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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 30, 1895, Image 2

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mil mi l'.-'!f !' I Mi :.-.i.,V 1 HW3 Ml I ! ' 1 ft 3W .ill i'll OS 6 ::' j it 1 3 ' i'J T . f 1 i Tu nniln C f n, ! o r1 and te le33 frontier whose churches fhe Daily tanaaid tileratMl ;--kIeS8 - ' T "T -.,k.. r. VC-VtA r.i liKar . ircC?JUiCi DU14 oir nucwci wui ikwu BY JAMES F. COOK. on ICE IN CASTOR BUILDING i 1 $ay (Sunday excepted) and delivers ed by carriers RATES OF SUBSCRIPTION One year 84 00 Six months 2 00 Three months 1 00 Ono month 35 Siile copy 05 ADVERTISING RATES. Tonus for regular advertisemente known on application. Ad areas all communications to THE STANDARD, Concord. N. C. C jCORD, SEP L o), 1895. REV'. ALDERMAN DEFENDS faol...- of 2r. Cy. Thompson and the T sii4'il ' h Utierauct. 'ihs WJb.l of Hit, wetk ccn i!iini:v quite a vigoru-is defense of Dr. Or -Thompson's slanderous at- ipOii the Christian church, : ...".' 'io little comment. la viu leasing the children, Sun a;i v 'Ui ',asiiig, at the Baptist church, upon ;.S3ns why they should be proper'? trained and faithful to the or.uivh In:-.3much a? they were to be Adenp- : in hia maacerful way took oecasiDii to. defend the church a.iiufit the recent slanderous attacks of Oy. Tiiomipscn uad others in words i.i3 follows : ikf -stead ot excusing and regrett ing the Lite slander upou the church :y Cj. Tliompaon, a paper in our fA):-Vii rnshf. s into the affray and ex claii; : 4 We believe what Dr. Cyrus Thonruaoo says and praise him for Then again it eay3 : The pres Cit i-h arch is a farce and again: "The! .n'pi'u and the church press do not 'rj .vcept or example carry out the nt'..:nc.. of Chri8uiunity., Is it Oiiiu rr-tu the preachers of to-day preach the alavery and only the slav -jry or the people ? Is it true that :.Le puipit says no word about a .orr.!clj,jd Christ and his love to man rind, no word about faith in him md ear vice under him, no word -itout taming from sin and striving iftcr good ? Do the church-going neople sustain this slander and tea "ifj that from preaching Christ and Hia gieatlaw of love thet"pulpits have ullcn to preaching the slavery of a 3D kind ? But how can a paper that eldcm goes to church know what is Uv-.ached from the pulpit ? It's idea ssems to-be that the church of God and the heralds of hia salvation must lure their high calling of preaching ?:. vr: ion from sin and service for Jod f-.-vi fall into the fierce ranks of :.? C'l iain political prty and shout tlesre less, tb'an where ohurchefl are not, A safe stree, a freedom- to go and do at one's will, a free ballot, an unintimidated constituency of the various faiths, both religious and political, no tear from lawless assas sins and bold robbery, a clean city morally, safety and comparative hap: piness. And is this worse than the churchless wilds of the vest, where life is not safe and property is not sure, and happiness knows no abid ing home ? Beware of any would-be leader that thus either knows not the fact or deliberately falsifies the facts. Beware of one that would prostitute the church of God from emancipat ing man from the slavery of sin to the lav and time serving slavery of heeling a political party. 'I he mis sion of the church is to carry libe r.y from sin, and salvation for eternity, to all classes regardless of their po litical and temporal clashes and parties. And it would be a sad day for humanity that should see the church of God dethroned from its j high calling and bound in and by 1 the fetters of ki fierce'pohtical party. But the Savior hath said that the gates of hell shall not prevail trains i His church." mOEB CUBE) - . n" 4 A2H A-rj LIFE SAVED By the Persistent Use of yer's Sarsaparilla - "I was troubled for years with a sore on my knee, which several physicians, who treated me, called a cancer, assuring me that nothing could be done to save my life. As a last resort, I was induced to try Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and, after tak ing a number of bottles, the sore The Salisbury Herald rounded up lis fourth year Saturday evening. The Herald is a newsy and interest ing paper. The town has been rea sonably appreciative and this appre ciation haR been mirrored in the Herald's usually bright, face. Con tinued success to it, my Lord. ... .mmm began to disappear and my general health improve. I persisted in this treatment, until the was en tirely healed. Since then, I use Ayer's Sarsaparilla occasion nlly as a tonic and blood-purifier, and, in deed, it seems although I could not keep house without it." JSIrs. A. Fields. Bloomlield, la. Tha Only World's M 7 T'ViTw"! Ayer's P'ids Reekie :o the Liver. Master Joe McCanled?, the 11 year old son of Capt. J U McCanless, of Dunn's Mountain Mine, Rowan conuty, while out hunting squirrels Saturday afternoon, met with a painful accident. His gun burst, 51 1 I 13 1 The law of North Carolina. See Chapter 11G Sees. 34, 35, 36 and 37 acts of 1S05 requires every Physician, Dentist, Lawyer and Hotel or Boarding house kee?er fonnv ;i lirHnp shatterinc the thumb oa h.s left ta5: and take 0,u a licenge hand, necessitating amputation at under a penalty of thirty days w" jvxiav. jto. iutixcuiio 1 nil uilrtUiimtJIlL Ul illlt) OL 111LV and Council performed the opera tion. "lenitives hoarse for the measures tho.i one political party. If one rails to lift hia voice a3 a political heeler then he is a stranger to ;C r.jr;p.:.uly and an enslayer of the p.- jple. Is thif crue ? Does the church la bor only for the enslaving of the people ? Does it do nothing for the uplifting and emancipation of the people? Seep to Africa and see. ;Stap t) China and observe. it not for the living power uf Christianitj as effected through and ty ti e church, doubtless the came paper that has uttered these false slanders against the church of rod would be now resting in a dun epn for daring to use suph liberty of speech. And yet after the church iias secured for man such freedom, ibia paper dares to reproach hu manity's best friend, and liberator as &is cruel rnd enslaying master. Cons trast this city of churches and church loving people with the wild For MTer Firty Yenrs . Mrs. Winslow's Sooth;ag Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the guuj3, allays all pain, cures ,vind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by I )rn rrcr of a in origin v-. .-. '- C ti. iM6fj'ul kLk pii ti ui me world. Twenty five cents a hoUle Be sure and ask for ''Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrup' and take no other kind. luw2&w dollars, for failure to uy the license tax. The law further makes it ray imperative duty to see that the penalty of fifty dollars is iuforced. Very few have complied with the law. Unless the parties liable to pay this tax, come forward promptly I will be compelled (unwillingly as I am) to see that the law is inforced. John A. Sims, Sheriff. Sept. 2G, 1805, 2vdw ms mm MORRISON 11. CALDWEL ATTORNEY AT LAW, CONCORD, K. C. Office in Morris building, opposite Court House. mm i to vi t?i ; iitiirfi-ifteii For men, women or boys at prices rar,frinj? from 15 to $S0. We ship from f attory j.' to approval and are the only manufactur ers selling direct to Consnmcra. Welia v c no Agentg. We offer greater -alvi& in our tikford Gladiator wheels at gfiO to than other manufacturers with prices fromJilOO to SI 50. Every wheel fally warranted. Don't pay local dealers a profit of Fifty percent. Cut this out and writo to-'Jay f QI our handsome catalogue. Address, OSFOSiD KFQi 80ix3?swauT?a?Tiucici- I t.i fr"J 1 ja h isi 14 '',3,3 FAT hmWfWW H mm iMKfl I 1 IS JUST ASCCOD FOR ADULTS. WARRANTED. PRICE SOcts. GAL ATI A, ILLS., NOV. 1G, 1333. Paris Medicine Co., 8t. Louis, Mo. Gentlemen: We sold last year, 600 bottles of GROVE'S TASTELESS CHILL TONIC and have bought three gross already this year. In all osr ex perience 01 14 years, in mo drug Dusiness, have 1 never sold an article that gave such universal satis abney, Carr & ca For sale by all druggists. Dr. Miles' JPVifn Hills are guaraateea to srs HeaOochelnW minutes. "One cent a dose? 0 1 m m few! m m iillll 13 PI 111 faij... i,-...-S..t.J.-yJ

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