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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 30, 1895, Image 4

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PREVENTED A F IRIS- WMXBIBQi 00 Wis FOR THE NEXT FIVE DAYS The salesmen will mark down the pure of Furniture, today purchased from Cannons, Fetzer & Bell. After the stock has been gone through with, we will SLAUGHTER THE PRICES. The stock was bought f 01 spot cash money, and at n price that our customers can have the benefit. We will sell FURNITRTE OF ALL KINDS CHEAPER FOR THE NEXT NINETY DAYS Than any Furniturejdealer in North Carolina, Seeing is believing,come and see us., DRY & WADSWORTH. REDUCED RATES. Mon stales ana intentional ' Exposition ATLANTA, A.. -Stplember 18 December 3f, 1895- Yor the abonre occasion the Southern Railway Co. will sell low-rate round-trip tickets to ATLANTA, GA., and return on the follow ing basis: FROM- A I B I C D B . ( .Alexandria, Va 26.25 19.2o H.OO.... -Asheville, N. C ,12.85 1 9.40 1 5.75 Iiurlinjrton, N. C 18.70 13.70 i 9.65 Uurkeville, Va 23.2.517.05 11.9.5... . 'Culfjcper, Va 25.30 U.55 13.50 Chatham, Va 120.8515.30 110.55 Charlottesville. Va... 23.25 17.05 !l2.40 ..... Chapel Hill, N. C '20.4015.00 10.35 Concord, N. C. Charlotte, N. C Danville, Va Durham, N. C Prcnt Royal, Va Crecnsboro, N. C. . . . old.sboro. N. C... 14.20 110.40 1 6.55 13.15'. . 9.65; 6.85 20.05 14.70 10.30 20.40 15.00 2C.2.5 19.2.5' :17.65 12.95 10.45 H.OO 9.20 . 21.7515.95 11.00 ... .JieDdersonvilk-, N. C. 11.70 8. GO 5.25 Hickory, N. C ,15.30 11.25' 7.2.5 High Point, N. C 10.9.5 '12.45' .40 Hoc Springs, N. C .... 14.00 10.50' t-75 Henderson, N. C 20 40 15.00 10.45 Lynchburcr, Va .5010.50 11.50 U.-xuvrtou, N. (J ;t;.U5 11.80 lloranton, N. C 15.30, I11.2.V Marion, N. C 14. M 10.W Newton, N. (J ,15.:;0 ,2o Orange, Va 24. 55 18.00 13.10 Oxford, N. C 20.4015 00 10.45 Richmond, Va '23.2517.05 12.40 Iteidsvillo, N. U 18.85 13. bO ..... 9.70 Ra!eiuh,N. C ,20.40 15.00' 110.45' SouthOoston, Va .... 21.5515.80 !l0.80' Strasburtf, Va ,2(5.2519.25 ill. 00 8.05 7.25 7.10 7.25 baiisbury, N. C 15.3U 11JJ51 7.25 fitatesvillo, N. C 115.30 ..... 11. 2.51 7.25 Taylorsvi i !e, N. C . . . . 16.35 12.00' 8.15 Tryon, N. C 110.75 1 7.85! 4.90 Washington, D. C ..... !2:;.2519.25 14.00 ..... West Point, Va ;23.65 17.'i5 12.G0 Warrenton, Va '26.2519.5 14.00 Wilkcsboro, N. O...... 22.95 10.a5' 11.30 j!iPSton-Salcm, N. C. 19.00 1 3.95 .,...i U.SQ lliates from intermediate points in proportion.) EXPLANATION. Column A : Tickets will be Kold September 5 nd 12, and daily from Stif.tmhfr 1.". t.-i Dwrm.. w'". - iiiciubie, wnn nnai lmut Januarj 4, 1C1U. Column B : Tickets will be sold ily from September 1G to December 15, 1895, inclusive, with final limit twenty (20) days from date a sale. Column C: Tickets will be sold daily from September 15 to December 30, 1895, inclusive, with final limit fitteeu (15) days from date of eale ".ticket to bear longer limit than Janu ary 7, 1896. Column D : Tickets will be sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week from September It until December 2i, 1395, inclusive, with final limit ten (10) days from date of sale. Column E: 'licketa will be sold daily from Pember 15 to December 30, 1895, inclusive, with flnal hunt seven (7) days from date of sale. O SOUTHERN RAILWAY .'Is the only line entering the Exposition Grounds, having a double track, standard ;gungo i 'lavirom the center of the oityof A.tijintai tho Exposition Ground. For tu ')t.', and full information apply ta lyour nearest ag-ent, or address Jf M. CtJLP, TT. A. TURK, 9 0 Trafflo Manager, Gen'l Pass. Afft 1300 Penna. Av., Wellington, D. a Mount Arnoena SEMINARY A Floumhing School for Young Ladies. TEN TEACHERS, Or ttmectal Brarches Eeceive CunJui intention HEV. C. L. T. FISHER, A. M Principal, moukt:pleasant. n G North Carolina- Mm, MT PLEASANT, N. C.J REV. J D. SHIREY. D.tDM f-RES ADADEMIC'COMMMKCIAL AND COLLEGIATE COUESES. Total necessary expenses session of 38 weeks, $85.00 to $137,000. INext session begins Sept 3. 1895. For cotalogne and special infoimation, address the President as above, or lm. Secretaky of Eaculty. COAL FOR SALE f? a T fez ach d u-na kiieum atirm relleveo Lby Dr. Miles' Nerve Plasters. ha ed coal, soft;coal, blockcoal. stove coal, SMITH COAL BestCoal in the South. Orders taken to G E Fisher' s store, or given to my drivers, or at my office will be prompt ly attended to. K. L. CRAVE N.I A Man rijrlus Fire in Stifling f'niofc Another Atliuua I'arty. mt. Pleasant, N. C , Oct. 30. The cottOD gia, owned by the Alt Pleasant Manufacturing Company, bat operated Air. William H Fisher, caught fire Saturday about noon and was sayed only by hard work.. Cotton is unloaded here by m?:ins of a fan which sucks it up through a wooden spout. It was while some cotton was. being unload ed that a blaze shot out the tpout into toe stall where the cotton was being emptied. The fire was not long in running over the gin-r?om. Eyery pile of cotton was scorched on top, except one which lay away from the re3i-. The roof just above tiie fan caught in seyeral places, but being of oak it did not burn fast and was soon put out. Before help amvtd Air. Fisher struggled heroically against the fire in the dense smoke which wa3 strong enough to have suffoctated one with weak Jungs. He had a lialf barrel of water in the house, which he used effectively till tbe crowd came with buckets of water. It is surprising, eyerything being so dry, how such a fire could be extinguished withuot having done more damage. The fire was caused by a match in the cotton that was being unloaded, striking against the fan. The report has gone abroad that men, in poor circumstances who had cotton there, have lost it by the fire; but it is a mistake. The damage is Emill and no one will lose any thing. Air. Fisher will make good the loss out of his own cotton, and that, too, when he was not in the fault the fire resulting from no carelessness on his part. Several more person j will within a few weeks visit Atlat 'a. Just how iff mm I for Infants and Children. that r--- OTHERS, Do You Know Eateman's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many so-called Soothing Sy , , most remedies for children are composed of opium or morphia? Do Yon Know that in most countries druggists are not permitted to 5; vrithout labeling them poisons ? no Yon Know that you should not permit any medicine to be given voz- - unless you or your physician knovr of what it is composed ? Do You Know that Castoria is a purely vegetable preparation, and t!...t a ' v its ingredients is published with every bottle ? Do Yoxi Know that Castoria is the prescription of the famous Dr. Satrel That it has been iu use for nearly thirty years, and that more Castoria is nc-.vsc-l of all other remedies for children combined ? Do You Know that the Tatent Office Department of the United State?, a- 1 - other countries, have issued exclusive right to Dr. Pitcher and his assigns to ue the vr;--1 Castoria" and its formula, and that to imitate them is a state prison offense? Do Yfu Know that one of the reasons for granting this government jr,t :;': -was because Castoria had been proven to be absolutely harmless ? Do You Know that 33 average doses of Castoria are furnished f:r 35 cents, or one cent a dose ? Do You Know that when possessed of this perfect preparation, your children rr? be kept well, and that you may have unbroken rest? "Well, these tilings are worth knowing. They are facts. The fac-slmlle f?irnature of Is on every wrapper. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Reduced Hallroad Kates. j I'otton State and International Exposition, Atlanta, Ga. Tickets on sale September 5 and 12 and daily from September 15 to Decern ber 15. 1896, inclusive with final limit January 7, 1896. Fare for round trip 814.20. Tickets on &ale many will go betwteu now and da:ly from September 15 to Decamp Christmas we do not know. Ccrn-shuckings are now occuring very frequently. The crop is about an average one. Some farmers make more, some less than last year. Arrest oi it I'rauh. Washington, D. (J., Oct. 28, C B Mangum, a middle aged crauk, who claimR ( come from the State of Washington, called at the Treas ury Department and the interstate commerce commission to4ay and presented a claim for large sums against the government. At the former he demanded that Treasurer Morgan pay him $317, 000,000 for loss of gold he said he susined by the sinking of the steamer Victoria. At the interstate commerce commission office he re duced his claim to $100,000,000. He also called at the British em bassy but failed to see any one and threatened to see the President. Hi was trken into custody by the police. ber 30, inclusive with final limit fifteen davs from dat efa!e. Fare for round trip S10.10. Tickets on sale daily from September 15 to December 30, inclusive with final limit seven days from date of sale. Fare for round trip S6 55. General Missionary Convention, Dallas, Texas. Tickets on sale Oct, 16; good going on date of sale only. Final limit Oct. 30, 1895. Continuous rjosssse in each directior. Fare for round trip $3135. Ironclad con ditions to be complied with. Baptist Educational and Mission, ary Convention of North Carolina Oxford, N. C. Tickets on sale Oct. 22, 23 and 24. Final limit Oct. 28, 1895. Coutinuous passage in each, direction. Fare for round'trip $6.85. Sells Brothers Shows, Salisbury, N, C. Tickets on sale Oct. 25. Final limit Oct. 26, 1895. Continuous passage in each direction. Fare for round trip 90 cents. Presbyterian Synod of North Carolina, Fayetteville, N C. Tickets on sale to Greensboro and Selma Oct. 21 to 23. Final limit November 2, 1894. Continuous passage in each direction. Fare lor round trip to Greensboro $3.65 to Salem $7.50. rnte from Greensboro via C. F. Iiueklen's Arnien;salve. The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, SaUl-piie Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetterd Chappe & Y. V. will be 84.65 and f rom Selma Hands, ChilblainF, Corns and all vh A. C, L. 82.50. Skin Eruptions, and positively cures North Carolina State Fair Piles or no p:iy rcqui-ed. It is, (colored), Raleigh, N. C. Tickets on guaranteed to give statisfaction or November 2 to 9 inclusive, monpv rpfnmlPfL Priop 9 prnfs Final limit November 11, 1895. - - Kw , . . uuDiiuuoua pas&age in eacn direc- CONCORD MARKETS COTTON MARKET. Corrected by Cannons & . Fetzer Good middling S.40 Middlings S3 Low middling 7j Stains 5 to 6 1 PRODUCE MARKET Corrected bv C. W Swiiik. Bacon 5 ; Sugar-cured nams 12tol5 Bulk meats, sides 8 to 9 Bee3wax 20 Butter 15 Chickens 10-oiO Oorn 40 gg 12 Lard , S Flour(North Carolina) 1.T5 Meal 53 Oats 3o Tallow 3io4 TP Year Round Some Medicines belcr?f to cr.e season and some to another. DR. KING'S ROYAL GERMETL'EH IS IN SEASON ALL THE YE&R bos. For sale at P B Fetzer's Drug store. Notice. All persons holding claims against J W Burishead, deceased, will please present-tbem to me or to H I Wood houee promptly, All persons in debted to same will plea.o call and settle at once. o7 Iw 2w Alida L. Bubkhead. Executrix of the last will and Testa ment of J W Burkhead. FIEE INSURANCE. When in heed of Fire Insurance, call and see us, or write. We repre sent only first-class Home and For eign companies. , Respectfully, W'OODHOUSE & HARRIS. tion. Fare for ror.nd trip including one admission to fair grounds $5 50. State Grand Lodge I. O. of G. S. and D. of S., Charlotte, N. C. Tickets on sale Oct- 27, 28 and 29. Final limit November 4, 1895- Con- tinuous passage in each direction Faro for round trip $1.05- Rickingham couutny Fair, Reids ville, N. C. Tickets on sale Oct. 26, 27, 28, 29 SO and 31 and Novembsr 1. Final limit November 4, 3895, Con I Xt des theso. Vlinee V--- -ur'ii . ' . and uncertain way, tra- .w- - tmuous passaere in fianh dirnrfinn 1 --. . I ivgsp ii in im .- . i uayirg corner Stone Masonic Temple, Danville Va. Tickets on Sale Oct, 26, 27 and 28. Final limit November 4, 1895. Continuous pass, age in each direction. Fare for rouud trip 5.45. IIS THESPRiNC It purifies the "blood, remove - '' '' r and depression, invigorates :vA ex:.-- rates the whole sj-steni. IN THE SUVliT It overcomes the relaxation v caused by hot weather n bowel troubles that are 5 then. Besides, it makes the jtghtful and refreshing drirh IN THE FALL When malaria "rides on c--" ' breeze," it is the great , the unfailing cure of ti" ing.from that cause. IN THE yjlNTHF- It is still needed for curir.g r ,; 1 Catarrh, Rheumatism, ami belong to cold seasons. and triumphant power. i 4,1 n ' "Sold by Druggists, new Pf -v:.'cr:U bottle, 108 Doses, One Dollar. i nlyby ps THE ATLANTA CHEMICAL CO., ATLAS i A, irritefor48.Page Boot, Hailed Iree- FETZER' S. DR UG S?0

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