the following articles belonging to the town of Concord, to wit: One Mule, Town Uarts and harness, Flow and one Champion xtoaa jxL&cnine. any person. aesu ing to buy any of the above articles coll on me at once. By order oi Board ,L. M. MORRISON, June 11th, 1895v M;ayor. MORRISON H. CALDWELL, , ''. ATTORNEY AT LAW, CONCORD, N. 0, Office in Morris building, opposite Court House,

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