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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 01, 1896, Image 1

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CONCORD, N. C, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, . 1896. Vol Wnoms NO. 1,4P2 XIIL No. 113. s OUi FIT CAPTURED. Tw F,ne ermOMS ! OUSTED SLEEPING NEGROES Mi. Smith Shutting of thin oiftr I . IIld MoiKlav . . . 1 v-j . . . III -''" v " I J J J 1 , t-. 'I'll At l?..r.Lr.ll It V I VI (! at 'r,,, :dUCUUt;u cne meeting at t'rosoer tv i J " Mm Jimle a o( HhiKey An Unexpected Tliem I lie Roil ire . M;ill WHVC phiI-IX-"!''1- luiitrs were out Monday night. Vr,ck;ui'.'rs have been running proiui-cuously through parts of . ,.-vna -or a long time and it has b en a haul matter to catch them. ev,:th k.--.-3. Monday night Sheriff bin;-, iuvenue Officer George W V-ii JK-puuea Will Propst and jiv K f c town shortly after ,jark for the Jingle place on Coddle ... , k to nub a nian that has been c p.:siderable trouble out ?ljrv.. ( Join a; np the'creek towards yorw-' mill, about one hundred vini, frnla the heme of Evans Tays jcr ;l s;,on distance from the road, tlK-v e?v-ied a wagon and at once be- to investigate, hnding in the ji four empty kegs, and one ihirv gallon barrel containing j;f?r.:i gallons of corn whiskey. This tint! was all eeizrd, together with tfae vviicjon and team. Tiio man had left the wagon and found at the home of Taylor trvics to cell some whiskey, having his little brown jug with him. The oncers 'j-rey tilted ibe trade, howeyer, uud vie' tney put in their appear ance tin- 111 ei s'epped aside to get a M cf water. He made one leap i tistd out of the tight of the -iv, making his escape. church in Rimertown Sunday.Iast, and says the attendance was the largest gathering he ever witnessed at a country church. Rev. S 1) Steffey, pastor of St. John's church, preached two fine sermons with great effect upon his listeners- baptismal service took place, when two children were baptized. Rey. Steffey will preach at that church on the 3rd Sunday at 3 o'clock, on "Infant Baptism,7' wilt: dn: at: c 1 r II: v. It is ht that he went to Rocky for his water. T' iifime of :he blockader is not known, but indications are that he is from Stanly county. An overcoat wi in i:;8 wagon, in the pocket of whrh was foun an envelope ad drf ! -1 to lion. S J Pemberton at AlVraarle. T'.:- Sheriff was not after this man. but brought the plunder in uft the same. The team is at Brown llros. stable. Tlie Ideal I'mincea. Janes L. Francis, Alderman, CLii-airo epya : I regard Dr. Kind's t-:v .Ui.-covery 3s an Ideal Panacea fcr C juah?, Colds and Lung Com -h,;:.t, having used it in my family for tj.- last live years, to the exclu ion of physicianfi's prescriptions or ' : )' preperations. v. .John Burgus, Keokuk, Icwa, wrui I have been a minister o M ihodist Episcopal church for j" ears or morp, and nave never loard : so beneficial, or that -Hv; ?;e suck speedy relief as Dr b;:.:.-l' ,'ew Discovery. Try this v 'iii'li Remedy now. Tria 1 t li - y, fHe at Feezer's Drug Store 3lr. K. J. Holmes Ieaf. Mrs. R J Holmes, of Salisbury, died at 6:45 p. m., Monday at Con nelly Springs. A telegram to Mr. W M Stuith says she will be buried tomorrow morning. Mrs Holmes was the only sur yiying member of the noted family of Mr George Heilig. Her mother was Miss Salhe Furr before her mar riage' and formed the link of rela tionship of Mrs, Holmes to the Smith and Furrs and others of Ca barrus. The late deceases of the family were Major S G Heilig, of Mt. Pleasant and Col. P N Heilig, of Salisbury, The other members of the family were Caleb Heilig who died before the late war, Mrs. Rey. Cone, formerly Mrs. John Miller and mother of Mr. Daniel Millei of Statesyille, and Mrs. George Bernhardt, mother of the Bern hardt brothers of Salisbury. Her death seems quite unexpected and we haye not possession of the particulars. She leaves a husband and family of chilJren who have our sympathies in this their sad be reavement. Since the new Phifer-King build ; ing has been under coyer, the store rooms hava been a rendezvous for several of the many negroes that lounge around town, making it their lodging place. Mr. W D An thony ha3 the contract for painting the rooms and being suspicious of the "roost," yisited the room soon to be occupied by the New South Club and there found several slumbering negroes nestled upon a small pile of shaving. Himself and Nightwatch' man Johnston oujstexl them quicker. While no serious damage had been done, it is not altogether safe to let people sleep in the building among the shaying. Considerable complaint is heard from various people about the aggre gation of little negro boys that con gregate under the -awnings, over the sidewalks on Sundays and at night, monopolizing and blockading the passway. Besides this, tney use very obscene language and make it so unpleasant that ladies hesitate to go by such places, especially on Sun day. The trouble has teen laid be fore the policemen and it behooves the authorities to rid the town of such a nuisance. W D K. Weatlier Keport for Aucust. The following weather report for the month of August is furnished us by Prof. HTJ Lndwig, of Mt. Pleasant : Highest temperature 07, 9th and 10th. NOTICK. v . 7 man ancl woman in the United - : : ; '1 i?i the Opium and Whisky 1 ' on; of my books on these dis A.i iro-s 1;. M. V00Iiey, Atlanta, Ga., -i-.Kl one will be sent you tree. Low zi iemperature 52, on the 30th. Average' temperature 78 8. No. clear days 12; partly cloudy 8, cloudy 11. Total rainfall 2,95 inches. Number days on which rain fell, 11. RAINFALL FOR THE YEAR. January 2.06 in- February 5 89 " March 2.19 " April 1.19 14 May .53 June 4.33 " July 6.83 August 2.95 " Total 27.97 " The Magistrate Ulectoiis. Some muddle seems to exist with regard to the election of magis trates. The law directs that three magis trates shall be elected in each town ship and one additional magistrate for each one thousand inhabitants of a town or city. This requires the election of nine magistrates in Concord. One third of the magis trates retire every two years by expiration of term. Of course they are eligible to office again. The nomination of magistrates does not belong to the county con vention. They are nominated and elected by their respective town ships. Ward No. 4 passed a motion last Friday night authorizing its dele gation to the county convention to be a committee to confer with like committees from the other wards for the purpose of nominating suit able men for magistrates. It is to be hoped that this method will need the approbation of the other three wards and that the subject will receive due attention. h THE CHEAPEST ON THE GLOBE. The time is now near approaching when t he trading pub lic will want to know where they can get in return for their cash the greatest amount of goods awpted to their wants, and we want to say right here that LOWE AND DICK will supply all of your wants for less money than any other house, We haye all you want, and every train is now bring ing in for us new stuff that wTill be dealt out at such prices that it will make these old time long-price houses shudder. JUST LISTEN! We want to show you what we are; 4-4 sheeting 4c, Ginghams 3 12c, Dress Oalico 3c, Men's Shirts 15c, lar gest towel on the globe lor 5 and 10c, Bleached Domestic 4c, Ladies' Black Hose 4c, Ladies mixed hose 4c. The 10c suspender you ever saw. Boys' suspenders 5c. No bet:-T line of Ladies' Diess Goods in the city all the way from 5c to $1 the yard. See what you can buv for ATO fTW'T1 40 ljair pins' 2 PaT)Prs needle-, V-ij J-J KJJLJlri JL 1 bo: Mourning Pins, l adies' Handkerchief, 2 balls sewing thread, box blacking, 10 slate pencils, 3 lead pencils, 2 papers pins. Two big bars Laundry Soap for 5c, The best 5c ping tobacco in town One box 3 cakes buttermilk soap 8s, 2,40') matches for 10c, 1 box 24 sheets paper and 24 envelopes for 5c, Jjadies1 fine shoes for 65c, Men's line shoes 9fc Big bar gains in Men's heavy work shoes', Overalls 35c and up to 1, Sample Hats bought at 50c on the dollar, and we are selling them the same way. Sailor hats ldc, large white quilts for G5c, 100 dozen shirts of e ery style at bargain prices, 1 00 pieces outing 5c yard, closing out the balance of our Indies' low shoes at 40 and 50c. The Greatest store or the Globe for bargains. Every train bringing in new stalf that will go at such a price as to knock out competitors. Get in the procession and follow the crowd and yon will soon land at our station, and you will always find willing hands to wait upon you LOWE & DICK, CHEAPEST ON THE GLOBE. MICE LINE -OF- c KJJki. JT .LJLa ! at c T For Infants and Children TI13 fac simile Elgsat-aro Cf ' is oa every wrapper. y 1 Store, OPPOSITE ST. CLOUD HOTEL J- F. HTJ'RL'EY, StlRAflCEj AGENT, Office over JTZEirs. DRUG STORE. ' UoiiiST to College. College students are passing through to Mt. Pleasant every day. Mr. H B Shoup, of Mikesville, Fia , was met at the train this morning by F. H. E Derrick, one of the col lege faculty, Mr. Charles Phillips, of this city, lef t to-day and will begin his studies with the opening of school to-moro row. Others are expected to-night and tooiuorrow. I lie Coming- of liaby. When a babv comes to the house real happiness comes. The care and anxiety count for nothing against the clinging touch of the little hands and the sound of tbe little voice. The highest function given to hu man beings is bringing healthy, harnv children into the world. Over thirty years ago the needs of women appealed to Dr. Pierce, now chief consulting physician to the In valid's Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo; N Y. The result of his study improved by thirty years of practice is embodied in L)r. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It strength ens, puriGes and inkes healthy the organs distinctly feminine. It gives weak women the strength and health necessary for the production of heaithy children and it makes the bearing of those children easy. It is sura to cure any weakness or de rangement peculiar to women; stops pain, soothes inflammation, strength ens, purifies, invigorates. Nominated on First Ballot. It can't be beat. What ? The Model Steam Laundry, of Charlotte. It does the nicest and best work that can be done at any laundry. Give U a trial and be convinced. See Aubrev Hoover, agent. s2 We want to Beat . the Record for July We are determined not to spend our time and pnergy crumbling about dulJ times. We will pitch in and make times lively. Mow, 111 or der to make this incomiog month the biggest July we have ever Led, we are putting out a lot of "Hummers" and we are going to make them hum. We are going to do away with Stickers. WTe will make M'-.vtrs out of them. Here goes: x About GO prs of Ladies fine shoes of Zeigler's and Reed3 m kes, all small sizes, 2, 3, 3 and 4 that we will pell at $1 a pair. Not a pair among them but cost 82 and over. They must go. NO. 2. About one hundred pair of Ladies Fine Oxford Ties, some patent leathers, some tans, some tine dongola pat tips, all to go at 75c. They cost from 1 to $1.50. They must go. NO. 3. -About 50 pairs Ladies fine Oxfords, all Zeiglers, tan, gray and black ooze and finf Kid, sizes 1 to 4. All to go at 3L Made to sed at $2 and $2.50. They must go. NO. 4. About 75 prs of Ladies Oxfords and 1-strap Sandals Zeierlfirs. Bay State and Padan Bros-, all to go in at $1.25. Cull ior them they won't be here long. They must go. NO. 5 A few prs of Misses Oxfords, sizes 12 to 1, to go at 50c. NO. 6. FOR MEN: A lot of Tan, Goat and Black Vici Kid Oxfords at 81. They &re 1.50 fchoes, and are tresa stock just bought them. SPECIALS. Womens Solid Leather Shoes at 65c. Womens solid Leather Pebble Grain and Glove Grain Lace and Button Shoes at 75c. These are SI shoes, all fresh and nice. Ladies fine Dongola kid button shoes, made ut Alexandria, Va. Solid as any shoe in the n.arket, regular $1.50 shoes, to go at 61. Mens Fine Satin Oil Sboes, lace and gaiters at SL They are regular 1,25 shoes. Mens heavy English Ties, everyday shoes, 1.00 Solid as leather can make them. Big job in Btraw hats at 10c, some of them are 50c hats. We buy Trunks in car loads and retail them at wholesale prices. One hundred Mens fine Serge Coats at just half price. We have everything in the line of clothing and furnishing goods. Everything up to date and at pricesihat can't be beat anywheie in tbe State, Call ana see samplesiof the free Crayon Pictures we are having made for our customers- JOB Twenty-five suits of fine AllWoolICassimere inCutaway Frock Suits, sizes 34 to 36 lor 4.00 a suit. They are 10.00, 12.50 and 15.00 suits. Call on us and see these and other attractions. CANMONS & FETZER

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