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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 14, 1895, Image 2

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BY j ami: 1. COOK. E IN CASTOR BUILDING control of the State government. Ill DallV Standard These fears are, probably, without sufficient foundation. Tne Utntiie population of. Utah, hasi increased jrpicjly in tie last few years, and the Mpxmona. we 1 paying. Recently th y haye eetablised several large colonies. in Mexico, where their pe culiar institutions will not be in terfeTed with and these settlements are growing rapidly. The Mormons wuut to be alone and they realize that if they are not now in a mbi orlcy in Utah they soon will be. Utah will probably come into tbp full fellowships of the States at an early dy. Tho Standard is published every (1 ? (Sunday excepted) ind delivers by carriers rates' of scbschiption One year... 84 00 iSix m on Mis 2 oo Three uiontha 1 00 "One month. 35 in-.'-e oopy 05 VVSKTISINQ RATES. Tc-Tns t'ov regular advertisements inv.dc knoT- i on application. H communications to THE STANDARD. Concord." N. C. OOKOOLU), IsOV. 11, 1895. A (Mr :;i?.vr.!t imDl;CTloJi. Uf.i.n cporu trendy received and f.f :'ii.;U-: for the rest of tho year it 'ip'ii rouTJt!on up to h re -, 1 the director of the mint) . uf the silver ii- it' 1 1 a I'JUl UillJ .UU . ,j , : V UU -ill CHIL" ') ui iuc ajnui J j, ; ir.--t ' he Tr;.ited otatef? for ! 4 la:, thun ia3t year's prodnc ;;.iiiir! For Ovr I'llly Years-. Mrs. Winslow's Soottrrjg Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It so thes the child, Eottens the gum?, alhiVc tU pdn, cu'va wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea It will relieve the poor little suffers immediately. Sold by Druists :n lury. part of the .TOidd. Twenty live eeuu a bottle lie sure and ask for '-Mrs. Winslo -vz mwitw e23'l5 pes OF VOICE After Acute Bronchitis CUBED BY USING 97 Chexry Pectoral. A PREACHER'S EXPUNGE. "Three months ago, I took a vio lent cold which resulted in an attack of acute bronchitis. I put myself under medical treatment, and at tho end of two months was no better. 1 found it very difficult to preach, and concluded to try Ayer's cherry Large profits no longer corse from merchandise sold at 50 to 100 per cent, on a credit of from one year to eternity only four out of every hundred credit merchants ever Rn ceed. w e preter no per cent, casu 10 a struggle chances against us. ggle with ye Jlrs. CoK Has Fn!l'!. Pkovipenok, Nov. 13. Tho -.rc- rvvdin-M fur divorce bsL'in kst Cl bein due. o . . .! vh. :!b hv Mrs. Elizp.bfth V Cult D hfivn lo n, KtriinV'H. The fauuro of '. i. .vfd ui5iemuner:itive luct i , , . ' n iirr coun&cl to secure the fh-uilLot : evidence to ubstantiato her tiller - , .a i . ijvia o-vs the i tj011 of 'adultery against Colonel ie .j.tiit; "ive productiod.r.nd piic; of i Jamuol Poinoroy Colt wi'i, iu nil !,n cotiiit -y for t i e h, -t ; PKhj uglily, rcuu tno we Md the present year, as ., ci me r u:. i. om iuj v premc com t. r,,,,M ond of the divorce cusg Jco not in the least affect the btandinj: rectoral. Tin; first liot tie gave me great relief; the second, which I am now taking, has relieved me almost entirely of all unpleasant symptoms, and J feel sure that one or two bot 11' s more will effe ct a permanent cure. To all ministers suffering from throat troubles, 1 recommend Ayer' Cherry Pectoral."-r-.M.Biiaw'ley, 3). .,-J)ist.. Secretary, Am. JJapt. Publication Society, Petersburg, Va. GOLD MEDAL AT THE WOLLD'S FAIE. ArER'SUADS U OTHER SAnSAPARIUAS. ..1 11 rm rgK u ya ISO 2 1S91 1895 45,Vi,G62 y3 6 cents 5U,0J4,5?i 03.5 cents 5 1,510,300 104 6 cents 58,330,000 OS 8 cuts 63,500,000 87.1 cents t.9,0Oi000 63 5 cents 55.00,000 67.0 cents It will be seen that the produc tion will Le greater tnia year than in any of the years 188S, 1889 and 1S90. O ir 'vn product this year will be nine million ounces in excess of that in 1839, though the average nr: ioj of silver during that year was 10 cents higher than the price at pruent Most of the mines in this country are now producing silver at h proht. When silver went to 164.6 oeiits an ounce in 1890 there was a be oi:i in " jiaing stocks and a great lijcsj wet their natural fate. The silyer production of seypral r,rT)ti tries will show an increase this yesr, bat the total output will not ifor .a erially from that of last y :Hr. T:,? world's production of -:Mer in.;?ei32d from 03,207,000 -ci .-oio to 161.776,100 iu H;'t3. AiUna Journal. i Li a n v. vi" i si o n m om? n L ' J on the court docket of the suit of A flSlVfiSf . K- SiR-fr imP TABTELESi mM PJl II fp 1 e j 11 I 1 iii ikj I E 1 c .. v m TuM-m Last Saturday we placed a lot of ginghams on sale at kH cents per yard and a lot of good towels that we snapped m, at 50 cents per dozen that sell regularly at 10 cent each. marked them 5 cent each. The gingham went befoie mn. down and tlie towels before we closed. When wc coum out our cash we had our money invested in the&e and 2j per cent, prolit ready to invest again Monday. This week we have on sale a lot of Seaside novels worth s - " Day is. Sold by subscription at $8.00 per set of 2 vols, our price is $2,90. Rollins Ancient History in 4 vols for 2 2. Creaseys Fifteen Battles on which tie Civilization of tLc World Scanns This is one of the richest otories of history to be found, our price 15 cents. Alew of E P Koe's no vol at (f) cents. Washington Irving' t works, 0 vols for 2 4f. The following two vol -3 sets at 93 cents pei set: Prescotts Co? quest of Mexico. Presscottd Conu-st uf Peru, complete works of Cliorles Lamb, The CorrH of Mont Cristo, by Dumas, Tno Mysteries oi Paris, by Eugene Sne. i he Woudering Jew, by Eugene Sue, Teachers Oxford Bibles, 81 7J; Teachers Oxford IMbles, with patented index, 2 00; Large lamily Bible, 81 W'; Lai.e family Bible, old and new translaiions in parallel eob'r, for i2 OS. Lace out ohelf paper at one -half cent per sheet, bargains in tablets and students note books, mucilage at 3 cents per bottle, ink the same, envelopes from 2 cents to 10 inch ones at 0 cents, two god rubb v: tipped leod pencils for 1 cord, slate pencils at 10 cents per pound, steel pens, . ihciudiug Eastbrooks, at i cents per dozen. DallasTo., Nov. 13. A jury in Judge Burked Fourteenth Judical Court, laat night rendered a yerdict against the Oriental Invest ment Cuuin&ny, cvi.tra of the Oii ental Hotel, in Dallas, in faver of Maggie S Lyne, a eervaut, who was injured about two years ago In an o v.tor in the hotel. She sued for C'j0,000. There are three other suits perding by parties injuren in the eme accident. A queer church qu&rrel is reported from Scotland, where aii Episcopa- inanj T7orthless mines weie opened, lian clergyman has rent his congre gation in twain Dy trying to supi press r, debating society connected with the church. This society, it seems, says the New York Times, re cently considered the relatiye influx ence of the modern press and the modern pulpit, and decided by vote that' the orators who sustained the newspaper side of the controversy had'the better of it. The reyerend gentleman therefore declared both hiiiiself mil the church grievously insulted, and peremptorily ordered eyerybody connected wi'h the de bat:ng i:o::ny to resign from it. Nobody obeyed, and the result has i . . .... i . r tt. i -i p-vpid oi ucan oy a large majority have yoted in fayor of ad t';oj t- the union, and. adopted . a eo.3 :'U:;io-. When the 5 v et .! ijj election is presented to MiO L":v'jiC Ait he may issue a proc i rnntin d::;lariug U.ah a Stite. it Ui - 'wx. the president will ,b? Ie' been empty paws and much harsh language f rom the pastor and bio re bellious flock. ... - vi U' , UC! r..iiXi3TjaATOirs notice. to i3uel ;uh a! Huviui: been duly appointed, ftn-i ,,Pflfliy,n,,i;An nn r,roiIM,i i a o Jo'iaMfied r.dmioistrator of the estate AUcGVuuliononlbog A IIllematJ, deceased, riorinuu element, though it has nil poisons holding claims against irt nnn i tno efj.d dceo-ed are nereoy noLi- " lKjn olu iificd to pi ob .'lit them, duly nuth i l : . i , Hie p. ectio.i of Stiit? s?v.;rc: - rea "t itc.f. The con t lit :cn of (Jr.-h forbids polygamy, bat n- c'tye Cv?r.tilc H that teri t -i L-y beiyt that the luoimDna would disregard the law if they gained t-.cated, to Iho undersigned for pay ment on or betore tha ltli day oi October 18jG or this notice will bo plead as a bar to their recovery. Also all persons owing said estate are notified that prompt payment is expected. J. A. Barnhabdt, This Oct- 17th' 95. Aministrator, Pr. Miles' rain iflaare ?uaraQieea xotstoi Headache la 20 minutes. "One cent a ciobo. ISJUSTASdOOD FOR ADULTS. WARRANTEDPRICE SOcts. GALATIA, IfcLS., NOT. 16, 1393. Tails Mcdlclno Co., ttt. Louis, Mo. Gentlemen: We fold last year, 600 bottles of GROVE'S TASTELESS CHILL TONIC' and havo bought three Kross already thistyear. In all or ex perience of 14 years, In the dreg' business, have r.fiTor st Ul un article thut pave such universal BttUar taction aa your Tonic. Youra truly, AiiNEV.CAKH &CO. FRENCH mil Blocking For sde by all druggists, Tho first of American Nowspa pM5, A. DANA, Edilor. The American Constitution, tho American Idea, the American Spirit. These first, last, and all the time forever. Daily, by mail, - w SG a year Diiiy e.nd Sunday, by mail, S3 a year The Sunday Sun is the greatest Sunday Newspaper in the world. Frice 5c. z copy. By mail, 2 a year. Address THE St'X, Sew York. MORRISON II. OALDW.EL ATTORNEY AT LAW, CONCORD, N. C, Office in Morris building, opposite Court House. AT FOUR CENTS FER BOX. i Assorted carpet tacks at five cents per pound", The regu lar price is five cents for two dozen. FIVE CENT ARTICLES: Three tin enps; One coffee pot; One covered bucket; One half gallon cups, LUNCH BASKETS, TEN TO TWENTY CENTS. Sponges 3 cents; Remnants of Calico at 20 cents r, lb. All wool :hs:i.!, ;15 cents per yard. Canton fliunel at 71 cents per yarJ. E MBROIDERE D ATfSEVENTlM'OUJR CENTS PER YARD. One-half pint bottle of Biv Rum for 10 cnta. Bargains iu ur all woolat37i cesta. Ladies vest 5 cents up. . i r. : T it in D. J. BOSTIAH, proprietoi

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