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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 15, 1895, Image 3

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Arrival of Tralng. (rorri Kichmondlarrives at 10:2 a. m. Washington " " 9:5s p. m. , AtkuilM " " 7:22 p.m. A ;.iiit:i " " 9:35 a.m. . Xev York " " 8:51a.m. Atlanta " " 9:00 p.m. C . v hliound f-eiht leaves at 12m. 1, s,,iunloanJ 5:15 P m. ,s 11 aii'lu are the local trains between Miiiiil ti-i Atlanta- Nos. 35 and36 are the n' ili trains between Atlanta and Washing Nos v and 3s are the Washington and l utttn" Vestibuled Limited trains and stop "(,;A:owi on -signal- On- If van get Hungry for good Candy, don't for get rliiif ve sell Tenney's t'-iie candies in sealed packages. onie candy looks nice bat don't tadte right, tliat isn't the wiiy with Ten - v's, it looks nice and .:: ics nice. Try it at km a mm Muiti. , :..v t'Jii OF LOCAL NEWS. l ? Cp!.ni!i Iui ia Slmpo 11 y Uni H sis;lt I'f ii ii r usher. . - :.. !iing to sell oil by !v. -.v lot of siLrevare at Yorlie'e :;-ijt a; .i trai :f i:.;vj. .v;i;e at 'orke's . 1 iilir.. v. I:M Fisher has killed" br 3 bii: l:' - v Mai ' ve D.our Irite toauy. i s' I'A'iU ii). . i ; Tt L O USe, Ot j O. ; i-as i r?e re-.s cloth ier i V .. i 'Qc. gij Muvr .lac l)arcnaceoj ! pair of preUy whlt- penies that j i he Cabarrus roller flour mills ::s ;:t n? ht in order to ' :.;h up witiA oiu-wr-3. lr. Geo. E Fisher has scared a : i!iO'. as saiesuau at the Balti ':.: clotnina: h.a.-:t-. Fjur ticv, hou:.d are going up on j - ue.r Happy Hollow in the :Lcro part of the city. liiu family of Mr. J ames,, of cuuntv has mo?ed into the : ' s cut hcuij, ;z Main street. Mountain Buckwheat flour and t r Pororico molasses; also Heinz's v picklecs at Sims & Alexanders. la.ii.o C Wilieford is making cements to open out a line of w.chetj, clocks and silverware for About twelve families occupy the " brick houses out at the Buffalo -ill, where the spindles keep a-buzzing. L'ueuse has been issued authorize 'l - the marriage of Mr. JohnBradley i . is,-. Florence, daughter of Mr. -: : nas Jattles. All of No. 5. Rev. - V Davis will tie the matrimonial : t next Sunday. ivw people take as much interest ' ing the publico as does Mr. "-n KL ltterson, who is always up : Fitr in tna grecery line. He has ; received a fresn lot of Heckler's - -k wheat, macaroni, ginger snaps, i .Vi-V.3j cakes, crackers, figs, dates, ; '-'-s, raisins, cocoanuts, plain and 'ciucy candies, lemons, apples, - it3ge3, canyassed haras, leaf and country lard, cottolene, Daisy cheese, te finest eyer brought to the city, aisortuent of niolasses, and in fact everything that is found in a ell regulated and first-class gro-i cy store. nl8 . Jet, the fayorite old black cat, bo miliariv assoc. at.l a. ramiuany associated with the mer chants, is sick. If he FhouM die, he would be greatjy lamentf-d. D M Walker tne hitt market pric-s to,' all kiiid of country produce, cinh or barter. Doi t fonret the p! ;:?iJ opno&;to D 0 Furr'a at Forest Hil. tf- Master Eugene, the 7 -year old aon of Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Johnson, of Mooresyille, died Wed nesday afternoon and was buired Thursday. Dr. W II Wakefield, of Charlotte, will be in Concord at the St. Cloud on Friday, November 29. Hia pracs tice is limited to the eye, ea.r, nose and throat. tf Little Annie Moore, the I t year old mute at Cannonville, has return, ed to Morganton where she is a student at the deaf and dumb asylum. Some changes have been made at the pos.ortice. The letter box has been removed to the upper side and the "poor man's hole'7 fixed to keen i out the cold. The Governor h,3 cd $,100 j ward for the ce of the mu I d,rer Caio, who 83 hie brother in i D-Avie cou-uy ol Lhu Ttti day of last Auirust. r t - j i -? ,JV""-" J o tit ate for '.I haps of yc Ml. , olhr. i lie rr.R:e to be th,ved in CL-a-lot o Vii''-ni.i . tbe North isi M. Cohere tCvim and 0--ro!:na F.iivc;!' will e : i 1 v )'.-: i:-vx here. -w of the Prcyident oociation, b -f t. this morn1- ijg lor Cone 1 4 check for :':,( - -ryia with him "...vablc .o Burkhead, amo;! ; of inc?n ranee car ried by her hv d):n..l it. thii' r-t.iunch company. The demand for Aver's Hair Vigor in such widely-separated re gions as South America, Spain, Aus tralia, and India mis kept pace " with j the hoaie consumption, vhicu oes to show that the2e people know a good thing when they try it. Chief of : Thayer this morn ing receiveu a I e iter from Chief Bceer, of Concord, asking if a man by the name of Bud Luther was wanted here for stealing an overcoat and a railroad ticket and wanting to know if there was any reward on him. If a theft of that kind was committed here our police know nothing of it, Salisbury World. The Raleigh correspondent of the Charlotte Observer tells a good one at the expense of a citizen of the capital city. He says the editor of a leading religious paper there hap pens to be of precisely the same name as a well-known young society man who is soon to be married in an Episcopal church. The editor is getting letters now from his zealous church folk, wanting to know why in the world he is to be married out of his own church. Some of these kind enquirers also want to know what he means by "leading germans in Raleigh:" that they see his name in the papers in that capacity. Vthvn Baby vraa Kick, -we gave her Castor-La. Thea she was a Child, Eho cried for Costorfcu When bhe became Hiss, she clung to Castorla, When she had Children, she gave them Caetoria. THE RUSH OF HUMANITY i r nuaiAJSlir. People Who Travel, as Seen by Oar KeDorter. Mr. Alex Taylor, of R:Jwan, is visiting in the cicy. Mr. E F Curreli returned to Oalfuey, S. 0., today. Rev. J Q Wer:Z, of St. John's, spent today in the city; Capt. M F Keabit, of Coddle Creek, was in town today. Clerk J C Gibson returned from Atlanta last night. Messrs M A and C E Boger and A Hartsell returned this afternoon from Atlanta. Mrs. L J Foil, of Mt, Pleasant, accompanied by Mi?3 Pearl Evans, spent the day with Mrs. Dr. John, stun. Mr, and Mrs. J 0 Deatcn, Masters Fred, Gray, and Earh Bvantly, of Mooresville, were in the ci' v last night. j Mrs. Sf.eveii Marr returned to- ". ,frm, f a,,"3r?: 'Pid b ter M. ij L Rttch and :'andcW,Jrea- Two m'.voh -'vous yonrceslers of e Ciy eany tixis (n-iduv) morr- hnnr caurht on u Mr. MuNinch's aud forced some ;o; --i, down its little -Cl th F;;irit3 hid ! lint roojters i ...i, ;i . iTiittiivcy, pure tiie rovi amusing. It I crowed, of course, Hopped its wings, 'i-rr.pi suijijsior ui:?, rtieled .bout for eome tme, iiai whei laat seen by cevcrdl you:;; ?: ,i, it was. etand. in on its heed, trying to grasp a limb "o a e?d;. r bu-j'i with its feet. TiiF OLO.TtFLIABLE iiVnn .tluluul Eiifc Insurance 'om- Just, fligmQed, liberal, perpetual. TF1 bc'.t n-naged v.ath large divU deuds, policies niver forfeited nor coc tested. Every leading feature of iifeinsur&ncoi-t e::tremeiy low rates. J. F. Hurley, Agent, n7tf Concord, N, G. .iiarl at ! Jail. Sometime after night fall Thurso day evening Sheriff Sims received information that u mob of several hundred men weie beading for this city for the purpose of lynching the man, white, who is held for an out rge upon poor unfortunate Sallie B&rbee, whereupon the Sheriff promptly prepared for their arrival by stationing a guard at tne jail. No one appeared to molest the jail, however, and at 4 o'clock th s-morns ing the guard was disminsed. '.Dr. White" showed no signs of fears, and in his warm ceil enjoys quite and repose and the pleasure of smoking cigarettes. His comforts and safety are well considered, and it is thought that there ia no danger of an uprising now, for tne chances for lynching, it is said, were afford ed the mob before his perliminary trial on Wednesday. The guard that would haye resisted and routed the supposed mob was composed of the following men : Q E Smith R. L. Keesler Eddy Morrison J. P. Query J. L. Boger Will Johnson Dr. Keed J D Bost Jay Sims Maun Stuart Sheriff Sims. Sheriff Sims informed a reporter this afternoon that White had been safely removed from the jail. He would not tell if he had taken him out of town or not. No trouble is looked for tonight, although it might be that the sheriff will place a guard at the jail to protect the other prisoners. t X U JL iin ion $ and Quality ! y The most important is ; X DYE AND FINISH. 0 H -o- K W Meteor Serge, 35 inches wide, 'w f) wool both ways, 2,c per yard. - ft ft French Serge, 40 inches wide, L ' wool both ways, 40c per yard; ft, worth 50c. ' V ! I French Henrietta. 45 inch f-v wiuc, wooi Domipwavs, oOc; Ul 111 U.JC : ; r J 20i inr.hp w,Mp v-.,.. r, $1.00. ft o V Another lot of tBOUCL in black, 50 Inches wide, $1.00 per yard, worth 1.:;.5. Tl;v are shaggy jr0t the curl tin to 6- date. UtPOltTED 1'LAIIXS. sk an;1 VVool, :i, ir,,lt. ,vMp fS !"c- ft ft, ft : i our paten kkam V V ftj 25 and :J5 cents per pair, i'iu like kid. Poii'tcome loo r) y "W" e an; selling. o, w CASNOXS&FETZElt . . THE CUM1 InLt WOMAN If the', fashion plates are to be believed, will wear black, and there never was such a demand for BLACK 1 DRESS GOODS to the exclusion of all col-! ored fabrics. No thine- adds more to the beautv and dignity of a woman'.- 1 i i i - ri , , l4. i -j economical and ultra fash- ionable. We hnre just t , ul,'e", r T i nix y hjixu& uuucixxu ucn I tne prices were low can sell you 75 cent Henrietta Surah for 50c 46 inches wide Can sell you a $1 goods 50 inches wide for 75c. Our stock of Black Creapones are the latest production. We ask all Ladies to see our dress goods before buying else where. Do you want to see the prettiest line of LADIE'S SHOES ever shown in Concord Then come and see us and be convinced. Our No. 49 narrow Opera Toe perfect beauty. Our No. 71 Needle Square Toe prettiest'seoe on the mar ket. Our No, (39 Pointed Razor Toe the most stylish yt. Our No, 70 Round Toe a i grand seller, all at low figures. UNLAUNDRIED SHIRTS Our city trade "Leader'' pure Linen Bossorn extra heavy muslin double front and bacR, patent continu ous facings on back and sleeyes, custom cut and at the low price of 50c. Txibson & Morrison. up LOWE & SON DO YOU KNOW That there are only 00 days left for us to close" out our j stock of goods. The time is 'short nrm tliwru ? w lto rr tv iiteie to De sola. In order to do this we are going to make the price move the goods We will let our kid ijlove sale continue for a few days. There is good things in it when you can buy 1.2.") and $1.50 gloves for 7fe. All kinds of To -5 :o ii. "ul" he-low fhir viin. Onr ;ut.' stock iiat: tr-en cut down ia price until you can all'ord u rrim cheap ureases wira , l. j at 4 d &J i Hi i umt N o w L I h e Jim h when vou j can't Itit your iWr stay on tile j? - You must put shoes J 0iJ iiU tl 111 tie people, and if Kou don,' ?:uow that LOWE'S is idie Diac.ts to QIJ ROE THE CROWD tis tnue yon are lindin-r it out. otUer people know it and are r- ' I ,f 0"- m o eil shoes at the prices we -Cithern, but they must b , , J OLOTHIISTG goes every day and the people who tade advantage of this sale put money m , their pocket. Overcoats and suits now at almost what you want to pay. We are placing a special bargain; COUNTER in the middle ot our house where we will place on it every day something special. and to keep up with this sale it will pay you well to drop in every day arid see what is going on. $ We want you to come and see us. LOWE & SON. 1 j

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