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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 28, 1895, Image 2

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noiltr C-- einlQMi UdllY otdilUdi U A L IJY JAMES 1. 1 MK. IN CASTOR BUILDING '.. '?e nndard is published every d:;y (fcuaday excepted! and delivers c Miners. x.ates or srBsci-tirTiox year 4 00 .. v iiUi:r 2 00 Three mouths 1 00 One month 35 tr' r't- copy 05 ! ADV.r.r.'"I?INQ RATES. r ic ar ad vertiseinentB . , n cn Application. A' all communications to THE STANDARD, Concord. N. C. CONCOUD, AUGUST 28. 1895. Till: ADVANCE IX C'OTTOJf. There was a very decided advance lust Saturday. Contracts rv. ,v. . I 20 points and the price of cv'on in New Orleans went to r 2 cent, for middling. The net ad uj:ij i. ncca ill iuiuico joints, or $2 a bale. The upward tendency in cotton beg.-in on the first of March when x k j- ;e ot middling was about 5 Since that time the price ? 'Iv need 21 cents, which is :le I t.j .nyalent to 12 a bale. All the indications a'e that this j .c wiii be- rhamtained until Ik: crop goes to market, and woLill mean a good profit to u;r .-..: on growers. The present : been yron at a smaller . i-'vi:". perhaps, than any previous he. '''De1. are god leasons to hope th-it the present price will hold, even if it does not improve. The crop is much smaller than that of yen. The acreage was very ;y ('tcr.ced last spring. The ive effort of ih: farmers in '. : . ion ;ta sgcc Soful beyond -i --xpectat'on ar.u it5; good re a 'ready apparent. r'he ueavy cOiisuii;pUon by the : F.-:rc:v darij.c. the present -:riine- -i another reason for the Vre -1 strong position of cotton. iVeigt; spinners have drawn large- v r-' t Mr tsnrn in c n. ;:c !: 1 u i );v ...7.7 (c wjj) jn pi probabil ity, Livet the ncv crop. "i ue New Orleans Ticayune gives stumble .dyioe to the cotton plant ers when it says : - tirodiTcera haye the future f prices largely in their own hands. -Should they attempt to market the entire crop in a few months they vil; ccrupei c decline; but should they market their yields judiciously, so aa to prevent overcrowding the market, they will be able to compel a satisfactory level of values,"--At-IcDt.. J carnal. Patrick Henry, of North Carolina, is b. eon -inaw of Ex-Goy. Holden. T'ie Z'T wno wear bloomers eyi Jcr 'y corsider that they have nothing to le ashamed of. Ths Biblical Recorder says there are twenty-five Baptist churches in Vr . wt3s of cDnslruction in North Carolina now. When Aristotle was asked what a aancouia sain bv telline a talse- ood, he replied: "Never to be i rc dited when he tells the truth." The shipnent of California wines this year is nine million gallons, valued at 2,500,000, against seten aad a third million gallons last jear, up to July 31, valued at $3,C00,000. Out in Missouri Oryille D Sh-lbv, son of General Joe Shelby, is or gauiziug an expedition to help the Oaban insurgent . Shelby is a brave fallow nd has quite a large follow ing among the young mea. Chief Justice Fuller, of the United States Supreme Court, said the othei day in the court of an in terview : "If we want to liye to a green old atje we should stay m har ness. The dry rot of aimlessness eats out existence." Mr. Jack L Ramsey, editor, of the Progressive Farmer, has gone to Boston. He says his "prime obiect n to study the financial question, ard that he will fl mat the bimetallic Hag at the English ball." It's dangerous tor red articles to go among bulls, and the next thing may be an obituary, it the editor doesn't mind where he ventures. The Standard has received the first issue of the Raleigh Press- . Visitor, the consolidated Raleigh eyening papers. Mr. Greek O An drews, long connected with Raleigh newspaperdonj, is ther editor and manager. This guarantees bright ness and success. The Standard wisheB it abundant prosperity, "or words to that effect." DYING FROM A SPIDER RITE. Protracted Meeting at Weley--4 Love Affair Shocked School Doing: "Well and Some Personal Item. Gladstone, N. O., August 27. Corn crops are fine, and so are sweet potatoes. Protracted meeting now in prog" ress at Wesley Chapel M E church; Rev. C M Gentry, pastor. James Orowell got a buggy wheel mashed up at, Sunday. It stood near the road with his girl in it, and horse in harness, and Mr. Bill Urnse, of Little Buffalo, struck it ag he drove up and caused the wreck and n injury to the lcv3 affair.' Mr. Calvin Basinger is very i'l from the bit j of a spider, it is sup posed, which bit him during the night. The case is a serious one. Mr. Eugene Ewing, who is in the employ of the Dirie Plow Company, at Richmond, Va., is home on a, th - first time in three years; he will return to'Richmond the 30t h. The school at this place is pro gressing well under the supenision of Mr. Farun. Some pupils "are coming in from a distance. Miss Noro Rose, of Mt. Pleasant, Miss Viola Petrea, of St. Johns, and Miss Minni? T Ridenhour, of Copal Grove, visited friends in Gladstone Sunaav. Isaac. RANSOM REAPPOINTED. I li C'ommi fcion Keceiyedat the White House Yesterday It Was Expected Mondny. Washinotox, D. C, Aug, 27, The uncertainty concerning the case of Hon. Matt W Ransom, of North Carolina, was ended today by the announcement of the ex-Senator's re-appointment to the position of minister to Mexico, which was de ck: ed vacant by the decision of Acting Attorney General Conrad that Mr. Ransom's nomination to the mission during his senatorial lerin was unconstitutional. It was known pretty generally in J official -j- ,4. ti.u sion of Mr- i1X9Qm would be re- ceived at the White Houss today and some r. surprise was expaessed by thoss cognizant of the fact that it had not been received, because their information was that the commission had been signed on Saturday. That j t iia understanding is correct is trne cut by the date o tiie docu- me 3t rhlh camo jn today's White House n ail and ia d.ted August ii4. Biti-kln" Arnica Salve. The Best Saive in the WJrld for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt i-i heum, Fever Sores, Tetterd Chappe Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and po .itively cures Piles or no pay requi-ed. It is gi a-anteed to give statiafaction or moicv refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For s ile at P B Fetzer's Drug Store. LOSS OF VOICE After Acute Bronchitis CURED BY USDiG AVER'S Cherry Pectoral A PREACHER'S EXPERIENCE. "Three months ago, I took a vio lent cold which resulted in an attack of acute bronchitis. I put myself under medical treatment, and at the end of two months was no better. I found it wry difficult to preach, and concluded to tryAyer's Cherry Poftornl. The first bottl tjavo me great relief; the second, which I am now taking, has relieved me almost entirely ;f all unpleasant symptoms, and I feel sure that one or two bot tles more will effect a permanent cure. To all ministers suffering from throat troubles, I recommend Ayer's Cherry Pectoral." E.M. Brawlky, D. I)., Dist. Secretary, Am. Rapt. Publication Society, Petersburg, Va. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral GOLD MEDAL AT THE WOELD'S FAIE. AVER'S LEADS ALL OTHER SARSAPARILLAS. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A VAL UABLE GOLD MINE AND. A LARGE LOT OF MA CHINERY. By virtues of authority vested in us by a mortgage or deed in trust, executed on the 15th day of June, 1882, which Mort gage or deed in trust, is duly rceoicied m Register's office for CaMrrus county, book 30, page 08, we will sell at the court houfc in Concont to the highest bidder for cash on Monday, the 2nd day of beptemUr, 1815, all that tract of land, adjoining A V YoM, Morton Petrea and others, beginning at a stake, A W Bost' s corner, runs thence south ' eighty tw o degrees west ninety-one perches to a stake in the hollo w,"M M Petrea's line ; thence south three and one-half degrees west twenty perches to a pine stump; then north seventy degrees west twenty perches to a white oak on the bank of Hamby branch; 1lun south thirty de grees east one hundred perches to a take on the bank of Ilamby, iormerly a swee gum; then south eleven degrees east twenty-six perch' s to ? walnut; thence north scvcntydlve degrees east forty-five perches to a stake. Bust's corner ; thence north three degrees e ist. one hundred and twenty-seven perches to the beginning, containing nftyseighi'and one-half acivs of land, more or less. Together with all the buildings now upon said tract of land and the steam engine and boiler, mills and machinery and appliances to the 1 same belonging therein and thereon and generally everything now placed on said i tract of land necessary for the develop ment of the mineral resources of the same or for mining gold ore thereon, or for the reduction and tieatment ot the same and generally all the corporate rights and franchise of the said party or their successors or assigns. The said tract of land being the same which Wil liam H Orchard, trustee do by indenture bearing date the twoTVv-third day of July A. D. 1881, duly registered 2t Con cord, North Carolina m book JNo. d4 page 304 etc. granted and conveyed unto the said party of the first p.rt in fe. The a.ove property will be shown any one, prior to sale day, by .implication to parties on the premises. There is a large quantity of ore upon!s property, which has already be.m mined, and the machinery is suitable for grinding the ore. This 18th day of June, 1803. Jos. K. Livezey, ) Jno . . Newman, Wm. Keinath, Suivivii g Trustees. IT T T?rV I ' feu fg&A if-! XX . U X W k, i Adds Burton, J B Fishmuth, executor of W D Fishmuth. The Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit and Insurance Co. executor of Henry HReed. By W. M. Smith,;Attorney. THE RACKET STORE Just Think You Money on Nearly siEvery Purchase You Make. Calico and Percal at 20 centa per pound, it runs fi n 41-2 to 8 yards to the pound. HOME-MADE PERCAL SHIRTS better made and fit better than the $1,00 ones, our price 40 cents. Spool thread at 2 cents. (rood needles 1 cent per paper also pins at the sam? price. Shoe blacking 1 cent per box. Hand soap atl cent per cake. Ladies' f)black silk belt 10 cents. Good seamless Sox 5 cents. These are not trash. Envelopes 2 cents per package of 25, 2 rubber tipped Lead Pencils for 1 cent. 1?0c. Machine Oil for 5 cents. Best Grade of Table Oil Cloth at 15 cents per yard. This goods will not crack, lik the common. :i Tin Cups for 5 cents. KNIVES, FORKS AND SPOONS CHEAP. Gents' Linen Collars 61 cents. Waterproof Collars 10 cents. Safety Piis 2 cents per dozen. Spectacles 10 cents per pair. Bargains in Every Department. Come and See for Yourself THE RACKET D. J. BOSTIAN,PROP'R' See the TJ. S. Flag on top of The Racket. - of ltWe S

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