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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 16, 1895, Image 1

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S fallal Bank. r M. 'r" r 11 Co : i : President : svv. Cashier. ' sv.f ; Assistant Cashier $50,000 $16,000 ; ACTORS f). F. Cannon J. V. Cannon, W. II, Lilly, p., OoLTHANE. (;spit:il. frrpl- J..M. Ci ' Speculation, ;:;..'.:! o.l & CO. Stock BoM Brokers, i:' - - Pearl Street, IS'EW YORK CITY, If. 3f. Sicck?. ' Grain bought and eoIiL i :a i it d on Margin. p.S.Seml for explanatory circus lares speculation, also weekly mar ket Ittr-. (Free) dwly nnn' U i L 0 mm. WW (LITAKER'S CORNER) S. I have opened my MET MAIN KET in ti c Li taker basement, fors merlv c;uj:ic(l by S wink & Day vault. When you want nice, fresh meat.-. Utf. pork, mutton, etc, call S. L. KLUTTZ. P. S. I am in the market when beef cattle and hogs are for sale. MA MANUFACTURERS OP FLV GIjYGIMMS, OUIIJW CLOTHS, PLAIDS, SIILET1NG A. SALT BAGS. -O DEALERS IN General Merchandise.. o BUYERS OF Country Produce of al Kind AND Kur-Foot wood always Wonted best prices for We invite an in' of all the goods .Manufacture. Co. BUFFALO BILL'S PRESENCE. Some: Tall Profits muU. QU.kiy i CliarloHo-n Was a Good Dny Upon tlie Whole, the Show Costs the People Largely. Buffalo BilPb show was in Chars lotte Monday. The management pulled them on the inside and the thieves following it worked a good business afterwards. The Stand AJtD uses its ch person the Char lotte News of Tuesday for five min utes with the following result : "Mr. Martin Bat, of Cabarrus county, camo to town yesterday for the ahow, md brought a good roll of money with him. He and his three sons were here to-day. rlhe old man was robbed last night. He says he lost between 75 and $90, but how or when he does not know A citizen of Lincoln county, who also remained in town to-day, re ports to the News that his pocket was picked of $10." "Capt. Henderlight is roadmoster of the F, C. & P. road, and was for merly in the employ of tho Rich mond & Danville, at Charlotte. He wa3 here yesterday. The previous day he was in Salisbury and drew from the bank there $300. Last night he was at the Southern station here to take the train for Florida, when he made the discovery that he had lost his roll of $300. He thinks his pocket was picked by some onr in the crowd at the station, as there was a great mob in the train ard." "Mr. H G Link left last night for Atlanta, Just before the hour for the train to leave, he found that some one bad relieyed him of three tickets and $15 in cash. He got a new "outfit" and went." Fetch in another horse. Hot Their Eyes Open. Since the exposure of the Insur ance frauds at Beaufort in Eastern North Carolina, the Insurance corns panies are putting on extra scotches and breaks. They want insurance but they don't want to insure corpses, old men at 30 etc. When an application is sent ac companied by the examining physiv cian's "piss," the company then writes a reliable party in the com munity, other than the aent and physician, to know what he thinks the applicants age is; whether he could be regarded a good risk, if he drink? or deals in drinks, and if he think3 he will keep up the policy etc. During the last month a promi nent gentleman of Concord has re ceived letters inquiring of him these matters concerning a number of lead ing citizens ad about a gentleman in ML Pleasant, who has no wife to leave his ineurance, when he dies. Oltl People. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true remedy in Electric Bitters, This medicine does not stimulate and contains no whiskey nor other intoxicant, but acts as a tonic and alterative. It acts mildly on the stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to the or gans, thereby aiding Nature in the performance of the functions . Elecs trie Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly what they need. Pries fifty cents and$l tr bottle at Fet ter's Drug store. Bead all our advertisements. They tell yon good things. CONCORD, N. C., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16. 1895. Ruiralo Jim Spins Xotv. Buffalo Mills, the new enterprise of the Messrs. Odell out on the Southern lailway, are now in a, manner complete in every detail. Today the ergine was steamed up, the wheels began to tarn and 3100 spindles began to sine: their sweet songs. Ihis mill has nothing but spin dies, no looms will be placed in it And thus we are moying along. A Xail Puts Ont His Eye. Harve Sutton, an industrious colored man working at the Cannon Mfg. Co's. Mills, happened to a painful los3 Tuesday evening. lie was driving nail3 and not hit. ting ooe "square on the head," the nail flew up striking Sutton in one eye. The force was so great that the sight was destroyed. Ic is a loss and a painful one. " a 'Something? that i'alls Itself God's Minister." This week's issues of the local Pop papers contain a fire column install ment article by G Ed Kee3ler, county treasurer, of Cabarrus, on Clevelandisrn vs. Cbristauity, bi-ing a defense of Thompson's heresy. In troducing it, the editors say : Our editorial page this week is taken up by Mr. Keesler in defense of himself and his position against the attack of something that calls itself God's minister." Where are the Pop's drifting? Charlotte New3. Doctors oil the Itloye, Dr, Jap Anderson,Json of the old Doctor at Albemarle, haying recently graduated and licensed by the State Board after teveral month's practice at his old home, has located in Lex ington, N. C. He was recently elected county phyoiciau for Stanly county. Dr. F E Hartsell, who obtained his license at the late meeting of the State Medical Board and who, since then has been at Georgeville, his eld home, has decided to locate in Albemarle in the early future, probably within a month. Dr. Hartsell is a clever young man with a bright future and he goes among a good people who will treat him right Mr. Jno. A, ItanUln Sells Out, Mr. Jno., A Rankin, who, since tl e death of .Mr. Jacob Siirewalt, ha3 been conducting a mercantile bus ness at & ill Hill, this county, has sold out ,to Mr. A W Parks, of Statesyille. Mr.Hankin makes this business change on account of lis health, which is such that he can not attend to the Btore and his farm both. Mr, Parks, who succeeds Mr, Rankin as merchant of Mill Hill, is a native of Mecklenburg but for the last eight years he has been a travel ing salesman for the tobacco factory of Rankin Bros, of Statesville. He is a young mm of about 30 and has considerable business ability. He selects a good location among a clever and well-to-do people and The Standard welcomes him to the county and wishes him a pros perous career at Mill Hill. m-- jftotice. All persons holding claims against J W Bnrkhead, deceased, will please present them to me or to H I Wood house prompHy, All persons in, debted to same will plea38 call and tettle at once. o?lw2w Alida L. Bupkhead. Executrix of the last wjH and testa ment of J W Burkhead. FIRE AT EXPOSITION, The EUtors at Alhambrn- Kosconer is the Mascot An Old Cabarrus Sc srro In Atlanta; lie Longs to See His Cabarrus White Friends. Social to The Standard. Atlanta, Ga,, October 15 Beginning with the early trains over the Southern, Atlantic Coast and Seaboard Air Line railways, North Carolina editors began amy ing in the city from all parts of the Tar Heel S ate, and with Col. A K MoClnre, of the Philrdelphia Times, who is one of the moat prominent figures in attendance upon the great Cotton States Exposition, the Amer ican Bankers Association, the Farm ers National Congress, this great Southern city is chock full of inter esting persons, meetings and sights. The editors are putting up at the hotel Aihambra, on Peachtree street, just half way between the exposition ground and the city proper, and al together a conyenient and pleasant hotel, R s2ower, the man who runs the newspaper at GoIdBboro, known as the Headlight, poses a3 our mascot, while Ramsey, the red-headed editor of the Progressive Farmer is our Jonah. At 1 o'clock this afternoon all the editors, who were not "rubber necking" at the unusual sights of a city, gathered at the State capitol building and had their living pic tures taken in group form, all of which found ready sale, At exactly 2:15 o'clock this af ter- noon fire broke out on the Midway, opposite the great revolving Phenix wheel, in the new building being completed for the H-oe.nback trained animals, destroying the en tire bui'ding. Fortunately the fire did not spread. Every nation in the world is rep resented at the exposition. The trip from North Carolina to Georgia oyer the Southern wa3 a de lightful one and the only objection that could be raised is that the traffic is too great for the accom modations. Our train was uncom fortably crowded, especially after striking Georgia. It was decided at the meeting of the association held this morning that the excursion to Nashville, via Ch.ittanoega, should start tomorrow nighty to be gone two days or longer, PERSONA. LS. Those of Concord's representatives who arriyed this morning were, Dr, and. Mrs. W C Houston, Dr, S J Montgomery and Mr. acd Mrs. W A Caldwell. Anthony Grissom, one of the beat old colored men that ever lived in Cabarrus, is here. He is with his old "Missus," Mrs. Mills, on South Prj or street and is delighted with city life, but is awfully anxious about "de white fokses in Concord and" H. P. D. Two .Lives saved. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction City, 111-, was told by her doctors she had Consumption and that there was no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery com-, pletely cured her and she says it saved her life. Mr. Thos- Eggers, 139 Florida St., San Francisco, suf fered from a dreedful cold, ap proaching Consumption, tried with out result everything else then bought one bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery and in two weeks WHi cured. He is naturally thanks fi. It is such results, of which these are esmples that prove the Vv-i Jerful efficacy of this medicine in Coughs and Colds. Free trial bottles at Fetzer's Drug store. Begular size 50c and $1. Whose NO. 1.3 8 Gl8ARET?gr pUKEfDlJHAfL:l Cigarettes ;; EtFi7 DukcSons & Co. T " . jTHEAMERICtN7C3ACC0C3:''' V tkJ I SUCCESSOR - . trj DURHAM N.C, U.S.A. mace: from AJO ABSOLUTELY FOEfa i r "i ' COFFINS &C. I have now in stock fit my itt" opposite the court house n .-dn -did lino of welKraauo I ; itm such as Bed Steads, Tables, Wash Stands Safe?, C I dffy competition i? rer.wd to quality and price. You ' will be surprised when you beam nices Come and see. If not stock can supply you in a few :kj" I have a nice line of at prices that will surprise you. I keep a full :iiue on Land for im mediate supply. 1 buy . LUMBER and run my planing machano, and all persons who wish ar4y thin" in this line, will do well to call and see me. .Very Res; ectfully, J. T. Pounds. Concord, N. C. July 13. 1895. FIRE INSURANCE. Having transferred my Fire In ?STaiVr Dl15iuess to Me. rj. II I Wopdhouse and.B E Harris, I corns mena them to any who may be in need of fire insurance, and bespeak tor tliem a liberal vatron&ge. Respect fully, J. W. BUKKIJEAD, We have assumed tho Fire Tnsu" ance business of Mr. J. W. Burkhead comprising the agencies for several first-class and well established com panies, and respectfully solicit a liberal share of business in that lin . , Woodhouse & Harris. " August 26; Mount Amoena SEMIN ARY A Flourishing School for Young la lie??. TEN TEACHERS, Ornamental Branches Receive Carefui Attention, HEV. C. L. T. FISHEP, A. Al Principal, MOUNT PL AS ANT K. C,

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