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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 20, 1895, Image 3

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Arriral of Trains. Mo. n from Richmondi arrives at ri 17 a m 35 ;; Washington " ; 9:is p". m " ii Atlanta " " 7 -2 n tr. 36 " Atlanta-. . -9:33a r 37 " New York ' " S If -3 " Atlanta " 9oo r m d. Northbound freight leaves at 12m. ' 63 Southbound " ' "5'i-p m Nos. 11 and 12 are the local trains between Ku hmond and Atlanta. Nos. 35 and $6 are the is; mall tiams between Atlanta and WashinV-,m- Nos. 37 and 3S are the Washington and ..n-vesteu, Vc;s,ulcu Runted trains and stou .; Liuivurd otl signal. ... A Pocket book, Card Case, or Purs is useful and always vac it) table as a present. We !iave a line of handsome pres enta in .leather. Ladies and gen- tleiuen'sPocket Books, Card Cases, Purses insseal, snake, calf and Russia finish. Prices range from 10 cis to three dollars. FETZEH'S DRUG STOR CONCORD, N. C A JATCI OF LOCAL NEWS. ;'ickcMl ITp.aud lut ia KSiapo lly Our Just received at A L Sinnon- :ieM; one barrel of German Kraut. Uiii now. Lo?e & Son nuve spionJid bar aind they ?peak of in a uew ad to- ay. Christmas gloves and mittens for Jadies, misses and children at Gib son i Morrison'. 20 From December 10 to 25 the oouthern will sell round trip tickets . V l.i lQk v 4 - L J I'ouadi is closing out l-r:;-iin i:i furniture in the Morris building, next door to Morris House. ' See the announcement of Dry & ViuLv70rth, the b:g furniture deaK prs of tliis section of .North Carolina. CJmbrallas buill extra good for Xmas ifes and the handles are the very latest. Prices from 90 cents to S'v.50. Gibson & Morrison, Li "j t 0 . j.'.vt.'il rjpent Thursday .h L iiiotjui it: cLi.suiiation with 'i? client, Dr. Wnrc. 7'r itch uard and ch.rin lost ''.ill. .: I'.d-T .iii re;arded by I'he p:icking in the doom of the it the nlc,;hery blew .out this nofuing, making it necessary to -hut down for beveral hours. oo.riin nau rtuuctu tne .;Les lo Atlanta and return on i 't'cember 19 to 2o, incluisiye, limited -t'rj uay3 from date of Gale to $L75, rIhe Racket men has a new ad, Tne -! cket 13 filled to the b: im :i v t b f ' cf beautiful ; " 'A CD is presents. see their, Aiy Valter Brown, once a resident ot Cabarrua, now cf Kowrn county, 1 1 11 t r . 1 wn tor 1 lie nonuays. Lie --iu tin'' :u Mr. Andy Wine. iL;?nd mixed f):ckle3; au ;line iiy cream cheese,., btjhd..-' : 3 ament of candiea un(i nuts gpeciah Christina:, trade" at'-Jbrn 1 lUi.noJil ? Newest-, gQ.pds .'in wn. .. . . - - The Southern P'lilway is how anning all' trains on the "block" system. It ha a irght operator at (-"very telegragh aiation on the line between Washington-and Atlanta. Grocery man. John K Patterson uiiaoubtedjy lh be3t trade of town, for lie has ihe freshest ,r-u-3 and the veatcst variety of s-e in t;;3 city. Hominy, pits and buckwheat always fresh. cona uou38 of CheroW 'he S-ate. rora Concord to Atl . i opccount of e-is' i-, n i rW W 5th 'PlQ3ive,-t.r t,-5 ,r rf01; trip. Fin3l Hmit Q?e daya from dad- of 3 ,i A genuine . .. f be:attt3ted: but not n , j WoodKpnnfler. Over and over a.aim it has been proved that Ajer's Sar. -iinasuncis alone among rnedi- wue8 a3 ine u"st reliable tonical- : c 1U paaraiacy. It stood aione at the World's Fair. The colored population of the United States U classified into M37,93p blacks, 950,989 mulattoe?, 105,13-i quadroons and G9,93C octo roons. That runs the gamut. oiogere, public speakers, actors. auctioneer?, teachcra prtacaerg. and di wtio are liable to overtax and irs iii - ntate the.yocal organs, find, in Ay et'a Cherry Pectoral, a safe, certain, and speedy relief. A timely dose of this preparation has prevented many a throat trouble. Wht by a Coiujiaulon. Si'oiA, Ga, December 10. Otis GUij, the non of a prominent citi zen, was accidentally shot and nain fully wounded in the light arm Tuesday. Clarence Fall?, the sixteen-year-old son of the postmistress, was playing ".Buffalo Bill" with Otis, and snapping a pistol at him, Clar ence knew the pistol had one ball in it, but did not think he had snapped around to it. The wound is painful, but Otis will recover. a For over ririy Years. Mrs. Winelow's Sooth;rjg Syrup has been used for ovcrj fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, otteu3 the gums, allays all pain, curc3 wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately Druggists in every nart of the . world. Twenty-five cents a bottle Be sure and ask for-Mrs. Windows Soothing Syrnp," and take no other kind. mwf&w s2:f 95 Iiisuriuicc Caes Eiiueri. Tkexton, N. C, December 19. The insurance censpincy trials from Newberne have ail ended and Judge Graham pronounced sentence on the men yesterday a f tern 00 n. Ha1 sell, the leader of the cons epiracy was cnt o the ptniien.iary for seven years. William Fisher, colored, gets five, years, Dr. D T Delamar, Seidon Delamar, J C Delarnar and Levi T Nee were sen tenced to serve two years each in Craven county jail. All of the defendants appealed and gave bond. They sVy they wi'l carry the case t'j the United States Supreme' Court if necessary. . . 1 -- ' ' Tho'. cry 5; a v i-tl Hin '.ZAt'e. Mr. G. Caiilouette, Druggist, Beavorsvilh3, 111,, says : "To Dr. Kinr3 New Discovery I owo my life. Was taiien with LaGrippo and tried all tho ph vacuus i'r miles ! .... - ; about; but of nor up and told could not live. Hay ing9Dr. King's Now Discovery in my store I sent for a holLlo rud bc gan its use and from the firat dose began to get batter, and after vz' three bottles was up "and .'about asio. It Is worth its weight in rrn Id, We woncr keep ftoro or house without it." Get a irao I: "M at Fetzer 's Drug Store T'.i;n ii o in: ay. them, duly auihentP ed, to Th graded school closes down tojuio ior payment, on "or before the , -. ,ntiyi ff i ir'Lh cay of November, 1SGG, or this day tor its Cnr:stmas vacation. , ce m bo p!ead in bar of their is understood that n wnl iae two weeks in Christmas featiyitie?. , ?aBCTigra - , r , , ... ' " imbi ' " I LJ .T?-f ? j '? l?f fc ff fB Pf" I I IGARfTTES asff DURHAM. N.C. U.S.A. MABE FROM i3igb irade Tefjaeeo ABSOLUTELY PURE THE RUSH OF HUMANITY. IVopIe Who Tfavt'l, tin Seen by Our Iteworter. Mr. and Mrs. George W Means have gone to Atlanta. Mr. II F Phifer arriyed in the city last night from New York. Mvm Joseph Cannnon is home from Paii tops, Va., for the holidays. Messrs. Dan and Herbert Bar rier, of Mt. Pleasant, passed through the city last night en loute to At lanta. Misses Lucy Montgomery and Alida Smith arrived in the city last night from Converse College, Spar- anburg, S, 0. Dr. D A and Mrs. Garrison, of Bessemer city, came up last night. The doctor returned today, Mrs. Garrison will spend several days here. Messrs. Morrison Fetzer and Will Johnston, of th9 Presbyterian uigu Scnool at Mebane, and Frank Cannon, of Horner's, at Oxford, ar rived at home last night to spend he holidays. Vatic lif'nitjIiy IIor-si?: ami Miilfs. Wait for Dodd'e ruction aalo of Kentucky horsoo au'i uiuloa, Saturs !('i;:y, Deaembor 21st, 1S95, fifty hfad of horsts and mules, at M J CorFs stable, Concord, N. C. Come to the sale, as thoy "will nositively -be sold, . gardlesa of cot. Each horse or mule must be a 3 represented, or no sale. Positively no bys bidding. Salo will bo held, rain or shine. Stock will be at Curl's stable, Fris day, December 20th. Comotand see tnem. 11. A. Dodd, r j e vara. Then VVcy v,-u3 sick, we gate hor CAstcrTa. A"hv.-u blia was a, Chil J, eiie cried f or Gloria, WLeu sha became liss, sho clung to Castoria. aen slia Lad CiiilJren', saa gava tLem Catoria, An Si II or foi- Cottiempt. The case of.coatempt in which Jadg Ew t fiasd Editor Robinson, of ih-i Aihayiilc Cil.Tn and sen- n ) imnrisonment for criticizing a decision of court wps argued in the supreme court this week. Messrs Adams, Moore and 0;"i:r rpn.'area for tue reaponuect " , , a:l.l j th- State KV.cigh Pre3S-Visiror.' EXECUTOR'S NOTICE. :Uavinsr, this the 18th day of No vmbor 1805, been duly appointed cud qialified as executor of the last will and testament of Mrs. Mary G Huie, deceased, I hereby notify all lebted to the estate of .tfstanr.rtil in mlrft iMirnadiate nav-. ! moat .thereof to me. And all per-. ! avu3 huving claims against the des recovery. Hiaai P. Foaed, . Executcr. S'.f:R3T- iL w . J-i- .., A J.. . ... If 1 iiMHPIItlPI WHEN PEOPLE SEE THE BAR GAINVJ-E THEY WONDER HOW WE GET THEM. Take Towles We have a splendid one for 10c. A gen tlemah'came in the other day and bought them thought we were bluf- inghirn. We got in another lot. bame price Such a collection and variety of Ladies Handkerchiefs plain and farcy border. Think of tnmng thrm for 5c, Can't tell them from 10c. ones. fVloquet and Smyrna kisps Such useful presents. You can buy 2 oue ior ,o, .25, 3.50, 81,00. GLOVES 15. 2, 25 anJ 33e. lud Gloves, pretty shade at S1.00 per pairs. Quite a pretty line of SATINS for fancy work. See our ins mim Split your Sides for 25c . Jacquards and Boucles and quite a good line of SERGES 45 inches wide 4f?c. per yard. Don't forget, all wodJ, both ways 25e. yd. Beautiful whita Counter panes $1.00, 81,50 and 82 00. Presents that satisfy, ease the conscience and give you the happiest Christmas ever spent. Can't miss it on anything. Bound to win. No trash. i 11 urn, pnnrcma tW J. J TRADE ( contributed to tins great liandkercliief show. You might pay from 5 cts to $1 J but that's not the! point. We offer, sev eral dozen handker chiefs at very. low prices. We are will ing that you shotild jo everywhere else nd try to better Cii them and then come here. Your better judgment will do the rest. Linen drawn work at all prices, from $1 per dozen to $9. borne and see us and we will do you good. mm it nit e Aim. Cains ft 70 LlilJ WmPh Mill fl' WW i The best thing in LADIK3 F LUC ED LINED BLxiCK SEAMLESS HOSH for the small sum of 10 cents. The same thing in men's at 10 cents, A six hook corset for LO cents is what you ought to see. in from 2h to 35 cents and ara good values. Nothing cheaper in town than our line of mm 1 f you -want aj,yiV for CO cents' that worth. you can get it. " I f) W P J, SO M I's com

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