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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 04, 1895, Image 1

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Sol CONCOKL 1ST. C, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1895. Whole NO. 1 3 s XI. Eo. 1.. 10 r t" IA 0 l!U -o- Coxconi), N. C. t m. 0ir-L' President, Cashier. n C tC1'1' ' ! ' I) CoMKANfi, Assistant Cashier I, D. Capital. Surplus DIRECTORS ; 550,000 1 6,000 j, M- On km., J). F. Cannon . J. W. Cannon, I S-'ii Odhi-Im W. H. Lilly, ' ' 1). R. COLTRANE. Speculation, HAMMOND & CO. Brokers, 130 & 132 Pearl Street, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. Stocks, Bonds and Grain bought and sold, or carried on Margin. P S. Send for explanatory circus 3a: on speculation, also weekly mar ket letter. (Free) dwly UTTZ'S MEAT ItRKET. (LI TAKER'S CORNER) I I have opened my ME VT MA Its KET m-the Litaker basement, for nerly occunkd by Swink & Day nlr. Whf a you want nice, fresh Mis, l.-rf. pork, mutton, etc,, ca'l cl or sciul in vour orders to S. L. KLUTTZ. I.S. 1 am in the market when beef cattle and hos are for sale. M MANUFACTURERS OF FIX A GINGHAMS, OlTuYG CLOTHS, PLAIDS, SIILETIjYG SALT -O- BAGS. DEALERS IN General Merchandise. -o I.UYERS OF Counti v Produce of al Kind H AND Hiir-poot wood always Wonted best prices for Saie. We invite an iir ... sl-v:io-; of all W -I 1.1 V. M . wMm Go., Fell OH a C hair DenU. Robert Ramseur, the por:er for E M Andrews, colored cropped aeaa last night about 8:30 o'clock at Mr. R M WMte's on East Trade street. Mrs. White had sent an or der to Andrews' for a mosquito net to o over Mr. W C White's bed, as the mosquitoes had been troubling him at night. The net and fixtures were Gent down by Ramseur, aa he wa3 in the habit of doing that kind fvf trnvL- rl'Vinvn it v. i 1 " CiC CiC m lu roum besides Mr. White, his mother, Mrs. white, R P Aing and a negro man named Eli Parks, Runseur placed a chair by Mr. White's bed and got up on it, raising the net with him. After a few minutes he got down for something and then stepped back on the chair. He had not been there the second time more than a minute when he 'ell backward, his head striking the floor. Mr. King and Parks ran to him and raised his head, thinking he had been hurt by the fall, They saw that the man was dying, and carried him as quickly as possible out of the room. He wis dead, however, before he reached the hall, lie was apparently in perfect health when he mounted the chair, and aa the chair was braced against the wall, there wa3 no way for it to tilt, caus ing him to lose his balance. It is supposed he was seized with heart failure, as he was dying as he fell, was feared the shock might unnerve Mr. White, who is still yery weak, but he stood it well. Charlotte Ob seryer. Firm Dissolved By reference to our advertisement columns you will see that the firm of Morrison, Lentz & Co. has dissolved. Mr. A E Lentz retires. The business remains in the hands of Messrs R E Gibson and D Baker Morrisou, under tV.e firm name of Gibson & Morrison, The Dummy Line to 1e Moved. As will be seen from a want ad vertisement in another column, the irons and crossties of the Dummy line are to be taken up. Sometime since The Standard published that a sale was on foot. This looks like the beginning of the end. See the notice of bids wanted. The Temple Cup Series Between Baltimore and Cleveland, are attracting much interest. Balti more won the pennant and Cleveland stood next. Fiye games are to be played, threa in Cleveland and two in Baltimore. To have been played and Cleveland won both. The second game, the score was 7 to 2. A Household Treasure. D W Fuller, of Cauajoharie, N. Y., says that he always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery in the house and his family has always found the very best of results follow its use; that he would not be without it, if procurable, C A Dykeman, druggist CatskiH. N. Y.' says that Dr. King's New Discovery is undoubtedly the the best cough remedy; that he has used it in his family for eight years, and it has never failed to do all that is claimed for it. Why not try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at Fetzer's Drug a ore- Regular size 50o. and $1.00. Don't Wear Keacly Made Clothes. yjf, rrr'-ent I. Stem & Son, one - :t tailoiing establishments . , , ori: on rii'.e ?;oods. Suits --,4 -.vr n. J lit guaranteed nre show- iu i;t:s. We tf Lowe & Son. SMALL KNOCKED OUT. 2jo Mouth Carolinu Convention Could Xot Stand it Adjournment Until the J2th. Columbia, S. C, Oct. 3 When the constitutional convention was called to order this morning an ef fort was made to limit all epeechps in the future to ten minutes, but it failed. Tne section on police and munici pal corparation was amended on mo tion of Mr. Patton, of Richland, after a sharp fight, so that for tiye successive years from the time of their establishment, municipal cor porations can exempt all manufact uring establishments from taxation. Last night when & etion 31 of the legislative article reading "the mar riage of a white percon with a negro or inula! to or person who shall have any negro blood, shall bo unlawful and void," was called up, Delegate Robert Small presented a sensational amendment to add these words: And that any white person who liyes and cohabites with a negro or mulatto, or person who shall have one-eighth or more of negro blood, shall be disqualified from holding any office of emolument or trust in this State, and the offspring of co habitation shall bare the name of the father, aud shall be entitled to inherit and acquire property the same as it they were legitmate," After au all day battle this amendment was killed aad the original sect'uu was adopted, with this amendment by Senator Tillm in : "And the parties to suh marriages shall be punished as the General As sembly may prescribe." The only important action of the convention tonight was agreeing to a resolution offered by Senator Till man, that when the convention ad- iourns tomorrow it take a recess 4 until noon on Tuesday, October 12. This vas adopted by a ote of 83 to 38. The reason given for taking recess were that a number of the members were sick; a number of lawvers would absent themselves for salesday whether they were ex cuad or not and that the business of many farmers at tnis particular lime demanded their presence a home. The convention devoted the remainder of the night session to healing arguments for and against elimating the right of dower in any and all land3 aliened by the hus band during the coverture. Successful Preaching:, A correspondent of the Monroe Enquirer writes about a gentleman who several years ago was pastor of the M. E. church at Mt. Pleasant "Rev. T T Salyr, of the Groye circuit, has just closed a very interesting and successful meeting a Wesley Chape, which resulted in the conversion of twenty persons and eight accessions to the church and two infants dedicated to God by baptism, and the church greatly re viyed. Thi3 making 10G conversion for him this year, up to date, and baptism administered to sixty.two children, and many more yet to be brought into the fold before the Conference year closes," No Change in Gen. JlBhone, Washington, D. C, Oct. 4. There has been no change in ex Senator Mahone's condition up to 1 o'clock this morning. The attend- irr v V T7o;ni q n (a hurp failed " fa nnf'AA f J any improvement, and hold out no ; hope. Filling the Wells and Springs. It is a pretty tough tale that comes hvre from dear old Stanly, but what Mr. U S Crayton, of Charlotte, who has been down there visiting nis brother Coonrod, says, one would infer that new brandy had been substituted for water for drink- ng pui poses. He says : "I'll tell you, people, some folks down there have made such a quantity of brandy this year until even the springs and wells are all being.fiUed," Probably the drought, though, has caused the welJ.3 and springs to run dry, and the "folks" have been forced to this as a resort. Iter Location. Not one map out of ten thousand is correct. A map uf North Caro- ina on exhibit at Atlanta has Char otte between Salisbuiy and Greens- ooro. That s alright, though, tor Charlotte can be anywhere her su burbs are. You see. The map maker has heard of Charlotte all up and down the Southern, and he thought to hit the railroad anywhere, the location would be a small matter. r.assy Cane 15 Feet High. Mr. S M Heglar, of No. 1, brought in sample molasses cane raised by him. He has f of an acre, ordinary ground, and the cane is 15 feet high. It is a variety the seed of which came from South Carolina. Mr. Heglar vis fearful that the frost had damg-d it but he finds, upon examination, that it is not the least bit hurt. W'n ii ted. To contract with somebody to tear up the iron of the Dummy and load it on cars at Depot. Offers for al the cross ties. Apply to John P Al lison, A B Young or W M Smith. 3t Jiittie Cotton Shipped away. Not as much as two cars of cotton have been shipped away from here this Reason. The factories buy it paying more than it will fetch else where. .Harried at Prosperity, At Prosperity Lutheran church No. 6, Thursday evening at 3 o'clock Mr. John A Carter, of No. 5, and Miss Virgie M Faggart were mar ried. Rey. B F Davis, of Concord, per formed the ceremonv tnat maae these two one. A large crowd wit nessed the interesting ceremony after which the bridal party went to the home of the bride and enjoyed a most excellent wedding supper. Scotia Opens on 10th. Scotia seminary, colored, will open nn Wednesday. October 10. Dr Saitf-r field, who is m charge of th school, is very mucn pleased with nroanenta for even a larger attend I x- ance this year than ever before. For Over Fifty Years . Mrs. Winslow's Sooth;ng Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Piarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Druggists m every part of the world. Twenty-five centa a bottle Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. mwT&w feiiii AT- OPERA HOUSE Having secured by special arrangements the exclusive right to produce the great?4. of all American plays, IF 2 BK Which will be interpreted V, -, ij a company of starplayers, with Miss Helen- Noirni. and Blanch de Bah Boot-. In the leading roles LITTLE ETHKL MAY, years old, the most briK liant ehild actress now be, fore the publ iv.'. This great product ion will be under the exclus" man- agement of Josh E. Ogdeii. Prices 25, 35 cents. !?eservec! seats 50 cents, Reserved seats on sale ai Gibson's Drug store. FIRE INSURANCE, Havinsr transferred my Firu In-.. surance business to jj'prs. ti l Woodhouse and B E Hytrin, I com-. mena them to any who may be ir. need of fire msurancp, I pea:; lor tnem a liberal at re Respect fu . J. W. Rui;k;:eid We have assumed tho Fire i ; ance business of Mr. J. W. liar! flomprisinsj the af1 vio for ; first-class and well UniiMi'- 1 panies, and reppeoti'ui-y to1;; liberal share of business in iht . Woodhouse & Hap, August 26, COFFINS &C. I have now in stcc'.: Jit my i : opposite the court hous? a f r!;; did line of well-made Furnitu. such as Bed Steads, Tables, Wash Stands Safes, Chairs, &e. I defy competition in regard to quality and price. You will be surprised when you hear toy prices Come and see. If not in sto?J: can . supply you in a few days. ? have a nice line of iCOFFINS- at prices that will surprise you. 1 keep a full Iline on hand for im mediate supply. I buy LUMBEP and run mv idaninE? mrctmne. anr? I I 1 U - . i.1 in this line, wiil do w Ii to cai and see rne. Very Respectfully, J. T. Pounds. Concord, N. C. July 13. 1805. Mount Amoerici SEMINARY A Flourishing School for Young Lalies. TEN TEACHERS, Ortamental BraucLdS j tecchy Carefui Attention, uev. c. l. t. Fisni:;:, ; Principal, MOUNT PL ASANT.Ar. C, i sly i m lit s - US l

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