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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 16, 1895, Image 1

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n i A m Ya m w h M M a M -3 Naggx I.-Nc, !. 1 i v CON C0? N- SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1895. Whole KO. 1,31 ar n frr fcinssr- ki SI U tt: - .; f k V4 I a e y Ev jp En M J i I? ; - T j, . jrc-WI W T'.'-! i. J I 7 GARETTESi I iT'rom Smith's Ororo. Iluicj With Thanksgivin L.i- a c FROV! ABSO'.yTELY PVR', i I i ! iMWwiwrTWTwiiMHiiMirTrriiwMBrT-MMrM- ?lry Ilufo Dead, n P ucl at the horn, o? Noah preaching, well may the obWb arteo Foard,.,,, KoanoV,, V , e.rly I turkey gobbler" gobble with a 8nsl this (Satorcray) morning. Tb fn-! picmas gobble, with a gobble-like neral services over her body will be cobble conducted by Rev W C Alexander j A "lady" while visits at her in the First Presoyterian church, ; neighbor', observed an organ stool Concord !N , 0 Sunday morning nl ' titling apart from the organ. R. 11 o clock, and the iatcrmcnt v.illj turning home elated, she accosted ' ; " liCLUi,lu ccc;e.;ir Iceland thus v'j uciuy in tram a iluh funeral arrangement cannot U cr ned out exactly, notice of ch tr." lil he eiven from yarioiiB pulpits in town to-morrow morning. Mrs T T L; , ' r ! :--",t of a "marvelous" physician, ilK.f,Ej.,ne Foard, with whom she !r,ho C9,1VM8e3 from hou39 t0 hoQSe. f.P?,:t J aU the laStyears f hw ! ''s wid to be related to the In. life. She s3 married to Mr. Kobt. ,i:ono tw v0 man, "Old i j i'U re no account; neighbors has one " ; ot fuc cutest little stools for his v re io sit on ana sew i Lately gossip ha3 been fluctuating considerably by reason of the ad- r r . . .. nuie when 17 year3 of age and bs beon ueea a wicow aoout xi) year?, v.nd died in her 80th year. j-uis uea'.n corner yery c edly to our people, many c 1 I w ' arresifed and brought before j the aathorities. His predilection for feminine patients seems to be j the cause of his apprehension, One evening two modest young v1 at 11 Foil ClirROil 1)1 K kg ron Y. cf Vi'lr vs LuthortAU church, Csnucvii.t- i. - -i' -1 j.0u pfl?tor. Sunday School at 0-30 a. a, every Sunday. Preaching every 1st Sunday at 11a. w., and 3rd and lib Suntlavv it 3:30 p. m. Baptist Church Rev. J- O. Aldor E3c, pastor, frcrvfrp every Sabbath II-;. in. and 7:00 p. m. Sunday scLool ev-jfy Sunday at 9:15 a. in," Prayer meeting every Saturday cigat rr 7:00 o'clock. Public cor-dWIyv-vitr-.l. i'.'iicopl chnrch Hoy , , rector. ? forcing service . -rf -i 7 p. rn. Sunday ; :n. Prayers V-'ednes ill- church, South Rev. M. A. S'.'rtL, pastor. Preaching at II.' : .. v7 p.m. Sunday school at v i") .: .. rrayer rneetinsr every Satar.i : 7 p. in, The public cwaki-y : .viled- Epv7orth League St. J . -.Lutheran church Key, i, C. '' "Lherr,-pastor. Service every Lord's Day at 11 o'clock a. in. and 7-.:yi p. m. Prayer meeting and lecture Wednesday at 7 p. -co. BavN Chapel, MethodistChurch h'v. .; I; . Taoose, pastor. Scnices at 11 p.. m. and 7 p. m, Sunday school ai 0:30 a. m, Fir?t Presbyterian church Roy. V (J Alfxander, Pastor, Preach ing every Sunday at 11 a. ra., and " pni. Sunday school at 4 o'clock P- m. Ih ayermeeting every Wed acsdfty r-ight at 7. (jfr- IcthodiBt Church-Rev. H. I ' ;; 'her, partor. Services at U a- if d 7:C0 p m Sunday school 6 vj;3j o'clock, a m. Ep worth 2h fleeting at 0:30 p. m. Anr.v.v Pieforrned church Rev. B frk uavi3, pastor. Sunday ':c-''"-1 ; 10 a. pi., and preaching et 11 every first and third Sun dav. hing at 4 p. m., every 1 fourth Sunday. Y. P. meeting every Sunday 30 p ro- are cordially W.-,ro -ir?n nor jam o 1 fiAK,ln uk-u,o jrr,5n escorted two handsome lasses saujec 01 tnis HKetea, and there!,, 4,fii goes out from the community to the bereaved one3 a hearfelt sympathy. 94 home parental domicile. The boy a entered the house, pur- rosiD? to depart iii a few minutes. 1 i a. I ITnrHlv ht tViPv firmlr ppafpd thpmi Ylr?inl Irc Property rol;l. f ' ' r J At a called meeting of the stock-1 eelves when tbe ispUased father entered assertirg that his daughters ?rsre two juvenile to receive atten lions from masculine humanity. His assertion greatly harassed the youngesters, of course. Still eying the boys disapprovingly and esteerao Took linn to C'Jiurt'h. S her iif Sims, Thnrsday Dig .'it, took "Dr" White, who stands charged with repe, from jsil and hid him a'vay. Since then it has becn a much mooted question as to where Dr. White was. Many thought that he was kept at Mr. Bill Junker's, but this was found untrue. He was taken and put in the Sun day School room of the First Pres byterian church and left there for an hour or more by bis lone self, when the guards were pureuaded to return and keep him company. Sheriff Sims has done what prob ably the doctor has not done for some time had him in church. When yon come to think about it, tbtt ie the last place on earth one would expect a prisoner, and one charged with the Qendiah crime he is, to be kept in custody. holders of 6L& p:v s C fir ecu-t.i; iiSSOllltlOIl. ii lirreVjy given that the Boishouser & Co-, com C Iloishousor and J L "'' diesolYccl by mutual Kov. lsi 1835. O, jiOLSHOTJSEH. .1, Li. rliLLi:n tirnm tho busincr.s and ; lin ilitieq of C. Hols and pollnnr, fill nctos ; d other indebtedness tho Concord Female Academy Friday evening, it was de cided to sell the piece of property known as the Virginia Dare lot, which was purchased by Messrs W L Kobbins and W A Wilkinson, of Fore3t Hill, for the consideration cf 700, In Friday morning'3 Augusta, Ga., ChroDicle, ve find the follow ing, which concerns one of Concord's most popular young women;. Mies Cannon, of North Carolina, is the guest of Miss Garrett on lower Broad street. Mias Cannon is an unusually pretty and attractive young wormm and has already made numerous friends. She was among the most popular belles at the Tuesday night german. Oil! Nvitfiers la Town. At 1:30 o'clock this afternoon there was a meeting of tlu survivors of Company F, which w:i3 under the command ot the late General Ruf us Barringer, to decide rpoii what dis position would be made of the be queath of their lamented commander. inn. 'o x:ublio for pant a cc:itinuanco of J. Li- M.ILLE3. 1 iu. . i.:iuv.-v,., cjiio cent a dose?" With University Colors. A large delegation of footbairen thusiasts went oyer to Charlotte to day, carrying with them gorgeous streamers of white and blue ribbon, the University colors, which bore evidence with whom their hearts and anticipations were. Among the number going, were Professors HoK land Thompson, J F fehmn, u Keesler and Messrs. C B Wagonei, G B Caldwell, Harry Markham and J. F. Yorke, An' Accident. Mr. R V Black welder came near meeting with a serious accident this (Saturday) morning at Burrage's shop. He wa3 working with the planing machine and accident ally kt his hand slip, catching him sslf just in time to save his entire hand, except a small portion from the tip of the first finger, which vr ae snapped oil in. tanter. ing their silence and embaraesment as evincing obetrinacy in its fullest developement, the old man broke out afresh : "Come with me; I'll show yen- to your lodging apart ment." Being too embara33ed to make it known that their time fcr departure was already at hand, the boys mechanically obeyed, following and entering the room designated. The old man firmly secured the door; so the boys were kept prisoners until the dawning of the mem. This is not the first time that love's young torch has been " suthlessiy extinguished by parental intervene tion. Augustine. a- Delighted With Uis Trip. Clerk Jas. 0 Gibson seldom leaves town, He's got into the habit of doing his duty so faithfully and constantly that it takes either an Atlanta Exposition or atrip to Yad kin county to get him out of town. He and his two sons spent several days in Atlanta at the Exposition, Mr. Gibson was delighted with the exhibits of this country's great ness. He thinks the Exposition all that is claimed for it and does not mince words in speaking cf its great ness and attractiveness. Everybody in this county is glad ha went and glad he enjoyed it he deeerved it all. Cotton Goes Down. Cotton has been going down, and the market to-day was not at all healthy, the drop having gone below eight cents. At the opening of the market the buyers paid eight cents for the staple, but later, when re ports came in of the state of the New York markets, the price de clined, and during the remainder cf the day 7 was the prevailing price. The receipts by wagon, up to three o'clock were 90 bales. Friday's Charlotte News. Cotton brought over eight cents here all day. The price wss 8.10 to 8.1 7 J all day. As a cotton market Concord is the best in all this section. CnJIed Upon the Police.? A festival was held at Zion halh m rear of Scotia peminary, Friday night and as usual a disturbance wss the consequence. At former occasions similar to the one last night tbe admiefion fee had been only five cnts, but it was raised to ten cents last night, which greatly displeased a number of boys and men, who stood some distance from the door and chunked rocks at it. The police were called upon to quiet them. Dock- -- , .1 I ' 1 Free Pi 11k. Rnrl vnnr address to II E K fw len & Co., Chicago, and get a sample box of Dr, King's New Pilis. A trial will convince you cf their merits. These pills are e&ey in action and are particularly fective in the cure of Constipation Qhn0t get a samplo box of end Sick Headache. For Malaria and Liver troubles they have been proved invaluable. They are Pfruar- Iler Composition. A little girl in Piston wrote a composition on boys. Here it is : 'The boy u not an animal, yet they can be heard a considerable distance. When a boy hollows he opens his big mouth like frogs, but girls hold their tongue till they are spoken to, and then they answer re spectable and tell just how it was. A boy thinks himself cleyer because be can wade where it is deep, but God made the dry land for eyery living thing and rested on the sev enth day. When the boy grows up he is called a husband, and then he stops wading and stays out nights, but the grew-up girl is a widow and keeps houe." All Freo. Those who hava used Dr. Ding's fejew Discovery knows its value, and those who have not, have .now tho Free- ah on advertised Dru-isi snd get 'a Tfinl Rohle. Free- Send your name iv! address to H E Buckkn Co., SILVERWARE'' Eleeant Bridal presents am." brithday presents ia Sterling w Tlate. ONYX TABLED AIv! LAMPS. Five o'clock ten ket tles. Lock Bracelets, Dlauiond Rings, Watches and Jewelry. Call to see us ar'l vv, sIioav yen the rao-t erii k-' lines of these goo th . vc ever been carried in C on .;rl, and they are chean J & J F Wl Professional Card L. M, ARCHE Y, M . Physician and 3.?rgco;:. Concord, N. C. OFFICE; ST, CLOUD JN0. R. ERWIN. C A. MISEiCHiliiL ERWIN & MISKNHFMMEI? Physicians and Surgeons Office No. 3. Harty builciiner, op posite 2nd PresbytciiriL 1 uteri Charlotte, .N- C. FIRE INSURANCE. xreo ire For I?ciit The store room, next to Best, now occupied by Sima & A.e . f t scm sndcr, U tor rent. It is 22x7o, w th ; invig0rate gOCU UUBCUH-'Uto January, 1896. 3 PnsfteRaion eriven 1st Apply to J. Dove. anteed to be perfectly every deleterious substince and t j ! be purely ves table. They do not 05 ! woqVpti hv fhpir antion. but bv riv?- iua U ii vi u - r -3'-a pyptem, Sold by Dove Dr Kind's New Life Pills ii ree, as well as a copy of Guiae to Health and Household Instructor, Free. ! All of vrhieh is guaranteed to do you una cost you nothinir. Fetzers' drugstore tm fin. Aahev!;;-?, Noveiiii or When in need of Fir In j ic&im, call and see us, or write. W ropro sent only firet-clasfa Homo and for eign compan ?e. Respectful: "Wooduouse a "Carhis.. t nj MANUFACTUKEH8 OK FIJY GINGIMMb OUTING CLOTHS, PLAIDS, SULET1jV(' AN. D .SALT o 1 si k- DEALERS IN General Merchandise 0 r-UYKRS OF Jountry rroduce AND tho j Reguh.r size 25c per box. P. E. Fetzer's Druggist. Episcopal Convention N. ii. i icketa on s'lo 10th 11th end 12th final limit Noa veraber 15 1895. Continuous pF-jge in both directions. Fare for round trip S7.0Q. Ftmr-Foot wood always wonted beet prices foi same. We invite an )? sj;ection of all the go jd;5 we Manufacture, hfl f , ' , ' "" ' ' - " ' ',i ""' ' nr-rt "-"iii".. i'ib i wmy 111 '' " " i ' ' ' "' i'mi" j. . j.udi..l :li ..:.t : .xr x r Tr-.r-r-mr,""ak ' ' "--''-'-t'1'''1' 1

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