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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 20, 1895, Image 2

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H ill I -- .T.nfcUh. The Bail? Standard 8hon!U b-- p" v 64 ! under a system waich would. exewpt tbeUoyernujeiU ronne ooiigauon IIY JAMES P. COOI. o f u rriish ther&ola whn demanded to be tjse,d inf making the jmyments; iOIvIN CASTOR BUIIJlAlNG and is scarcely .necessary to suggest I tb it B ii ch a system is impossible- &3 Ion"- aa the United States notes and 1 Treasury notes are kept la circuit- j ticn, an! are redeemable in gold by the Government itself on presenta tion Secretary Carlisle. SS OF VOICE After Acute Bronchitis Cherry Pectoral , The Stsu iard is published every :; (Sunday excepted) and delivers ed by carriers? DATES' OF SCBSCKirTlON , .Si 00 . 2 00 2 00 ?ith .opy t--- 5 WEEKLY STANDARD .Lit'?...- i The Mnranton Herald has gone ! ; bick into the musty past and uu jeirthed from the "lumber room'' of ! diyers stuff a poem, written by the- r ditor of the Charlotte Observer. If k ti i case, eigbt-columu paper. . ItL.v larger circulation in Cabar- i the said editor can't proye an alibi r iB ta :" any other paper. 1 nee j trom tho coacn cn wmcn me poe:u .-."a0 t r't annum, in advance. A I ) V Ii T ISING li A TE-3. lYrti's for regular advertisor-vontfi A POACHER'S EXPEF1&CE. ''Three rnonths ao, I took a vio lent cold which resulted in an attach of acute bronchitis. 1 put myself under medical treatment, and at the end of two months was 110 better. I found it very difficult 'to preach, and concluded to try Ayer's Cherry r,.h.u L-. wu on application. ; ' all communications to Tiii: STANDARD. Concord. N. C. "was wrote," then he becomes the rival of his immortal Duger. Although not yec subetndated by figures, it is not at all unlikely that Great Britain has a larger popular tion than h'rancj for tho first time in history. At the census of 1391 k; uM'J I I-. &' W ''i J 1 ,. . J; ! iii !!! i? T" . J fill ,! 1..J11. . , oUKU, L'Tib. u, lo.'o. 1 tne u nited Kiiiirdojii baa d,?,J4,ooo 4 , , 1 ...i.r,.i. 7 r vii roil AHI'.KirA. GroT-cr Cleveland baa u-n narrow coLGnes of a jet ifc-::v ,: partisan and at one leap i the high plane of pa- It- makes no diilerece to .Ccin people what the noli- occupy. of the White v b v-neu the nation is 1 inhabitants, against ;3S,3i3,ooo for 1 France, since then the deaths have reguhrly out-nurvbered the births in France, while the opposite has been the case m England. -h Vrv.T";:. shall be - i v. (' tvU the people in . ucd cIotc all else bro-.vd libera1, patriotic, and an and through. at Ciytbiim'd message! : ten'dment cf thj people. able state paper. His ana c ilenrce doctrine is so a child may understand it. '!" aiuten nce of the rights r f j 1 if firm, dignified and They are verv liberal in Japan. Not long ago a bridg- was b'tiit which wr . so light that a notice wa3 put up, "No animals allowed to crot3.,' But it was found impossi ble to keep the rata off it, 2nd in order to haye a rule which could be enforced, the notice v;.j taken down and uNo l-rge animals allowed to crcsb" was put up in its place. now taking, lias relieved rne almost . .iiiiely of ail unpleasant symptoms, and I feel sure that one or two bot tles more will effect a permanent cure. To all ministers suffering from throat troubles, I recommend Ayer's Cherry Pe c 1 0 ra 1 . " K . M. B 1 : A v n K Y, J. D., JJist. Secretary, Am. Bapt. 3,uliieation Society, Petersburg, Va. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral GOLD MEDAL AT THE WOELD'S PAIS. Aifcas leads ciKia s;j;sa?ah;llas- TO THE PUBLIC. ill lie ..i.-j-er'- p-icp'ie can s -j in itcniy a .u:rd term. Political con d may or may not have vt P" "ident. H V??. oi ii.J Senator Peff'er Las Math- a chcu- j hitioa which shows h.iz xl:: avenge j cost cf burying ceiij'.u c -.ngivtcs j men is S3, 000, "ihe value of an American farm." Tui3 is manifest ly improvident, and yet it is only j the simple truth to say tha there j h .ve been Cusos 1 which the peo jdid not begrudge the expense. G-ive us your job printing, it will be promptly, nea,tly and cheaply done. You cannot find a better advertising medium in Oaba,rrus an the County . T r 1 : 1 7 j, T .O p PAND- 0 ; a? Montana papers ai-: -..ri;i two-yea: -old child 1:1 : I that smokes cigars with as mucii i ." e , .?.ely i;; Seveial ersons. ; ai of chi'd i-re-viu-id i!h '.fsycbnT)-) i- - o p "i other paper circu iacin in Cabarrus. We save you 25 to 88 per cent on your Christmas mm. 'm l-i PRESENTS. We have a nice assortment of Celluloid Boxes, inlaid with mother of pearl, satin lined, for ladies and gentle menwe seli Ssi.UO Photo Boxes for 3.40. DOLLS from I to 68c. Our stock oi dolls h far superior to anything v.v vlVJ ever had, and fully 05 ler cent cheaper than you can buy anywhere. Japanese Vases at less than wholesale prices. Cups and saucers large enough to use, 'it t5 cents Children A 11 C plctes up to fine 150 DOZEN 150 Ladies' and Gents' cotton, tor the holidays. Lrari!o!!i3 Leather. d di hina Cake Plates t OS e-ii'G, woalh Sl-DO to PLUSH A. r HT)fQ Candy 7i cents per pound. Children's Books, 1 lo Oo. Gilt edge, red In: rd K - . ay; also mugs, teapots. c Teachers Oxiord Bibles ihi's, howls, syrup picchcio, t0 2 00; Ladies solid salt and pepp-r custois, etc. j gold t;em setting riutfi at 7"cts to ToO, worth 01 pa cent ippirei.t pleasure u-j a beaconed old . . . 1-cr. - t:j a; r . ; ii I a h'Ht-d cur, a.d ef L e , i:c'.iiijg con :e;jledly at the cigar in ;.; .uft r. :;ce 4 ; the apple. I - i ii;,V.:; r , 1 : 1 1 - ,-. .-.n ., - A A',. of the United Stat ucls ; There id reat rer ret e:: ):"eivd fi''l A(;r.ini.5r;!or of the estate of James more. Satin pin c'liln ' to d8 cents. A rdc;? rnent of gnts 1 r -.Le 7, ill !-r. :--d ar l A I,- JO Subscription to the j L A M PS, is $1.00 per an- JLivn o ijum, in advance. ; om as cents to 5 r each, i pr u T? T f ! j i x i . 1 4 T v..-' -1 : x J -J , i , ' , , i , p , i , t, i t - Lohj; deed. All ii;:i0Ub Jioidin reot in a grave cmer- here at the death of Colond Kobert t!,,:i), aJan SilU1 (Ic(.e!;,ea are iiei-v,y ;ien he drops th-3 cloak of an, he should h-ive and will t nnfaltering support of j iiuA. II is age was 74, and he was a p.esre tor the Ivrmng taithful o.ker until the last.-) r to ;h ?dde to 'jreo wien fJleTolhnd, and 'C heartily L fc'ieele, of I: .c' i "Vi na oountv, roLl'K'(1 t0 rrcst;ut ll,on1, (ju1y au'lIu-'n,i, ' c r' J1 j r.''., to ll.r u u.; . h;:ied for puymcat on vtIio hie the Holts, Odells, and' or hrfore '.he 7 day "of 'ovcm'oer JSin - Worth3, had done so much for the e ' . .re him upon bi3 nonly n.. i utterance which u today oi the civilized world. J ' . ;..iod tc be an American ! It ) "bav3 an Aniericaa I reel- ur this uoiiee will he plead in har to tljfjir ; ccove'y. Also ail persoas owing said deceased are notified that prompt pa-viueiK is exnected this Nov. L'ii L. Td. Akcu:V. Admiulstr-uor. liiIPAJOCb' KOTICE- L'p to a fe.; years ago the wanly; iavlv, duly nualih'ed ts admius o! 0. :'.ci mere regis ! --red ?hh 'trators of Aiuam L doytjr, , ..r, . j iiece.hfcii, all pt?rsoDd hayias ciaiuia' key &iU:h: cnan anv otcer ir h?i;.;a. t ?:iid e.rite are iiarobv ndti- 1 ij i.ovF c -; 'd that, iiod to p i os out -t belli duly a-nthentr . . , ie-i;ea at iuo ome oi riorr:son m th-j c-.ul y of V:tkcs a cae tiu;, ; c,h;veii ia "Concord, - N. C for ' . , . , -v. .v in tia on. payment on or betore tne 5th day : r! n h good to be m the right! a;J;. "1",LJ 'u "inn lof Decomber,.4 ,1). 18UG, or thin ' , ., . , ; r- ..1tp.0 j Lre d ici: t notico Y?ill btt.plqd in bar ot their ' i iteovorv. a :i imsonN lndohf fiH n av, h i: i?;ng the right, darea tiam- a Jewish f tir in Tsiew Yc.r citv 'd oate ire-feby ' tiolilied that 1 1 TT . .. . ... : .... .,. ..i . 1. . J e arc and oo3 ,h ha3 juiD cleared 70,000 to: chra ty! W, A- Lhn Administrators Edait.o Joyer ' of WmB Joynor ivi orrirfOu (Jahi w 11,1 A tty. This tho f2ad day Dec. 1893.. -ise A ononis anu pno: . ;a' a siajb ni-ht If the Jeweller T Tb; ,hcye is from the Nvr YorV .J y;Lo h-is cm a oyer Loui I uia to v.: t . .it II , iiavertiser, tnat naa cuaeu lecture is to write bis im-.-eiono ot j x-vciriv.i, Tinned tne&outn ana saw Amcrici should not overlook this good iii anything but Ke- item. vb'ic. even iroitiff so far as call- ! , , i.n,, ' - Fo-'-,'.-rrf , c7 UVi o-nined 1 wm 'n Wednesday, the 18 day of De- i Ot uli,ts the "cuua3 ci tne H J1U llKa Uj" j ( oair, loU5 at the late lesideue of said ;;rr wordj to that eiieci. j in pc. a ;..:oa m three years, and - 'the total ?,j nov placed at 270,000. uiLB notice;.' I I Haying been, duly snpolnted and nuall i ilea d in iiilstratoi' of the estate of James W. Ldq.lj deed. I, as such AdmhiibliiUoj , James W, Long in Canco.d, oiler for su'o to the highest bidder for cash : One sorre-d horse, one eook stove,oue lot corn, ) l wo bureaus s lot of beds and bedding f l..isehoid and kitchen fumituifi. nnrl 1 -vy , : t ciUioate us ; ni cur ! d')nb7e , u'atioa by maklup; ! oiuer persoeal pi operty articles too surplus revenue, ho we ?er It ia a c-'-ar ca3e of a ci:y that has clitaper than you can buy any wbere from 1 cent up. Doll airiages troia 00 cents to 1.C8. XJViJJ U7iC!UO 'l.- LV both Americii and. r to 55 cents. Lasket: . i . . each. Japanese Bronze I'ray, 1-'X1"' 1 1 JH Uj K ""lit D DSTIAB. propria cox. 2 .il! riHiei of safe'y in the future, unless it 1 i tLUjiiC; ous to mention. ful. L M Archey, Administrcitor

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