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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 03, 1895, Image 1

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G5C 1 'jKy" 'a- -A Xl.-No. 84 it! 0 N E Y. NO. 8 , ."ded from yesterday.) oi course, inimeteml how ,.;iter be viewed. TheimporN' to keep in mind, is to look ..,! that it may be Been as it is, , -.0?.? that the corn was worth vvs a bushel when borrowed civts when payment was to v hu should receive the ben ; i:v rise in price ? The party ;i'U;ecornor the party who :t He borrowed 40 rf crii, should he pay back :lh ': It should be answered ;;it cs-n tract was not to pay wortii of corn, but bushels of i Ik contract should be fulK '. .. i 1 : t we are on this subject of r.t, uprose tlr.t A borrows ore . s Ttd dollars of B, to pay C for a 1 ..f a:id. And suppose that at r . n .1 of five years when A goes to v H, :he value of ihe land has t t -iirht hundred dollars, and v - fnt the land decreased in : ; . -e money appreciated in , . 4 -via that he has been ; , of two hundred dollars, jw ; t which end of the transaction :):'. V? iro to get his two hundred i , -1 - K from whom he ' : d -he money, or to C to .--... 1- ?-M it? C has the vcc:,:- -Jwllars which ha3 apprecia ted ii value, and A has the tract of v h: :.. bus depreciated in yalue, ii - Liither th- land nor the . V iihasA's promise to pay : :i "hoa-and dollars. He is - v "-r.e thousand dollars, and if the , ..piweciates m value it is not liutt the note ha holds r gainst A ;. 1 -..r -te in value, C has the ii; t appreciated in value be faa that he should r.rstcr'j the money which A claims : k.u wiongfully ? Why make B, v. i.o was no party to the transaction t ; r en account of the apprceia :.: :. u th. jlue of money or the de ; : ;;ion of the value of the land. - and C's transaction, A r ?'Jv.;d the land, and C received the :r. : -,ov. why should they combine ii m '-ke i' lose the two hundred u U -'? A and 0 did the trading Trvy received the benefit, why make a tin: I i -u:ty bear the loss ? What kind of a country would it be that would for cne moment listen to or tolerate such a proceeding;? The constitution doe3 not provide frr the appreciation or depreciation f f v; Ies, but if it means anything - wi.l4 reference to the value of ' i.ey jt mean3 that the ccold and 1 'nr coins shall be honest coins. wo:d dollar does not appear in constitution, but it is implied if -we call the coins rs then anv one dollar shall fir. !r tquivahnt in every respect :" f.-7i;ry otlu r dollar. Such a thing : a cheap dollar or a dear dollar is -ot known to the constitution. If ttc constitution means anything at all it means that the legal tender roits shall bear plainly and truth 'Jlly the impression of the stamp Hhich is (Hs'ned to inform people what the weight and fineness of the cons g are. The constitution was not tonatructtd and adopted for the per- Juration of dishonesty and fraud. The money of the constitution is honest money. The stamp of the government thould be a truthful stamp. Before the goyernment (Concluded on second page) CO THE ODD FELLOWS. In Line They March to l!ie Picifit Grounds at MiNoutiimcr's f-rvc.. Kpcaliiiig- niil I5asolMH, At 10 o'clock this (Saturday) morning the Odd Fellows met at their hall on Main street and march ed in line to the large and beautiful oak grove known as the Misenheimer picnic grounds. Several hundred people had gathered there for the occasion, and indeed the day was one round of pleasure. At 11:30 o'clock the Odd Fellows were addressed by Mr. M II II Cald well and Rev J R Moose. This afternoon a game of baseball is being played between Concord and Forest Hill, The contest will be a good one. The Forest Hill team challenged the Charlotte boys for a game Mon day but they would not accept. Ef forts are being made to get Salis bury to come down Monday. - m Coming Rill Street. Mr. M Luth;r Julian has about completed a handsome cottage res idence on Mill street for Mr. P B Fetzjr, and tells a Standard -;. ': er that m all probability Mr. Fetzer will build at once, ten more houses on his property on that street. All of them will be built on the modern cottage home etyle with the necessary conveniences. Mr. Wet Hostler Held I'p asul Itob ImmI. Everybody in these part3 remem ber Mr. V West Kestler, a former citizen of Concord and for a long time a clerk at Cannons & Frizer's. He has been liying in Texas quite awhile and he. was married there. He is in the employ of Mr. T C Strieker, of this place, selling articles for household usape. He writes Mr. Strieker that the other day at Eagle Lake, Texas, he wras held .up by three robbers and under Winchesters and pistols was made to unload his (Kestler's) pistol and a purse of tv'tntj five dollars. He adds that he recovered his pistol, the next day, at a barroom and he believes that the bar men and the robbers are in "cohoot." Mr. Kestler is the father of Treas urer Kestler of Cabarrus county. An Aoeideiit, Cecil Foil was badly hurt this morning, while riding h's bieycl down the sidewalk oa M;r!r. ,UeGi Hf; was coming at quite a rapid rate, and when in front of :Tv. J V' Cannon's, i small child ran out upon the sidewalk, an d in trying to avoid a collision Cocil foil against the fence, striking his left jaw on a pointed paling, -which cut a hola through to the bone. It was pain ful, but the hurt was better for him than it might have been for tho child- But the bicycle riders and the city fathers ssy that children and women should stay off the sides walks or defend themselyes as best they can. For Over Fifty Tears. Mrs. Winslow's Sooth;ng Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Druggiats in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a hottle Be sure and ask for ''Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrnp," and take no other kind. mwZ&w aUORU, K. C. SATURDAY, AUGUST 3, 1895. THE BICYCLISTS KICK. A Itfoontiht Liic A?sent 13 Tear, SALISUUIiY, N. C, Augo.- -A de lightful moonlight picnic was given last night at South River by the young men or the town comph mentary to visiting young ladies. The following were those in the party ; Misses' Pauline Bernhardt, Maude Bernhardt, Lila Bernhardt, Blanche Bernhardt, Louise Neaye, Beulah Barker; visitors : Misses Bertha Brown,of Washington, N. 0. ; Elizabeth Gibson, of Concord, Lila Wyatt, of Wades 6oro, Messrs. Clars ence Klutiz, Wan en Kluttz, Gus. Bingham, Thomas. Sanderford, Archibald Henderpon, Walter Wood son, Harold Tyler. Chaperones Mcs dames Neave and Barker, Lunch was served at" 10:30. Dancing and boat-riding added to fun and laugh ter made up the pleasure of the even ing. The parly returned at 12:30 this morning William, the little son of Hon. John S Henderson is on the sick list. Some of the b'pycle riders here are Of council in prohibiting riding on the sidewalks. Salisbury will be well represented at the Centcnr.:;d celebration Lower Stone cl r.:eh tomorrow. Mr. R L RiiLi.r.-y, of Texas, :on of Dr. J Y Ramsev, of Mount Vernon, this county, arriyed Thursday night on a visit to his old home. He left here about 13 years ago and thi3 is hi3 first trip to North Carolina. Mr. Ramsay has been quite successful in Tex 8. A ISad Tongue. Every one knows the evil of a running tongue, It causes con tamination, bad feeling and of ieu a lawsuit. There is a case in town, and from what we can heir, trouble may be expected if there is rot something done to top it. It is n t a woman's tongue, cither. On East Depot street at Warr:n Coleman's stable, a wagon stands with its tongue out over the sidewalk, r.gainet which several parties have skinned their shinn3 and no doubt it has brcugnt forth wordd that were not exactly what you would learn at Sunday school, m Crneord Tuesday AlIit. Scm thing unusually fine in the way cf vocal and instriment.-d music is in store ior us all Tuday night at the Armory Hall, begincirv; 8;30 o'clock. The ladies cf the Presbyterian church will give a concert, consist ing of yocal and instrumental music for the benefit of charitable and missionary ciuses. They will be assisted, among others, by Misses Bonnie Oats, Julia Kichardsou, Ger trude Kobbins and Miss Fawcute, of Mt. Airy, and Mrs. M H II Caldwellt Messrs H W Banow and brothers, Messrs Garrett, and Keesler will compose the orchestra. Admission only 25 cents. . . Land Posted" JVotiee. I hereby forbid any parties from trespassing such as hunting, cut ting timber, walking or driving, removing fruit or anything of any description on my plantation, known as the Daniel Suther lands, in No. 4 township- Anyone violating this notice will be prosecuted to the fullest extent I of the law. Jro. A aimmons. July 24, 3wks. CANNONS p i . . Hum ii 1:1 f! A i II mm nl 3 p ''l;? GIVING THEHK THINGS AWAY WITH ';i ii"4-5- q m ;;; i I; h, - f c.-ci.fDrutc 'A ij sib Ii 'J ,: COME AKD SEE i , ii iJ if if L,-.., , ?), And get a cir- Jjj cpjf j (j '" " - j; cular that will b - ; ! i tell you all I I . j': abou it I : h B- 9" Li - fw mm mmA J I j li iFc lir "ii i 1 M tl 11 Pen for use cJ CANNONS Whole NO. 1.214 FETZER FETZER if 'Li: :..t '4

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