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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 12, 1895, Image 1

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1 7 u v - dm J ANDAJRD i X I 1 i i " i . 4 v.... xi. -No- I i 14 si b i 1 y !-Miijiiiwni 11 T-rr-i "'"rifTi I mifFor I KHAm r j-s . - - l f J J U A- ' M ' IOM IGARETTES bSjftHl AMERICAN TOBACCO CO MADE FROM High Graffs Tobaeco ABSOLUTELY PURE Jim rropI Iitle Hatchet. Chief Boger pulled Jim Propst, colored, this morning. Jim 1 el t like his wife needed a little chopping and assaulted her with his little hatchet. For this he was lrou phi before Esq. W J Hill, h titfaiiit cf a 550 oond he went to j:iil. 1 .'u't33 ccine one bails Jim out, he will not get to see Senator Mario a Butler tomorrow. Propst had just finished paying a fee for "cu5sing"his mother-in-law. That's a bad man that cuses hia mother-in-law. A Hoinit rfnl Evangelist. It is a little strange such great powers arc- given such people. Those with the most remarkable success :re those who, up to the manifesta tion of such powers, are low down in public estimate, character and possessed or a mighty little brain power. But the most remarkable tvacelist jet heard of is told by an exchange as follows : Certaiu towns in South Carolina beer, rriritually aroused by the i.u.-rful aching of a negro girl -ot yet 10 )'t-ar3 of age. All who -riMr "ithi.i the sound of her voice are amazed v.i the sound of her ut ".:v.. A t first, she preached only Q iiicmkfs of her own race, but eoon her aiu'iances were compostd blacks and whites, and her fiimple, straightforward, practical sermons appeal to theologian and laymen alike. She can barely write but has committed the whole of the Testament to her heart. Her memory U wonderful, and it, is chimed that after hearing a sermon rce she can repeat it word for Hi;,r- 'i bat her iniluence is mar ' r TDuy be judged from the fact Jitit MTithin the past few weeks 'Il'lrctia haVP Virion nonporM f r - itianity through her preaching. U'-ir.e mde shirts 25 cents up The Racket. I if bii Treasure. V Full, of Canajoharie, N. Y., ys iLat Lf. always keeps Dr. King's I fqrISC0VG?T in tbe h,Jse and the j Uyhas always found the very j t results follow its use; that he "-u aoi. t:r- tnau :i it Na-b, . i , says that Dr. King's ;;1BCOveir is undoubtedly the I -lit an.J -w Ili8fayfor eight pear, . J t lias never failp.-l in n u4. -n "jwcuj, man ne nas uss re,aiC"' for U- WT not try a C?-T ? l0De tred tested- Trial R tui! fl6e at" Fetzer'8 De Store. le?umr size 50c. and 31.00. rcae bonnets 25 cents. The Racket. ','!' 1 r 1 IS NO. 10 NEWS. An OIU tlaii Mkh Ik .1 iv f.iK-j, tnii,ff. A Mull K(;ro KllltMl a Play miiti'. nr t . mr, munroe LiinKer, a rmpectd 1 citizen of No. 10 township, this county, was seriously shocked by lightning during an electrical Etorm last Friday evening. He is about all right now except an occasional twitching of the mufcles and pros tration of his nerves. He is about 50 years old. Ephraim Means, a 12yearold negro boy, of No. 10 township, while playing with a mate over in Meck lenburg county some time ago, threw a rock at him, the rock strik -ing the little negro on the haad, from the effects of which the little fellow has since died. Eph. is now on the chain gang in Mecklenburg county. j On Wednesday afternoon at Crosses pasture, on Rocky river, Flowed team will play ball with the Newell team, A good game is expected. No. 10 had a splendid rain Fri day, which was a blessing to the farmers, as eyerything had begun to parch. It.Wflg a soaker. The Veterans Tomorrow It was very little information we could get today in regard to the Confederate Veterans reunion and picnic, which is to take place to morrow at the fair grounds. Many of the old soldiers are yery much and justly disgruntled over the turn of affairs on the day set apart for their gala day. It is generally un derstood, however, that a big dinner will take place between 12 and 1 o'clock, to which all good soldiers, soldiers' wives and children of sol diers are invited to attend and bring with them welKfilled basket?. About the Oxford Asylum. Supt. Lawrence, in a recent speech about the Oxford asylum, had these words to use: "The number of children there at present is 200, 103 girls and 97 boys. These are fed, clothed, educated and learned to work, the total cost of maintenance being about ?13,000 a year. Of this amount the State giyes $10,000, the Grand Lodge of Masons $3,500, and the remainder is derived from individual donations and such tours as are now being made. Since the establishment of the asylum in 1872 the number of children enrolled has been 1482, and of them all not a sin gle one, so far as known, has ever worn thestripea of a convict " Frofcrmm For the concert tonight at Mr D B. Coltrane's residence : Selection Messrs Benson and Cor rell. Vocal Solo Miss Ada Craven. Recitation Miss Julia Gray. Instrumental Solo Miss Williams. Vocal Solo Miss Robbins. Selection Messrs Benson and Correll. ReadingMiss Addie Alexander. Instrumental SoloMiss Elma Cole. Vocol Solo Miss Richardson. Vocal Solo Miss Jennie Coltrane. Instrumental Duett Misses Cra ven and Williams. Vocal Solo Miss Jennie Patter son . Selection Messrs Benson and Cor rell. Low Kates t Boston and Return. On August 23, 24 and 25 the Sotuhern Railway .'will sell round trip tickets to Boston, Mass.. at rate of one fare ticket good to re turn until September 10, and can be extended UPtil September 30. PP'Pni)7l "XT ionday; august 12, 1395. LITTLE MORE MIAN" HALF. MuikIh.t RcJs-o1 A :-int;r.iee Fell Short a ; ler I'liroPraonl 70s Vfprdar. From the report giyen in today we find that just a little more than half the enrolled membership at tended Sunday school yesterday. Nine hundred and thirty-five were at their proper plac b, while 708 were at home or some where else. An addition of two scholars is re ported from Forest Hill Methodist, making the total enrolled member ship of all the schools 1,633. See the different reports : Central M. E. church 63 Enrollment 144 Absent 81 Forest Hill M. E. church 328 Enrollment 599 Absent 271 Forest Hill Presbyterian 75 Enrollment 175 Absent 100 St. Andrews Union 117 Enrollment 150 Absent , 33 Reformed church 39 Enrollment 50 Absent 11 St. James Lutheran 75 Enrollment 130 Absent 55 First Presbyterian 100 Enrollment (about) 180 Absent 80 Daptitit church.. 50 Enrollment 100 Absent 50 Bays chapel 64 Enrollment Ill Absent . 47 For fiver Fifty Tears. Mrs. Winslow's Sootlrng Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, enres wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Drnggiflt8 m every part of the world. Twenty-fi?e cents a bottle Be sure and ask for tMr8. Winslows Soothing Syrnp," and take no other kind. mw7&w Bad Case in Statesvllle. A Statesvllle correspondent of the Charlotte Observer says tnis : Court has been engaged all the afternoon with an incest case. G W Mullis, apparently 55 or 60 years of age, the father, and Rebecca Mullis, aged 21 or 21, the daughter, both hailing from Eagle Mills township. It seems Mullis prosecuted some neighbors for trespass and won the suit at the last term of court, and now comes what seems to be a cross fire. The defendants are both pale, thin, care-worn respectable looking people, and any one would think while looking at them sitting side by side in the bar, whispering to each other occasionally, that the awful crime with which they are charged was yery far from their hearts. 1 Drank Carbolic Acid, A 4 -year old daughter of Mr. Milton Rogers, of No. 4, had a very narrow escape Saturday. The little girl got hold of a vial of carbolic acid and swallowed something like a spoonfull. Its screams attiacted tbe family and what had taken place was soon discovered. Dr. Lafferty was called in and removed the bad drug. The child's mouth and throat were badly burned. The child is safe unless inflamation mm Bncklen'i Aruieaftalye, The Best Salve in the world fc Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetterd,Cbape Hands, ' Chilblains, Corns ; and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed-to give satisfaction or money refunded. Price 2etriiBper s torn 1 CANNONS L GIVING THESE THINGS AWAY WITH ill ll COME .r. CANNONS Whole IvO & FETZER'S Improved Chautauqua Klndergtr&ui Drawing Board and Writing DsX GaSH TRADE AKD SEE Oral fen ust j j j fl I Open for urc fl !j 1 1 "rt.TSteii f ,., ' THEM And get a cir cular tliat will tell you all abou it Vif : Opfor use. ' 7.1 r a . n . .-- '-7-m JLJL:: M '- i & FETZER ti'. ft:

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