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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 13, 1895, Image 1

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y- t - k V ''-"'''if fed foliapR Ran c. "!IST0N: . i I coiled"ou HTZTT!Zr:r:: , i ii imiiuNv! xwun, r ine ju . . turjc . . ynn.n .a fa s is I 0 ' .... r- :" 'I1.- .. e While Rtseulnc Her 9 (VxfOUD, N. 0. President Cashier. Assistant Cashier 1 i i ; ; thane, TKAXR, $50,000 $16,000 piUXTORS: KL, D. F. Cannon J. W. Cannon, ,u V II , Lilly, 1. IV a ne. cuiatioi 1 5 HAMMOND & CO. id Bond -t ii" '"i ' l -'i 'T VI arl Street, YORK CITY, N. Y. and Grain bought and or :arried on Margin. v for explanatory circus i.'-iion, also weekly mar i '-'rec) dwly MVEHSiTY OF K i Hi I - : i - - n l 7 -! H i f If I 13 C":: i-i isMs the University, tlie rj1;", i::.1 Law and Medical S'; ".'K aiid the MMEK SCHOOL for teachers. Tuition SCO : 35 wrher?, 171 students. Ad President Winston. r-- Hill, N C. for Cata !c and handbook on "UNI- r EDUCATION." M A N UFACTUR E US ' GINGHAMS, rTiJYfr CLOTHS, PLAIDS, SHEETING IX!) SALT BAGS. 0 DEALERS IN I General Merchandis e. O HI," VERS OF Country Produce of all Kind . v ot wood alwavs X: d - best prices for We invite an in -on of all the goods :nitacture. Hi m St'Broe Consrcpate Around the on Tuttle' Aot'ouiu. Wiuston came near haying a riot mht Sunday night. As it was it wan bad enough. Report has it that at least a thous and shots were fired, but strange to say nobody was killed. Several were wounded and still stranger to say all were white men. As fr as heard not a negro waa hurt. Sheriff McArthur received four buckshot in his head, but waa not badly hurt, owing to the fact that the shot was evidently tired in a glancing direction. Another man, a policeman, got it on initio iKii-iuoa or attemn!-. tn ' V,M "" M1,n " iisbsm ettfi vgliiW M in the neck, but was uot seriously! hurt. Our information was gathered from four different gentlemen from Winston and all of it is about to the same effect. Ae most of our readers know, Tut tie, the negro who killed Policeman V ickers, was being tried for his life. Evidence was all put in Saturday and pome of the speechea were made and the case was continued until tot a ay. . night about 11 oViock tne negroes commenced to congregate I around the jail, giving as a reason therefor that they had been reliably informed that the whites were going to moke an effort to lynch Tuttle, and they proposed to protect him. Sheriff McArthur told them they were mistaken and further tbat he would see that Tuttle was not harmed. All his effor's to disperse them were useless and they continued to congregate. Along towards 1 o'clock the sheriff called on Judge Brown, who is holding court there, and laid the case before him. After discuss ing the matter fully the judge or dered out the military company and told them to disperse the crowd, but not to shoot until a last resort. When they lined upatthejil the mob was again 'old to leave and go to their respective homes but they rufusea. The Judge was then informed of the situation aad he instructed the militia to warn them to leaye, telling them if they did not they would be fired into, but the mob's reply was to "fire and be d Then it was that Capt. Besaent, commanding the company, pulled out his watch and told tlrm he would give them two minutes to leaye and if they didn't do it that he would order a volley pourtd into them. He then took out his watch and was counting the seconds when Mayor Gray appeared and ordred niin to desist not fire. Here is where he made a mistake, for not only had he no authority, after orders from the Judge, but his action caused the mob to think that the military was weakening, thereupon they fired and ranm every direction. Tt was here that McAuther was shot, a man named White and two others whose name we did not get. There was a regular fusilade and cf course great excitement. When the train left Winston this morning over a hundred of the rio ters had been landed in jail and tire search was still beiDg continued. This action of the negroes can but work harm on Tuttle, for it will be impossible to keep it away from the jury, who are almost sure to be pre- the part of the negroes. Greens boro Record. The Charlotte Observer says ; "Mayor E E Gray telegraphed Mayor Weddingtou yesterday morning to send the Gatling gun to Winston at once. Mayor Weddmgton answered that he had ho nnthoncy to send the gun without orders from Adjutant General Cameron. Mayor Gray telegraphed the Ad j a taut General thtit was necessary to have the Catling gun to &id in keeping the peace of the town. A telegram came to Capt. Franklin, of the Q ieen City Guards,to send the piece and a crew to man it to Winston on the firstj' rain. The gun was imme diately packed and sent on the even ing's train in command of W F Moody, who wac accompanied by A E Moody, Ed. Cogbill and Herman Schrader." There seems to have been no trouble Monday night. The Gatling gun put a quietus on the riotous in clined. Just as Tillman was pasdng by Graber's meat market a yellow hound ran iato the street and hen a mournful hov, 1. It created a lit tle commotion, -ivi ntiny of the large crowd of r,;;;' : thought the dog was mad but the howl was eo significant. To the Citizens of Concord. On and after the 20th day of this month or August, I will open out a first class .'jneat market and will be glad to 3erve the public with their needs in the fresh meat line. My place of business will be in the Hurly store room, tirat door below Lowe & Son. Respectfully, alO lm. J. F. Day vault. Whon Baby was s!ck. ve gave her C&storia. Alien she was a Chilti, she cried for Oistori i. When she became 3Iiss, she clung to Citstoria. fhen she had Children, she gave them Ciitorla. Mr. J A Harric, of near Mooree ville, was hert to attend the speak inj?. He was once a resident of this place, and in making a tour of the city this morning visited the Wagon er grove and viewed the place that was ot?c the scene of a public exe aution. A man by the nare cf Rishj of Iredell county, was hanged by old Sheriff Plunkett fjr wife murder. Mr. Harris was one of the guards. The hanging occurred fortythree years ago. On Hundred and Nineteen Thous and not Present Today. It was predicted that 15,000 peo ple would be here today. This proved to be incorrect. There were 119,000, more or less. A Lesson of Narrowness. Baptist are broad, uncomfortably and undesirably broad; they are the broadest people in North Carolina, and we regret that they are. Secre tary Stringfield has investigated, and he tells us that while he has looted in vain for a Catholic or an Episcopalian or a Presbyterian or a Methodist or a Moravian girl in a Baptist school in North Carolina, he has found Baptists girls in eyery kind of school. Let us learn a lesson of narrow ness, of common sense, and duty, from oar nedo brethren. Biblical Recorder. Experience if an Old Lady With a wck e While Rescuing Her Li?fl t'liSieiiH. Auat Betsy FreemaD, the unfor tunate one legged lady who liyes on Mr. Bill Wiueccff's place a few miles east of the city had a terrible ex perieuca with a black snake. The old lady occupies a small hut to herself, having uaiy as her companions a cat, chickr Jui, and such pets. An old hen with h ijrood of small chicKens was luid err rath the house tloor. Some Lime doiiug .iiurday night the wo mnA Wrtri nTTkeutd by unusual noises and cnirpiags of the bidies, where upon she wtnt to their rescue. She raised a pUnk and took from the nest all the chickens except the hen; she returned for the hen af:;-r safely placing the chickens in a basket and to her surprise a black snake, about four feet iong, was coiled about the hen. She lifted the hen out and'iu she did so, the aerpent coiled its cold form around Aunt Betsy's neck. She did no scream, but jerked the snake off her neck and placed her chickens in safety be foie finishing the battle, r.r,:::a is probably GO years of age, and in this struggle with her assailant, sho shows a high mark of womanly courage. Had the snake got another coil about her neck she would have been choked to death. A Household Treasure. D W Full, of Canajoharie, N. Y., says that he always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery in the house and the family has alwaj'S found the very best results follow its use; that he would not be withoutit it, if procu- ablo. G A Dykemau Druggist, Catskill, N. Y , says that Dr. King's New Discovery is undoubtedly the best Cough remedy; that he has uss cd it in his family for eight pears, and it has never failed to do all that is claimed for it. Why not try a remdy so long tred teBted. Trial bottles free at, Fetzer's Drug Store. Regular piz-j C-0o and $1 CO. Ni:iarter Tii;v;i lue lievll. Two populists and two democrats (one a minister) met in the Western part of the county. One of the Populists said he believed "the Lord id on their bide." One of the demo crats remarked : "Well, from the conduct of the Legislature, it looks like the devil is cn your cide." The minister objected and : ''No, not that, the deyil seeing the crowd and their work, jumped up and slap- ping his hands together said, 4go it, boyp, you are smarter than I am." The minister was asked if he preached 'hat way. He replied: "No. but you all haye mixed religion and politics so much that you ali cau't tell which is which." ' Lifakor vs. l.ifakor. This morning (Tuesday) Mr. Al fred Li taker insulted Mr. Tom Litaker, of No. 3. The affair oc- curred at the rear of G E Fisher's store. Mr. Tom Litaker jumped on Mr. Alfred Litaker, got him down and gave him a good fiat peltin,until Mr. Alfrtd Litaker cried out "take him off." Some cue cried "police." and I fully 500 people surrounded the pugilistic riu?. The sympathy ex pressed by the crowd for the com batants is in the ratio of 16 to 1, in fay or of Litaker. Low Rates to Boston and Return. On August 23. 21 and 25 the Sotuhern Railway will sell round trip tickets to Boston, Mass.. at rate of one fare ticket good to re fnrn until Spntfimhflr 10. and can be extended until September 30. MT. PLEASANT, N. O. REV. J. D. SHRIEY, D. D , Pass. ADADEMIC, COMMMRCl AL AND COLLEGIATE COURS. Total necessary expends session of 38 weeks. $8S r0 tn $137,000. Next session begins Sep- 3. 1895. For cotalogue a&3 special information, address the President as above, lm. Secretary of Faculty. Mount A mc ". r. a S E M I N ARY A FIouri3hir.s School for 1 ur Lidie-i. TEN TEACHERS, Ot umctih;! Branches 1 . Carefui Attention, lilv. C. L. T. 71 MOUNT PL College of Agriculture and Mechanic Tlie next session of this ( lege will begin SepterLbo!- I Examinations at conn : ; : first Saturday in Young men desiring t, iro nical education at an nr'.p.s'taE- ly low cost will do wcl1 ply for catalogue lu A, Q. flOLLADAY. 1 V 2w d& w. H.leigh. K Sale in FEMALE ACADEMY. The 94th Annual Session begins Sc;H:::'"f :.ih 1S95, Register for last year shows norc i: V persons under instruttio'i clnrjrij; the y;,tr. ra cial features: the drveiopnv-M of Ift ilth, '..&; acter and Intellect. Puildii.sis thoroi.-iilj- rcajotf elled. Fully equipped I'rep-H .ilory, Cc'krjuk .?tKi Post Graduate Departm- nts besides iirst-r.'as schools in Music, Ait, l..'ai:L'ua -03. C'. and Industrial Studies. J. 11. CLKWKLL, R: dar 2v. ::pal,.S.i:.-1 21 u COFFINS &C I have now in stock at m.y roo;.usr opposite tlie court house ft .sp!ea. did line of wel!-rr.'.-.d Fj;;?i: such &3 Bed Steads, Tab Wash Stands Safes, Chairs. &c defy competition in regard tc quality and price. You vi!l b surprised when you hoar my priee Come and see. If not in Block can supply jou in c, feT-' c. have a nice line of COFRN at prices that will surprise yon. I keep a full "Hue 011 hand for im mediate Eiipply. 1 buy LUMBER and run my planing machum. and all persons? who wish acr hi::r in this line, will do well to cm:. and see me. Very Respectfully J. T. Pounds. Con cord C. July 13. 1895. Chlchenter'n Enjfllah Dlfimond rPMK3yDAifAI 9. . OHjftnal and Only Qentifne. safe, Jwys reliable. tftDics t:i ji Druggist for Chichester' F.nalLn Tn ' i f mond Brand in ltet acd Gold Eei:iic Ui boxes, sealed with blue ritton. TUc ViT WJ"o other. Refute dangerov tvh lions ani imitations. At Prueidr, or .i -Vi-in stamp! for particulars. toFtimecia) :Jt V f9 "Relifcf fur Ldle," inletur. by rm f MafL li 0M Ttimonlals Fan !':?. Chic-heater l'hml(fulCi..&ia('lun uujiit. 8;d bj all Local Druggists. Fill 14, Vm. -IV rv Ml W JVC ' - v j; i 4" I 1

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