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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 02, 1895, Image 2

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If J if '"H 4. - ; I, i Si IV.- i .?. 1 BY JAMES P. COK, OFFICE IN CASTOR BUILDING ine Daily Standard for a copy of hat wcek'd Timee, and took it away wi ;oufc saying any thing about pay for it, or even "thank you " It costs money and labor to make a newspaper, and at the top of the Grefc column of the editorial page we have had this in formation for more than six years : "Single copies 5 cents." If that man has a right to demand a free copy one week in the year, he lias the right to demand fifty-two m-o ; and if he has that right why has not every man "in the county the s-Miit right? Our paper is our stock in trade, and it has a commercial value, and if read it should be paid for. Now. v make this comment vith cut knowing the name oi the man j who sen? for the paper, Uieroiore it The Standard is published every Any (Euad&y excepted) and delivers ed by camera- KATES OF SUBSCRIPTION One year Si 00 Six months... 2 00 Three months 1 CO One mouth Single copy 05 ADVERTISING VLATiZH, Terms for regular adverlidomeuta roadu r.i.iowii on -application. j : '.i' :; all communications to THE STANDARD, Concord. N. C. THE BEST mivf medicine She Has Ever Known. "Words of Praise from a New York Lady for PILLS " I would liko to add my testimoriy to that of others who havo used Ayor's Pills, and to say that I have taken them ior many years, and always derived the best results from their use. For stom ach and liver troubles, and for the euro of headache caused by these derange ments, Ayer's Pills cannot be equaled. AVER'S ii? not p.. ic'Onal. - Ao tbij aaason the favorite ;,.,Ies . !. . if?n nrvr o : bb: i w.-tv.., w-. x-U;vVlv li bonnets aini wraps. s-nuui with his radiaal. smile, his in?: inn a tin-; number p.H'i Hi Jccc:- ! ! vn.dcd meilov volor, will exp)dn i 4 IB. " bliiibb I;.-. I rftvt Lite I' 'i-0 . j ). iMt u-ii Wi-.i c -i iv'-'.v t:.horhood of 5 oe:u a bbb-..' . .V- f . -v c.lvr i -j- ;, Ob tu i. I tlo fumier cyery a:y peat are quite the Ibbit seiiy, etc.," it i? un ibjlonuhiu :. on. ; lb,- ...; 'ivu hoy c : v to-. i noiii-- of b:i v;.i Vv t 1 th ..1 i -,.-;.! 10 J'i t- ..ry th-it the price of feilvu j10ae' l:;- :f rh- r.r-nr.:. nf i 1 -H ij V tbo bili- Jitut' -.1! 'M; :c prol-abie that v o shall LO ..i''j'. 1? r- ; tT!:(n ivy friends ask m.- what, is Jho t remedy for disorders of the sJom :h, liv; r, or bowels, my in ':.ri.ibl" -'i iV. -Aye's Pills. Taken in sra " will I. :v tk uj a cold, prevent b) j'ipi o, oli; rk fover, and r-ubit ibo tt; ovan.-!. They arc easy 4r -iiio uii , hidj-d, the host all-rout. d t nnily i... inn T h:;vo ever know i " . ?'l- ' tT'.)7fsov, oi:s IJidt-r Avein."--, I'M'iW York City. iioijis at Wor'd's Fair. i .", '.---I ;; -.iiT rt-. i r , put . liiil ((uioUi. Ath-nt.-i v.i. 5 ee;.t-' a, i'j;.UaJ C j v I ' i 1 i U i'i the t'k'rup.1! S. viv-M v f i 4 ? iiki:e an '..,.y rii-. 'b bt- i ; o iu ? , ab- t.-caied in a ; ) CuLoTUi 11 . rib; 'run h ( th: p:ice ! ' h..-ni -a;c- ' ' . , ' . . 11'' 1 ' ; , . : , . - , ! , . ; . (', . ,- , , j 1 b" ' :7' ;jct-, of j;-tb" ' i j j i-,; s ! i'V;rv , l-'hysle'bii, i)biii is, i d iLat co'ioaa v.ould not ! iunui-i ieu: ;u .b lh ! . ! Si b i r : ;t-'i' i b; ': b I'd i I i O C : 1 ;"ibl ' bn went up lie ' I I 'it voukl have I . .. a fr ; that vhicli the fr-.c r 5 1 aj Liking at toat tmio. r eF ; . d to t lie : . : Lee, ah pre.-jumb.ily i- r.:.;-'v:-: tae bt! Vfrti.i'ment l'ff'.'n-'jd to. .v .i ; .i l;',-ve our ; ljb"b.r I ;i J id r : - (i a v$ lib! You i:er i-:i)bi: obnibiit or iiiie oi Ji fry olinrs, f'r f-ilny to Diy tii'r !i'ib-u tax. Tho ;iv iurthbr snakes it pi.- i iu rrii j vn d .? y np rf ti,n p, y,il(i j ior youc troubles ? If iol, bt a lo S" ib-i ikn p-iuiliy of y j t- li i-: f- j'bib 1 '-'iib i b io 1 !i LUi.b 1, Vb V 1 y v' i t iOltiC LOW . . .i-.-L "-a- Liodiciuo ben foiind to bo p:--! !" )b;dib with tbo ;i ,v. i n.; pnee bi tctlbn ca.irdy auple ! to tho ro'Iof n-d j (t?-;ts Hi? bn-ties liable to r PioducU, u 3;;kJ;jror r-H ienvr-k; oo:npIr-, o: r'-jry t 1 I t'-'r, ro?it jorwnrd 'l a v ondoifa direct irdkienco in proboth I vil! m. cobitlibd ath.rc'' rP' " ilul luiie to tijo 0i- ("nvjiJip-ly 1 run) to Sbo -ii.pi.v-x l.o It YOLi b.,j lorrf of fcb.itttifi-. Jtb,- o,., i.:, ;.. . ..... i .) (J i .i . . . . ? s, ib libb! il , r time bud the tv,o iii v.l , a S equal prcpor- vvith h' ibb1: ; -r- . . .otter poailion -'vb 'here bb;r"h more b.:i'?. J ;b excitable, mclftni.!;0:y or troubled vith dizzy spells, E-ieeirio Bitters ia the iaedic"be jou neci. Jlt .b 'strrnrrtli .ro ci::-i::;;:. .eJ bv its c-ici. pu5iiuuii i nun tuc i 3 uty coijis c::a v-.i.oj a;- jl1 orzbi-'wi j Dru. store. bCb.G of iron and cotton corrcS- . b t !b;re li :v tba ib: t! .. ' . ...o vlih tbb ioib.b.v rbb'i r - ' : ' - n . - t k:) t v ci i LLjj upptur to ibe -;'bb th-y vjj Ct thc : ;-ro -ncbt8eyercly ulou:.At i -. -. i isii'o;i8's'iy:;,5. , bv:.. llbuOiiiUiOa Iv-i . be tO : b : rVHpapcr cHice .. - k b, - ; of a cerhiin die and v., 'k oi without payiLg for h ! r1 r.i p ? r -. .. ' Oiio Henley's Monaroli fence v -'y , - bitibkiiie, one two 1-iorce ha.rj (: fflHQ 'jui now, one hi Oliver vJiuikd b ( rl! l.irr'' Y'f pioiuui, one side ;a:b".bb'- kbcbi ' r ;n - u plouglis, one waou bnd 1) -;r. V" tb b.v,,;u f.-. ness, one log chain. (i:e 0cbl VI.ST yv-::y ;:..b'; cutterrotary and Ko. 8'-, one WMi0i0hk 0M-' cross cut .folding ;iw, levor' W W? power, one jump-seat pliuekai, I k iKlivfc,. . ' OH ft P.iri.rrlp.qp.n t fjfl n . n t n ov; ! v b; ''bbb i'b" jUfCii Ud'Jf, LVVU ilUio, I WO 3D about as often pub- liilierc are c .lled upon to maXc pub-, lie fiiiuouLceuuects that are strictly .I rn .bojtising char.? -ter. Direct ?nptjatioi'.3 are thus practiced upon r.eTrsbpurs?, whose business is jiut bii bJtiraate a? any other. There ii no more reason in maks ib; such requests than to go to a grocery store and ask for a pound of rueat, or a dry goods house and ask or b yard of cloth. The Franklin Times, one of our exchanges, has tired ft. framing lumber. Vrh vate sale, Alida L. Bukkhkad. lwd 2.v. MOKK1SON 11. CAIjDW.EL ATroitNEY AT LAW, CONCORD, N. C. Office in Morris building, opposite Court House. ADVERTIS s. RIGHT HERE. Li i? vi :J a c3 t.i fcza i- i F-1 i-.i ii -.4 V-'ib .d 13 E3 J 'J-ST A3 COO LI FOR A'CU LTS, VwAK RANTED- PICEOOctB. Galatia, Ills., Nov. 16, is?3. Pr Tin Jlcdk lno Co., St. Louis, Mo. Gentlemen: We sold last year, COO Lottlfs GIIOVK'S TASTELEbS CHILL TONIC rnd hnvt, I Lounlit three gross already thid yerr. Iu all our x- ' I'Crtenco of 14 years, in tho drutf busir:cts, hi . uover sold an article tha.t gave such uuivcrisul "Is taction as your Tonic. Yours truly, ! For i:.'e by all druggists. Pr. Milos'lIit Mflts are guarartccn to kg ? i Iciuciela20 minutes. "Oac ceut a doiu' 1 1 b I-iJ fiflfti 1 Q jr-uu-J P 1 ri te;'b-':b"' -;b jr.b m - ..-,VI fv"" .n v.'"-b1 i li t v L 1 . . I. if- f L "3 I """"" " b ' 1 i . " ... !:b- r ' f ' l -. .... i kJ 7r;-i - 3 a 'f-a J m ? ' b, 7 V ( fbb 5 .'i !, y ;lOTb

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