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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 31, 1895, Image 2

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The Daily st indard.r decTr'5,295072 ton3OD BY JAMES I. COOK. V"ICE IK CASTOR BUILDING ' . . Standard is published every F (Sunday excepted) nd delivers by carriers. BATES OF SUBSCRIPTION Ouq year 84 00 Six months 2 00 xiiieo months 1 00 JiiO month 35 ,j;n-io copy 05 ADVERTISING RATES. Tor -08 for regular advertisement e 'Ve xnovru on application. Address nl communications to THE STANDARD. Concord. N. C. GO:'RD, OCT. 31, 1895. URI.G iROSlJEKl'l Y. The f-.jIo-fiDg frotc the Raleigh oa IV '-t. S A Ashe's Dew paper, .3 ytrj 3tr jug presentation of thj .i;itjL.of the bimetallism It Dr. Be Witt Talrnage inaugurated his work as pastor m the pulpit of the First Presbyterian church, Washington, D. 0., on Sunday last, with a sermon entitled "All Heaven Looking On." The Manufacturers' Record ssys that the finest Sta'e exhibit of wood at the Atlanta Expositian is that presented by Xonh Carolina. Alabama's output ot cjal this year is estimated t 1,000,000 tons or nearly 3,000,000 more than last years. ARRESTED THE CHIEF. One of Buffalo Hill's Keilshius Ac cuser, of Manslaughter in Baltimore. Mohawk, one of the Indian braves in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, was arrested t v-ts nurniDg by Officer Huzzy of Baltimore, on a charge of manslaughter. It c.en;c that while tae show was in that city tome one threw a rock s to be Democratic doctrine ,i ! . .lata smaii white boy striking him in ? -via recently was almost um-i , . , , J . , . . . .eroul'v regarded as such. It is be ;;eved if this policy wps enacted into kv and carried out by the gov rcrnt it vould introduce the :nort furt,'riti6 era the country i vu i"i . The State saya : "rj e' .La" advocates bim.tallim. 3j t -jai mean the free and uu iii-iicd oinage of both silver and f.c:c5.- Monocienrallisin is a new ibfcg'ui '.er the suu. Ita advocates i-e I. kit , ch;i pleased with a new tfvthig. They do not itop to think bo.? it i working and how it woji.l ork, if preaiated in, in the years io come. It eema to ns that it ! 4 btan attended with eyils iifih ron as the years pass, just aa the.bhr? 1:8 foretold. Until feceiitly no American states rnau ev?; Located monometallism. Now. it: babecome quite the fad in certain circle, where it is treated philosophically as a natural evolu t.0L : noney matters, just aa many -upie. . uen in a philosophical way argue that by evolution man came rrom monkeys. It is said that there is gold er.?ivh. Twenty years ago when both silver and gold were in equal Cases Compromised We learn that the suit brought by Y B Brown, adni nistrator of E W Durham vs. the Southern Railway Company for killing said Durham in the collision at Haw River, August 6rh, has been compromised, the Southern Railway Company paying to the plaintiff $2,400. Th suit of his brother, J W Durham, who received injuries at the same time, haa also been compromised for four hundred dollars. The same source says the attorneys received pretty good fees in these two case3 oae third of the two thousand, eight hundred dollars, NOT A SICK DAY For Over Thirty Years! RESULT 07 USING i AYER'S PILL: THE Large profits no longer come from merchant 50 to 100 per cent, on a credit of from one year tot a: only lour out ot every Hundred, credit merchants -'v ceea. w e preier per utun. uasn to a struggle chances against us. e sold a. nity; Last Saturday we placed a lot of ginghams on salo cents per yard and a lot of good towels that we snatVl at 5j centc per dozen that sell regularly at Id cent eaot! $ If H runted mailed fLiein o cent eacn. Ltiegingnam went U?f . "A yer's Cathartic Pills for over thirty jreara have kept me in good health, lever having had a tick day in all that time. Before I was twenty I suffered almost continually as a result of con stipation from dyspepidf headaches, neuralgia, or boil and other eruptive diseases. When I becaina convinced 1 mm i ihe side. The boy received injuries from which he afterwards died, An officer was sent after ths offender, who was said to be one of Cody's In dians, and from the description of the man wanted, placed Mohawk under arrest this moining at the grounds. His trial is now on, with but little chance of conyiction. Some Fiiiares. Greensboro Christian Advocate : Dr. Carroll has been inyeatigating a census of the churches in the United States. The table of communicants is as fellows : ..." , Oaf holies :. 6,267,871 Methodists 4,589,224 Baptists 3.VI2.468 Lutherans 1231,352 Presbyterians - 1,078,370 Disciple", of Chiist, or- 'Christians" 744,773 Episcopalians. 640,509 J0ngreKr40nalistS 512,771 ehlldrea at with parents, Ayer's JPills, Reformed ,-.... .39458 It taken in season, avert all danger of United Brathrii 225,281 " sickness." H.kttsteiSt; -Byron; 111; Mormons 166.125 : Jews 230.313 Friends 107,208 All Others 812,582 nnnf v4Tfif von i t tn inTTPCit fi on 1 T1 Afniiflm' I1- out our cash we had our money invested in these and 9 , that nin-tentha of ray troubles were qaused by cohstipation, I began the nse of Ayer's Pills, with the most satisfac tory results, navex having a. ficgle attack that did not readily yield to'this lemedy. My wife, who had oeen an fcivalid for years, also began to use. Ayer's Pills, and her health was quickly restored. With iny children, i la ad no ticed that nearly all their .ailments wero preceded by constipation, and I soon had the pleasure of knowing that with Total 20,618,307 In studying these statistics you mubt remember that the Catholic ' cominunic j-'uts'' include all mem bers c! fvv,ilios thirteen years of ago. II v should number the Aiethudist or Baptist churches on the tame basis, either of them would iue as ii:0ney there was moie than I largely outnumber the Catholics. 1 Li'Iioaa of metallic money, an: p iaGVQ is no crrounds for fear of . 1 - , fUoUn, for,Ar,Vi v,an tho Catholics at present, but pers ;; country of ours possessed J - noL of either metal, v.- 0 vera many other countriee i 1 ' 1 -.v.-i the eauui situation. Now, hfter the vast development of tl e r .1 rp decide: in population, in .:t:a .L commerce. &ad in the uses nc '-;.'s fur money, we arc told oat -. ;h; a four billions is enough (-.fu :.;ja It is all gold, jx .rf yQZ virtually we have no this coantry. None, then, 11 . rziil money for us! "Well, wc . -va': think 30. Our people are ctiii ''! 0 Live real money equally 6 1 w. people, There not being let for all nations to have : resort must be had tc t frj was done fcr thous.n-l haps there is no other organization that is more diligent in cultivating its field than these who claim to be in the succession of Peter, They train the children. In thia respect we might learn some yaluable les sons from them. mm PIUS:; Mlghoct Monors at WorlcTs Fair. Istrt UmuUli Strengthens the. ysteia. Four smiles, Haye you smoked the cigar I gave you ? No; the doctor saya f musn't take any violent exercise. Watts Do yon think a. man can be a Chmtnn on a doiiar a day ? Potts I don't see how he can af ford to be anything else. Indian apolis Journal The Wife How did tou come to propose to me, John ? The Husband I wanted to be different from other mer- I :,:udosp. a n it? eg TELEEjG i mm li id M&m I. I 3 iFa iuw am tri vfl ra kAS ri BaM Iliio Yvyk we have on sale a lot of Seaside tovh ortv cents tvdlh. AVe have put four in a bundle and sail tueV' for 5 cents, just li cent for 10 cent novels. ClotnboiiH novels at 15 cents! The Life of Jefferson Davis, by Dayis. Sold by subscription at $8.00 per set of 2 vols on price is 2.90. Koliins Ancient History m 4 vols for Creaseys Fifteen Battles on which tLe Civilization of thu World Scanns This is one of the richest stories of history to be found, our price 15 cents. A few of E P Roe's novels at 65 cents. Washington Irving' worksr0 vols for 82 45, The following two vols sets at 98 cents per set: Prescotts Conquest of Mexico, Presscotts Conquest of Peru, complete works of Chorles Lamb, The Count )f Monte Cristo, by Dumas, The Mysteries of Paris, by Engene Sue The Wondering Jew, by Eugene Sue, ' Teachers Oxford Bibles, $1 75; Teachers Oxford Bibles, with patented index, $2 00; Large family Bible, $1 98; Large fiinily Bible, old and new translations1' in parallel columns for ?2 98. - . Lace cut shell paper at one-half cent per sheet, bargains in tablets and students note books, mueilage at 3 cents per bottle, ink the same, envelopes from 2 cents to 10 inch ones at 5 cents, two good rubber tipped leod pencils for 1 cent slate pencils at 10 cents per pound, steel pejis, including Eastbrooks, at 4 cents per dozen. FRENCBL S h la e lf in 1 AT FOUR CNTS PER BOX. l JUTFAS COOP FOB ADULTS. WARRANTED. PRICE 5QctS. ev., by the Grand Master GALATIA JtLS., Nov. 16, 1833. Taris :Todi-!no Co., St. I ouis.Mo. 'raen: We sold Us year, GOO bottles of GiiOVirs TASTELESS ClllLii TONIC and have t oU3rht three trrosg already thr year. In all osr ex- 1 j i - ..-1 r IV- ...n!- lfl iu. :W1'B, " " years, m tne arug Dusmess, nave "vh; vic- ivacuuicjlij c.iiu tu.1 :.ffer sow nn article tut-t gav fnch universal satis - Lu&ia j. . iiiDg, tuere is no akney, cabk 4 co. O:1! h'.f,h ti;at ia mightier than pov. :i 01 weaun. xiua now, ? top7 he &du?d, in a low voice, tor fhft r.iirnor-- n ; 10.000, with which tcc? r uvc'j i-.-v t -13 up the collection."- For e-iie hy all arus:gi8t3. Assorted carpet tacks at five cents per pound, The regi lar price is five cents for two dozen. FIVE CENT ;ARTIOLBS: Three tin cups; One coffee pot; One covered bucket; Olv hall gallon cups, LUNCH BASKETS, TEN TO TWENTY CENTS. SpDnges 3 cente; Remnants of Calico at 20 cents a lb. Ah col ilannel 15 cents per yard. Canton flannel at 71 cent-3 per j i. EMBROIDERED AT SEVENTY-vFOUR CENTS PER YAR: One-half pint bofcUe of Bay Rum for 10 cents. Bargains i i sll tcooI at 37 cents, Ladiea ve3t o cents ip. ...iinxV;'auia coal minc produc-i-u ir 1 '' ,j0;;b9 tons ot which 4o;508,l?0 tons were anthracite and 89,800,213 tons bituminous. There Vi-! r " T : o&'J'e her Catoria. Xlici slio was a Ch'lli, -lie cried for Ctistoria. VvTea sho became 3Iiss, slie clunj to Castor?:1., When she Lad Children, sne gaye thera Castorla, .i MINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Havin.'? been duly appointed and qiiliScl adminietrator of the estate) i ijiixuxvu A nuetaan, ctoceased, persons holding claims against the said deceased are hereby noti fied to present them, duly authen ticated, to the vu;d railed for nav I rnent on or before tL: 17ih day 01) October 1833 or tLi uotice will bo plead as r bar to ibeir recovery. AWo all persons owiag said estate ara notified that prompt paynnt is expected. J. A. Earnhardt, This Oct- 17th '95. Aministrator, XT in J . . J-t- JL

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