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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 12, 1895, Image 1

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r i Vol. XII. No. 30, ni Anrnfnu worn mmi own. H'lndsome line of Silver Mounted Walking Sticks. See them at Cor rells. V tat? Mi fi 't t M : IT1' fi' hIVO ' Ot H li $100 If you find any thing in tills :. is not exactly right CANOINS & FETZBB, TODAY si-ll Glen's till wool Cassimere suits at Men's Black Wool Cheviot suits at 3.00. Mw's Cray Melton suits at 2-00. yrYs P.lnok Cheviot suits M - ' :.l '.'on's To c?nts. ; fonts 50 and 75 cents Mvrs lllack Worsted suit3 fcr 3.50. Men's Fancy Melton suits 2Z0. MEN'S FINE CLAY' WOES- TED SUITS, Giamntml all wool $5.50, Cutaways and Sticks These are tho kind that" ;;-. :e merchants price $12.50, 1 '0' I ma .O'lUiIiluliil u Lllil) Of very Fine Clay "Worsted Cutaways of - DroH.' "make at $10. These vroul i he priced $25 bv people who i retv'iul to ave you 25 per rent. If you want any Clothing at all, it will pay you to see us. lirc are some good reasons why it will pay you to trade with us : I '. l.-uv our goods in large lots !;-y C.-):!ow. -iid. "We put the lowest possible price oi then. We don't try to make you 'H:k they Hie worth more by pricing tii. n at doubts what they are worth. v'vl- To do exactly what we say vre will Wo arc Lore today and expect to be here as long as we live. -1th. We will sell you goods that will St and please you. ith. We will giye your money back !i seed don't suit you A ou run no risk in trading with us V. Lrnar:mee the price on everything h-II. irises fiats and all kind of Furnishing Coodj:. Or , a-t n : &Mm&Al 5 5 i 0 Com coed, N. C. 3 "i. Odfi.l, President 1 ' . i; aits, Cashier. ' ' Coj.r k a?t e, A zdstax t Cashier $50,000 16,000 i i: . L. x -i t J J. W. Canitoi-)t, Otvll, W. II, Lilly, v. ' rd ci Firo Ivtmv:.! Ci". I; ; . , " I r f:. .iv. W OO I). Li i. & If Christmas German. The young people of the city have planned ror a, grand social event on Christmas night. A -erm-n ka3 ...M. uuuim ujjul, io oe given m Patterson's Hall. An orchestra from Charlotte will furnish music for the occasion. It will be given in honor cf the hoinesreturmng school girls end boys. Fire nt Cnimomllie. About 7 o'clock this (Thursday) morning firo broke out in tho upper story of tho homo cf Mr. WinecoiT, who lives oppo.rlto tho now mill at Cannonviile, destroying the bodnrul u. quantity cf bed clothing. The discovery of tha flro was mado by tha hands employed in tho new mill and was quickly extinguished. Origin of the firo is yot a mystery llg -5 t-T- - About I9ogs. It is the time of year that dm.ost everybody has something to say about their fine hogs and pigs and for the benefit of those interested in such we will tell you that Mr. AU fred Klutlr., of Oannonville, killed three 11 months old pigs Wednes J day, the weights cf which were 303, 270 and 250 rounder e:ic'j. John W Phillips, living cu North Etrect, killed a hog on the same day that weighed 48i pounds. Tocls Tno Tuiriiips. Wcrso than tho Mecklenburg rooster ecrapo w?o the trial on Wednesday afiernoon before his honor, Esquire C A Pitt, of Mr. C E Y'hitley, of Bitf Lick, Stanly county, who v:-.s arrested for taking two turnips from a basket Bitting near tho public rod, tho property of Mr. Vs V Kninminger. Whitley declared to tho last that he was not guilty, but Mr. Erimminger seys that ho (Whitley) offered to pay him for thy turnips when ho fctiLd cui; ho (Krmimir.,:;i) wa3 coiug to swear out a warrant for ar rest. Whitley va? placed under a 25 bound for his appearance at tho next term of court. Trapped n Ilawli nl itliiufi. Mrs. J Frank Fink, of No, 5 township, has been very successful in trapping hawKs recently. For some time past these yicious birds have been catching her chickens and in turn she invented a Echeme that has caught several, one measur ing fifty two inches from tip to tip, which waa an unusually large bird of this specie. But it wa3 afterward discovered that hawks were not the only things eating her chickens, whereupon she sat another trap and caught a mink that had killed and partially devoured eight chicks. T&e DcaI Yet Alive, A L Carver, the man that had his eye knocked out at tho Odell Mill, in this city 3ome!ime v,0 au; who wao reported as having died from tho effects ot his wounds, is yet a liyiJg man. He came ever from Charlotte Thursday night, snd'says he wa3 entirely ignorant of bis death and burial until arriving here. He hsis no appearance of a dead Ljiac, jsUL ough his countenance is somewhat diEfigured. Tuis is one of the fe men who live" to read their own obituary. 2;ui5tlerss A mi on ? mtv worm tor . . iyeer bo; : T'?tferd (Jhappe Corns and all ,-:'L! y-v on-, L-o::::.i.vex' oviicJ no :-y rtfni-ed. It it guaranteed to mcnev refund'-: ;IVC . . fact'.' rj rr ; i'ri 'i ! lJo ccnt3 per r i bo-'. or e; ; P B Feizer'3 Drug CONCOR13, N. C., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1895. DIED BY ITI3 OWN HAND. 31r. W. . Prattler Ends His Earthly txistone hj Stransulalion-FoaiHl Ueai In His iUom This 5lomfn fc 8:S0 at UIs Resklcneo on Korth Tryou street 111 Jloalili ihouht to be the Cause-Left So Messas. The cicy was shocked this morn ing when it was learned that Mr. W N Prather the well known baker and confectioner had sucided at his home on North Tryon street. The first intimation of the sad affair oc curred at Mr. Prather3 hoLae when his irervanh was sent to his room to arouse him. This occurred at 8:30 thb morning. After waiting fcr him for half an hour to. appear, Prof (Jrantz who has rooms at his residence, ascended i he stairs leadino; to the room Mr. Pnthcr occupied to ascertain why h;-: did not come down He tried the door and found it locked and at this failure his suspicions'1 were aroused. door leading to his from the room of his wife was also tried and nm found locked. Prof. Orautz then placed a chair at Mr- Pothers door acd !oked through the tianaom and tha si.d Mr. Prather had hanged himself. Shortly after this a News reporter was informed of the fact and he wenfc to the homo at once. He w;-?s ad mitted to. the room v;l:ero tha self destruction took ph ce- Tha bod' when the reporcer sav it, lis on the bed but V7h'ia discoer-Kl by Mr. Crantz naj in a kneeling peti tion on the left side cf tho bed. A hemp twine such as U commonly used in commercial packing t.-ao securely festered around the b-.d post and in the same manner around the suicides neck. He was perfectly rigid ben discovered and the phys sicians who were called to invcelN 2:ate, say that bo had been doal fo -12 hours at least. Dr. Gee. Gnham who woa the first physician at the scene ?as cen by the News and he stated that Mr. Prather died by hi3 own hands ard had been dead for 111 hours. He said Mr. Prather cjrae home last night about 7 o'clock and almost immediately uont fo hi. -3 room. He did not remove hi3 clothes and left a candle Durniugand in this pale and flickering light his life went out long before the taper expired, HiL neck was not broken but the end came by strat gulation. Dr. Graham thinks that the suicide waa under the influence of some strong opiate when the deed of self d fraction was com mitted. Dr. II M Wilder, the county physician wa3 summoned and he made a like statement. Why Mr. Prather ended hi3 life h due f r. m the fact that five years ago he had a severe case of the grip and since then his mind ha: been unbalanced and i Q0 b; iZ a sufferer of dyspepsia. These coupled with a business that has been decreasing, caused vAJi r-? until the end . Ins: night, .Mr. Prather was a man who was nu en- tfeusiasr, that i?, he never Went m a mattrr but what he wnntcd soccers at the other end. His olace of bnsi ness on east Trade street has ever b?en known &3 the besc in the city and for years conducted a iro3r.e oua business, but trade had declined .Ill hi J I . II. ! I 1 X I H.l 1 I 71 i I : . J vi. ! u:,. i Ti-T- mi :. 'ISCi I correct. Mr, rrather --d loaves a vir w.i;; .'111 'I JlUhlLU 1 liUiv i, 1 t-Q J-i o J- i .i Jul T York I for fitveral vesrs. After the chock of ihi s-ueid-3 had ' somewhat subsided, and investiga- 4ND COME AND SEE WHAP WE HOLIDAY Souvenir Svoons, Bon Bon Boxes, Cane Marks, Jewelry Boxes, Table Kinves, Fruit Knives, Paper Knives, jYail Knives, Tea Hat Kerchief e forks, Olive Forks, Pickle Forks, Bicycle Marks, Manicure Sets, Shoe Sets, Desk Sets, Tea, Sets, Neck Chains, Rings, Stamp Boxes, Scarf Dresden Clock Baggage Check, Belt Buckles. Also the nicest line of Watches and Jewelry. in town. A. J. & J. F. YORKE tion wss made to see if a note or communication had been left, but there was none. Air. Prather way a! shriacr, ft member of the Knights Templar and a K, of P. No demon atration will be observed by those order-, Mr. Prather requested a aimpld and piftin funeral. Wednes day's Charlotte New, ! Dta BVom tite Cut. i Soins time a?o young: Sam Jonc?, I POn cf MTshiHl Jone?, of Faith, cut his foot with an axe. Tho wound was not considered very dangerous at first, but blood poisoning ensued and Tuesday the youn man diod frcip. its oluctiJ. It wan quifco a ecu death from tho naturo of the causa and its unexpectedness. Salisbury World. sua 9 aw A! IV 139 OirJ. Some d.-iys ago, or&bout the close cf last week, Miss Hattio Brown, aged about 15 years, daughter of John C Brown, of High Point, eloped with a printer at work on the Enterprise, whose name we failed to et. They 3 opped at Reidsville, but jfor Bcme cau?t the young lady re- pented of her action and refused to be married. Instead, she sent for her father who went do vn alter her and took her b?.ck ho.e. Greensboro It cord. Z.fcrir.t u.nrs Esiercises. Special programmes have been ar ranged for Christmas services at Iji er Stone and Bear Creek by the ouuday Echoois of the reepectlye churches, to take place on Tuesday afternoon nt 2 o'clock, Deo. 2-1, at Bcj'.r Creek and Christmas day at 10 o'clock in Locver Stone, llv. Paul Bar.iinger as ia LVj city today, :wl reportu that everything indicates a merry Chfistm;id ?,t Heilig't?. 1? !oeil "SJftilrore'I lr.tes. Chriutmfia Holiday Excarsion Kato, Tickets on c 'o to all points! ou'-Southern iiail.v;;; in North Caro linrs South Carolina aid Virginia, 22ad to 25:1 sT.' :n inclusive iour encu vi r mile i r r u i U'jp. Ticket.- fcr pr:0-r.- ccrti::ctfi:-1 S .iprrintorjdento o: Pu.i- ' H:.::-u o :;:..r.l:; o.-; iw-hcola wdl bo sold from December ItLh to 2Ut inelu:dv2 and mso oa die3. are sola for the general public all bearing a final limit to January 3rd 1S9S. WnonE NO. l.':"-: HAVE SUITABLE VOu GIFTS. v.- Spools, Marks, Boxes, Coffee S.;o;s, Giove ' . :i r v. Unit) re!! a .1, Book .. m,v, Individual Seh-t Card Sn Bon 1 .' Walkimj ( a lies, TeaKn Lamp.;, Vinegu lis, Gold TJ'ir hes, Gold i Car.-' Nut Fir her. Pins. L--0 4 Professional L. M, ARGHE Y, li . I). Physician and Su rotor.. Concord, N, C. OFFICE: ST, CLOUD A:'!NEX. JN0.R. ERWIN. C- A- L1ISKM- I'lMTi ERWIN & MISENHEli"? Physicians and Surrc; Office No. 8. Havfy bin d. posito 2nd Presbvierin Charlotte. C 'OLtiiSON li. . A.lTOT-rifKY AT LA CONCOUD, N. r . i j Office in Morris bri:dins, ; Court Houfo. 01! n 3 A v J J AiAKUFACTU HEMS c? FIN GING1LU1S OUTING CLOTHS, PLAIDS, SULET1NO SJLT O- DEALERS lis Gene r?.l Merchands-. BUYKRS OF country rroauc n ... or ai T;i A i i ' F tj u r F o o t woo d a 1 wonted .best, pric! 7 same. We .ectior. of l.13 th-i 76 j j j ,i ,.r : y I Ml tftMkmm' ! 0 i

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