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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 30, 1895, Image 1

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, XL No. 126, Sol ill M, - Coxcokd, N. 0. n R Ccliiukb, Cashier. I D Colibax, Assistant Cashier Capita, $50,000 $16,000 DIRECTORS ; - ii Knx-, J. Cannon, K. UDELL, ii. xjiijijx, 17. 1, ttAA lit. Speculation, ' HAMMOND & CO. JjtUvlk Chilli oS 0311(1 . 130 & 132 Pearl Street, NSW YORK CITY, IT. . Stock. B.Viiu.s and Grain bought and sold, or carried on Margin. p. S. Send for explanatory circus laid! "-CUUitiua, u.caj vYueivij uiui- t letter. (Free) dwly Ihv3 0:v;-.-,i. mv ME IT MARs Kfui .L:o.ker basement, for aerly occufv-d by Swink & Day . f i: l i i y a wan t nice, lrc:di aeaif, be;, p.f !r, muttoi2, etc., call Eer .jtn ... a j, oar orders to S. L. KLuTTZ. "k. 1 am in ilie market when c'--tk aid hci;s are for sale. ll!m u 111 LA 1 iiiiSiiliLli (LIiAKEI'i CORNER) I Go,, ilAUFACTUREUS OF &Vi GLYG1IAMS, "G CLOTHS, PLAIDS, SHEETING MS SALT BAGS. O DEALERS IN Merchandise. BUYERS OP Country Produce of all Kind - AND 'Fot wood always Barn prices for e; We invite an inr ;eC lofall the goods Ill la . tSl1 mmmw I CONCORD, 1ST. C., MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 1895. Whole NO. L3;4 TRUE BILLS BY GRAND JURY I A SAD STORY. Against Brown ami SftUetSt-M-Tho Th 1 "ncltal aa;l Engrossing clerks of tue Fred Douglass House Must Stnl Trial for Frnnrt in Connection Willi the Assignment Act, Raleigh, Sept. 28. Thia after noon the grand jury of Wake Sus i:eriof Coort returned a true bill against. S P Satterfield, principal clerk of the lower house in the last legislature, and J W Brown, en growing clerk, for fraud i n connec tion with the much talked of assigns ment ac. Three witnesaes were be fore the grand jury, these being Chief Clerk Batchelor, of the De partment of State ; State Librarian Ellington and R L Smith, member of the lower house from Stanly, Miss Daisy Branson, of Atlanta, was marked as a witness but did" not ap pear, b mg at Atlanta, Thtra are Seven COUllta in the indio.tmf.nt-. i I l-ifrv- r-rsI Trr-l- II- . - . 3 'U Z against fealterlieki. One; charges , , , , fu i. i, ir ii i , bead and threatened my dausrhter's that, hft vcilfnllv VnnvuirnTUr r.rvv. . , - . . . . . J' life. He abused aer after marriacro lie ra4Sifi- t-f .ir. fit aa V.IS Ms Goodman Married Writes a Card. Tue Standard has already pub lished the fact of the runaway mars riago and separation of Ed Good mar, of this county, and the daughter of Mr. A H Nowsom, who makes a statement in Saturday's Salisbury Herald: "On the 7th day of September Ed Goodman, of Cabarrus county, stole my daughter who is under ae, took her to hia county and obtained li cense under false pretence It was the persuasion cf Thomas Poil and wife that induced my daughter to marry Goodman, who is a scoundrel, rogue and tramp. Ho made false representations to my daughter. She soon found out that she was fooled and declined to have him but Le forced her to marry him against her wil?. He carried a piptol ruptly 'nd fraudulently delivered to Brown tbe assignment act, the sane neyer having been parsed by eithe.r house, but which had been tabled prior to the date when tLus deliver ed, Another count charges that Satterfield vi dated the true intent and meaning of his oath by deliver ing for enrollment an act which had neyer been parsed, and that that fact was well known to Brown, Theiectfor an abylum. Trouble and other counts set forth the offise in ! sorrow are in store for us all. She and left her in a strange country by her lone sslf. Sha would not hvo with him and said she would take her clothing and como home. Ho cursed her and told her to take the. c!othe3 but only gave her a part of them. Ho is inhuman and brutish. Such wretch is not worthy of anybody. My daughter in now a fit sub different forms. The bill against Brown has several counts, and find3 that he corruptly, fraudulently and knowingly enrolled the bill, which vA ne er roesed. Cania3 will be iuacd for both Brown and Satter field, and they will ba regularlj taken under it and brought here and is ruined and disappointed for life and 1 entertain but little hopea fcr recovery. Her mind is wrecked, perhaps forever." ThccG are substantially the facts.. Mr. Newsom warns other young girb not to make tho came mistake as his unfortunate dauuicr. He compliments Register of Deeds required to gi7e bond to the sheriff v-ocdson fcr his care in iBsuing li. f(t their' appearance at the January term of court. Failing to do thie, they will go to jail. WIndoiv on His Hand. Master Emerson Davis, the little 3 -year-old' son of Rev. and Mrs. B F Day is, accidentally knocked t e prop from underneath a vindow ea3h which fell on tho little fellow's hand and right eeiicmsly hurt it. He was at home and alone, hia pa rents having bsen at the church, only a few yards away. JLisoiiic Sleeting1. There will be a regular communi cation of Stokes Lodge No. 32, A. F. & A. M., Monday night, Sept. 30, 1895. By order of W. M. S. J. Lowe, Secy. Mr. Goodman and Ills "OrcyoH." On Saturday last Mr. Jim Good man, of No. 4 township, purchased an Oregon horse. He managed the animal very successfully until reach ing the cemetery, when the-horse ben gan bucking and pawing, and finally worked its halter off. The horse ran loose in the McDonald wood until this (Monday) morning, when it was caught, brought back' to town and took a new start. A Household Treasure. D W Puller, of Canajoharie, N. Y., says that he always keeps Dr, King's New Discovery in the house and his family has always found the very best of results follow its use; that he would not be without it, if procurable, C A Dykeman, druggiefc Catskill, N. Y.' says that Drying s New Discovery i undoubtedly the thA bent coiv'J: remedy; that he has used it inlafcmilyr eight years. cf-is?s and condemns tho action f Register of Deeds Wcddinion f Cabarrus cDunty. In conversation with tho Hex aid Mr. Newsom said he was goir.g to indict Goodman for larceny and ab duction and the Cabarrus Register of Deeds for issuing tho license. Had his daughter desired to live with tho man who so basely betrays ed her ho wouid have said nothing. Since she came home her condition is only slightly improved. Her mind comes and goes, she being at times rational and then raving His story is indeed a pitiful one. Salisbury Herald. Kcv. McCnlloush Dn Accepted. It will be remembered Hhat some time ago a call was extended to Rey, HA McCullough, of Leeaville. S. G, to the pastorate of the St. An drews Lutheran charge at this place, to succeed Rev. J D Shealy, who returns to his former pastorate of the Union charge in Lexington county, S, C, immediately after the fourth Sunday in October, when his time will then have expired. We regret much to lose Rev. Shealy, who has endeared himself to the com munity and to his own people, but there is a hearty welcome for Rev. McCullough, who is to come among us, having accepted the call, and wiil enter upon the duties of this, his new charge, about November 1. Bncklen's Arnica Salye. The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetterd Chappe Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures J -, i. i; anf p;L5. at tin rav reoui'cd. It is ? h it - not try a I guaranteed to give satisfaction or 13 cblraed f ' : a tpstGiJ. ! monev refunded. Price 25 cents per -'-T PA ' i l'." ----- I . . T T TJ . i 1 - .. " , n t-, hnr. ifor sale at r b rerzers uius V-q hiet: ill rtJa - Eegaar sizoCOd, and 1.00. Mr. John Taylor Done With 'Em.! Mr. John Taylor, of No. 2, came in to-daj and subscribed. He said he had been reading Populistic and inflaming stuff until "he's disgusted with the whole shebang. He said he voted the Populist ticket last fall, but can't do so any more. "I am back in the Democratic party," said he, 4and I feel batter. My eyes are open. I can't stand this putting negroes into office. It- is nothing but a game of politicians into whose bands they want ns to play blind folded." Mr. Taylor has done a big thing. It is hard ,"for a man to voluntarily acknowledge himself a3 having been wrong bat it take3 a man to make such a confession. Don't Wear Ready Made Clothes. We represent B. Stem & Son, one of tho best tailoring establishments in New YorJi on nice goods. Suits made to order ai.d fit guaranteed from 313.50 and up. We are show ing a handsome line of samples. We pay all exoress charges. tf Lowe & Son. cdta o cos Bonis Mi Wife. The Charlotte Observer of Sun day cay?: "William Daniels, white was locked up last night for being drunk and abusing his wife. She w3 beat black and blue. Daniels, it will be remembered, kept a board ing house opposite the city hall." The Standard fears thia is the one that lived in Mt. Pleas-int My Lord ! ha3 he come to this ? Sri .Ins Ui tlie Barrier Instate. Mr, Chas. Duls, executor of the late Captain Barrier, has about fet tled up the estate, Eis trip to Vir ginia last week was to dispose of the property there, --hi eh he did, Sat urday he sold half an interest in the Barrier planiation near the city to Mr, T J Davis for 500, crops re served; also two lots on Tenth street. The money from the sale of aK prop erty belonging to the estate, goes to the Theological Seminary of the United Synod of the Lutheran church. Charlotte Observer. Capt. Barrier, it will - be remems bered, was a native of Eastern Ja barrus, being the eldest child of the late Daniel Barrier. Do Yon Want Either ? The following articles are offered for sale privately and reasonably : One'pol table, balls and cues ; one bagatelle table, one cook stove, one grate, two parlor stove3 and a dining table. For further particulars call at this offiice. s2tf x Store. OPERA HOUSE CONOOED CftE OTGfHT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4TH. Having secured by special arrangements the exclusive right to produce the greatest of all American plays, ft m rw II e W A f 1 m! 1 it Pt Which will be interpreted by a company of starplayers, f with Miss Helen North, and Blanch be Bar Booth In the leading roles. LITTLE ETHEL MAY, 5 years old, the most brih liant child actress now bes fore the public. This grekt production will be under the exclusive man agement of Josh E. Ogden. Prices 25, 35 cents. Reserved seats 50 cents. Reserved seats on sale at GiDson's Drug store. W 3 Havin? transferred my Firo In suranc business to MetBir-. II r Woodhouse and B E Harris, I eomC mena them to any who iu r be in need of fire insurance, ind bespeak fcr them a liberal vatronf . PespectfuiJy, , J. W- lid KIIEADi We have aiu mod the Fir- iRsnr- ance business of Mr.J.W. Eu khe'l comprising the agencies -o- - - vera? hrst-class and well establish com paniey, and respectfully elicit" lioeral share of business hi )l:atliua. Woodiiouse & IT..:: -is. August 6. if THK - III STfl HP l US Is it new? Yes. Every thing in it is new ti of the best quality. V; in vite each and eyery one to call and ace us. We usually found in a 3 . 1 SS Off 0 Speecial attentioc yc;; to the cornpof.Kidh;!. c-i physician s prescri pi I n n Yours Re spec tfii Trescripiionists , J 1 pi n I COFFINS &C. I have now in stock t vy rnc-iin opposite the court I" ' -s:- spk : did lino of wollm.ule F laitm such as Bed Steads, Tables. 0, iri irk uiairs. I defy competitio i in re gard to quality and price. Tec "will bo surprised when you bear )" pile: ) Come and see. If not. in stock can supply you m a few day?. I have a nice line cf CQFFINS. at prices that will surprise you, I keep a full 'line on band for i:n mediate supply. I buy LUMBER and run my planing machane, and all persons who wish any thins? in this line, will do well to call and see me. Very Respectfully, J. T. Pounds. Concord, N.' C. July 13. 1895. JN0. R. ERWIN. C A- MISENHEIMER ERWIN & MISENBEIMER. Physicians and Surgeons Office No. 3. Harty building, op posite 2nd Presbyterian church, Charlotte, N. C fVlount Amoena -SEMINA R Y A Flourishing School fov Toung Ladies. TEN TEACHERS, Orcamental Branches Receive Carefui Attention, HE V. O. L. T. FISHER, A. M Pbi:;cipal. MOUNT PL ASANiVN. O Mi, ''k--;vV i "V4 !-!: jt -A .. "... ;',---yi f ,-,!

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