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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 11, 1895, Image 2

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-retry- -yto':'';iagto'' 53 J miles aa hour. The distance 1 bo between Syracuse md Eeeheater, 81 m dee, was made in SO minium. Senator Allison hes mfcrnicd I::e friends that he is m the ring for the Presidency. As he ia out cpealj he h:if cu 2 advantage ol Mr. Uarrior, w io i'j eUls renting under the shadow of hid grandfather's hat. ITOLO FiliSERY FROM it;HEyriATs.sii in JASIKS P. COOil. C. H. King, Yater Valley, Miss., cured by Ipr's Sarsapariila S IN OASXOK BUILDING "For five years, I suffered untold misery Inmi mnxcular rlieumr.tism. I tried every i.iunvn remedy, consulted the best physi cians, visited Hot Springs, Ark., three times, Sj'-oniiiif.: fciOQO there, Icsa'es doctors' bills; The CouutCSS LWeiiane, fomieilv I'ut could obtain only temporary relief. My ' - ilesh was wasted away so that I weighed ML Anna Gould, IS getting Lomei I "nly ninety-three poinds; my left arm and i loj were drawn out of shape, tao niusclea sick. It s'"Jt half as funny being a rv counted ay the IhonRat it woud oe. U&V&Sk L-tiuvJaru is published every .uby oxceptud) and delivers rIv.!i?ls,........i 2 00 '. -- n . . A v - f'. . . . i5 :' 05 . .-j.-f-.gc, eight-column paper. i ::'-r. circulation in Cuoar" ::i y ether paper. I'rico ;r iGUin, in advance. s fct lobular adeUi6 vLO.n on application. .... -om m n icw.ioi is to 13 r am dak d. Concord. N. C - rat-raw rrscgaaty -s "isiawuri -sera .. : ! I , i.F'a 11, 1805. r" It- li A rm' hvi" - M" iifp o '-il ...UJ) .iu3fi.u lucjiu France tO tile proposed. ho!u!i:& j :.d. na.i under talren j v r-'d? (nerco1! into a b diev- .:' !.- :ur . - Iaerdoli ia nit .., ueithci ii ho a rion-be. r,?fne men aie so fool-'r-.rdv . 0f notoriety ) do ana say anything. By : r. :.!:: gradually conies up . . ; the grave, he'il l i . i . k . Some men are . l i-ive until the rub comes. it : enough for Ex-Judge .. L. -.. ; bo passing before a -.-e- -..:)iic ttarin up Lho viy ;.; r r; : .-".nsx the release of the 'r0': '" C'i-inn Railroad. Around c r- , ic'.olvcs one brilliant satels 'b.- 1 vt "sive Farmer. It is ' ;? : :';,,r;i ! .'ja? Southern might ad -ell i' ct-ili? j wSnu it io -.0'.j v-:po b two .?ueh lawyer?, noted -.-1 -o; fMl :I-?pie.-i. ntatiye Shaford cays hs i'i -d he can to secure the free . ; v t.'-"D3 and vicinity. IJarrisburg, China Groye u , siding be in ? "Ail he can" -:;:?:.! king's ?;oing to bust, .r Oarnrron, of Pennsylvania, :;s that he will rot be en i .. : j: re-c.ectiou. He's a free U . 'i and Le saw a sign on the " '-: an ugly bill introduced in :i Virginia Legislature to prt lyr:ching8. It is even beneath '.a d.:; riity of foolishness. Inflict puavebrrjut on the innocent! Where wev a lynching occurs a levy of $200 "ax is t j he put. oa eaoh 1000 inhab- I:rc E A F Fucrtes planned pret ty v-. ' 1 for himself as well as for the citv of Santoa, Brazil, when he !: i iL sanitary system, for 77hLi- i? -M he leceiyed 120,000. 4 't' jjiore of that kind of sani tary engineering will m?dre him 0 .--.d.tcao declared that "do caace ' r-ore eared u:A i-one more urgent f ha" Viat of tho Armenians has ever . ly-'H-Sit beforu the citizens of ... I- and enlightened country." ;..'. u.jd?'one io not running the u,ici,u 'joliey of JCcU".d low. York now beasts tho fastest ,:..;.. w.h.r trLia i'a the woild. It run frcm New York to Buffalo ih-d other day, 4-10 miles in 4t?0 minute s. The average time was to be educakd i uo pluyic; the rob of a litkd nolo'jy that the other :ilIod Lobodica look en ay a crt of A Mie? Wiley of Iv York, who did iot haye the reputatic-rt of boinj a ;'ouviannd, ate tuoh a hearty din ner on iukt?giing day that the hisii't qp .. a inuuthfu) and in. Lad no desire lor food eiuco. She laid down to take a siesta and hu3u t waked up yet. Tb',10 is a good deal Oi opposition of a World's Exposition in 1000, coming from the provinces which I look upon it as a job to put iiranry in tho pocket oi TaricJ. ?:Tien l"5n)y vi s!c':. wo j.; tve licr Ca- n hen s!-o w.'is r Child. cried f. r Ca-jLiria. .Vheu slio beciiino t.r.o clung to Ci. ii.a, fc'lvja ho IvaJ Chlldivu, f no i ILcm Caster!. Tlio C'otioi. 'roj. H'ASUiMnTox, t),jc. 10. A cotton ei op equal to 07.3 pjr ceur. last will b3 is the m f sr m per cent, on la yea .3 lijv.res, 1.0 and oi 'J per cviit. on 1893. Re :uaa from correspoiident?, almost uni- forrnly unfdverab'e u,3 to quantity, the ':csf her having proved generally di --s i- the South, fia sed an unu..i:;dlv c alv m irketinrp through cue tho cotton area, with ;vn almost I -tal acri'aca of top -p. Lint, however, id generally ci. n, :o that the quality is exceptionally high. M:uy reports show crops completely gathered and marketed. Fov iJvr rifiy l'ciirs. Mrs, Viraf low's riooth;ng JSyrup has been need for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect uueeea;. It Eoothes the child, eofteaa the gums, rdhya all pain, cureii wind colic, and ia the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Druggists' in every part of the world. Twenty-five centa a bottle lie sure and ask forMrs. Windows Soothing byrup7 and take no other kind. iflw!&w l23'95 Ne w York Sun : "When will the Dion. -Jeter Cmcinuatus Pritchartl, the longest and the sweetest voice in NortHi Carolina, unswathe him ol the voluminous rolls of silence in which he now sits mullled, forget the ceremonial modesty of the ben ginner in the Senate, and threw out, high and strong, vords which rever berate in the fastnesses of his native hills and fleck away the reverent bees that are hived in the shadowy deeps of Gov. the Hon, Elias Carr's world-girdling moustachios ? It :r time for the lion. Jeter (J Pritchard to speak, and to speak out loud," ci op equal to 07.3 per cear. lust V,,,,, AMf ' "A yeai's, or 0,375,000 ba!ej of 500 )T,V ' . f pounds, is indicated in t he fin?il re- f" ' llip turns from conuir nnd Stale Of-- lftprr,P:!" respondents. Tho lc-vtme:.t f j UJ ?h.r -DpPMf Agricelture's mo.e complete reports, ;8y flW " . . V .- . ?l '( V,"T5 --.TJ sued in ih- uf ri price 7,M ceu, a g:ua 01 0;3 f : ' 'V v ,'V being wisted up in knots. I was unable to ares.i ly.self, except with assistance, ard 1 .1 l. .1 i l ,. ..i .i ... : . .. r liaa ll0 apu;iiio. au.i was assured, by tho noetors, t';: 1 1 1 fiM not live. Tl'e pains, at times, woie so awful, that I couM procure relief only by means of bypedeimic Injee- 1 aons of morphine. 1 had my limb? bandaged m CIUi lu -uipniir, in pouuices; iui uieso rave only temjoriry relief. After trying eierythin, und sulleiing the most awful ortures, I fiv gun to take Ayei 's Sarsai);Mill-." Inside of tw? mouths, I v. as able to walk without a cane. In three months, my hmbj be;:, u to s! rengiluui, and in the course of a .'", I was cured. My weight has increased to ic-5 ioundu, and I am now able to do my full d.iVs v.(-ik a r.:.;!r ;vi bhscksmilh." The t'fll; Var's lair Sarsapariila. . '-'irs J ILLS cure 11'iituivJie .1 r.-& fit? SLn Eaa 3 I ' P F3 P3 El j f3 FilT-i i R Bi WA fcl p fTi P3J13STASCOOD FOR ADULTS. G ATjATiA, Im.s., Nov. 1G, 1533. Pnrls lfccIic!no Co., ht. Unis, Mo. (JonUorncn: Wo Bold last year, GfiO bottles of C,KO K rt TASTELESS CIIIIL. TOMC and have bosisht three rosa ulrondy thLj year. In all our ex it 11 yi'.-irs, in tbo cirufr busineriH, h:ivo iiovcr bvld m: arti'-lo t!iut jmvo such universal satis luiUuii iuj yur Tuuic. Yuur.s traly, For sule by all urugiats. !V1 o y n t A its osna S E M I N A R A Flourishing School for Young Ladios. TEN TEACHERS Ornamental Branches Beceive Carol m intention , EEV. C. L. T. FISH Eli, A, M FlilNOIPAL. MOUNT PLEASANT. N O THIS SPACE AND MORE BELONGS TO THE NEW FURNITURE STORE, To open January 1, 1S9G in the Hoover & Lore building, room now occupied by Lowe & Soir I'M COMING Undertaker andEmbalmer, ff. w .Ta & vSr Fv--c.J;-i L;fj... is;;--v o 77 ri "t" H:r iril rH w F 13 v- have just out 0; large of all their i sell at 3c, 10c WE A Well worth smfspK 1 lit I wliicli we will ell a per poiind., Xliis paper i in -oerfeet coiiclitioin. T D. sJJBoSTIAN, Proprietor -v,' ' - - w - -- JL.i I J Lii mitu tuf ex broken lots of ets we Will tablets for 5c, exs xor c. SO BOUGHT f rri lOe 'per quire at 1 So .1 10 Oi S A OK

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