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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 08, 1895, Image 1

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f i. saw 1 -vr? J'V ,.., f I , . SA if n w m . r- -n s. . , , Vol. Xl.-No. 88. ;corJ) -EXCELSIOR T0N1O."5 fw rnnrlotir Men Arreted By ii Tiliin.H ContaMe lor Selling Beer on i xrursion Train; The citv was in a state of excite i 1 . f Vi r fntf fVof p, i ( vsreruay uycx w v"v MtFcrf W K Cochrane -and; Harry Tinnnoue had been arrested at Chefitf r, S. C, by a constable, for ?. lhii; i -err on South Carblii a 'soil, had been jailed. Humor also ad Mr. R J Sifford implicated, and H. :..;Tair caused no little talk and .ni r-;,i. The facts in the case, as l0ilrJ from Mr. Sifford last night . r. iwf, return are these: When the excursion was spoken of Mr, (Vvdirane suggestad to Mr. Sif ford that they operate a refreshment ear Ivteen Charlotte and Atlanta, on the Jay of the excursion. Mr. S.iTord was to furnish part of the mor.ev and pet in return part of the vroeeed?. This they agreed on, and Mr, Cochrane went about to stock hia car. Mr. Sifford says he did not :v:y iT:r: of tjje supplies nor did he k;,ow what va3 in the car. Thrv made the trip to Atlanta v:tb--.t occurence of any kind. On ir return, when near Chester, S. C, ai he and Messrs, Cochrane and TiiuTTio.'-s were standing in the re freshment car, a man, who it was fcoii u-jioed was Constable Newbolt, enme in the car, and walking : up to Mr. Cochrane drew a pistol aud -;.y-riri Mr. Cochrane with it with -Lie baud, held toward him with the - - :i vr-iv of handcuffs. "Put ci,M iaid he; "you are my pris. you buye been selling beer on the train inside of the limits of this SUtc.'' Mr. Cochrane replied, "Th:r? no need for you to point a pistol at rne, or shoot me; I will go with you without trouble." Thus a-;.; red, tlie constable returned the hriidcrl's to hi3 pecket. He also arrest d Mr. Timmous, but neither he nor Mr. Cochrane was hand cui!ed. Vi n the train reached Chester, constable and his prisoners got of; Mr. SifTord made up his mind o hdp his partner for the trip out, . .) he stopped off with him, to .'"inier him any assistance needed in ue wp.y uf bond. Th? party proceeded at onc3 to a :nii:tra?fc'fl ottice Mr. Cochrane, :: ii t'ver to the charge of selling ? -r in South Carolina, answered that he had sold no beer, only a b?yerae known as "excelsior tonic." A ju or of blackberry wine had also been found on the car by the con-"t-'.V-- Mr. Cochrane stated that it ''1 not I' iGfi to him, but had been v" on the train by one ofthe pas-:;!-v- lie might have saved his t "fiith, how-ver, for he was bound jver just the game, first in the sum of 00 for Helling "txcelsior tonie," d in a second bond of 200 for the ig of wine being on the train, Mr. i'irnriiona was required to give bonds d3o;oO the same as Mr Coch rane. Mr. Sifford at once offered to go on their bonds, but was informed hat hi? bond could not be accepted, he was not a citizea of the State. Leaving. Messrs. Cochrane and Timmons in charge of the constable at the magistrate's office (they were aeyei in jail), he went with the sheriff in geareh of Jo Means, whom he found, and who went on the bonds. The Charlotte men were then turned loose, and, with Mr. Sifford, came on home last night Charlotte Observer. HE IS DEAD. Ittjnred in the Wreck at If aw River Tuesday F V Snell Hurt. Mr.vE W Durham, of Chapel Hill, who 'was i o seriously injured in the wreck of the special train hauling the firemen to Newbern, which ran into the hind end of a'friegh't train at Haw Kiver Tuesday, died of his injuries Wednesday afternoon. The wreck was a terrible affair, but might have been worse. Among the Hat of injured ones, the Greensboro Record has this: F V Snell, a member of Eagle Hose, No. 7, though not one of the racers, was injured so tnat he found it necsessary to return on the 7.45 train last night. He was met by Dr. Tate and carried home, where his injuries were attended to. Got In Depp Wafer. Dr. L M Archey and Col. Paul B Means, in returning from a business trip to No. 7, Tuesday evening, were in the rain. At the McAllister branch on the r Store's Ferry road they were dipped. When reaching Adam's Creek, thby were stopped from sundown until 11 o'clock. Mr. II S Harris joined this ? They fared fine, they say, at John Oook'3 during the delay. Mr. High Point baseball nine has dis banded. No. 5 township team drill play the Stars tomorrow' at the No, 5 baseball grounds. Everybody is in yited to witness the game. Cleveland heads the list in the National League games. She has won three straight games from Louis ville, who has the poorest record of any team in the league. Out of 92 games Cleveland has won 5G; lost 30. Louisville has won 21; lost 62. Between Concord and Forest Hill Saturday, it is thought the game will be a good one. Our boys have some "hope" although chances are "agin" tbera, of winning. If they should, it would surprise us all. An lit temperate .Tlau IMe from Hut ting: a lost. The Durham correspondent to the Charlotte Observer writes : James V Jones, a cigar maker Vyho came here several months ago from Richmond, Va., died this evening in Patterson's saloon, on Mangun. street. Jones wa3 about 3G years old, and was quite intemperate. This morning between 9 and 10 o'clock he wan right much inoVr the influence of liquor and went to the saloon to get more, but the bar keeper refused to sell him. He hung around and said nothing would satisfy him but death, as he wanted to see nis wife and child who died seyeral months ago. He then said that he would show the boys a new wrinkle in skating pulled off his coat and dived against a post with his head. He fell back, got up and then fell down as if dead. Drs. Battle and Cheatham were sent for and did all in their power to relieve him, but he died at 3 o'clock this afternoon. . He ..was subject1 to fits, and it is thought the blow on his head brought, on; one that wai his last. He was a member of the Catholic Church and called for the;servicS of a priest when he knew he was dying. Corbin street has some great sun flowers. One in Mr. G W Taylor's garden has 44 flowers on it. CONCORD, N. C, THURSDAY, AUGUST 8. 1895. SHE WAS PRAYING. ''Witches" Were Keen in Price Me morial Temple Ioor hy a Colored Woman Tuesday ; Wight Wliic ti Aroused Iler fenperstiMous.Belief. In Wednesday's daily we made mention of some one shouting iq the southern part of the city at an unusually late hour, disturbing the slumberers - and causing a general unrest, and it was not discovered un til late Wednesday night why th's shouting and praying was going on. A certain colored woman, who had b:en to a party, or a dance, was re turning to her home in Chapman town, and when opposite to Price Memorial Temple, she said, three r four large rabbits crossed' Spring street in front of her and got up into the church door, where thev sat upon there hind legs and whined at the woman, who became frightened at the funny capers of the innocent animals. The woman, it is ssid, has been playing in tough luck for some time, having been fcick and out of' em ployment, and the natural weakness of the colored dame in her super stitious imaginations worked upon h; r to sun. m ex c u e came so excited she lost control of herself, claiming that the rabbits were "witches," and that she had seen them before, and in different shapes. She says the witches were pure whit?, and that when she would strike at them with a stick or chunk a rock at them they would jump into the air and hiss at her. As a last resort, she fell upon her knees and asked for assistance from God and man. : Her prayer was heard, not only by Him to whom all should pray, but by nearly all the citizens in that portion of the city. When assist ance reached her the witches.J she said, rose up into air and vanished. She did not forget her Master, how ever. After prayer ehe begnn a little shout, and from bad to worsn it grw. She can't be convinced that she ia not doomed to some great ar.d terrible evil. About a dozen or more congre gated near the church about mid night last night and watched f ;.r the witches, but to their great dip appointment, the rabbits couldn't be scared up. For Over Fifty Tears. Mrs. Winslow's Sooth;ng Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It so thes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the beat remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Druggiets m every part of the world. Twenty -five cents a bottle Be sure and ask for 'Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrop," and take no other kind. mw?&w Kins 12 S I Years Old. Mrp. Wm. Plummer has a gold ring with a email red set in it which! bears the following inscription ou the inside : "L R. W. to M. E. V., 1611." The ring has a history and has coma down from generation to generation till it is nearly worn. ;out, though the inscription is intact. Burlington News. Wlien Baby was stck, we gave her Castorla. Alien she was a Chili she cried for Castoria. Whn she became Miss, she plymg to fast$ria.r ; Wban she had Children, she gave them Castoria- CANNONS THINGS JJl ! pill if fc J M SN i SBREW'- mwu mmm life -; illlfif pMfp 'if li - Ill m mmm&Mm r4 v) u il l I TRADE ISS li COME AKI) SEE rfjTlIEM M:f: t :ll J ,; U?' 'd j p - j f , ....... nJit And get a oir- ji .J Wi'-c j -a A cnlar that will Llar5 I tell you all . abou it GANNONS Whohe NO. l,21vS 6c FETZER'f & FETZER j-ft 6i i ' s. .Jfej

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