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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 14, 1895, Image 4

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WE SAY $3 Lose yonr.lifes blood foolishly, don't spend sleepless nights o. ucconiit ofSJt.heYilliaDousmurder, just step into Jne fnruiwire store and at a very small cost and get you a PATES 7 TURNOVER CAKOPY that will starve a mos quito to Hyath gin twenty-four", hours by the clock. Did yousay j9 it i f i I u. i jr. 9 You can come nearer getting' anything in the Furniture line frcn -is than from any hou-e in North Carolina. Our stock of molding for room' and frame is nol surpassed any where. Our prices are the lowest Come and see Fetzer & Gannons, ell. nr. ! V V i I t ( 1 1 i i ( 1 1 23 I 0 Pinioles, Biotchss -2 9 PHICKLY ASH, POKE HOOT AND POTASSIUM 40' li t$ Marvelous Cures and Old Sores and Kidney Trouble STATE SILVER CONVENTION. A Paper Keingr Circulated In Bnleiti Willi TJmt Object In View. Raleigh, Auj?. 13. To-day the fol lowing? paper was circulated among Democrats here for signatures: "Recognizing the importance of an ! expression of the people uoon poh tical questions before the meeting of the national convention which j declare and settle the policies of i parties, aid believing that the pros i perity ahd hfippiueKS of the great body of the people depend upon the j reestabiishinent of the unit of j value which existed prior to ' 1873 and the re-monetization of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1, we recommend j that all persons opposed to a single j gold standard be called together for consultation at some early date.' Among the 'signers are ex State Chairman Ed Chambers Smith, James C, MacRae, Wm C Stronacfc. The taper is being circulated by ex- State Chaiiman Spier Wlulaker, and its purpose is to have a State silver convention. For Over Fifty Years. Mrs. Winslow's Soottrng Syrup nas been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the cbild, softens the gums, allays all pain, aures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarri o 'a. It will rdlece the poor little Eullerer immediately. Sold by Druggists m every part of the world. Twenty five cents a bottle Be sure and ask for ''Mrs. Winslows Soothing Sjrnp," and take no other kind. mw;&w - oison ffTtifci sr: Rheumatism and scrofula P.P. P. pnrlfl 93 th9 blood, bitldscr fTn, tbo '-a.k and debilitntoa, givvs strength to weakened nerves, expels - dise.v ca.g-iviDj,: the patient health ami bapnirtesa wnere MCKness, jjiooniy feelings and lasaltuda first prevailed. Are entirely removert hj P.P.P. -Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Potas- JL rixxui, the reutedt blood purifier on -earth. -!l? Abkbpkkn. O. . July 21, 2U Messrs Lifvmak Ehof., Savannah, Ga. : Peak Sikf-I t.oup bt a bottle of vur P.P. P. at Hot yprirttrs.Ark-.and it 1d me ir.erf fbm three gvtl' treaticsr:t at tha Hut SpriafcfS. r-' bend three bottlf 4 O. D. - JAS. M. NEWTON, Aberdeen, Brown Conary, O. JJ Capt. J. I. Jolinntoo. 335' 7 a uhom it. nay concern: I here- ' bv t-ssMfy to the vi-ourferful properties of P. P. P. for erupuons of the skin. I pnffered for several years v,lth an un- Sffl' sightly nd disagreeable eruption on . . ray iace. 1 i.-ieu vrry Kituwa reiutr in. Pur riMmarv Qf-pnnrtnrv nnrt tfirHnrv U- .,:r A.; ay tut in vam.untu f. v. v. was nsea. hlnnh(9. nimni tip. old ehronlo uleera. tet' er, scald head, bolla, erysipelas, eczema-we raav say, w ithout lar of s;5 portravctlon,that P. P. P. Isthebest blood purifier In the world, and makes tm . positive, speedy and permanent cures In all cases. Savannah, Oa. Sfeln Caneer Cured. res'imovtfrom the Mayor cf ' Sequin Jex. Cb . and whose blood is J ti an Impure conai- tlon. due to ioenetrual irregutarilies, are peculiarly benefited by the wou- derlul tonic anil Diooa cleansing pre p MEtsas. Lippman Bros., Savannah, Ga. : h'e nth-men-1 have tried yowr P. -tgHJ P. P. fur a disease of the akia, usually iicoTvn ae skin cencer.of thirty yenrs' -f$H3 htandmp, found rreat relief: It mm, Turiflfts the blood and removes all lr- '"Sav rltation from the seat of the disease -"3? erc'lesof P. f. P. -Prickly Ash, Puka rreyents any spreftdinR of the rt, Rnnt nnd Pnmadnm. pores. i have taken nve or oix bottlea UAr' srd f el eontidat that another course -tCT? tv:ll efiact a 4:uru. It has alpo relieved jSL we ifom jnci-Hstion and etcaaaon jf?, - sprikfiklp, Mo., Au?. 14th, ly:-. I em speak In tha h!.sfnesc terms of Ci your inedlcsne trom my own personE.1 jf - knovlTdtfo; I tras affected with bert dis-ft'.se. pleurisy fenc! rheumatletu ?o 35 years, was treated by the very bet . phycicians ana spent hundreds oi (i(l" i: lars, tried every known remedy v. ith 3' out 'i? relh'i. I have only taken frat - one bottle cf your P. P. P., i.nd cru 1 ch'.'erfuliy s:ty it has done me more f?orl thau anything I have ever takon. I run recommend -ur medicine to all cSS" ' euflferers of the above MKS, M. M. YKARY. 2T CprlngSbiJ, Green County, Mo. troublL. Yours tru'v, C'APT. 5'M Oi: D.WJ ALL DRUG nppia. PP.OI B. 'V ,1X7. Kail road ltat"M ! Lanl I'ostc!" .otie. French Broad Fair and Racing I hereby forbid any parties from Association, Ashville, N, C Tickets trespaasin such as hunting cnt on sale Ausrast 19 to 21 inclusive, j tm timber, walking or driving Limit August 24, ISOo. Fare for rc-v .. t round trip 85.70. moug frnit or anything of any Oreintai I ndustrial Stock, Fruit scnption-on my plantation, and Agricultural Fair, New Berne, . known as the Daniel Suther N. C. Tickets on sale August 24 to I i.ia ln A Anyone violating this notice will Original (Miner vaUous. Wonder if anybody ever measur ed the bight of folly or the length of the moral law. A bridal chamber is where the bride puts the bridle on her hnsband to load him through life by. There is a man in Chicago so very slingy that he wonJt even kiss his wife. He's afraid of losing a dime's worth of paint. There is more profit, m being what the Lord has actually made you, than trying to fill a big brain career on a small brain capital. Between tha courted of eti rpette and the hospitalities of iriendehip there is as much differ ence as exists between nd iceberg IT) and a volcano, iiltl You Ever. Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for your troubles? If not, get a bot tle now and gat relief. This medicine has been found to be pecuhary adapted to the relief and cure of all Female Complaints, exerting a won- ' derful direct influence in giving strength and tone to the ergons. If you have Loss of Appetite, Const is pation, Headacee, Fainting Spells, or areNervoup, Sleepless, Excitable, Melancholy or troubled with Dizzy Spells, Electric Bitters is the med icine you need. Health and Strength are guaranteed by use. Large bot tles only fifty cents at Fetzer's Drug Store. 29 inclusive. Final limit September 2, 1895. Continuous passage m each dire e betoro being valla tor return pa age. Fare for round trip $3,50. iOTFM,. i til IMIIlimoE NEW TOWN ORDINANCE. ireetion. Tickets must be stamp H be prosecuted to the dullest extent d by agent at New berne, N. C, j of the Ja j Kimmovs eforo being valid for return pass ! 1 Ivln,s' TVtlo oi DiNolutIon. Notice is hereby given that the firm of Yorke & Wadsworth, com- posed of N. F. Yorke, J. C- Wads worth and Cannonn & Fetzer as silent parceners, was dissolved by mutual consent on the- 24th day of May. This the Gth day of August, 1895 N. F. Yobke. J. C- Wadsworth. Cannons fc Fetzer. tli Mis; . - ts.lH9J l,ti hsiiM' We, N. F. Yorke, J. C. Wadsworth and C. J- Harris, under style and firm name of Yorke, Wadsworth & Co., will conduct and carry on the former business of Yorke & Wads' worth, and we assume all liabilities of Yorke & Wadsworth, and collect all notes, accounts and other ins debtedness due I'orke & Wads worth. We -respectfully solicit the pat ronage of the public- Yorke, Wadsworth & Co. 'August 6, 1895. 18 la pi An Mm Hxfnm a For men, women or boys at prices rancine from $15to$80. Wesbipfromfactorvsri, to approval and are the only manuf tur-J on' grasellingdirctf.oConnmerg. Wh w j2fi lm. Be it ordained by the commission ers of the town of Concord : Section 1. That the bicycle crdi ance No, 73 be repealed. Section 2. That any one who shall ride a bicycle on any sidewalk with- in trie corporate limits of the town of Concord, and further, any ;one i wno snan ride across any:of the pubs lie crossings at a greater speed than an ordinary Wilk shail be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined five dollars or imprisonment for ten dayc. This ordinance shall be in effect on and after August 23, 1895. By order of Board, all lm J. L, Hartsell, Clerk. m w r5s M m W M M m I Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for TivfrnK and Children. It' contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a Iiarml substitute for Paregoric, Drops, -Soothing- Syrups, and -tor OiL It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty yeras ?-v Bliilions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worin feveriahneHSS. Castoria prevents vomiting- Sour Curn, cures Diarrluiia and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves teething- troubles, cures constipation and flatulency,. Castoria assimilates the food, regulates tho stonuuL, and bowels, giving- healthy and natural rdeep. Ct toria is ths Children's Panacea--iho Mother's Friend Castoria. Oast ens.. "Castoria is an excellent medicine for chil- "Castoria is so well adapted tochilJren t' , dren. Mothers have repeatedly told me of its ; I recomruend it superior to any preicr.yi irood, effect uooa their children." : known to me.' Dr. G. C. Osgood, I,owell, Mass. "Castoria is the best remedy for children of II. A. Archer, m. l., II! So. Oxford St., Brooklyn. N. V. " Our physicians in the cbiMrt- which I am acquainted. I hope the day is not ment have Sp0ir?n highly of tiuir far distant tvhen mothers will consider tne interest of their children, and use Castoria instead of the various quack nostrum? which are destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful agents down their threats, thereby pending them to premature graves." Dr. J. F. Kincheloe, Conway, Ark. ence in their outside pract?ce with CaU.u, and although we only have ara?ng medical supplies what is knov 1; as nr. . products, 'et we are free to cor fe-; . '.1, a t'c merits of Castoria has won us to look v.'U.h favor upon it." United Hospital and DispKNSAf. v, Soaton. - Allen C. Smith, Pres. ' The Centaur Company, 77 Murray Street, New York City. o o o o t, y$ O P - to r cr a EL c P re 3 : w 3 r. k- d a r ct a cr P S3 . 2- o C3 J .... c- 5r CO P t3 C ' M- o crcn O t- H-i c 3 & T3 p o 35 P r Tt3 r O H c- o o f o a o 53 5 R ?' B O c 2 'JteSSs. ,1 1 l--A. fcrtl ii V3F! ? ?' mwi.iiw ilj Lavns voi lloiiNe For Kale. .That fiye-room bouse on East Depot street, cow occupied by Mrs. J F Willeford, Is for sale. Interested parties will call on Dr. L M Archey ior lerme and otner desirta lnforma- ' f v ci Kft-atfrvaiuc in our oxford Gladiator whcela'at $CA to $hq than other manufacturers with prices from 8lOO 1.1112: Every wheel fnliy warraUd. Doapny local dealers h. profit of F ifty percent. Cut this out an 2 write to-day for our handsome catalogue. Address, OXFORD fPfi Ofi Wele Deportment tl UQ, (Mns.) Ayy Fink. M0KB1S0N H. CALDWELL, ATTOENEY AT LAW, CONCORD, 1ST. C. Office in Morris building opposite Court House. OUR CLOSING OUT SALE OF QT T AA AA CPU) T i r , ' x x a w y K -IS ON.- Lawns worth 12 cents now at 8 1-3 per yard 6;cents now at jnst half price. worth 15 cents to go'ior 8 1-3" cts per yard. . PliETTT LINE OF SELVYN SUITING thirtysix inches wide to rr0 at 6i cents. nJLJV S YOI IE? T MF " " W 1 If

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