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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 09, 1895, Image 1

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' lljOAILY STANDARD- rt i i 1 , f 71 VI -No.5' MT . A1' CONCORD, N. 0., FRIDAY, AUGUST !). 1805. - jjjg j 3 Whole NO. 1,2H . 4K.nm fv, " iuccio VVfcA fcZ rv!gMAM.N.C. U.S.A. MADE FROM A5D ABSOLUTELY PURE T i r ? . i. tl ! T r i Jm- H A Griber is a speculator. .a ' ' - - purchased a lot of - - v :;tv in number, and! : : .sorting and arrang a young man of . - vva two of the finest of ,ot aiv-i carried them to his - t":ir.e?3. Mr. Graber re v -'i '"ons, and in the sec or ;nt be fell short two, but j' probably he was mistaken j.: :i , pMchnse, paid no more atten .;:, ;o the natter, vue v.e during the forenoon TiiiHn who had taken the cm? f-ui:, proposed to ive one t'v iln- melon a to Mr. Graber Tcu-J put one on ice for him. s HZ?, ed to and done. flSt I Wnen Air. Graber went to his j-Vrrr, told his wife about hia !nl rf ' "elons and of the one 3v".jpiv.jti him, which he in- it.V- home and was Terv ,p"ch pleased with hia treat, f iAii in the afternoon several -1 were on to the racket und the ice house, when of the krge melons was cut C:;;il- helped devour it and 'i th - cn .wd hew he became owner tV. th one and how much he ou.ii! o; .be generous hearted urir fellow with whom he had iie f.uch bargain, and not until hotline afterward did he know -Jty Hre Lid own melons, when eck Alexander, hia hired boy, told of it. t Air. Graber ia slow to belieye it, j but we will vouch for it, for we eaw tte deed when committed and help "J. i I '' l - s. ; i; s allies passed through the c tY Ihnreday afternoon for Sossa on's eprings, where huts will be ;aK-n a Luonth. They,were Mr3. Tid Johrstonand children, Mrs. L Morris and children and Mrs. ctor.Caldwell and children. With 1 1 g;ition there are about rnty-Qve attending the eprings. reporter has been assured that not h, many days until there be -, neral renairincr on th j ewalk aloug the front, of Fetzers ! 5etore wher the .bricks -are ti1 T l and are such a tempta 1 e 8ma11 bo t0 ! ft be ain " ia ieei gratis Mo V t0knoT.t?ftt thi8 glY Place i tL rei?cd: and a consolation . email boy to realize that there sore 1Ck With hi3 alreJ 1 i MONEY. NO, 9- Having seen how pains-taking the founders of the government were to tind the true value of the unit which should, as they thought, represent the basis of the monetary system, it should also be observed that they had no concern about the ratios of the values of the different units. They did not, like so many others have done, begin at the wrong end of the work. They were concerned about the yalueof the unit, knowing well that, values having been found, the ratio would necessaaily follow. They did not pass resolutions de claring in favor of 15 to 1, and then set about tho work of fixing the relatiye values of money on that babis. Katio like number was not created in the ordinary sense of creating things. When but one thing was created, thcie was but one thing in existence, but when another thing was created then there were two things. Juat ho with value ratio. Vi'hen one value was found, there was only one known value, I-:' v,b -.. another value wa3 found, there were two known values, and a comparison of them necessarily gave the ratio. Things already in existence can be compared, and ratios between them may be found, but nonexiating vaU ucs cannot be compared, and conse quently there can be no ratio show ing the rcla'ive value of either to the other. The founders of the government set ua an example worthy of imita tion in the matter of ascertaining what unit should be adopted as the basis of our monetary system, The time, the labor they spent in finding the unit, the sincerity they manifesto ed in the interest of fair dealing, being specially concerned that no man should suffer wrong, ought to be remembered by us, when we at tempt the solution of the difficult problem which wa3 placed before them. They sought for values in order to find the unit, we will do well if we too think less of resolu tions and preconceived notions, and set about, like our forefathers did, seeking what value will be the best, doing justice to all and injury to none. The founders of the government did not attempt to find a unit that would last for all time. The unit they adopted in 1792 was adopted for that time, and not for a century afterwards. They could no more say what the unit for 1895 should be, than we can say what the unit for 1995 shall be. Value is a men tal affection, and from its nature ne cessitates a communication of minds, a reciprocation of desires, all of of which muat be contemporary. The yalues of 1792 are not existing in 1895. They belong to the time in which they existed, and cannot be compared. So far as they apply to the year 1895 they are non-existent and as was said above, non-existent things or values cannot be com pared. From its nature it ought to be eyident that there can be no such thing as an invariable standard of yalue. We may have an invariable standard of measure,- s a yard,? but cannot have an invariable standard of value. The yard is a measure of fixed length, which does not vary (Continued on fourth !pago.) IN DAVIE COUNTY. ! Cain Usui ii fi A! -rnl ton Willi His Itrofhcr ami Ki11mI Him .Cain l'iirtl Hi Brother hnt Vno"t Ahlv to I Him This Time, A murder took place in Davio county Wednesday when Cain, a name with which we are all familiar, was killed by his brother, who shot him to death. No clubs were used in this affray a3 in the one when Able was slain. The Salisbury Herald of Thursday furnishes the following: "Marshall and Fillmore Cain brothrrs, engaged in an altercation at the home of their father, about six miles northwest of Mocksville, yesterday morning and the lattei was killed. Full particulars could not be learned. As told the Herald Marshall was contracting with some men to do some work when Fillmore, who was under the inlluence of whi3key, came up and commenced cursing bis brother and accusing him of not paying hia debts. The contract was completed while the cursing can tinned, and then Marshall fired upon hia brother, killing him. were between 25 and 40 years old. They were prominent in their com munity, hut the one who was killed had the reputation of being a little wild. The other was ycry quiet pnd peaceabit. No arrest had been made when our informant learned of the homis cide." CANNONS & FETZER I ..... a Cure lor Headache. Asa remedyfor all forms of Head ache Electric Bitters has proved to be tho very best. It effects a perm- anent cure and iho most dreaded habitul sick headaches yield to its influence. We urge all who are af flicted to procure a bottle, and give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual constipation Electric Bit ters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowle8, and few cases long resist the use of thif medicine, Try it once. Large bottles only Fify cents at Fetzer's Drug Store. Revenue Collection for July. Cashier Brenizer, of Collector Rogers' office, reports thecollections of internal revenue in the fifth North Carolina district for the month of July as follows: $78,148 50 32,028 48 3,691 02 6,053 76 2,183 41 Tobacco Spirits Cigars Special tax Miscellaneous Total These amounts were collected at the various offices as follows: Winston $ 65,285 71 Statesviile 31,376 10 Ashe-ville 13,657 91 Mt. Airy 10,785 35 $121,105 17 For OTer Fifty Yeara. Mrs. Window's Sooth;Dg Syrup has been usedlfor' over' "fifty years by million s'of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and' ds the best remedy for Diarrhoea It will relieve' the pbor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Druggists in every part -:t of the world. Twerity- five cents;" a bottle Be sure and ask for Mrs 'WitislbVs ' Soothing Syrup," and take no other kirid. . mwf&w GIVING THESE THINGS AWAY WITH i Ml 1 f IK 't ? V W I t fc V J! own c ua s R.;ranar Improved Chautauqua Kir.eergs Drawing Board and Vri;-j Dc I ' It i " I Openftrust., I ,GaSH TRADE COME AND SEE yi open for U!9 tl J Dr. B L Griffin" inform s us that many cattle-are dying in thexounty witn a prevalent disease known as anthrah. It will be remembered that; i THEM And get a cir cular that will tell you all i abou it 1 I '-T r I I V J III SB I t II ar oaclinri mvU , - , CANNONS & FETZER -in ,M- hit x M -. t, m lit I'M VP ft1 11 It !:, i' i ': . t !, : t V i - rt ! til 1 n TV rr n n r1 ..-1 4 many died last summer and fall. .t. ;.Jr: tin -vtt, ;

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