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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 12, 1895, Image 2

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itiQ Daily Standard BY JAMi:s l. COOK. JJTlolilN CASTOR BUILDING The Standard is published every day (Suuday excepted) and delivers d by terriers. HATES OF SUBSCRIPTION On3 year U 00 Six mouths 2 00 Three months 1 00 Out mouth 35 Sint;lf copy 05 A D V r H T I P-1 X 1 KATES. 1 ...... for i.eguh;r advertisements! m-ilv mown on application. Address all communications to THE STANDARD, Concord. N. C. GOa-ORD, AUGUST 11, 181)5. THE KAlI-KOAI J IX? tS7ANiARi readers know of the j:o .:u. at to get the directors of the ScrO Carolina Kuihoad to lay a '.rack from tne depot to the Fair Grouti i, Thia is wanted because it is de oi4 ,vt io build up a cotton factory iiud of her necessar y buildings on itiisc grounds. The rrason for usk i .; t It i t a track be put down is too elviir to discuss. If the track is i'fctrd down, and it can be con- v, ;,cUd for less tban $15,000, in-i--r-.s-i-jd parties guarantee the erec tion ot cotton mill at the Fair ::.r ret: r. '.'?. . 'Si:;.: this has bnn made kuown, Chipmnu, who owu3 consid r&hle property in that section of town, hdB felt the pulse of a num c : ci his moneyed friends and he . a ; II erect a cotton mill if the wt'Oiid runs a track into the grounds. TtJiJ SxA.NUAiiJ) CcUi see no reason why th 3 Directors of the North!: i? a Railroad will not put Icv-'r; the desired track. The rail t:; owes nothing; n in a paying condition and is liuuncihlly able to :hv :.crk. Tut -this is rot the i&'ih) it 13 this : By constructing the .si .i line the road will be creating jueiiu-iss for itself. In this it will i:-.-;: ht- reimbursed for the outlay it asakefi ;a putting down the track. It ia broad and progressive spirit and -co1 hmhies?, when a railroad br8 out and creates business not isjr iUeli but for ;Lj patrons. fword has? a right to ask this -SM'i'i. z&vor of the North Carolina '' Tl is point furnishes the :'0(-: jvith trio re business than any - the line, Charlotte, Salis .?u;y, Gr-'-nsboro, Raleigh and irolddloro not excepted, and yet we fevu Molten and demanded less. Bi't oui people, nut waiting for -r?ryI I i to turn np, usually turns it up i'i&c-lf. They are not asking thia s.t '.h; hands of the North Carolina "Ha dread on the grounds of charity, hvX on the grounds of justice and as ;tha means of advancing our own !Twth and material progress, to Ia:i .vith crtatiug business for tlie railroad, 'These two mills will be built, if "the 'Directors of the North Carolina Ilailroad do their art; unless they do, the mills will not be built, JVill the Directors act ? . Rev. G T Smith, pastor of the -Christian church, at Steubenville, O'aio, resigned hia charge because ike aiders kicked about his hiring a substitute for $5 a weefc less than kis ealary while he went for a vaca tion This makes five vacant pul piti in SUubnyilla. iavi iiidk ear marks. The woman in boy's clothes doesn't score a success eyen when j hunting work. She wears the clothes as awkwardly as she throws a stone at a dog, and in either case gives herself away. Miss Otto Dehman, of New York,; didn't believe this until she tried it.tbut she knows better now, Mrs. Lehman, the .17-year-old beroine of a runaway match, got tired of depending for a iiyiug on her mother-in-law and tried to pass herself off as a man, first in Phila delphia and then m New York. She fooled her Philanelphia land lady, but failed to deceive the em- ploytrs of able bodied laborers, and j when she returned to New York her j girlish appearance and awkward ! imitation of masculinity; betrayed j her to a sharp-sighted policeman and she concluded to be a woman j in appearance again as well as in ; fact. ! Women doubtless do occasionally j don male attire and go undetected for a time, but in the end nature as isjrts herself and the woman stands ! revealed. On the whok it is better not to undertake to dispute conclu eions with the laws of the universe. The attempt usually ends in failure, as Mrs, Lehman can testily. One dressed in male attire is really frightening. THE BEST Family Medium: She Has Ever Known. Words of Praise from a Hew York Lady for AYER'S PILLS " I would like to add my testimony to that of others who have used Ayer's Pills, and to day that I have taken them for many years, and always derived the best results from their use. For stom ach and liver troubles, and for the cure of headache caused by these derange ments, Ayer's Pills cannot be equaled. THE RACKET STORE To an old bachelor is attributed the discovery that "a woman keeps secret what she does not know." If men did the same thing there would be a good deal less lying and running down false rtports of sundry kindp. It is the mau who tells what he j doesn't knew that always creates 1 be i racket. When n;y friends n;V. m' what is tho best reriii-dy for disorders of th; stom ach, liver, or bowels, vy in variabb answer is, Ayer's Pills. Tnken in sea son, they will break up n cold, prevent la prippe, rhei k fuviT, vn- r-.y.ilate tLe digestive organs. They are easy to take, ;,ri'l are, indeed, the best all-round family medicine I liav ever k::"vn."--v Mrs. May Johnson-, f-ox liider Aenue, New York City. Highest Honors at World's Fair. Ayer's Sarsaj jrilia Cjres all Blued Disorders Just Think of It-Wei Sa You Money on Nearly V Every Purchase You Make. F 1 1 1 1 1 S) I l i COFFINS &C. 1 have now in .stock at my rooms opposite t? c court hotiPa a splen did line of well-made Furniture bueh as A Chicago man an 1 his bride ai- rivtd in oan Francisco a week ago on j bicycles, haying ridden the whole distance between' t lie iwo cities. . .-m.,, r.:j.-J.JJM ,TJ..,TM-i.-KlC IVII,m.JIMilTJ.'. g Bed Steads, Tables, Wash Stands Safes, Vii I defy competition in regard to quality and r;nco. You will be surprised wb :! you hear v:y nriees Come and nee. If not in stock can supply yoa in a fow I have ft nice lin of VI 1 MM t I 1 i ti n ft w -M A N U FA CT U R K KSOF FINK GINGHAMS, ZOUTINQ CLOTHS, TL VIDS AND SUHBTISaS, ANDJS VLT BAGS, o - - DEALERS IN GEite l wmmi at prices that will Biirprise you. I keep a full linp on hand for im mediate supply. 1 buy LUMBER and run my phming machane, and all persons who wish any thing in this line, will do well to call and eeo me. Very Respectfully, , Jr'U Lilian. Concord, N. C. July 13, 1805. I 81 W liiffliii?: mi -0- BUYERS OF i ill Hindi AND Four foot Swood (always wanted beyt prices for same. "VYc invite an insoecliGaa lof allJtthe erooda Iw0 Manufactur MT. FLEASANT, isr. C, REV. J. D. SHRIEY, D. P., Pres. A DADE MIC, COMMERCIAL AND COLLEGIATE COURSES. Total necessary expenses session of 38 weeks. $S5.00 to $137,000. . Next session begins Sept 3. 1S95. For cotalogue and special information, address the President as above, or lm. Secretary Faculty. - - - . , - : Third Annual .Meeting North Carolina Baptist Sunday School Chatauqua, Red Springs, N-iC. Tickets . on sale August 12, 13 and 11 to Greensboro and Selma, N. C. Final limit August 20, 18a5. . ..Con tinuous passage in each direction. Fare for round trip to Greensboro) $3.65 to Selma ?7.C0. i? from 1 Greensboro via C. F. cSc Y. Y- .R. R., will be S3. 65 and SL15 from Selmai yia. A. C. L. R, R. o- Oalico and Percal at 20 cents per pound it runs frc:;, 1 2 to 8 yards to the pound. HOME-MADE PERCAL SHIRTS better made and fit better than the $1,00 ones our price 40 cents. Spool thread at 2 cents. Good needles 1 cent per paper also pins at the sain price. Shoe blacking 1 cent per box. Hand soap at 1 cent per cake. Ladies' black silk belt 10 cents. Good seamless Sox 5 cents. These are not trash. Envelopes 2 cents per package of 25. 2 rubberstipped Lead Pencils for 1 cent. 20c. Machine Oil for 5 cents, Best Grade of Table 0'1 Cloth at L" cents per yard. This Goods will not crack, lik com mo nr ' Tin Cups for 5 cents,' KNIVES, FORKS AND SPOONS CHEAP Gents' Linen Collars (H cents. Waterproof Collars 10 cents. Safety Pins 2 cents per dozen. Spectacles in cents per pair. argams in w V W I cJ IP X aw i i w Come and See for Yourself- THE RACKE r D. J. BOSTIARPROFR See the U. S. Flag on of The Racket.

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