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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 15, 1895, Image 1

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.No. l- I1 " 4 U , N. C. President, Cashier. A. .-id;;ut Cashier 50,000 $1G,000 TORS I). F. Caxnon J. W. Cannon, W. H, Lilly, LTRAXE. SDSGUiaiiOn, 1: W!0Nn & CO. Stoclv :. ad load 180 lt IVarl Street, NEW YOHX CITY, N. Y. HCc'' Dull Mi'ini iuuuu ti.v i r 7 - .i . . f 3 vol n ittIi f n A sold, or tarried on Margin. p,g St.'ul for explanatory circus kon speculation, also weekly mar- bt letter. dwly in HI UBIET. (LITAXKU'S CORNER) IhTG 0' ; my ME IT MARs kf.r basement, for KETm ti. - aeny ocfuru ! by Swmk oc Day suit. VL' you want nice,- fresh meat-, : : r,i mutton, etc., call oner m vour orders to S. L. KLXJTTZ. P-o. 1 r.Li in tho market when eit :t -1 Lo:;s aro for sale. ill iiiinig MAXITACTUIIERS OF -ZCiAVJlAJlfS, GIUa:; cnnrirs. S, SIILETIJVG -.llf B jj urO. i n c 0 rj;ns in chandise. OP Co uce of al Kind -.1 jj ;d oocl alwavs t prices for invite an in- $aiit all good3 'Uire. mmm us. hi ! Co., In the Lnnds of Rnakf s, The Btanly Enterprise can get off some snake news when it wants to. It says : "One day last week Mr, T S Parker killed two copper heads in his smoke house, aud on the same day, Mr. Tise Whklock found one in his bed, Mr. Marshall kiilel olc on his table, and Mr. Caesar Parker arew live out of his well. Thia is a considerable snake story bat we will vouch for it." , Chai. I'lotf, the Itapist, in Charlotte Sheriff Sims, to be absolutely safe in keeping his prisoner, Chal. Plott, and to quiet the fienxl's feelings, left with him, Monday evening, for Charlotte. The sheriff weat by dirt road to Charlotte. The jail in Mecklenburg is much more secure than our jail, and, once behind the bars there, he will be ready for the ro'l call at our next term of court unless Providence re moves him. To Study Cant. Ashe's Book. The class in political economy at Wake Forest College, says the News and Observer, have decided to icad Capt. S A Ashe's new book on the silver question "Familiar Chats on Finance; The Professor and His Friends." There are thirty in the class. This is a high compliment to Capt. Ashe, who has acquired a re putation as an authority on the question of finance, which Wake Forest College recognizee. Used the Second Time. Mr. II m Goodmau is hauling cotton frcm the platform to the Can non and Cabarrus Cotton Mills. He tells vrthat Mr. Rowe, the weigher at tha Cannon Mills, has discovered that bagging has come to to the mill twice already this year. The cotton was bought and used, and the sacking resold and used again and the bales it surrounds have gotten to the factory. Thus early in the season bagging has al ready been used twice in bailing cot ton, and may be used the third time. A Very Smart Cnnlue. One of the smartest dogs we ever saw, says ths Salisbury Herald, is Mr. M L Ritch's pointer "Bob." He carries notes from Mr. Ritch's house to his place of business and other er rands. This afternoon Mrs. Ritch wanted seme medicine and it had not been sent down when the time came for her to take it. "Bob" was sent to Mr. Ritch with a note, which was delivered promptly. The medi cine was prcGured and given to him and he started home in a trot, neyer once stopping until he reached home. A deg of this kind is valuable and Mr. Ritch would not part with him. Fire Insurance Companies represented that are safe and reliable. 2b Barrow & Hurley, Agents. Old People. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels anoTlndncys will find the tine remedy in Electric Bitters, This medicine does not simulate and contains no whiskey nor other intoxicant, but actft as a tonic and alterative. It acts mildiy on the stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to the or gnufl, thereby aiding Nature in -the performance of the functions. Elecs trie Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly what they need. Pnc fifty cents and $1 Pr bottle at Fet zer's Drug store. CONCOKL N. C, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1895. No lynching:, ofCourse. Several pistols wero fired, Mnn day night, aed many negro a in Coleburg were frightened. They were just sure that a Bee had Plbtt and wa3 performing with him near the fair grounds. Many of them could not sleep until away alter mid night, they said. How easily such matters are shaped up by imaginations and made to do up the curious thus robbing them of a night's sleep. The Indian Murderer. Detectiye Hussey, of Baltimore, who was in this State in search of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Indian, Mohawk, who murdered a small boy in Baltimore, has returned home from North Carolina, where he fol lowed the show in the hopes of ar reting the murderer. Tho grand juiy in Baltimore have returned an indictment of manslaughter against the aborigine, but there is going to be trouble in arresting him. It is said that the Baltimore authorities are prepared for any emergency that may arise on account of the Indian being a ward of the United States, and expect under all circumstances to bring the prisoner to Baltimore for trial. A detective from Balti more has gone to Atlanta, where Buffalo Bill now is, to keep Mohawk under surveillance and arrest him at the proper time. Col. Propper limiting Ntan.rd Metal. Jack frost has yisited the sunny South aud spoke death to many a plant, as well as left his mark on the tall oak and trees of the forest. Ice was seen two mornings. Our people arj generally healthy, except colds, which are numerous, and a few chills along the creeks and streams or once streams, but now dry. Colonel Propper, of Colorado, is now working the Culp mine near here. He has met with encourage- ments so far, and hopes he will sue ceep in raising plenty of the stand ard metal soon. The address of Rev. B S Brown, president of the North Carolina Synod at the corner-stone laying of the new Evaneelical Lutheran church at Richfield, last Saturday, was a grand and eloquent one. The church is nearing completion and will be an honor to the good people in the work. Rev. J D Shirey, D. D., president of North Carolina College, preached on Sunday. Farmers are busy at their fall work; fine weather for them, but awful dry ; stubble land is too hard for plowing, consequently but little oats up to date. Mrs. Luther Brringer ha3 just returned from Tennessee, where she has been visiting friends. Rib. GLADSTOXE.tanly Co.,N. C. Two Lives fiavM. Mrs. Phoebe Thoraap, of Junction City, III-, was told by her doctors che had Consumption and that there was no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery com pletely cured her and cho pay 3 it saved her life. Mr. Thos. Eggers, 139 Florida St., San Francisco, suf fered from a dreedful 'cold, ap proaching Consurrptior., tried with out result everything 0Se then bought one bottle of. Dr. King's .-New Discovery .Ami. in two weens was cured. He ig naturally thr. fill. It is such result?, of which thes.- are samples that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine in Coughs and Colds. Free trial bottles at Fet zer's Drug store. Begular size 50c and $1. THE DEMOCRATIC OUTLOOK. Chairman Ilurrity Sayjj the Mgiis Point to Success Aext Year. Philadelphia, Oct. 14. Demo cratic National Chairman Harrity is very hopeful of democratic sue cess in Pennsylyania and elsewhere this fall. ''The recent victory in Indianapo lis," he says, appears to be giving a great deal of encouragement to democrats all over the country. There is eyrry reason to believe that McGiU will be elected governor of New Jereey and that the democratic ticket in New York will be suc cessful. "If the democrats should be vic toriu3 in these states these victorie3, in connection with con stantly in creasing evidences of business proa perity, will encourage democrats in every state to enter into the presi dential campaign with the hope and confidence that their party will con tinue in control of the national gov ernment. Cotton Today. About 50 bales of cotton were on the market today, . The highest prices paid were 8.85. The tone of the market is up wards. Let her go, is the song. Jlr. . . Means So Metier. There is no change in the condi tion of Mr. W G Means, since Mon day morning. He has, however, been resting quietly today. Judge Claris. Opens the Way. Associated Justice Waiter Clark was seen in the office of the railroad commission Monday and spoke of a matter of which even Clerk Brown, of the commission, was uninformed. Justice Clark says that m 1856 Con gress enacted a law that all tele graph lines built should be acquired by the governmeat within five years, upon payment or the assessed value of J the same, but that when 1871 came the great trust known as the Western Union was formed and ot in its work by giving franks to Senators and Representatives in Congress, and by getting a leverage in v iiious" other ways, so that the Jaw wa3. not enforced. Justice Clark says it is therefore unlawful for private companies to operate telegraph lines, and he also includes telephone lines; and that such lines built since 18CG were built upon a contract that the government could acquire them as aboye- Exchange. Mr. Tlurr Dead. Mr. Michael A Murr, of Wades boro, and'uncle of David, George and Ed. Murr, cf Concord, died Monday morning at his home in Wadesboro. Last July he was stricken with j.a aiysis and since then he haa been quite poorly. He a3 G7 years old Goose tJrease. For hundreds cf years Goose Grease ha3 been u&ed for rheuma lizin. It vou vrant the test liniment in the world for all aches and pains, cuts and bruises go to Johnson'3 Dru Store and buy a bottle of Goose Grease Liniment, made from pure goose greu3e. Mf. by. River side Medicine Co., Ore Hill, N. C. o!8 Notice. All persons holding claims against J W Bn :ahead, deceased, will pleace prftrut them to me or to II I Wood house promptly, All persons in debted to same will please call and settle at once, o71w2w Alida L. Bupkhead. Executrix of the last will and Testa ment of J W Barkhead, WnonE NO. 1 317 OeHITOBEl COFFINS &C. I have now in stcck at my vooi: opposite the court house a siilp.n did lino of welKmade Furmtuiv: such as Bed Steads, Tables, Wash Stands Safes, Chairs, I dtfy competition in rr-' tr quality and pneo. Y;i- i j ! . surprised when you heai i v Ic.?s Come and see. Ir ; T: i can supply yon i; ; f . t. ' have a nice line of at prices that will nurpir :c j o:m 1 keep a full 21ine on hand fur i:n mediate supply. I buy LUMBEP and run my planing machai., and all persons who wish any thing m this line, will do wt-:i to call and see me. Very Rr r-rClf--7r, Concord. N. C. July IZ, r::. FIRE INSUKMO? Havin? transferred my I' re lt puranca business to ile.- i . ii I Woodhouse and B E H&r -is, I corns mena them to any who ury bo in need of fire insurance, iv.-.l . . ncf.l for them a liberal i atro;t Respectful iv J. V. Ben. .-An. We have assumed the Fir iiu-ur--ance business of Mr. J. W. L u ' n . J, comprising the asfpncie for vrrr-l first-class and weli eatablishe .com names, and resnectfullv s-r.iu'it, liberal share of business in ilial line a WoopirousE & IIatcki;?. August 26. ti TRUSTEE'5 SALE. By virtue of authority vesif-d in me by a Mortgage or Detd m Tru&t executed on the 30 :h d-y of Ncvcm per, 1892, by Jacob L MCaion nnd wife, Laura McCrr), which Ivfortgs age is duly . reoorded in Hpgiptcr's Office for Cabarrus couuty in Book 6, Page 555, I will stli at public auc tion in front of the Court, House door on Monday, Novon.ber lib, to the highest bidder for carb, one tract of land adjoin ng L M K-ox mon and others, and desci ih, d as follows : Beginning at a wi.-.ow ci west bank of Rocky River, cu l,.! of L M Sossmon, opposite mouth of a small branch, vhich is on the East side of the River, and runs with three of L M Sosimou'sr lines a3 follows ; N 4.0 V. iS.8) chs. to an elm on west bank of ditch; then N. 2 W. 18 chains to a Mcr.e in the Held; then N. 7-1 1 V. chains to a stone in Monroe How ell's line; t"en N. 21 E 15 chains tc a small sweet gum on the South bank of the branch, H McL&rty's corner; then with his lino N. Z2l K. Ul chains to a stone in ib!o!d line; then the old line tt- '1 E. fil chains to a branch on the west bank of the River, thence down ; River a3 it meanders to tho brgin-. ning containing uinetytwo ( 0 2 and one half acrr n more or ! being part of the D Jf C J i il:r landG. C. SossoMos, Tuttee. By W. M. Smith, Atlcriicy. Mount K- -7 ; i ii 2 V w i " - SEMI N A R Y X Flourishing School for Y u; Liies. TEN TEACHERS, Orramental Bratches PccnivG Carefui Attention, HEV. O. L. T. FISHEP, A. 3 Pbincipal MOUNT PL' ASANT. N. a

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