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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 05, 1895, Image 1

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1 t r , VI NO. 131. I! ational Bant, Hi -o- Concord, N. 0. 0DELL, President i n Ccltkank, Cashier. I j) Cci-Tu A n & Assistant Cashier Capita. 5550,000 $16,000 -DIRECTORS: M 0l)ELL, D. F. Cannon iVii Kix'. J. W. Cannon, t p Odell, W. H, Lilly, 1). B, COLTRANE. Speculation, HAM31UJNU & uu. Stock Bond k WbavA tea 130 & 132 Pearl Street, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. SiOciS) Bonds and Grain bought and sold, or carried on Margin. p,S. Send for explanatory circm !ar on speculation, also weekly mar ket letter. (Free) dwly SlnitTIilL (LITAKKK'S CORNER) I Lave opened my ME AT MARs KET i'd the Lirnker basement, for Eerl; occupitd by Swink & Day vault. When you. want r.ico, fresh, seat?, Ltt-i, pork, mutton, etc., call -'- -i iiLd in vo ir orders to tf. L. KLUTTZ. . I'.o. 1 am in the market when betic-iitlt a:d hogs are for sale. SIAXITACTUREH3 OF ff.V GINGHAMS, dl'ILYG CLOTHS, I'U WS, SHLET1NG 0 DEALERS IN General Merchandise. BUYERS OP Country Produce of al Kind AND """"Foot wood always BW-best pricea for - e mvite an in jection of air the goods : enfacture. 1 !! Mi BLACK DEFEATS WATSON, ropuiist Again Snoa r.der ln 4ne Tcntn conerrosssonni District, Atlant, Ga., Oct 3. The official returns show that Maj. J C C Black, Democrat, defeats Thomas E Wat- son Populist, for Congress in the tenth district by a majority of 'Thl.w; Ine election yescerday was one of the OUietPRt PVPr haA ; O rkina f, ?' " uv4lou iu tuc uutj ueio last e'even months a. Af. tw h. three prominent men were killed in the streets of Augusta and petty rows occurred throughout the sev eral counties. Watson claimed that the election was unfair, and Black in defence to Watson's yiews, resigned. The special election yesterday was honest in every sense. New registration laws were respected in most counties, and the majority for Black shows that the district is Democratic on a clean ballot. Watson lost in most of the counties freni his vote of 1804, and over a hundred votes in McDuffie, his own county. Vnsoo Cioodmhs Dead. Vasco Goodnight, of No. 3, died Friday night at the .home of his brother. He had been sick of consumption for a year. His age was about 35 5 ears. Jlr. Host, the Explosion Victim Demi. Mr. John Bost, the aged man who wa3onecf.the unfortunate victims in the boiler explosion at Safrits planing mill on September 11, 1895, whose skn.l was so terribly crushed, died Friday night. No hope was entertained for his recovery from the time of the accident and it U almost wonderful that he surviyed so long as he did. Only A Farmer Daughter Was played to a small house, Fri day night. Some parts were good and touching and many of the play ers rank with the verj best on the road. If Concord would more liberally patronize such entertainments, we would soon have some first class ens tertainments. Fixing the Ticket. The Kaleigh correspondent of the Charlotte Observer writes this : "Last night in Senator Pritchard's room at the Park there was quite a gathering of fudonists. They de cided arong themselves that there would be no Reed or McKinley elec toral in the State; that the electoral ticket would be an independent Populist-Republican free silver ticket pledged to support only a nominee for President who favored the free coinage of silver 16 to 1." Ought to Be Bumped. Those boys who are so yictimized to the use of cigarettes tnat they can't do without them for only a few minutes, between acts for inst ance, should not be allowed to enter a sideshow, to say nothing of a first class cr well managed theater, where are usually found ladies and gentle men of refinement and culture. Fri day night ac the opera house several boys who were in the rear end of the house puffed and fumed at their cigarettes, which was r y annoying . " .-Give to the nndience. It's a - ci come eff when fmoh is allowed, rio l z ought to hve been taken out and bumped. CONCORD, N. C, SATURDAY, OCTOBER o, 1895, s eii,nff ,-e nnrnea-xofi lcJ I Ir- IvI A Barrier, familarly j known as "Doc," who lives within a imile of Misenheimer & Lenlz's Springs, lost his dwelling house, last Thursday, by fire. No one was at home but two little girls-the parents beine off on U visit. About 9 o'clock the little L;.i -J. v- : , . WCU 1U LU a R 1Q c stove; she then discovered that 1.1, , , . tbe whole overhead ceiling.was on fire. She attempted to extingaiah the flames. She sent her little ei3ter to a neighbors for help. Before any help come the house was too much enveloped in fltmes to gave but little household effects. It is a heavy loss to Mr. Barrier, besides a newly picked bale cf cotton was burned. The neighbors are going to his res cue to aid him in building another house. Company i, Attention ! Your monthly inspection will be held at your Armory on Monday evening, October 7, at 8 o'clock. You are requeued ';o report, W. S, Bingham, Captain. nm Receipt and Price. Although for several days there has been a slight decline in the price of cotton, it continues to come in rapidly. The price has advanced, however, about ten points, it now bringing 8.75 with prospects for a rise. There were about 125 tales on the market to-day. Cotton-weigher Biggtrs ia kept pretty busy, ,m -m- - . Out of Jail Mr. J W Meacham, former editor of the Wilmington Dispatch, was in the city yesterday. He was put in jail scm? weeks ago upon the charge of haying written a libelous article about Major Fish bi ate. He gave bond at first, tut his bondsmen withdrew and-he had to stay in jail until court. The case came up for a hearing this week. Mr. Fishblate did not prosecute and the case was dismissed. "We had the dead wood on Fish blate," said Mr. Meacham yesterday and the case was not prosecuted, Mr. Meacham hopes to get work in Raleigh. He ha3 two children in airenton,and hopes to be able to remain near them and stay in tbe in the State. Raleigh Observer. w Coon Hunters Milled. Montpeliep, Ind,, Oct. 4. An drew Caii and William Grose, coon hunters, lost their liyes in a peculiar manner near here early this morn- ing. Tie men had built a fire over some niirogljcerine that had been buried in the ground. A.n explos ion followed, which blew both men to atomi. Large trees near by were torn oufc by the roots, and pieces of flesh and clothing were hanging froin the lirxb?, It is not known how the cans cane to be buried Theie is a nitroglycerine magazine near the scene f the accident. Shot His Faithless Wile, Chicago, Oct. 4 Edward Moe, a prospjrous tradesman, shot and fas tally 'injured his wife today at a Norti Market street hotel, to which she lad gone with Peter Nelson, a friend of her husband. Moe had beeninformed of the intended meet ing if the couple and followed them to tie hotel. Breaking down the doojof their room, he immediately bogm firing, emptying his revolver at lis wife, Dickon meanwhile mak- inghis escape. THEY USE DYNAMITE.?.- Neighbors EmpasizeThelr Demand in a Very Forcible Manner. Mr. K A Lynch, mail carrier on the stare route to Rowan Poato'ffice, this county, tells m the particulars of an episode which happened aloog his route Tuesday. Beck Henry, a dissolute woman, living with her two children two and a tulf miles from Ptowan, had been asked to vacate and she refused. Tuesday she was waited upon by several neighbors who demanded that she leaye the community. She would not leave, but went over to her father's house several miles away to tell of the visitors and their demands. While she was gone her two children were coaxed out into the woods and several dynamites placed under the house. The explosion that followed wa3 heard half mile. The woman's bed was torn to pieces and several logs knocked out of the side of the house. She returned to find it in this condition and it is not likely that she will remain in the neighborhood. The people in the neighborhood of Rowan are quite and peaceable disposed as a general thing, but they have deter mined to rid the community of this disreputable character. Salisbury World, liapttst Association. The annual Association of the Baptist churches of Mecklenburg and Cabarrus counties will meet with the Baptist church in Concord Thursday Oct. 17, continuing: through Sunday. Oh, My. Mr. R D Hunter, of Clear Greek, picked on Thursday, 368 pounds of eeal cotton. Col. Mungo says hei lide to know who can beat that. Charlotte Observer. That'3 nothing; Col Bill Snobs of No. 10, picked 73(3 pounds, just twice a3 tnuch.J Free Pills. Send your address to H E Bucko len fc Co., Chicago, and get a fre sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills- A trial will convince you of their merits. These pills are easy in action and are particularly ef fective in the cure of constipation and sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have been proved invaluable. They are guarn teed to be perfectly free from every deleteriovs substance and to bo purely vegetable. They do not weaken by thir action, but by giving tone to the stomach and bowles greatly invigorate the sjstem Reguler size 25c per box. Sold at Fetzer's Drug store. Wanted. To contract with somebody to tear up the iron of the Dummy and load it on cars at Depot. Offers for all the cross tie-t. Apply to John P Al lison, A B Young or W M Smith. 3t j For Over Firty Years . Mrs. Winslow's Sooth;ng Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Druggists m every part, of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottla Be 3ure and ask for '-Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrup." and lake no other I kind. mw&w Whohe NO. i.8 9 FIRE INSURANCE. Havin f transferred my Fire Jn r c r - r- WnnrlhrmaQ arr R J?. TT. win T mena them to any who may "i)e in need of fire insurance, and bespeak for them a liberal vatronaga. Respectfully, J. W Bckkuead, We have assumed the Fire Insur ance business of Mr. J. W. Burkhead, nomprisins the agencies for several first-class and well established com panies, and respectfully policit a liberal share of business in thatliue. "Wooddouse & Harris. August 26, xx Dissolution ol ''Firm. The firm of Morrison, Ltiuz Co. is this day dissolveti by mutual consent. All persona indebted to said firm will please call and settle Thankful for nil pat ''avors v. a- re main, Respeciiui.';'. D. B. Moklisox, A. E. Lkm z, R, E. Giiibcx. Concord, N, C, Oct. 3, 1895. The copartnership heretofore ex isting under the firm name of Mor. rison, Lentz k Co. hav;--g bten dis, solved by the withdrawal of Mr. A. E. Lentz, the undersigned respect fully announce to the public that they have formed u cop? rtr;orshi?; under the firm name of Gibsor' & Morrison to do a general merchan dise business and hopo to merit generous share of the public patron a age. Kcspectiuuy, R. E. Gibson, D. B. McjRiiuCx. Concord, N. C, Oct- 3, lSo. 4 I recommend the firm of rHr-c & Morrison to the public 3 wor.'iv of their patronagr. Respeatf;1. .' , A :i T Concord. N. C, Oct. U 3 y j 1 3 L COFFINS &C. I have now in stock at my rooms opposite the court house n splj c!:d line of wclUmado Furjiturc eueh as Bed Steads, Tables, Wash Stands Safes, Chairs, &c. I defy competition in regard to quality and price. You will be surprised when you hear my prices Come and see. If not in stock can supply you in a few dajs. I have a nice line of COFF!NS at prices that will surprise you. I keep a full line on hand for im mediate supply. I buy LUMBER. and run my planing machane, and all persons who wish any thing in this line, wid do well to call and see me. Very Respectfully,. J. T. Pounds. Concord, N. C. July 13. 1895. Mount Affioena SEMIN AR Y A Flourishing Schoei for Young ,Ladies. TEN TEACHERS, Ornamental Branches, Receive Carefui Attention, REV. C. L. T. FISHER, A. M Pp.t:pa:. MOUNT PL ASAVT. K. G ADVERTISE iGT RIGHT HERE! -a Q

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