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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 25, 1895, Image 2

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lue Daliv Si Y jAnr.s i. coo at. iroDi an pans ui iuc pating the herd's extinction, are clamoring for specimens, i: IN CASTOR BUILDING T: -..ndard is published every .i--y - u.-.-lay excepted; md deliver d by carriers- KATES OF SUBSCRIPTION One rear 300 r . v5.,r.ih$ 2 00 " ninths 1 00 -1 AV'VtliTISING KATES. 35 Co A political situation that is prob abiy unique developed in the httie to a n of Acree, near Albany, Ky., last week. It was the annual eiec- UftTQLO MISERY FROM HEUfVaATBSIfi C. H. King, Water Valley, Miss., cured by vers Sarsapansia " For five roars. I suffered untofd misery j x'rom muscular rheumatism. I tried every ! kiMwn remedy, consulted the best physi- t'OU Of mimic pal cflicers, aud there ! ci:ms. visited Iiut Springs, Ark .three tinips, i.uu ui iiiuuiu t , spoiulin- :inoo tliere, hesidcs di.ctors' bills; were lorty-two oicrs on tnj When the balloting took place i: was found that only one of tut forty two voters was properly registered. ah:M Main onlv temporary relief. My 1U'si was wasted away so that I weighed oi ly ninety-three pounds; my left r.rm and leg were drawn out of shay-, tlie muscled I That one was the tiiuiui';: fur for regular advertisements j AiaV0r. He cast the only bIIut a; ua on uppjcation. I thp pl.tinn. umi duiv elected hon- eelf and a Board of Akk-nci . :Ml i. o i :i ti i ii 1 1 i e a t i on s to it m$ v3t fttra.'3;At OCT. 23, IST The investigating doctors ha vvr added another uisvuse to th. e-ttn--orv- It ii calltii the Railroad Kr.! 1 "'-ii 'f"' V'-". ' "i : s ir AM"5A i.. ney. ltdoea no: carry you t the do- rvnw.i v.niillv ill n'.i :' CiiK 1 I wvi ' L j - ' " It id THE Pi 5M- .1 :.. i , -.1- -s - 1 front th.;' i vt dudt ub3oroed';Jir(i'ij ill i. v-i j no cov--; t-e j . ., 1 . ,j x tin i & nor i .v. aic lu: few borf-c, ! jt iney it nvi c iujpoiLed mainly iox jtaat t03 nr.ny b.;, dpi" . VOltV' - The fiei-nt j of thiG i0 il l0 Y, i -: t 1 1 4 L. . . t- city streets are puiied . ujr VJi:rr. U h J.:d t A J C J A tv- coolies,- and th: ! r ,n, .,:,.:t; uf L;iL ;:.-ltJ ic tu L-- awful . i i are drawn bv in or and dvO -r-ive th-tt r In iu uistoil v.p In knots. I was unable to ' ly--''f. t-M-ri't with :til:tiu"e, ayd I .r.-uid i. li.v I Iv alsout 1-y u'sin;i a cane, f i md iivi , . i : i i ;i ; ;...!' by I1.. j 0'".,'r, tliat 1 e-i'.b.l !;;:; livr. Ti; pMii;-'. i v..;ic so ;;v. lul. ih..l I could procure rrii. f -n!v l-v n"-.ii.s ! vrdvt ii.j.-c- ., ii.'.:-r::in-. I a.i n: iiiubs bat.datred !;.v, in Mi'j'!.;:r. in pcuitict s : 1 ui h 1 oiily 'Mipo!.i! y l't'lu !. Afi-r t ryir.ic 'l:in,.r. ';rl ii!Tri!i.u th. ' most j.wtiil I hv trn take Ayn's Sarsaj aiila. '.f t. l:n:Mlis, 1 v. :- ;ible to walk n''.;t a cant'. In ti.i'i'f i!nnt!i. i : i y limb;. ... ..' -I! in lb'' cmr.o of a ' v.rirht !;a.s ii;cr-asc J i " i'.'i.:.-,.. ;tnd I no ,. al lo to (! ty iv.M"s woik as a. railroad blacksnM':.. ' 1 ! Vf 1 V.' Large profits no longer come from likkiau. i; 50 to 100 per cent, on a credit of from one y : - only four out of every hundred credit mendui!: ceed. We prefer 20 per cent, cash to a :inf. chances aiamst us. Last Saturday we placed a lot of ginghani? cents per yard and a lot of good towels that w, at 50 cents per dozen that sell regularly at l u , . , , nKL'kedthem 5 cent each. The gingham i; !.. dovii and tlie towels before we closed. When Wl out our easli v;e had our money invested in th cent , profit ready to invest again Monday. This week we have on sale a lot of Sude no w ; cents ealh. We' have put four in a bin die r;-..d foi 5 cents, ; just 11 cent for 10 cent r-r; 1 . r novels at 15 cents! The Life of Jefferson ) : : Dayis. Sold by subscription at 8.00 per set oi -j price is ?2,00 Kollins Ancient History in 4 Crenseya Fiftee:. Battles on which tL; CI . i; f i vYoihl Sranns. Thtis is one of th . richest ' i i to be found, our price 15 cents. A 1-w of V V IV.. " 05 cents. Washington Irving e ',.ork.s, vols U,i r: -are but few 'Jo,;S, -ud j gultg &r. p(U fully i: r used as watch dQ-?, entirev t0) . j; .'T in anting, ! j.k up this nunotoiiy. : the wife if on. ( 1 in the Am:'ri-u ho;; titl 1 10l,?-1 V i ,.:.d for lood and to be-U wheelbanow. Th- 1 , d oLn-b vwii l-,ke catd j irge enough ier obe p.-' ,., ct. 1 i.nft --, : in ;-.t a tune, j;nd idi :hi:t v. ill hav ;! turns in pushing it ah)):?;. i a v- ? k-aCT Vf- . I- I.'irs 1 ILLS arc lU;iltch:. -v i!::hi Jehu llukiu lilies nothh'- ;:o:m-a or aruin-.:, A4 "v :m -Vf Vi, ,i c r,.;l": rror.aip in tree lU r , t. . Ac rr " ? V 1 1; "HWT , . .-.1 , iard the pioducion of chru..M:,- t ; fvj ff ' -V'uV- . , , vl .mams as an unhailoivcd at--.-nip. m V.HCV 'f'$4A idair, readable uUt- i , sfi-: . ) ";v,r.-- ' , P. grow llowers at a Etasou v.h,:. n-- V;f felV V f , l? "Mrs. Aoaehc h.yes- J 4l t , . , M; M .C 07 . , ture nip. nt t t.hert ehou;d be i. : k .4';J'V - he will droo the Chunk: i , t ilowers. l :vorcr are uetYsnaper and j '--.WW - . ' A fr t i - 'ny any one" enould be The Turkish court pianist, On- -ar ; ir" -iiiO. tAe ?:i tnt:ii breaku ! Pasha, received i,C0'J a uar for h;. , T 1 I':lz''-1 t'; solves ificr Urvice?, but he teiupoianh cu character of some of notably "The Quick or :o or two th -t foil owe!. penucu e cx v umo '..iys d u-.- the Sultan does not cu: to hiur. p Ki n m E larJJ Ilea: LLeiu uad ere glad ol The bic,oli Zini-uerniair. . g-t j rr r p H U 'ablic ooinion pronounced access is ascribe-1 to la, abnorm w y ; W M 3 acicus, uncieufl, unhea.hy, large heart, .which is C, cted by ; J LS ,i t the doctors to be two iaches lorgei t US A3 CO CD TOR ADULTS. than the average. -r 'f" young man and ere driven from a New si c:h ti cater the other day by the i-.tti-ntion "yeD them by the andis trie.-. When they left the building ' v . c followed into the street by . t:: - which left the show on ihe stae to tee the youug couple at :-iio.: ii'i-c, frightening the young Jady eo i e nearly swooned. All this because the young people were uiit:T' ;) lor the Duke of Marlbor i;-;u fnd Miss Vanderbilt. The St;-ife Pension Board has v; n)phit d its work in making up ihii litL- f Confederate pensioners, and places in the first class, 102; third, 352; fourth 1C7L There are also 2,7G0 widows. The annua: allowance to each class v, 'ill h:? about as follows ; Frst class, vOG; second, $49; third, 33; fc-. th aud widows, $1G. This is U Lly kss than last year. There Are 240 more pensioners. I C.AI ATI A , Il.L3.,'K0V. 1j, 23"3. i Par-.Oicd: noC, bt.Wui3.Mo. The Duke Of lork ehC'S a IV. C- .tU-m.-ar-Vc sol.l lost year, m bottler of I f!Ii( ; V F'. T.VS TIJLK.-S CHILL TOIn'IC :.m! havo rro?f fm rtivo hia 1 ' H n. i t .!;! Uiree jrru.H already tb.'. ..oar. In all ovref posmou to give ni3 huii a , . . ...J4V tlf u y;;;ir5 !n JUi (lr;.,, f.o..,,, hav0 , - , t, ... , , I vi-r soli :-i tliat yucii nuivcrsalsatla- chance for the lintisn crown by iuc:;uu us -uur 'ivau-. Yi.uratniiy, au'aly, carr & ca smoking fiom forty to fifty cigar- For i,. ly axvgut3t ettes a uy. i j Prescotts Coi(i;'sn cr Mexico, . 1'res.coi s Peru, coni)iete vurk:- of Chorles Lamb, Tiu? C;, Oiisto, by Dumas, Ti!e Mysteries of Paru, ihu Wotidoriii Jew, by huqene bue, Teachers Oxford Bibles, 81 T.r, Teardi-i Oyi' ,.; i; wiMi 1'itented iivlew 8:2 0t; Lare family i?d . . : . fainih' I'ibie, o-d and n-.v translations in pai:.i . for OH. Lace cut shelf paper at one -half cent per h ' in tablet's and btadenrs .note books, niuciiage at -boti-e, Ldv the sanie, envelope? from 2 cents to ie i.uh at 5 t wo ,.;ood rubb :?r tipp1';. od iincils l. s!ate v,ncils vt Pd cents p-r .ound, steel pei....s ihel; Kaitbrouks, at 4 cents ptr dozen. Fit EN Oil ii vs:j k. - kd? I Sl p x i.i u ) AT FOUL CENfb PEIi iOX. Diolut io;i i) I'irm. It is asserted that a man cannot j The firm of Morrison, Lontz & destroy his life by holehng his brea'b, but he ltj probably pro long the lives of other. It is now about time that Pro fessors Corbett and Fitzsiumions should retire. They haye consumed enough time. L -e-ph B Crowly, United States "Trer.sury agent in charge of the aeal iuandc, who has just arrived at S'.-r.tUe with the patrol fleet, says that the seals have approached so closely to extermination that they It 3Eny Io as Much for You. Mr- Fred Miller, of Irving, 111., writes that he had a severe kidney trouble for many years, with severe pains in hia back and also that his bladder was affected. He tried many so called Kidney cures but witnout and good result. About a year ago he began use of Electric Bitters and found relief at once Electric Bittera is especially adapt ed to cure of 'all kidney and Liver troubles andoften give3" almost in stant relief. One trial wdil prove our statement. Price 50c, and $1.00, at Fetzer's drua store- ADVERTISE tip RIGHT HERE ! On. i.s this dav dissolved bv mutual consont. AU persons indebted to said firm v,i 1 please call and settle Thankful for all pat favors we re main, 'Respectfully. D. B. Morrison, A. E. Lentz, R. E. Gibson, Concord, X, 0 , Oct. 3. IS. '3. I he copartnership heretofore ex isting under the firm name of Mor. rison, Lentz & Co. having been dis-. solved by the withdrawal of Mr. A. E. Lentz, tho undersigned respect fully auLOimco to the public that they have formed a copartnership u'-'dr the firm name of Gibson & Moriison to do a general merchan dise busineoS and hope to merit generous share of the public patron age. lUfcpectfuilv K. E- Gibson, D. D. MoKKIoON. Concord, N. C, Oct- 3, 1895. I recommend the firm of Gibson Sc Moi rison to tli8 public as worthy of their patrouage. Respectfully, A E- Lentz. Concord. N. C., Oct. 3, 1895. MORRISON H. CALDWEL ATTORNEY AT LAW, CONCORD, N. O. Office in Morris building, opposite Court House. Assorted carpet tacks at live cents per pound Tn--.- n's hu price is live cents for two dozen. Three tin cir)s; One coffee j)ot; One coveied backet: 0i; half gallon cups, LUNCH BASKETS. TEN TO TWENTY CENTS. Sponges 3 cents; Remnants of Calico at 20 cents a lb. AU voal 15 cents. per yard. Canton llannel at 71 cent3 per yurJ. EMBROIDERED- AT SEVENTY-FOUR CENTS PER YAkih One-half pint bottle of Biy Rum for 10 cents. Bargains b -all wool at 371 cents Ladies vest 5 cents T H E D. cJ. BOSTIAN, proprietor. r. '

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