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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 29, 1895, Image 4

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Notice or Dissolution. Notify is hereby given that the firm of Yorke k Wadsworth, com posed of X. F. Yorkf , J- C Wads worth f-r.i' Cam on n k Feizer as silent parUjier?, was dissolved by mutual cogent on the 24th day of May. Tbis the Cth doy of Aueust, 189o X. F. Yobke. J. C- Wadsworth. Cannons Fetzkk. SUSPECTED POISON. Reduced Railroad Rates Cotton State and International ! rcciflnr Afkrf. Ha. Tickets ' C'ryliiB for the Standard l.arlicr Jii(JVIlWW") on ssle September 5 and 12 and daily from September 1" to Decern her 15. ,1S0C, inclusive with final limit January 7, 1S0G. Fare for round trip $14.20. Tickets on sale daly fiom September 15 to Decerns ber 30, inclusive with final limit fifteen days from'dat ( sale. Fare I We X- F. Yorke, J. C. Wadsworth pud C J- Ham, under style and livDi ri of Y ( i lv e , W a d s worth A' Co will oiiutK-t and carry on tne ,-- V- vnr of Yorko A ads- worth, and we rnme all liabilities i ydre for roun.q trjp so r5. of Vorke tv Wadswortl;. and collect; all notes, accounts and other ni battlefield Encampment debt -due., s clue i orte v wiuis- Work lroifresslns-.RritK From i Concord. Mt. Pleasant, Aug. 29. Mary Knott, a colored woman of the towr, is critically ill, and the nature of N r sickness seems not to be understood. Some persons are inclined to the worth. We repectinbv solicit the pat ronaye ci the puV.i.-- Yoi;i:t. TA Ar-'vcr.Th' A: o. August t's l'Jo. SALE OF LAX I). .utii:ri:v vecd in , , . . .. . rr I I tUnf i'f iao nnfia of nDlSOIl D 1?. lor round trip ,iu.iu. ncxtus uu opinion n 10 .oo .. t sale daily from September 15 to i Yesterday she was out in the . coun December :H h.clus'.ve with final ' trv alout two miles from "town, and limit seven days :rom dte of sa.e. ; wbiJe ftt the hcme 0f jerry Motley, colored, ebe ate some watermelon. of the As others ate of the game melon and : Sons ci Y(t-ran?: Kncxville, lean, j a3 nQ oty,er CiSe Pf sicknee3 ha been . Tickets on sale Sept. 13 to lo. ; I 1orted it is not likely it bad poison elusive with nmu limit October 10, i j 1S'.5. Ff-re for round trip S-7.80. j in it. j It is Miss Mabel Barrier instead ' Oreinta! Iustrbd Stock Fruit of m . who ,vi-h Mr. D D' and A&neultunil fn:r, Xew Berne, j rPiflths in' V C Tickets mi s:do Au-ust 24 to UCi 10 b r" . Bv virtue oi autumn :y ve-eu m . t , . p. Thf MWDViin w-iS not in J -'r-'Tv tv a di cret of 21 inclusive, hii'tl Jiait b-juoiiiber t - l- , nr. u a.m;.vui. , theSupi-rior " Court, 'nu de m the v2, b5. Continuous pm-;' j each j formed cornctly. j Work on Moose's drus; store was (,i i.uvson i.ncv.v.e;uei rwiu , (i;rp ,t , , ,T!. ; lc-k.-ts must oe stamp- feVf if -tr.l nub& ; T n t Ne- -n . X. C., e d so br;ek being tioi, iu"m-.nt of tb ''cant hou.b-for, b. uvv.!uIfO)r rotuvI, :,usSvthecaiise Tbe work w.u rtSiuned doc, iu Co,coW gj.g, ; a?, I ar. ,a tno eTml ,cad ot brkk- havig obow-jr r-nl estutf .-a" whicn John; National "m'-11"--1 (i: been briught from Concord. Vrmv of u- Iiepulbic Loui?vilIe Ky; iv.ut J F Furr lands, .L.s K. ' ,.n. ; the i-aders of The Stand.vhd if the Martain i urr and others an o on 4 . , L.Pnniilhp which KtLty Ciytun now lives, j rounu trip 1 paper could be rtcfived th same r, , i !ay it is printed. As it is the news M-Pi ... .. .1 -ci to iiodowfi" ot t eii:h. . u.. tickets on sale kept em- ti.- Lome l iaee. Ibis tract of land ! Sta Coi . nt ,n - , Mr. Johi.i C Starnes wnich ha al-J ij0r i and KUh with fimd limit es'dy hcii Huctted. ana consists oi ; eptejbfi' PUh, IMin C-nMnuous ISoisili Wni .Mailel in I'aris. about 07 atirs. i k,u .i;...: T7.1VJ 1 AKIi, Aug. l DC puiiue u e 2nd. Tract known as the Adam ; 1 , defmitelv ascertained that the let ter, or infernal machine, which x- :d in the. cilice of Bron Alp e de Piothschild Saturday after- ;;td, incr known as niex- ; iS'.;. ":.r;tiruouR p:t'safo in hotli ! uoou, seveien lujunug ujs cuujiucu- ander Sht. e tract r.d j o 11 in' Nat n m: j (, rf r t j ,-(T s s . j-ir- for round trip ! tial clerk, M Jodkowitz, was posted Lambert, Mac Cox and others, and ; " . contains about 15 acres. j-s'- i iu the city of 1 .iris. Uh Trct known as the Jonn M Coiintv Agricultural Fair,! "7 " Shoe tract adjoins ,cksuu Honey- "- ,. ... ' iione rr aic. cutt.Thoroas Swvusnn nnd others. ; -'"u. v-. t Th rlve.r(Kjni house on East '2nd. iract Known as me acmuj i 1 . , Honevcu't tract adjoining -Jackscn , tor r0lI!K Honey cuh, ihe tract hoove mem Hnline Conv-ntior. Durham, N. ! , tioned fine; other.-, ana eomaii'H j ,.. ; ru,oue nbrnit rcres, and on which. U V ! C "J ick.ts on Pale .eptmoer 'th Manner row resi b s- j and 17th, final limit September 2 1th. U0Jtt ana contains auout ": acres I October 1 ttlt to 17th inclusive, final rTlru"L,v n nw- V Depot street, now occupied by Irs Oiie-tnir.ica.luonehuc. !i:ilit October lHth, 1:5. Continue T ' . , e. ' ,,lf- ttt: pa - .-4 :' 1: i i 1 1 . e . . . m twelve montns ana 11.11 rcniuii.iiij,' : tliiri in tun VPft?'- t!l d-tMrf-il ! naviiifLti to be:n n per cent interest M01 ulJ,-i trip j . .. . a trcct i )LS. Fart; J F Willeford, is for sale. Interested j arties will call on Dr. L M Archey for tei'ms and other desired informa- from dav of sa'e tint 1 p lid, but tne purchaser will have the rif?nt to an- j (.rrand Chapter Or.b r oi the East- j tion. irz3 UlrJil'llt U all j . U 1,, ticioate them bv pavin- cash i: he ; .-.tars, sv aum.-:. v.., uck- desires to do so J.. 0 Gilson, jets on 'ale to Seliua or Ooldsboro Commissioner. I September 8th to llCn inclusive. ihLML" 'J --i- Fare for roinjll 4n- to hVini l S7.C0 1 By virtue of authority vested in j to Goidboro"j?S 2 , me by a Deed in Trust or Mortaue I 1st day c-t January, bci,wlii:h nior! j gaaor h- vd in Trust lsdulv ivcor-i- BICYCLK OIUIVANCF. edliK .;: er's ofi;e . fo L'abarrus county, ot 'h Carolina, i" book Xo. ! 1'e it ut diucd bv th' e-jmmission 7, pat'e i"72, 57o ana 574 I will sell n ei s for the toci of (v.ncord, X. C-. : public awcdon at rl rr.urt hous. action 1 That the bicycle? ordi door in Concord, Xorth Carolina, i i;:u:et s Xos. ?. and 77 r'Sf--ctivplv cn the lit in day of September, Tv ..'', j pfi-sfl by ibe b'-ar'l ;u flu- ilili day to t1 Lk-h(St bid.!--: tbat tract of : of SeptHmbr, 1'.M and uu the VMh land ni o -vn as the Col. Thomas H j day of August, 1M.") be and the same Kobinson place 'at Bopiar rJ'ent. are hereby repealed. Th's is a chance to secure a ood Section And b'1 it ordained by Lome in one cf th- best neitrhlor- the ef.mmissioi.ieis for the town of Loods in Cabarrus county near tbe ! C.meord : Tii t to:y . .e who e 'iali I King's cliuicii ami t cncul nouse. lueie , nd '7c: -uj a u v .nevaiiv Witn.- i are good bnildinii, crclnaids anl i the co:-orate. limits of the towu conveniences for home comiort on j of Concord, N C. shall be deemed the place. Tenns made Known on ui;tv of misdemeanor and npen day of sale. Tittle to said property i 'ot;viciiou im-re'd hhalb b lined is supposed to be ;:o-:d, but. the pur- j live dollars or i :n prison. d ft r te chaser only takes such title as x 'm j days authorized to convey said j i v'; 1 ; An v on., who shall ride mortgage. a bicyehv acio-s any ot the public John P. Allison, Trustee. I croBeiuc51 within the corporate Jim (Mrs.) Ann Fink. n 0 0 IT Are the joy and sunlight of our homes. Use all care to keep the little ones in health. Do not give them nauseous closes. You can overcome their troubles with Dr. HIS 'HIS Dated 15th day of Ai;usL lVJ.r. CONCORD MARKKTh COTTON MAltKET. Correct' d by Cannons L Fetzer Good middling 7 ? Middlings 7 Tx)w middling (I Stains 4 no o PRODUCE MARKET. Corrected bv C. W Swink. 'Bacon ." Sugar-cured nams... 12itol5 Bulk meats, sides 8 to 0 Beeswax .5 Butter 15 Chickens 10to20 Cjrn ,....50 to. 55 -Eggs Si Lard Stoll Flour(North Carolina) 1.75 Meal 5S Oata 30 to 35 Tallow 3to4 its of the town of Concord at a greater -re-d then jjij oriiinary walk shall t)o (iemed niSty of a rai-de manor ; nd niion convict ion ihere- j of slii'.ii I'C lisicd liv.j o!oiJaisor mi j prisoned for ten days I This ordmauf e f-lnll bo in cfjeet Ion and after August, 1:3, lbfJG. By order of board. !a21 lm J. L. Hatisf.ll, Cleik. IS Hps fi i ' ; vtmA KB mt fi urn a IF YOU BUY A- WWB Chtchetr' EnjcJNb Diamond II ran 4. ENKYR0YAL PILLS rV v rljfll and Onlj Genuine. ifrvA st, always reliable. vDie aik rJl WjAl DruRgist for CftieAeJer AWi-uA ia-i .moncf Brand in Ued aui rr'ii niuilic ?boxeg. Pt-aled with blue ribbon. TLi Jnoitlier. Refute danatrrAAt mbttittt, Q BtuaM for nrt(inli.r. tuiiini.i. . n in litter hw .n ."V,. ML 1O.000 TestimoniaU. Aam Paper. Cold bjUUl Pruwus, . r - t Us4fc For men, women or boys at prices ranging from $15 to f 80. We siilp from factory subject to approval and are the only manuf actur ers selling direr t to Consumers. We have no Agents. y e off er greater 'n r e in our Oxford Gladiator wheels atSOQfV HIo than other manufacturers with prices from SlOO to 3150 Every wheel folly warranted. Don't pay local dealers a profit of Fifty percent. Cut this out and write to-day for cur handsome catalogue. Address, OXFORD MFG. C0.,7 They all like to take it because it does . not taste like a medicine, but like a lemonade. It cures colic in young children, overcomes all bowel troubles, gives good digestion, and quiet, healthful sleep. As a tonic for weak children and as a remedy for use in teething, it is the greatest in the world. fercrm mfitffciftiiritf.r- ,ri"" --s 63? m fa V7 u U Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for infa and Children. It contains neither Opium, 3Iorpbin other Narcotic substance. It is a harnilw .ubstH:: for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and -ur i : It is Pleasant. Its. guarantee is thirty ye ;: Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worm- ui. feverisliness. Castoria prevents vomiting: Sour cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria reli-.i teething" troubles, cures constipation and bn'...; Castoria assimilates the food, I emulates the stor:: and bowels, civiii- healthy and natural sir. -i.. i toria is the Children's Paaac Castoria. Castoiia. 'ea?toria is nn cxce:!c::t nlidne f-r c!;"!- ; "Castoria Is sowll adapted tor!-' drer.. Mothers have repf-atfdly told rae rf its T recornn-CTid it as svpt'iur to any : good tfftet upc-u their children." Dr. G. C. Osgood, Lowell, Ia?. kuOwn to me. IT. A. Ap.chft: in So. Oxford St., Ere A Castoria 5s the t'cst remedy for children cf j Qur physicians in the chil ' which I am acquainted. I hope the day is not , Intnt have spoken, highly f . far distant when mothers will consider the ; ence in their outside practice v.:'' real interest of their children.and use Castoria r,Tlcj although we only hae .: instead of the various quack noftrums which '. ,nedicrd supplie-i what i kr-u-vn are destroy in their 1 .vc.l ones rcin. . prdiicts, yet we are fret: to corf opium, iti-jrphine. soothir.f; yrup and other ' T, merits cf C -.storia has wen ;3 t j ; hurtful agents down their throats, thereby favor upon it." pending them to premature gn-us." United Ilasr-iTAi. av D:-: : Dk. J. F. Kinchkioe, j bob. Conway, Ark. i Allen C. Smith, Pres. The Centaur Company, 77 Murray Street, New Yo:-k C? c o r ' - T's :-v?-Nrt:. r - O C c; P 1 5J taw -1 3 . O "'"O D 2 ci -s p o E3 i- -3 ct cr C3 11 c o S- S3 rr i-t or i 53 c" 6 o, i C so O 5 c3 T r C3 C 1-- , . o r. 3 c ' t5 2. r 2 t c: b" o 89 5 3 2- CD O I-. vj ;o o t . jr 2 C - fen CSold "by Drun;rrists, new package, J larg-e bottle, 108 Doses, One Dollar. ; Manufactured only by Jr" AY Lose your life's blood foolishly, don't spend slt; : nights. on account of the yillianous murderJjustslei tne furniture Jstore'and at 'a very small costj and'fj;et yv FETZER' S DBVG STQBE. PATENT TURNOVER CANOPY that will starve n i- quito to :deatVin;twenty.four hours by the clock. V' you say The Atlanta Chemical Co., Atlanta, Ga, Write for 43-Page Bock, Mailed Free. FIRE INSURANCE. Havinsr transferred my Fire In surancA business to Afessrs. H I Woodhouse and B E Harris, I corns mena them to any v.ho may be in need of fire insurance, md bespeak for them a liberal atronage. liespectiuJ.Jy, J. W- Burkhead, We Lave essumed the Fire Insur ance business of Mr.J.W. Burkhead,; comprising the agencies lor several first-class and well established corn panies, and respectfully solicit a liberal feh are of business in tbat line, .tKv..w oonnoTjsE- & Harris." 1 August 2C,' "T. " tf- You canepme nearer gettinganythingjinjhe Furnit -line froto:$' than from anyliouve in North Carolina. C stock ox molding' forjoomand'frame lis not surpassed ah; where; Our prices are the;iowest. Come and see Gannons, ir Fetzer & Bell

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