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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 31, 1895, Image 1

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Xl.-No. 151 CONCORD, N. C, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31. 1895. Whom KG. l.tfSH rnT.. ' rr MA:f?ACTUKEliS OF tjX GIXG1MMS, CLOTHS, TLui'S, -SHLETING SALT BAG 8 A REMARKABLE ESCAPE. A You tig- I.arty Jmiiits from a Trnln i uvcr Mxiy sixlv Hour 0- rr.UKUS IN 5 rf'hq.p is i SUYKRS OF of al Kind AND wood always wonted- best prices for . ' e invite an in Weldon News : Wednesday niht of last week Miss Mary Burnett, of Charleston, 8. 0., who was a passenger on the South bound fast train cf the At. lantic Coast Line jumped through the window adjoining her berth, while the train was speeding along at the rate of sixty miles an hcv;r, and, etrange to relate, her injuries are net fiuch aa to cause serious results, Miss Burnett was visiting rela tives near New York City, and owing to mental troubles it was deemed adyisable to ser.d her home, and as a precaution a gentleman ?,c- comnaniea ner. Her absence, from the deeper as discovered soon after her jump from che rapidly moving train, near Stoney Creek, and a searching party was sent back to look for her. She was scon found and was brought to this place on the Atlanta Special, and place in charge of Dr. I E Green, The doctor found that Miss Bur- nette had sustained severe bruises) about thread, but no fracture of Sf rlclteu With Paralysis. Mr. David Parish, woo ha3 been in feeble health for several months past, suffered a stroke of paralysis Tuesday night last, and there are fears for the result. His manv friends regret to bear of his serious affliction and condition. Answering Calls. Ladies who are candidates for the proposed trip to the Baltimore ex position took advantage of the bad weather today and t have employed most of the time of the salesmen in answering questions" and setting forth the conditions. . The. rush is all on Mr, Stuart. Jiine Cent Cotton. As The Standard predicted sev eral days ago, cotton has advanced to 9 cents. Seveial bale brought that price yesterday and today (Thursday), although the receipts at the platform were very light. Since the recent decline -the tarmer has had a reason of holding: beck, but with the advance, will now come it- a-rolling in, Professional C;.rd i .M,ARCHEY,:n. D. Physician and Surgeon. Concord, N. C. OFFICE: ST, CLOUD AKNEX. JNO. R- ERWIN. C A- MISENHRi?.:-?. spectiou o: all tlie goods H IV Cf -n't.1. i Pi The V7eItilnjj To tiny. ' The marriage spoken by The "Stakdaed of Tuesday, to taKe placa in Bays' Chapel tonight, will not be as announced; At the home of Mrs. Hampton, on Valley street, promptly at 1 o'clock today (Th&rsi day) Mr. Charles L Eagle was mar ried to Miss Ida C Lentz, Rey. .J R Moose officating. Quite' a number. ! of friends were present to witness the ceremony. . . A F-onslMe I'ntMilty. It is said 'that' the faculty of Wake Forest college has at last "set down" upon foo&ali. They are reported as forbidding any more games to be played on0 the college grounds, whereupon 'the students refuse to f comply, and say they will not go in any of the atheletic halls or take in any college sports, Thing3 are in this state now. It remains to be seen whether the faculty or students will win. ail cia in. Robbed on the Trnin. Salisbury Herald :..M.aj. S J. Pern, berton, who came in' 'oh NoVs'ia-st night, tells the Herald of- a .robbery the skull or internal injuries result-j pn the train. At Greensboro ex ed from her rash act. She was i v H. CALDWEL Al'L'OlLM LY AT LAW, COXCORD, N. C. Cilice in Morris buildiii.r, opposite Court given the pioper attention and was rendered a3 comfortable as possible. Thursday night she was sent home on the fast train. Another remarkable thing about the miraculous escape is that the shock completely restored the young lauy to her right mind. For some tynie her mental troubles bad given ber relatives-'and friends serious alarm, end her restoration is regard ed a9 a miracle. ERWIN & MISENHEI.I U -Li K Physicians and Surgecr Office No. 3. Harty buildinr. -i ,j posite 2nd Prebvteriau oLur Charlotte, N. C CoBcerd h id Concord,- r. C (Governor and Mrs. TX' Holt, c Haw River, accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. E C Laircl, of Greensborothe. latter Goy, Holt's daughter- got on the train to come to; Holtsburg. Shortly after the train left the etas tion the conductor came around to collect tickets, and on looking for his Dr. Laird discovered that it was gone, together with his. pocket book and money. The amount of the loss vpag not .learned.. Get the Goll Medal, The Messrs. Udell had a magnifi cent display of their produets at the recent State Fair. It was full, com plete and tastily arranged. Secretary and Treasurer W R Udell recer ed a letter from Secre tary Nichols of the Fair, that the Odell Mfg. Company had re ceired the gold medal for the best and'largest display of factory pro ducts, Concord always wins. Bnchlen's Arnica alre, . The Best Salve in tke world for Cut3, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetterd Chappe Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all Skn Eruptions, and positively cures Piles or no pay requi-ed. It is guaranteed to give statisfaction or monev refunded. Price 2o cent? per box. For sale at P B Ferzer's Drug Uto're. J. M, Odell, IV : D, B. CCLTRANE, Mr:- L. D. Coltrane, Astisfji!.;- : :, ! ;- , Capital, u'V-iu : Surplus, . DIRECTORS J. M. Odell, f). F. 0xvro t W K Odell, W. H. L :...), D. B Coltrakl, Spec.utatior?, HAMMOND & C. Stock &ad 'hwm. 130 Pearl Sti , -:i, NEW YORK CITY, X J. bcocks, Bond3 and (.Tram bought r. sold, or carried on Merlin. P. S. Send for explanafoi v f;"r lar on speculation, also wt.:!:ly u.x: ket letter. (Free) d d y WAIT ! WAIT ! W AI We wish to announce to the public of CONCORD AND VICINITY BALT MORE 1 BARGAIN HOUSE IS r We have taken up quarters m the vacant store 'room, opposite the National Bank building, of Concord, known as the IT itaker Building. rTM-ifT- VT?iin and. Deoot Streets, x( where we will open oa or about NOVEMBEK 1st, 1895, with an extensive line of mmmm very fine and medium grade clothing tows of Concord and surrounding community at 1 o i A f n Qihtf would cost vou elsewhere from 8S.50 to $25, Amongst our other lines we will handle the choicest line,: We will sell you an an wooi buil num 1 V, (' at wa? rm& GENTS' FURNISHINGS HATS, AND SHOES miLM : --r ever seen on the counters m uoncora. WAIT FOR OUR OPENING, NOVEMBER 1, 1805. Respectfully yours, lAlf?AIS astn; . , I, 3 HS- fll 1 &c iandl CON COP D, N. C. 3 a liiie of all kinds and makes of and rifles, repeating and single.

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