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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 14, 1895, Image 3

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BATCH OF LOOAirNE-WS. ?j rU Putln By "r HniliH Pencil Puilwr. A circus ia due in Charlotte inl Belt I'ias 10 ceata at A. J. & J. Fi York'i. ; The yearly meeting of the Friends; . doied M High Ppint Tuesday, !. , Sterling Belt Fm at A: J. & J. F. York's 25 cunts. Central Methodist church is to .ave a f 1,200 pipe organ. The Western Union sent off 18.000 sofds Tuesday night the result of bespeaking here. Those haying local advertising jaa be acconimadated at icent per word. Seud them in. Don't forget the Asheville excur sion Friday morning at 9 o'clock. For tickets see H G Kitz. The Kowan county fair associa tion are making arrangements to have an exhibit this year. Your placket hole will stay closed if you use our skirt closer, only 10 cent. The Racket. 1 4 1 S?yerul bridges were turned top side down on Spriug street Tuesday :iight. Evidence shows that some ut was unusually gay. I) R Julian, of Salisbury, has been appointed Deputy Collector for the Salisbury district in place of H F U'.itson, resigned. Pneumatic shoes are a new idea, Another possible verification of the truth that those who can raise the l.he wind won't be on their uppers There will be a public speaking at Rocky Kidge church, on Tuesday, August 20, at 2 o'clock in the after, noon. Congressman A C Shuford will orate. rMr. clarence Shnman and Mies Ada Malone were married Sunday, It wa3 a runaway affair, the groom being 18 and the bride 16 years old. Salisbury Herald. lew lot bang and side combs at A. J. & J, F. York's. Machinery at the Cabarrus Mills got out of order this morning, causing the mill to shut down for several hours. The operatives en joyed their rest. The Charlotte Observer estimated :he crowd thres times too large. But then journalist Banks was behind Ben Tillman and that obstructed the view. Not over 750 were at tne - speaking. In the issue of the New York Journal of August 12, there is a iengthy article concerning a colored 3ivme, a Native Cabarrus county negro, who is now pastor of Bleeker street Zion M. E. church in New York city. "Nervous debility is a common complaint, especially among women. The hest medical treatment for this disorder is a persistent course of Ayer's Sarsaparillo to cleanse and -inyigorate the blood. This being ac complished, nature wilkdo the rest. The typesetting machine invented by Father Calendoll, a Siellian monk, iiin advance on all other similar machines in speed and .ease of mani pulation. It is said to -set 50,000 letters an hour, an amount repre senting the work for an equal period of twenty compositors, or of seven of the machines in common use. Its -cardinal principles of difference from other machines ia in the use of the octave and chord system of the piano, whereby a single movemint ol the hand an entire word may be, the timeformerly used for setting a letter. Trhr County SnMdrty Schoor Tonten. nou. It meets at Bethpage church on! Augusts. Among the features of;' the programme is the address of1 welcome - by WalterE .Farr. Rl WTeraladdreBBea.bjiflrgntpariieg.1 promises,) be a jery delightful: meetii log anuat will be, one. ojthe most largely attended conventions, f ! We nd hoped rto publish a com plete programme today but the com mittee did not report. Bucklen ArMieajSjiijre, TeBesfe Salve, in ,tkex world for Cu,ts,, Bruises, Spres,. Ulcers, Salt Rheu m, e ver Sore Tetterd; Chappe Hands, , Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles or no pay requi-ed. It is guaranteed to give statisf action or monev refunded, 5Price 25 cents per box. For sale at P B Feizer's Drug Store. Mr. Ed Johnson, of Mill Hill has a fine hound given him by Edward F Green. He wants to get rid of it for fear the bound, too, will prove a hypocrite. It is reported that Capt. Wm. Propst will at an early day tear away the building occupied by Mr. James Foil and erect a large two story brick building. Interested parties could not be found to get a veririea tion or denial of the rumor. 'Canst thou minister to a mind diseased?" asks Macbeth. Certainly, my lord; the condition of jthe mind depends largely, if not soley, on the condition of the stomach, liver, and bowels, for all of which complaints Ayer's Pills are 4the soyereignest thing on earth." The KowNpapcr Uels Left. A country newspaper publisher sizes up the "span of life," as fol lows : "A child i8born, the doctor in at tendance gets a $10 fee ; the editor notes it and gets 0 ; it is christened and the minister gets $5, and the editor wri'es it up and gets 00 ; it marries and the minister gets an other $10 ; the editor gets a piece of cake or 000. "In the course of time it dies ; the doctor getB from $5 to $100 and the minister perhaps gets another ?5, the undertaker $25 to $50 ; the editor prints a notice of death and an obituary two columns long, and a set of resolutions of some lodge or organization to which the deceased belonged, ana receives 0000, and then has the privilege of running a free card of thanks and a lot of poetry besides." Ez. Wheu Baby was sick, we gave her Castorfa. When she was a Child, she cried for Caatqria. When she became Miss, she clung to C&storia, When she had Children, she gave them Castor la. Noniething-That Fy. Hackett I owe my landlady for three months' board, and she says that I haye got to pay it up. Sackett (indifferently) I owe my landlady a year's board bill , Hackett How on earth do yon get along without paying her? Sackett By paying attentions to her daughter. N. Y. World. " -EXECUTRIX NOTICET Having been duly appointed and qualified executrix of tho last will and testament of Jno.W Fink, deceased, all persons holdig claims against said deceased are hereby notified to present .Jbhem tto the, un dersigned duly authenticated on or before the 9th day of, August 1896 or this notice will be plead as a bar to their recovery. Also, all persons owing deceased are notified that prompt payment is' expct-xl." This Ai Executrix. THE RUSH OF HUMANITY. People W TrVeCas:""WWv iby Hnr Mrt. W G jBoshamer is visiting m thaiiotie. ; ,.,,..;' .- Mfc'rf Addie Patterson is visiting Mr, W R Oleil went to Chapel Hill this morning. i Mr. A B Young returned to the city today from Raleigh. , : Miss Elizabeth Gibson has re turned from Salisbury, , , RevDr J C Davis and wife haye: returned from Lexington. Mr. F V Barrier, of Salisbury, spent yesterday in the city. : Rev. Dr. W II Bays left today for his home at Abbeville, 3; C. -: Capt. J M Odell and wife left this morning for the mountains, Mr. John Smith, of Motgomery, is visiiing his mother, Mrs, Dr. Hoi den. Messrs J Doye, C G- Montgomery and C LErwin went to Charlotte to day. Mr. Dr. J E Cartland arrived today from the Meeting of Friends at High Point. Superintendent Tom Ross, of the Patterson Mill at China Grove, is in the city. Mr. Thompson, who is to teach in Concord next year, was in the city Tuesday. Miss Lewis Harris has returned from Martha's Vineyard, where she attended the Summer bchool. Miss Bessie Meader, who has been summering at Chantanq&a, N, Y., returned to the city today. Mi. W P Shealey, of Lincoln ton, is in the city. He is well him self, but says one of his children has fever. Mrs. H A Graber and children are visiting the home of her father, Mr. John Lippard, at Woodlea', Rowan county. Mr. E C Barrow, who has been visiting his brother, Mr. H M Bar row, of this city, left today for his home at Louisburg via Charlotte. Mrs. Goodson and two grand children, Masters Tom and Frank Fetzer arrived today -from Durham, where Mrs. Goodson has been spending some time. ' m High Grade t ABSOLUTELY PURE ADMINISTRATORS .NOTICE. 'Having Qualified asadmistrator of aaafA of TVTftrv A. Sfcokfir. des ceased, notice is hereby given that all those:maeDiea,w buiu uwtomu. ae hereby notified to mater menta promptly ; and tBosja'liord in olaima agaiht Baid'nMary'A. Stoker, deceased, are.herby notified to present them to the 'undersigned 1 w oil thfitfrtfttAr! on -or before the 6th day of June, 1896, or this notice will be plead m bar iot tneir, rei This 6th of June, 1895. PUKE &2:lbL ftnimnnn YOU CAN BUY AT- LOWE & SON'S.. 10 cent percale at 0. 9 cent outing for 5. Ginghams, 4i. Ducks 10 cents. 2400 matches 15 cents. Shirts 15c, Nice suspenders 5c. The best Ladies' Vest for 5c you ever saw. I dozen pencils with rubber endf, only 8c. Ladies' mixed hose 5c. Gent's cold laundried shirts with two collars and one pair cuffs for 90c. Twenty-fiye envelopes 4c. Table oil cloth 10c per yard. Mosquito nattiug 5c. Feather pillowscoyered with Tensil, suitable for lounge, 35 cents. Ten dozen caps 'for baby's white lace that sold forj40 to 15 cents, that we will;' sell now at 15 and 25 ceats. Dont delay they will not lastilong. We are selling everything cheaper than ever. Summer Goods cut to the quick and if you want tobuy cheap, go to LOWE F&SSON. 4 HOT WEATHER FABRICS- WE HVVE just received a lot of petty percales for Shirt Waists. Don't ; fail to see them. A LOT of new and fcStylish prints just in. Good Styles. WE HAVE a few pieces of Or gandie Lawns that will go at low figures now IF YOU want the coolest and prettiest hot. weather dress call and see' our 2-yards wide white Organdie. ABIG lot otK Ladies Black Hose to go ot SJcents. our navy: , Blue CreponsJ for Shirt Waists are the correct thing for Hot weather, OUR STOCK of Ladies Oxford Ties in Black and Tans are the handsomest in the town. Go, say the Ladies and our prices are lower too. TOBACCO GOOD TOBACCO TOO and more Tobacco for less money than can be bought in Con cord. You that use iobacco can save monev hv pftnor n M0RRI0N, LENTZ & 0 CONCORD MARKETS' COTTON MARKET. Corrected by Cannons & Fetzer, Good middling... 7 35 Middlings 7 Low mi -idling 6 Stains 4ico 5 PRODUCE MARKET, Corrected bv C. W Swinfc Bacon... 8t Sugarcured narns 121tol5 Bulk meats, sides 8 to 9 Beeswax.. .....5 Butter 15 Chickens. 10to20 Corn 50 to. 55 -Eggs Si Lard 8toll Flour(North.Carolina) 1.75 Meal ..58 Oats. 30 to 35 Tallow 3to4 SALE OF LAND. By virtue of authority vested in me as commissioner oy a decree of the Superior Court, made in the case of Lawson Bmckwelder and others,plaintiff8, against N M Starns. defendant, I will sell at public auc UOn in front of the courthouse door in Concord on Monday, Sent. 2, 1895, to the highest bidder, the following real estate of which John C Stams died seized. . ' 1st. Tract known as the Rowland tract adjoining J F Furr lands, Martain Furr and others and on which Henry Cray ton now lives, containing 114 acres, and .known as th 3 home place. This tract of land will be sold subject to the dower of Mrs. John C Starnes wnich has al ready been allotted, and consists of abou; 67 acres- V- - 2nd. Tract known as the Adam Honeycutt tract adjoining Jackson Honeycutt, the tract above meh tioned and others, and contains about 46 acres, and on which O V Mauney now resides- 3rd. Tract known as the Alex ander Shoe tract adjoining Nathan Lambert, Mac Cox and others,' and contains about 15 acres " T , ' '?:- 4th. Tract' known as the J onn M Shoe tract adjoins J acksun Hone cutt, Thomas Bwinson rahd ' others, and contains about 33 acres. Terms itOne-r thik;d eash,'one third in, twelve inonths and the'remaining third in two " years,, the"b!ef erred payments jto bear,& percent interest from day dluiln 1 until paid, but, the puoaserjfjU,1iaTe the right to ah tfoipate tnemTKy pacing 'cash if he desires to do 10, Jia. C Gibson, ' Commissioner.

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