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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 05, 1895, Image 1

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Vot.. Vl--No- 85- COS CORD, N. O., MONDAY," AUGUST fi. 1895. &. U t&aa I I 3 s? M- ' itjOKEUIHMg : '".si ... ' )"-'v; Hit iCWV ii ! JM 3 GARETTEStS ' ".eScrs&C : (AM, N.C. U.S.A. W-l-F f i A D E FROM . v 7. XT '- 1M V 0 I u CI19 A i KI AX CHURCH. L- 1 ! tin!;' and Instructive ..i.t'm m I'.olli fleeting A 1 1 ;! aiicc Sunday Niyrtil Nelsools and Altcud- ? taken in the Sunday ,v ,: i"fing on in our little f :.; "i-sted at the meeting :1 u:iu Superintendents ,ui moon and at the con- :- . .i Sunday night at the rbvl :ian church, c : '..con meeting Rev. W :,Ur -.ud Messrs 1) B Col i" Duval and B E liar bort talks expressed their .5 to the most successful way in : y cchoola should be of whom offered A ts oughts for consideration, is J c ,ed that the Superin t f . ;-..;a school should ap-.-.lLiih$ to attend the county bn, to meet at Bethpage on ' 22. Xo reports were read. !::;.i.t meeting the church J-.d to its utmost capacity. Harris conducted the sers -Ir. Z b. Morris, of the Pree-i-.i Sunday school, was the first r, and in his talk he referred ;d special stress upon the lm ce and duty of educated peo :t in the noble work. In " -'lo.'; brought out some 'i! -oints. . T - Mcrri3 had concluded iIr. L D Duval, sup- Jent of the great work in the fcuiuky school at Cannon ville, rief talk, in which he the rfJ3rnnfiihllitv rPQfinrr nn ;; : -r(- idual Sunday school worker, tfcik- as instructive and can be '5 I to bll parts of the Sunday c,ool movement. 1:"v- Dr. Hoy, the returned jnis : fo J.j an, addressed the con" ' ;' ijn told of the great f f Udy J work on in that ,fu?n fielt' snd of how successful missiorirry work was progressing. J meetiugs, both in afternoon t night, were successful ones. music l7 the selected choir was and a special feature was fition of a solo by Misfl Gej. 'T;:(;e bobbins, of Sta'esville. l attendance of the regular Sunday school service fell off con siderably Sunday. There was no Sunday school at the Baptist church. The attendance tbia week ws 19S less than last week, the full atten dance being 820 and the total enroll ment reaches ; 1,031 scholars. The table following will show where the attendance declines : Central M. E. church 72 Enrollment AAi Absent 72 Forest Hill M. E. church.. 282 Enrollment 597 Absent 315 Forest Hill Presbyterian 73 Enrollment 175 Absent 102 St. Andrews Lutheran 117 Enrollment 150 Absent 33 Bt-l'ormcd church. 33 Enrollment 50 Absent 17 St. James Lutheran 79 Enrollmont 130 Absent . . . , 51 Firpt Presbyterian 100 Enrollment (about) 180 Absent 80 , 00 100 100 A HOBKIBLE AFFAIR. Baptist church Enrollment . . . Absent Bays chapel Eniollment Absent .. 04 ..111 . 17 ANOTHER BIG FIND. Four E-Miiid Vivve of ;old irvntvn V.wlionicnt In Stanly County Founil.oHr the OlehrntiMl Ingram Mi non. Special to The Standard. New Loxdox, August 5. Late Saturday evening on the Fesperman place, this (Stanly) county, adjoin, in; the celebrated Ingram mines, workmen found a piece of gold weighing four pounds. It is belieyed that the whole, lump 13 pure gold and the entire community is excited over the find. A rush to the gold fields is in ordei and mining prop erty will boom. Another Itobbory. Sunday two charming young la dies of the city went to the coun try to worthip. They had prepared a sumptuous dinner and bad invited several gentlemen friends to lunch with them. When going to their buggy for said basket, to their dis pleasure and to the great disappoint ment of the young men it was dis covered that some villian had ap propriateu the contents of said basket and made way with it. If the guilty ones got choked it is not known, but it is known that they had a good dinner. RurclnrN Friday Night. It was learned late Saturday after noon that Mr. Wood's loss of $28 was not by his carelessness, but that his house was entered by thieves and burglarized. Nothing wos stolen except the contents of his purse. The empty purse was found in the back yard near a window by Mrs. Wood late in the day on Saturday. It was also learned that burglars visited the homes of Messrs. J M Burrage and C A Pitts on Friday night. Nothing was taken from either Mr. Burrage's or Mr. Pitt's home. TheDlNcovery Savod Iliw L,ife. Mr. G Caillouette, Druggist, "Bea versville, 111., says: "lo Dr, Kiag's New Discovery 1 owe my :life. Was taken with La Grippe and tried all the physicians for miles about, .but of no avail and was given up and toldlcoulc not live. Having Dr. King's New Discovery in my store 1 sent for a bottle and began its use and from the first dose began to get better, and after using three bottles was up and about again It is worth its weight injgold. We won't keep store or house without it" Get a free trial at Fetzer's Drug store- TI10 J,itt!e Town of Ilnntorsvillc ilan ' u!'!d-.A T:n Coino i ll ito Wny j From Georgia ai.d SiicH vor Sfs j .-.-m r. a iiriiier-in-la w ol "Prof, nclroy. A suicide, under very peculiar cir cumstancca, occurred at Hunters ville, Mecklenburg county, Sunday about 1 o'clock, the particulars of which we cannot get in full. Mr. J R Nash, who lives three miles from Huntersville, was in the city and I tells the following distressing report ' or the hornble afl;iir ; "Mr. Sam Silvenear, a native Georgian, came to IluntersviPe Sun day morning by private conyeyance from Charlotte. He put up at Holdbrook's stable and told his driver thtt if he did not return by 2 o'clock that he should go back to Charlotte without him, 'He went direct from the livery stable to the church, where he sat down upon the steps for a few minutes. From the church steps he went into the grave yard, and after a few moments survey of his surroundings, he kneeled upon th grave of his sister, i'Oi. -.civ.rcy, and drew from his pockets two revolvers. He held one in each hand, placed the muzzles on each t ern phi and pulled the triggers. He died in stantly. 'He was a s; :;n idihcugh sensa. tional death and it is evident that his intention was suicide when he came to the place. "On his person was found letters addret-Eed to himself and a purse, which contained $22 in cash. "The affair caused no little ex citement in the little yillage. "Siivenear's sister died about two years ago." The above is about the conversa tion between the reporter and Mr. Nash. Mr. Nash was not positive about the man's name, but says the unfortunate affair is a sad reality. CAN ONS & FETZER'S ... 1 1 1 mi &i r 14 I i a WE A K TO BE MARRIED. An F.arly Itomo W inyp Tomorrow .11 or 11 i ii. In the parlor at Mrs. S VErwin's tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock two of Concord's most popular young people will be united in marriage, Air. James F Hurley to Miss Jean ette Erwiu. The affair will be a quiet one, only a few invited friends to be present. Rev, W C Alexander will perform the ceremony. Immediately after the couple be$ corti'j as one they will leave for Ashe ville, where they will spend a few weeks of their honeymoon. Quite a large party of friends will accom pany the bride and groom to Salis? bury. The Game Saturday. A good game it was Saturday afternoon between Forest Hill and Concord at the former's grounds. Up to the seventh inning the down town boys held the Forest Hill boys at a score of 7 to 0, but owing to the weakness of Fisher, who is making a great reputation as a pitcher, and an error made by Cochrane 0 runs were ecored in the seventh by the opposing team. It was a good game throughout and one of the closest games played this season. When the close came Forest Hill scored 11 and Concord 8. Another game is in progress this afteinon and it will not be a walk" over for either team. Salisbury or j Charlotte could or would, not come.. i -4 ( f H t 1. m GIVING TUE-,E THINGS AU'AY V,'! ! ! 1 imm Vi '!' jik rS')3 it 1 mm A ,V.f ' Ml n . on ia:":-rf?:.' ! TRADE Open fcr im. COME AKI) SEE 1 i ;!i I 1 W 1 I f Ortnfc-rcre h'a fjj i"f iii 1 1 Ti-1 ii,' -fruiswig; -i. i V ' .! ) (j 0 : 5 L II 0pe n f 0 r"Ss u Jl liUCW And get m cir cular that will tell von all abou it 11 r'J" aaisoin' i or pacl'inj wsmm. r nil ri! CANNONS cfe FET2ER 1 -c Whole NO. 1,215 II;: I '? ,! ! ! fii 1? 1 : k 1 ifjhr fjii' -v n "1 ;L " Hi IS' 1 i ill cprsi t usr j IT ' k i ? i it i d ) 1 'rsa.r.iC8u'l-.. 3Diri'i t . 1 .1 .'1 C3 f"' II i1 N; I. r i v- 3 '

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