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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 29, 1895, Image 2

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.11 iJis Daily ndard OFFICE IN CASTOR BUILDING Tb(; S' r.idnrd is published every J if (.' by excepted) 'tiid delivers KATES OF SUBSCRIPTION ('.:.- y oar 8i 00 ws months 2 00 1U 100 One mo ith 35 Sid, ; .5 copy 05 ADVERTISING RATES. Ter in, fur regular advertisements made i:i o .vn on application. Addt vis all communications to THE STANDARD. Concord. N. C. upon, we would immigrate to some o h;r country. We wouldn't want to live in such a weak vnntry." That's the cheap money argument, in a nutshell, but we never have been able to understand why any man who holds this doctrine should want the government to put its stamp on such heavy and expensive mi-erialsas silver and gold. Why not buy up an indefinite Dumber of hides, cut them into pieces of con venient biz, stamp them and put tiem into circulation. Charlotte Observer CONCORD, AUGUST 29. 1895. Your Uncle Ransom, you must h ve noticed, pretty generally lights ol his feet. Charlotte Observer. China claims the oldest civiliza tion in the world. The way she has j been acting, we can grant it and be- j lieve, too, that it is so old it has be come rotten. "Do horses weep?" inquires the Scientific xVmerican. Well, there aie tilings in politics these days funny enough to make a horse laugh, and sometimes they may laug'i till they cry. Mrs. Taylor, of Florida, recently ran up nn xpectedly against a 250 pound bear, but instead of apologiz ing, she grabbed a club and laid the bear out. E?er since then, her hus band, Mr. Taylor, never remains out later than 10 o'clock p. m. The Standard expressed some surprise that Mr. Josephus Daniels did not answer its question put to the Raleigh News and Observer in a courteous and respectful manner. A letter from tbe editor conveys the fact that the issue containing the question miscarried. School Announcement . Miss Marshall haying taught so successfully for the past two years in Concord, will again open her school, Monday Sept. 2nd, in the same building. She endeavors to meet the demands of a school com bining thorough mental work with the best Physical ana Moral develop ments. Terms $1.50, $2 00 and $3 .00 per month. a31. "reduced rates. Cotton States and IiMlonal Exposition ATLANTA, GA., September 18 December 3f, 1895- We have seen more dru-iken men in the last three weeks tiian in the past time years. We are lead to believe that the circulation per capita of new brandy is increased or its killing properties are more considerably in evidence than formerly. The same man did cot report Senator Jarvis' speech to the Char latte Observer and 'the Raleigh Ob server, we may believe. One has the court house crowded, the other two third full, and small house at that. As a passing remark, we wish to say that Senator Jarvi3 has enough to tacKle without making faces at the Charlotte Observer. In no State Democratic Conyenc tion yet held have the advocates of the single gold standard dared make a fight on that issue. Presi dent, Cleveland favors the single gold standard, Secretary Carlisle favors if. Secretary Hoke Smith favors it, Secretary Morton favors it. Yet we fiad none of their followers bold enough to propose anything stronger than the old financial strad dle cf 1892. This is significant. 'Wilmington Star. A funny little Populist paper, re plying to an article in the Observer, says: "If we had no more faith an confidence in the integrity of this gCYtr ent than to believe it can not make good money oat of J any thing itj3hoo3es to put ita stamp Tor the above occasion the Southern Railway Co. will sell low-rate roui d-trip tickets to ATLANTA, 11A., and return on the follow ing basis : FKOM B Alexandria, Va.... Asheville, N. C Burlington, N. C. . . Burkeville, Va Culpeper, Va Chatham, Va Charlottesville, Va Chapel Hill, N.C Concord, N.C Charlotte, N.C Danville, Va Durham, N. C Front Koyal, Va Greensboro, N. C Goldsboro, N. C Hendersonville, N. Hickory, N. C High Point, N. C Hot Springs, N. C . Henderson, N. C... Lynchburg. Va Lexington, N. Morganton, N. C. . . Marion, N.C Newton, N.C Orange, Va Oxford, N. C Richmond, Va Reidsville. N.C... Raleigh, N. C South Boston, Va . Strasuurg, Va Salisbury, N. C Statesville. N. C... Taylorsville, N. C . Try on, N. C Washington, D. C . West Point, Va Warrenton, Va Wilkesboro, N. C Winston-Salem, N. C. 12. il8. bo' to. 14. 13. 3), '20. '36. nr. 121. n 15 10 14 20 To' 15 14 15 24 20 21 18 20 21 26 15 15 10 10 20 F 20, 2519 .83 ... 7013 .25' 17. 3018 8515 25 17 40 15 20 .. 15'. 0514 40 15 25 1. 0512 .7515 ,70'.. .:'.. .!'.. .00'.. .4015 .WHO 05.. .30... .30.. .5518 .40 15 .25 17 .85 13 .4015 .55 15 .25 19 .30.. .30.. .35 9.40 I 70 05 55 30 05 ;12.40 00 10.35' ..10.40 ! I 9.65' .110.20. D 14.00 1 1 . 9.05 .11.95 ..13.50 .'10.55 70 00 25' 95 95 10.45 14.00 I 9.20' '11.00 ...! 8.00 .... ...11.25 .... ...12.45 .... ...10.50 .... .W ',1k A .iw w-o .50 11.50 ...ll.K) ...11.25 ...10.90 ..... ...11.25' 00 . 00 05 .80 00 80, .13.10 .10.45' .12.40 .' 9.70 .10.45 .10.80 .14.00 0.55 5.85 7.25 8.40 6.75 8.05 7.25 7.10 7.25 . . . . .. . C.19 i a . . 2519 6517 2519 95 10 0013 ...11 ...11 ...12.00 ... 7.85 25 114.00 .35 i .-) 7.25 8.15 4.90 85; .95' ,12.00 14.00 11. 30 I 9.80 (Rates from intermediate points In proportion.) EXPLANATION. Column A : Tickets will be sold September 5 and 12, and daily from September 15 to Decem ber 15, 1895, inclusive, with final limit Januarj 7, 1896. Column B: Tickets will be sold daily from September 16 to December 15, 1895, inclusive, with final limit twenty (20; days from date or sale. Column C: Tickets will be sold daily from September 15 to December 30, 1815, inclusive, with final limit fifteen (15) days from date of sale. No ticket to bear longer limit than Janu ary 7, 1896. Column D : Tickets will be sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week from September 17 until December 24, 1895, inclusive, with flnal limit ten (10) days from data of sale. Column E: Tickets will be sold dally from September 15 to December 30, 1895, inclusive, with flnal limit seven (7) days from date of sale. LOSS OF VOICE After Acute Bronchitis CURED BY USING lr? Cherry Pectoral a if A PREACHER'S EXPENSE. "Three months ago, I took a vio lent cold which resulted in an attack of acute bronchitis. I put myself under medical treatment, and at the end of two months was no better. 1 found it very difficult to preach, and concluded to try Aver's Cherry Pectoral. The first bottle gave me great relief ; the second, which I am now taking, has relieved me almost entirely of all unpleasant symptoms, and I feel sure that one or two bot tles more will effect a permanent cure. To all ministers suffering from throat troubles, I recommend Ayer's Cherry Pectoral." E. M. Brawley, D.D., Dist. Secretary, Am. Bapt. Publication Society, Petersburg, Va. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral GOLD MEDAL AT THE WORLD'S FAIR. AYER'S LEADS ALL OTHER SAR8APARULAS. SOUTHERN RAILWAY Is the only line enterin the Exposition Grounds, having- a double track, standard guage railway from the center of the city of Atlanta to the Exposition Grounds. For tickets ana full information apply to your nearest agent, or address J. M. C CJLP, W. A. TURK, Traffic Manager, Gen'l Pass. Agt., 1300 Penna. Ave., Washington, D. C. IlfllrlETT PUKEft)URHAM Cigarettes HCT W.Du keSons &Co. THEANERtCM TOBACCO CCL1 uocinQN V5.V' DURHAM. N.C U.S.A. JUZU Eli 1 1 V M ABE FROM High Grade Tobacco ABSOLUTELY PURE TKUSTEE'S SALE OF A VAL UABLE GOLD MINE AND A LARGE LOT OF MA CHINERY. By virtues of anthority. vested in us by a mortgage or deed in trust, executed oq the 15th day of June, 1882, which Mort gage or deed in trust, is duly recouled in Register's oifice for Cabarrus county, book oO, page 08, we, will sell at the court house in Concord to the higtte t bidder for cash on Monday, the 2nd day Q.f September, 1895, all that tract of land, adjoining A W Bost, Morton Petrea and others, beginning at a stake, A W Bost's corner, runs thence , south eighty two degrees west ninety-one percliea to a stake in the hollow, M M retrea's line ; thence south three and one-half degrees west twenty perches to a pine stump; then north seventy degrees west twenty perches to a white oak on the bank o"f Ilamby branch; then south thirty de grees east one hundred perches to a stake on the bank of Haniby, formerly a sweet gum; then south eleven degrees east twenty-six perches to a walnut; thence north seventy!! ve degrees east forty-five perches to a stake. Boat's corner ; thence north three degrees east one hundred and twenty-seven perches to the beginning, containing fiftyveight and one-half acres of land, more or less. Together with all the buildings now upor s?.1 tract of land and the steam engine and boiler, mills and machinery and appliances to the same belonging therein and thereon and generally everything now placed on said tract of land necessary for the develop ment of the mineral resources of the same or for mining gold ore thereon, or for the reduction and tieatment of the same and generally all the corporate rights and franchise of the said party or their successors or assigns. The said tract of land being the same which Wil liam H Orchard, trustee etc by indenture bearing date the twenty-third day of July A. D. 1881, duly registered at Con cord, North Carolina in book No. 34 page 3G4 etc. granted and conveyed unto the said party of the first part in fee. The alove property will be shown any one, prior to sale day, by application to parties on the premises. There is a large quantity of ore upon this property, which has already been mined, and the machinery is suitable for grinding the ore. This 18th day of June, 1895. Jos. K. Livezey, ) Jno . . Newman, Wm. Kelnath, Surviving Tiustees. H. J. Fot, Amos Burton, J v : B Fishmuth, executor of WD Fishmuth. The Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit and Insurance Co. executor of Henry HReed. By W. M. SmithAttorney. EXECUTRIX NOTICE. Having risen duly appointed and qualified executrix of tbe last will and testament of Jno, W FinV, deceased, all persons holdig claims against said deceased are hereby notified to present them to the un dersigned duly authenticated on or before the 9th day of August 1896 or this notice will be plead as a bar to tneir recorery. Also an persons owing deceased are notified that prompt payment is expected. Josie L. Fink, This Aug. 9th '95, Executrix THE RACKET STORE Just Think of It--We Save You Money on Nearly ra-Every Purchase You Make. O- We have just closed out an importers samples of lace ur tains. They are oneshalf lengths. We have made three prices, 20, 30 and 40 cents. The wholesale prices ranged from $6.00 per pair down. This is an excellent chance to supply your short windows, gash, curtains, &c. Two and one-half yard wide bleached sheeting only 20 cts per yard. Good feather ticking 12icts. 57 inch bleached table linen at 40 cts. Glazed Holland window shades mounted on self-acting spring top rollers only 17i cts. Extra wide chenille por tiers, $3.25 per pair. Chenille table covers 68 and 98 cts. Bleached ducking, 10 cts. Standard machine thread fully guaranteed o. kM 3cts per spool, Side combs 5cts. Shoe blacking let. Needles lc; pins lc. Genuine French blacks in' 4c. Twenty cent fast black seamless hose two thread body and three threpd heel and toe, only 10c. Sewing machine oil 5c. Self pronouncing family Biole with King James and revised yersions of Old and New Testaments arranged in parallel columns at $2.98. Ladies shirt waist sets, 25c. Bargains in Every Department iCome and See for Yourself THE RACKET D. J. BOSTIAN, PROP'R See the TJ. S. Flag on top of The Racket. 'St

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