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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 23, 1895, Image 3

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.rVrTTa " '"HI Will III iian.i 1 vmm., mtlmUM I 'grwnwiTiiiiiiiii, ..i... I.,, , Arrival of Trams. , ,:u 'iidian ives ;it 11:15 ' m. :..:i!t:t!i " " hk p. in. A: 1 " " 7-' p. in. : " " v:os a. in .v rk " " S: a in. ' " :(',; p. 1)1. . ,;,!! ! ., lit ! ' IS at I " 5. 15 ; in. . ., -,iu- ilsc loral trains between rila. .'s. and ,i are the :v.'.vi ami Hushim-- At the Baptist chnrnh n o... 7 . iicai OUD" I?7 nTnmit Kev- J 0 Alderman I ".",u .hechildr-nofthecon' Hon, ;w! nijjht Ciiil,.s'd )n exerc:3ei will h-, 1 1 ' ::;.::; !". will bi arranged for' the v OF LOCAL. NlivVb. u Wiin- IVm-il SusJtr. back yard is a;j;ain being . ! i:c;iv 1 be depot. Hicks .?ays we will huveoan in October, M'-r.iii I'ost, of No. is on:, ::!ck i pMi of a week. hutii child of Mr. W J . .h j low 1 siiip, died Sun i ::i 0 Cook, -it Fores': Hi)!, nphin that will weigh at ' ) p;v.:nds. V in. K 0:1 people paid Sim .-0 for his Mi days' service. . h to pull 'tin. j'i. '.'.inland returned Sat . ' i'oui Morgan ton, v,;t:re ' y . in the interest of the s : ate iivkt, of Ilih Point, is a.i.L,;; lightning at r. d-iv;.-i cu Mr. Painpiiu, who Master Umtou Willeford ws ned home from the (hhll .nfi about noon today ju a Drettv h,f! shape. He had had a chill and was terribly cramped and suffering in. tensely. He was overheated and aN most prostrated yesterday while rid, ing a bicycle. Children's Day exercises were held at Buys chapel at Caunonville Sun day night. An interesting pro gramme had been arranged for the occasion, which was rendered m full with the greatest appreciation, and sboJ that the Sunday echool u: b- )h- i3 doing a. good work. Oae advantage of taking Ayer's atiapaiilla to purify the blood is that you need not infringe upon your hours of labor nor deny your self 1,11 y food that agrees with you. In a woid. you are not compelled to starve or leaf whik taking it. These icconnacndaticn.': are worth considering. 4? HIIISEffl! 13 UKEf 0U RHAM I'M GABETTESi feT W.Duks Sens & CcW Tl!EAMERi:SH T08A2CD 50p - DURHAM, N,C, U.S.A. Fjjiy MADE FROM 1 ABSOLUTELY PURE KiwinaTiw m whjji.ii bimiwiiWiMiiM m w.iummmmmmamm THE RUSH OF HUMANITY. TV-II Hogs in yarioas parts of the city are dying, whetlur fiom natural Cai.-s; j or lx-ln ill-' c-.ndi nf tiip'v :i ime begun on a large j dens is not known, as a diagnosis is '..i1: 0:1 tlie tower of mill ; aRo..-. tiier out of the question. Aor- Odell mills. It will be j ner, in his 'lelter of Saturday, tells of the death of two of his flue ones during his absence, and this (Mon day) morning a line one at the Mor ris hotel gav;; up the ghost. There is such general complaint that the hogs are actually ridding themselves of their u..n existence. j) top Mlair. to state thd! ir" lights Sunday people know it. i. -v u . LCiilng. O -r J.jscph iecttire on '-Vay. ' ar. UH- Catiiolic church Sun- ;'u(h-d by a in crowd, i '!i;;u went from the eitv. ! U II McCuliough will p.each -:' Iitherun church, at tor.ifhc at . ; 11 wile, ri,;,e pabli- .-: cordially in- the ; no Svrvic.s - e.vjieb ounday 1! j pastor, Rev. J U Dvis, a . L-re attrck oi rheama- con lined to his room at " " 1 . " 4J-- I 'TLw i r;; i n in C'roj.s. The Virginia Midland railroad of the Souihtrn runs through a Siction t that has suiihied unusually this year. Ti;e wheat was p"or, the coin is a failure and tobacco is short. To a man riding on a railroad tram, around lots of bends, that j portion of. Virginia looks awfully j - M i; : .Myrtle M-jore h: t to-day p. or. Iut then there hhs b,-en na ! Mont Aum-aa Seminary at Mt. mhi in two mouths ;v-d niOit any looile Who Travel,, as Scon by Uar Mr. J II Mason spent Sunday in the city with his family. Treasurer George Edward Kept ler spent Sunday in Charlotte. Dr. E J Buchanan was in the c.iy last nigr t from Lexingt, a, Mrs. Dr. J S La'JXerty," of Glasses spent the day in the city. Mr. V G Bushamer is home again after a brief tour of the State. Dr. L M Archey returned to the city Saturday niht from Vir ginia. Miss Nannie Craige, ot Wash. ingtou, is visiting at Mr. J T Alii. son's, Mr. and Mrs. Y W Stuart will leave tonight for the Atlanta Ex position, Mrs, Grier is on a visit from Ashevilie to her parents, Key. and Mrs. R II Parker." Mr, Joe White, after spending a week hire, returned this morning to liickor? in search of health. W LL t&33 V3 -O We are not offering our en tire st&ck of - goods for less than it costs us we don't want you to think so. But we want you to know that we have gone through our stock and picked out sevs eral hundred pairs of -3 1 4Q.niAct the ihv. wiiere sa cntera' iehool. groanu. look.. poor h h-n dry ae no iT!frt for. tomorrow says; 1- folio vved b cooler There is v. bit r nso- ''l-'-:: t:- ,.... ;ind en though the pre- mat r : 1 1 i z ? it. pov. d r. II V, ill Unit-. v'e have been inform-d by on Viio is a reh'ible a;'ty ana or is '.veil ported on sign?, that it will who -i c-o Mat tie laiarr, -who been spending some time' at M r, N F Y'ork s, returned to aer home near Rocky Rrdge today. Mr. C U Pamplin, the courtC' one ohrk jn the South. -rn s omce at . . , T T ram witnin tne ner.t two uuys, hu3 0... moath'o va thai all during tne drought ... homeat pp Va. the chickens nave not t;een crowing, Mrs. R E Gioson and .Mrs. Jno. t goods e carry; in No. 2, 2J, 3, :n land 4, that we waht to get out of our way. You may know ljhis means prices. are not what we are looking for today, but we want you to have a pair of these shoes. They will go anyway at about THE ' ' COMING WOMAN If the fashion plates are to be believed, will wear black, and there never was such a demand for BLACK ? DRESS GOODS to the exclusion of all col ored fabrics. Nothing adds more to the beauty and dignity of a woman' appearance than a fine black gown, which is alike economical and ultra fash ionable. We hpve just gotten in our black and navy blues bought when the prices were low can sell you 75 cent, Henrietta Surah for f0c 40 inches wide Can sell you a 81 goods 50 inches wide for 75c. Our stock of Black Creapones are the latest, production. We ask all Ladies to see our dress goods before buying else where. Do you want to see the prettiest line of LADIE'S SHOES ; ever shown h Concord Then come aod see us and be convinced. Our Ko. 40 narrow Opera Toe perfect beauty. Our IYo. 71 Needle Square Toe prettiest seoe on the mar ket. Our No, 69 Pointed Hazor Toe the most stvlish yt. Our No, 70 T?oumI Toe a grand seller, all at low ligures. UNLAUNDRIED SHIRTS Our city trade "Leader" pure Linen Bossonr extra heavy muslin double front ,and bacK, patent continu ous facings on b:.ok and sleeyes, custom cut and a: the low price of 50c. MORRION, LENTZ to. Co WE A.KE Now is the timerto come. Thev will not last but a few days. In the lot will be about 50 pairs of 1 Oil s Is'o. G, (j ;uid 7 thatmusl bu moyecl. Tlie Shoes will all but that there w ill t, choav; ona ,i.8. uo. , Joi vv..d i'oJ th;it nil, cocks' wiil begin crowing l' AUii0a' ot Ucmcord' came nP ,ttst end of .a chain, hung about midnight tonight and coatinue Ul ' c" f - - ' J11 p i 1 ,ri i.i in i . j. -1 i i , silver wedding tonight. Greensboro nAKu AiiN U U U ivl 1 L f . 16 a oiiju ij through the night uatn daybreak, bo UUUiiiA' wa.i t, 4 !t:n o . . I . . .... r!a-' '. x erest I X 1 1 1 , buntUy within 21 hours after which it will ohame to j riilu Jt is hoped that the old - a uog- oi 'iv ojrt'are the poor ani- man's prophecy will hold -'-J.. J F Sninn, sap erm teudeut - ouncerd graded schools, was caw a fev days this week - :u into ruiir schools. He ex---.a himself as highly pleased Greensboro graded schools. . a 3 'jj o Times. or'J Z-'-g on a eea voyage on the country, be sure to put a - -aF Ayer's Pills into your yalise. a.; haye ojoasion to thank U3 -a: hint. To relieve con3tipa- aad nausea AyerV Pills are the - m the world. They are also ;,iw o take. -t hr-.-e sections of No. 33, vestibule i-ed up the Southern Sunday )eh. The first section broke ;V'n a-'Harrisburg and the second Action's engine had to take it on ' 1 cngina sent out from Ohar l0L to take the eecond train, Pas gerg didn't haye to wait long un 1 'hey were soon set a-going, --Mwraw E F Ccrrelh Harry Bwink and Cecil roil Jett today ror lie door. iso.u. , i? :,iinev, o. Kj y to put tne nuisaing 38 x -.;: roviS"'I- i v - r,n :) Inr. mi mVr nf htilld- On account or siCKness and tne j jr-j that are to be pa nted. continued ana oppressive not weatn- IW on the right when fyou enter slio wingti this LACE CURTAINS that you can not afford to k er, the revival meetings that were announced to have begun Sunday at Forest Hill Methodist church, have been postponed lor a week. Kev. Smith anticipates a successful meeting. Dal ti more Cleveland Philadelphia Boston Brooklyn Chicago Pittsburg New York Cincinnati Washington St. Louis Louisville W. L. TO FLAY. r. c. 81 42 10 .CmS 45 9 ,54S 77 4S 7 .GIG (iS 56 8 .543 GS 58 7 .540 G!) 5G 7 .553 GG Gl 7 .520 G4 GO 7 .51 G 61 GO 11 .500 39 82 10 .321 37 8G 0 .303 33 93 8 .202 Tv-j !.,-,. 1--rl' f fhp St till, O Jlicl aJvo-, jA IJ5 Wl) Cloud hotel, spent Sunday as Misen hetmer's springs, Oa his return he was accompanied by Mr. A N McNinch who has been there for a week. Come in aTrurryto o of " buying TO-DAY S GAMES. Boston at Brooklyn ; Philadelphia at. Baltimore; New York at Wash ington ; Chicago at 01 -eland ; Pitta , l r ' ',1 . I r "1 V f .' f 1 nf OUig ai ijjuiiiUiw , eiuwiua.twi uu St. Louis. Tlien Eaby -was sick, we gave her Castoria, ALea she was a Child, she cried for Castoria. When she became Jliss, she clung to Castoria. Wfcen she had Children, she gave them Castoria, MORRISON H. CALDWEL ATTORNEY AT LAW, CONCORD, N. O. Office in Morris building, opposite Court House. LOWE'&jSON. ! ICURTAINS ; for 40 cents, a.ud then a good one i'or M cents, for the next priee will surprise you at ?o cents and the next only SI. 00. See hour ;i Sheeting only15C. Yard. Prettyidress plaids only 4 cents. Call and see them. Gannons &Fetser :..' Sit' '!: 2i ft flit: ed'i If t 3V It in p si j f Is 1 r iff1 'If ei ?; i I:: '5 .(1 it- j - if. if : .e ? c . in- " : & if 5 r:' ill: l.-K. m m hisi; ll. t 4:. i .. I: i ' fifle. ; 11 i ft --1H.V , r M ' l ; If ji i 'S hal't ' 1 1 f-ii "

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