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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 30, 1895, Image 3

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Arrival of Trains. from Richmond arrives at 11:15 a. m Washington 9:5 P- m. Atlanta Atlanta Xew "ork 7:22 p. m. 9:35 a. m. 8:51 a. m. Atlanta " ; ,,'iiilHJUiui freight leaves at 12m 9:00 p.m. 1 :..Mhboimd " "5:i5 P m ". ', r -mili2 are the local trains between ti tins between Atlanta and Washine- 1 1 11 ir u: 1 ami jVlKiiiia- auuiu die me f,m in-1- t,,u' ' s'er'n Vestibuled Limited trains and stop S'.-oi-d on signal. r- ana ?f aie mc vv obiiniKion ana " BATCH OF LOCAL NEWS. .. , ' j ') SiKl i'utin Shape By Our i! :islliuur Pencil l'usuer. XVavci meeiiugs tonight ! A loul of Thanksgiving:; turkeys 5trlU::; town Tuesday, C i J ilers and wocdhaulers are ; io t:niile pleasantly. :i ii Mills Snuff for sale, Ac and retail by J P Allison ;:-u blinder and a monkey .l ie to Concord. Save the 1) J Suttee field, special agent ti;:i iSer.ofit Life Insurauce -j m the city. II Parker preached at T It chapel last night. These . are largely attended. iiiinsucker eells Bridgeport , If vou want bargains, leave . this office and he will call jh-rehants put goods out this riiiinir not only to show, but to s ? :: m blow down and keep ihe 1, .. :-j L li'uttz gave the old man iia o.iop a piart jar of the finest of honey. There is always a o in eyery life. J W IIuQoucker represents the '.. li.uuT piauo. Do you want k-.z and tiTins ? If so, let it be ; l this ofiice. '...;e gobble of the Thanksgiving iohb tr is heard gobbling in the iuiivl. 1c 13 BTeet nius:c and we u ;r ri.e day v--kh great aaticipa- The s-reet "hevangelist" got down in to CoVburg, Tuesday night. He belLves he's sent forth to convert the w rid. He has a big job on his If v 0 11 want some nice, strained hciit-y call on Mr. S L Kluttz at his Jinr '. H has between 400 and 'v.' 1-juiilU. Jt came from his own H -:ary. c30 tf. Tiic mandolin club gave an open er eon cert Tuesday night some " near the St. Cloud hotel, yv.i greatly enjoyed by the :- last illustrated lecture to lits will be given to-morrow at 4 . :a Armory Hall. Subject: r? V omen, Cause and Cure. J7 ion free. '3 , : .:: .Monday the county com ig will meet, and among to be considered is the eUcii n of a superintendent of the -O'jii'':-. chain gang. -! i Allison ha3 just gotten in ;: iiominy, Rolled Oats, Prunes, -curoni, iiakers Chocolate, Olives, ' etc., all fresh and nice, tf they are telling it on Mr. Jas, 1 - ult. lie, too, has surrendered, u:,er a yery interesting event 0i-u to occur iu Rowan county he V il' -: to keeping house in Concord. - board apply to Mrs. Dr. fi ; eichc r regular or transcient; V on Church street, second - ofj iil. Terms reasonable. Aa'hony Lost, of No. 5 town iiJli'j is moying into his home on ;cpot street, where he, with ; ;-; will reside in the future. M2xdard welcomed him to ,J Walker pays the highest i'tt for all kind of country produce, cash or barter. S0"'1 foget the place opposite D O Iu-rs at Forest Hill. V tf. AT- T TTT TT be a saving of time and money if experimenters took Ayer's Sarsapa rilla at first instead of at last. The fct that agriculture is in process of gradual abandonment in Great Britain may account in part tor the incrcasa in immigiation from that country, the number of arrivals eiuce Aug-jst aggregating 238,000. It evidently does not pay the British farmer to raise wheat on highpriced British laud. The next problem is to make this land profit ab e in some other way. The decline in wheat acreage this yer is 2G per cent, less than 1804. This indicates that upwards of 200,000 acres of land have failed of oultiva ion ber cause agriculture no longer pays. We know whereof we affirrn when we state that Ayer's Pills, taken promptly, at the first symptoms' of colds and fevers, arr?3t further pro gress of these disorders, and speedily restore the stomach, liver, and oow els, to their noi mil and regular ac tion. North Caroli-ta State Fair (coU ored), Kaleigh, X. C, tickets ou sate Nov. 5, 0 and 7, li al limit Nov. 11, 1895. Fare foA round trip, includ ing one admission to fair grounds 3.55. Continuous passage and no ftO over allowed. 3icctlii al Center The prctractui meeting at Center, in No 11 township, being'conducted by Rev. W II L McLaurin, the pas- tor, is fall of in'erest and much good work is being accomplished. Rev. W L Dawson, of Troutman's, Iredell county, is assisting in the meeting. Two services are held each day, at 4 and at 7 p. m. The meetings will continue through the week, and a cordial invitation is extended to all to attend. For Over Fifty Yers. Mrs. Winslow's Sootlrng Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It. will relieve the poor little tufferer immediately. Sold by Druggists m every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a oottle Be sure and ask for 'Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind.. inwi'&w s23'95 Has Sot Congratulated Him. Congressman Linuey was asked in Statesville last week if he had yet extended the right hand of fellow ship to a certain prominent citizen of this State who has recently joined the f usionis s, and whom it is known that Mr. Linney loves above his chief joy. The Congressman from the 8th replied that he had not and would not. Moreover, he said, that one accession hurt the fusionists worse than if they had received 10,0UU barbarians. Statesville Land nark. Examinations and Consultations Positively Free, Fourteen years experience in the fTAAtment of Cancers, Piles and nhronic Sores. Any case taken. A nnr guaranteed pay. Offioe at Morris House; ofiice hours from 8 a, m- to 10 p. m. Old Db, O om. x. o v uunenckiT will s 11 vou musica instruments on installments. He will call on you, if Y0 leave no. tic at this office. He can taye you dealer's profits. J Cotton has advanced to 8.82 i with prospers of reaching 9 cents before another week. The rue is gradual ana sure. Only about thirty baUs were marketed to tUy (Wednesday), the ruling price beigg 8 80. In many cases, the first work of Ayer's Sarsaparilla i3 to expel the effects of the other medicines that haye been tried in vain. It woulu OO ICE fi I G' ft BP -Ef? H? Q SlGAEETTESi DURHAM, N.C. U.3.A. ViW MADE FROM it'h 6rsd8.TobaGG9 AND ABSOLUTELY PURE THE RUSH OF HUM ANTTY". l'eilc WIio Travel, as Seen hy Our Odpt. J M Odell spent jester day in Greensboro. Ctpt, W B Ryder passed up the Southern road this morning. Mr. J S Daniels, of Atlanta, is in the city ou professional business. Mrs. W A Patterson is visiting Mr. Ed. M Pattersor, her son, in Charlotte. Key. J D Shealeyleft last night for Dehaar, E k: field coundy, S. C, to hianew charge, Mr. P R Motley, of Poplar Tent, was in town today. He res marked that it was cold. Mr. and Mrs. W A White and children have returned to Mill Bridge, after spending several days in the city. Mr, Oney Allen, of Thomasyille, passed throught the city today en route to Mr. Martin Bost's, to atteuct the wedding. Mrs. Nannie Cochrane, after spending a week in the city with Mrs. Ed. F Correll, her daughter, returLed to Harrisburg to-day. IIeetric Hitters. Electric Bitters is a medicine suit ed for any season, but perhaps more generally needed, when tho languid exhausted feeling prevail?, when the liver is torpid and sluggish and tho needs of a tonic and alterative ib felt. A prompt use of this medi cine has often averted long and perhaps fatal bilious fevers- No medieino will act more surely in counteracting and freeing tho syss tern from tho malarial poisoc. Head ache, Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness yield lo Electric Bitters. 50c pnd S1.00 per bjtUe at Fetzers' Drug Store. Here's To You. Editor J P Caldwell, of the Char lotts Observer, was nominated in a Salisbury restaurant, for United States Senator. C F McKesson was the orator to second it. This beats John Lowlow's nomination of Col. Boyd for goyernor his was not even SCConded. In China a man can get a divorce if his wife talks too much. If that was the law in this country we think the crop cf wives would be greatly diminished in ono day. NOTICE TOWN TAXES, The town taxes for the vear 1895 are . now due and placed in my hands for collection. All persons owincr tho same are requested to call and settle at onco. and save costs. The law in regard to adver tising property ha8 been changed, so pay promptly and save being ad" vertised. Office opposite court houso in Town Hall. J, L. IB OGEE, Town Tax Collector. L LOWE & SON. OFFERING IvOVV A BIO HOUSE OF Dry Goods, SHOES A X 1) OLOTHSMG Until the 1 st of January, at prices that will be yery much, lo iver than we hava everj sold before. apes At 2,25 and $0.00. Ladies Cloaks 82.50. All Dress Goods cut to cost. Not a single article shall we keep. Everything must go. Cost not consider- ed in this closing out sale. MENS' SUITS BOYS' SUITS Mens' Overcoats, Boys' Overcoats and PANTS -all must go. If you want SHOES wejg have them. o Everything going now cheaper than we could buy them Spend Your cash where'it will do you the most "good and to do it you want to go to see LQWEi&ZSON.' lew THE COMING WOMAN If the fashion plates are to be believed, will wear black, and there nevec was such a demand for BLACK DRESS GOODS to the exclusion of all col ored fabrics. Nothing adds more to the beauty and dignity of a woman's appearance than a line black gown, which is alike economical and ultra fash ionable. We hove just gotten in our black and navy blues bought when the prices were low can sell you 75 cent Henrietta Surah for 50c 40 inches wide Can sell you a 1 goods 50 inclus wide for 75c. Our stock oil .Black Creapones are the latest production. We a. k all Ladies to see our dress goods beiore buying else where. Do you want to see the prettiest line of LADIE'S SHOES ' ever shown in Concord Then come and see us and be convinced . Our No 49 narrow Opera Toe perfect beauty. Our No 71 Ne nlle Square Toe prettiest seoe ou the mar ket. Our No, 69 Pointed Razor Tue the most stylish yt. Our No, 70 Hound Toe a grand seller, all at low figures. UNLAUNDRIED SHIRTS Our city trade "Leader" pure Linen Bossom extra heavy muslin double froirt and back, patent continu ous facings on back and sleeves, custom enfc and at the low price of 50c. Gibson & Morrison. HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF BUY ING A FALL DRESS? id 44 inches per yard. I - w wide 40 cents :!0 inch 27 cents per yard. See our line of ladies Hack - Crepons, Crovenetfs and Henriettas. They are the lattest. Don't miss them if you want a black dress. Our u mm Goods MS ill are simply elegant. 0 H3iIi0H & '0292

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