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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 15, 1895, Image 2

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Tlie Crippled ft ml tlie lllind. T&6 Dai! V b:J$iX&S3& Salisbury World: Deputy Sheriff !JT JAMES P. COOK. l 1GK IN CASTOR BUILDING Vhe Standard is published every C ? Sunday excepted) -uid delivers . by carriers. KITES OF SUBSCRIPTION Gnu year Si 00 ub. months 2 00 '.-hreo month b 1 00 vJl'c ronth 35 Hi'.rL. copy 05 .ADVERTISING ll Vi'ES. T'erjii- for regular advertisements -: : w n on application, i.'.vlrei ailieomriunie'-'.tions to THE STAN DARD, Concord, IN. C CONCORD. iOV. 15, I8U5. to vrn. f ' cot- .o a i "i ol" h i!ie. Del., Nov. '12. Bywf.j of a jot sorjir- fdlow-rvor;nson of ! ley, fia omp'oyeof Rich;d- pipe v?i-a .'making incril compos i Robt. Monroe left this mornings. for the "brick house settlement" ten miles south 01 here. He went to ar rest three persons for selling liquor on Sunday. ' ne of them, Augustus House, is the pale-faced cripple, who for many years has visited Salisbury carrying with him a paper, asking for help. He is generally accom panied by his mother who seems to be in destitute circumstances. This is not the first time, however, that Augustus has been arrested for sell ing whiskey, he having been tried in our courts seyeral times for that offense. The judges heretofore fcaye let him off on account of his sad bodily alilietioDs. Another onejof the offenders whom j Deputy Monroe will arrest i: Paul Reinsel, a blind mr,n, wjo hi vAat charged with selling spirits on tbt Sabbath, The third offender fj be arreetsd ig a man ntmed l03tian who is bo drawn up by disease uhat he travels on his hand.? ;iiid feet. lie is char get! with il.i u tine cfaoO as i'u C-iAcT tWO. LOSS OF VOICE After Acute Brcnchitio CUBED BY USING ,9f Cherry Pectoral a vcn A PREACHER'S EXPERT ''Three months ago, I took a vio lent cold which resulted in an attack of acute bronchitis. I put myself under medical treatment, and at the end of two months was no better. I found it very difficult to preach, and concluded to try Ayer's Cherry JL JuL WW Mm V sk' ur 'ikT-z We now have UNDER VESTS in wool and cotton for infants misses and. ladies. Infants jersey rib wool vests 25 cents, Misses jersey rib . cotton v 2oc S L .'.'I I Pectoral. The first bottle gave mo great relief ; tho second, which I rim Ladies jersey rib cotton vests at 5, 18, 2i), 35 and 45c. Ladies jersey rib wool vest and drawers line goods, 1.95 per suit. Ladies extra tine merino wool yests only $3.00 per pair, Ladies r-.-d -medicated Special bargains' in lrM coarse and line seamless ,n S silver, tan, slate, Vn V? blacli 5 to 40 cents. 1 Big job gents black li.s.,nY worth 40 cts at 20. " x Big job gentsHerii.on n cotton sox at 10 cents. " ' GOOD WEUui'l seamless sox at 5, v 10 cents. ivy ' n .; it . '-h:; i. i f :ispi.:OL, buv ac-;er a itw : ere us explosion (tceur- wa3 h;!- Vnr -.1, LlOr Lie in;jed r and I feel sure lliat one or two bot- ! ties more will eiuvit a 'ermanent MuioirM Ami aiv-. : lnTP Toaii ni'.isters suliVring from The BcJt -Salve in tke world ' for ' tliroat trruihM.s, Trtronmiend iVyer Out3, Bruises, fSores, Ulcers, Salt j Clierry Pectoral."--E.M. 1?hai,f.y, Khenm, Feer ors, Tefterd Oltpe j ;)-r- lt. Secretary, Am. J.a:t. Hands, Chilbiaing, ii'f, i'ublitlori oeKty, Petersburg, V": now taking, lias relieved me almost ! entirely of all unpk a;;a.nt symptoms, j j- x 1 1 O VV OUil vests at 3 per pr. Ladies' white and colored and 5 cents. Infants zephyr V, 10 cents. Infants zephyj wo,. n:-.2i'tr, piiisli and silk cus'In Infants wool tork: r to li cents. Misses and vout1 ! mixed -ribbed hoe ; i0 I in foot. .-j or no ;.y rcq.ii-.ii. it i,j j 1 . . u:. cc. 10 f:l v- :u: ik uji.oh - . s injured that !morf7 rvP,,nd;,d . nnCv c,r, oor ; bo:;, Foe ale at P B lotzer's Drup i iiioro. ID HJIi AT TILL UaHLD'S 7AXH. AVEfi'S LEADS A'L OTKEB SASr.lLUS. HI.'.. . i, 1 ' ! a.tia eoi'.-'i e.i . : j . . r. 1 , luiaiits coraarov yAl rVui'l T Bin in, j mior is?mber OoL, iNov. of thn late 1 T ' if tt$ 1 k p- "4 .rJ. Li,, L:.1 W y.t-. ,M y c.H: t titi' merino cotton ui;.. .v ;u . drhirts, .vhittf and colored at 10 l-. in. :r : The brst ladies iVsi 'oUck white and coioitrO. ; ,ioiii..-o h i-.a 1 ' ii 1 L;ae c-iorauo i1 B;Ur. ii. :.,:aes loday fmi i (:b,ien a-; 1 V'e : 3 Jl pf p?v$l I K N IT UN D E P. SH F RTS i 10 cynts. beUer - I . . 1 l ; . i V it 17: c. -lory. i 1 ! - tr- d oi ;lUtt5 i.le ujc3 :oi;iu;k Thurtday, aed r'3 yer: j ! Ltrioc.fe:- the ;he f.vo Ute Iridi'-r o 1 The two brothc-rj dumoded of - 'n "Jldck .L vr-ek, lv-.. iemher died uvo year -r: th' town i:i Manco-'--. ' tere ;i-.yc;- lyirried nt fnd-an PcPce .McCaa- i pettier hihuv vcarj. tiou :o ij. L: iar the jior-cs of Lne I len white merino cotioa jflOOKS ) I j 7 -kf l; ct. , these BSct shirts have ... . ,-' K A- r.v- ,;l7v;;k;5f'-J Uacn, i ' I lest brass uins at :J V... "d-i: iPiVt n'kf.l4si i rieris' mixed color iinder-- Hoi n dress ttays at Pox, - . -V - M . :..-.!,!,:... liners v 'V - . ,'-. ! P .,e:: a-iu . ,;r int. -on ol the Indian rpi , . . ' ,. .. ! ?f?$xh out.oootu to oe auiliy of :he crime, YtJW T(. ; , rory , ! Descents and liepublicans, held a iwurk. ,.rier3 and will trendy ,0 ?rtnce neio cuu.y. J LtlbJ no . it niomeut. r '..nor l"i!ty -a, made ,v;ai m m m a loudly hnered. ftl k!?J ffl rtvtohekrol f I?3 Ife ib!y, of Pennsylvania, ciadc var.a j i pllver speech and waa ' Ir is no?sible a new r 'a.e-'.i ior over orcv years ov ... , , j feffn R-fv L-ft Sv . , party, w:h he 01 jan:;d. f ffl (1 :v. i iM0rhers for their ch ku r j - . rJ s -.--.'.dt v:!:r 7Uh perfect sucucb, ProWN Plan IV Fdu : i fii M f'-i It soothes the child, jotteiis -.It ...uaSj iVJ.- : nil pr.ia, cr.res wind oUc, is the heat remedy for idaarrhoec-. It will relieve the poor : dtie Latter immediately. Sold hy s)iugghis in every put of the v.-o?ld. TTfonty li?e centd a bottle Be jure and ask for ,Mis. Winalovvo Sofchin Syrup," and take no other h. id. mwI&T b23'05 As administrator cf D A Sides. deceased, and by virtue of a decree m&ij&d tJJ is ck s-iiC':.J : :g j-jst as good for adults. WARRANTED. PM2CL SO cts. ol the buoenor Court, oi Cabarrue I pansMetiioino Co., bt.ix.uis.Mo. COUntv in tho pfi oi' A V' M aaq,! i . ;cnllc-iuen: .Vo Pold last year, (WO bottloa o ,U ' . U C' C! -UOfOSt ; nuoVE'S Tf-TilLESS CHILL TONIC and havo aaminietrator, V.g&l) ,t J A iiOW.ani! f.wi:utLr-o (.already thia your In all oar x HTl(s utiliTrt I Will ! fhn nnr l'n-nce a 11 yenra. In the dru; busiiiGSs, nave ,hi at 18 and iJ5 cts, don k. 'orbr-fasted 'and back at 5o c ens' mixed one-kali wool at 47 i cts, double back and front 75 cents. Mens good red wool under shir l o at 7k cents. Ladies' BLACK CASHMERE gloves (all wool) at 15, Uk 20, :?5 arid ;8 cents. Thre cash mere gloves are the fiiK bi we - . . .... - r.- .1 s , ....v uei uittJieu, XVL Lilt"! d'ices are at -east zv per cent, cheaper than last year. i. r: house door in Concord, to the hiL- est. bidder, on Monday, December ! 2nd, the house and lot in Mt. Piee.t ' ant known as the "D A Sides nrop- i arty" adjoining C G Ileiii Jct u you T(jiic For 8rile hy all aruc:gi8ts. Youib truly. Ausey.Cauh &ca - ceiver .ti, Ohio., Xov. 14, Tiidge Tart today appointed Ilenry .lak nearer of the Norfolk and '.itern P-'iI?.y, on petition of tli2 MerCuPtile Trust Company, of New Yoi-'t:, holding 10,000 000 of aiurtga '. onds. Fmk had already een lip-r,: a. ed receiver for the Fi delity Vr-.t Company, of Philadel phia, hoi other mortgage bond3. Hatbcock, Mrs. Alexander ant ethers, containing: aooul one ami a half acres. This is one of the raot t desirable pi jees of propertp of its r the Norfolk A- WestitH. Hurt ir. iTt P!fi5LRnf. Tppwa'-dno third cash, balance on twelve months credit, with six per cent interest from day of sale, until paid. A. W. Moose, Administrator, By Y M Smith, Attorney. 6 a y Nov. 1st 1895- .j ds UU r'ci i:v .:' se Itch or :'ozjtna ':;it 1 ca. .'.ot cure. Come at once .iiid 'gfu w -il. JO CUKE JSO I'AV, Old Dr. Opam, AiorrL House, Concord, .N. C. S. choired in live days. T-'jpiscor :1 Convention shevih'e, M- O. li';I:ets on salo November 10th 11th nd 12th final limit No veraber 16 i805. Continuous passage in both di;s.:iion8. Fare for round Dr. Miles' Viz m MTtllB a-e guaranteed to tof Jleadaeh-. m20 minutes. "O&u ceut a dose? AMINISTLIATOB'S NOTICE. Havin;, Leon duly appointed and qualified administrator of tho ostato of Margaret A Hiloman, deceased, all persons hold in-? claims against the said decend are hereby noti 1'3( to present them, duly authen ticated, to the undersigned for pay i)3(-nt on or before the 17tli day of October 1898 or this notice ;vi?7 bo plead as a bar to their " recovery. Also all persons owing said estate are notiaed that prompt payment is e; 'eteiL J. A. Baknuardt, This Oct- 17th' 95. ; Aministrator, ADVERTISE CST RIGHT HERE! -a The first of American Newspa pers, CHARLES A. DANA, Editor. ! Ladies' black and tan col ored Sweed finished caslinern ete gloves at 45 cents. Ladies' tleeced lined silk gloves at 55 cents. Gents" black cashmere gloves at 18 cts, heavy gloves, ileeced lined. Gents' black wool cashmere Tho American Constitution, the American Idea, the American Spirit. Those first, last, and all tho tirno forever. Daily, by mail, - $G a year D;iily and Sunday, by mail, 8 a year The Sunday Sun i3 the greatest Sunday Newspaper in the world. Frice 5c. a copy. By mail, $2 a year. Address TURSfX, Xew York. MORRISON H. CALDWEL ATTORNEY AT LAW, CONCORD, N. C, Office in Morriajbuilding, opposite Court House. Gents' WOOL SOCKS at 15ct3. finer at 17, 20 and 25 cents Gents' line camel hair socks at 20 and 25 cents. Gents' fine worsted sox at 20 cents. Gents' ileeced linen cotton sox 15 cents. y o ill (ji m -;T ei l ::, n. Best spool ilk at - per spool, twist 2ots, shields for Ibcts, white tap - cent per roll, 29 inch cutt- plaids at 5 cents. Drilling and cotton tianuel that sell l'or'8 and lOcts at 7 All wtoo1 red ilaimel at U' cents up. HEAVY TWILLED navy iiannel for skirts at Good cotton blankets 75c up Comforts at 90c and cotmterpaines 63cts to ?2,,;S. Three pound feather pillows at 50 cents. 10-4 sheets at $1,25 per iir. White swans down E UK TRIMMING at 25 cts per yd. Black Aurora trimming &t 2& cents. Infants long and shor: wraps cheap. T?7o yard pat terns of fine embroidered tian nelat $1,48 per piece, We have purchased a let of wasli outlining embruicW silk which we will sell at per Set skein. T H E ACKE D. J . BOSTIAN, Proprietor.

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