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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 12, 1896, Image 1

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Vnr, Xin.-No. 123. CONCORD, N. C, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1896. Whole KO. 1, Tr;:. HIGH WATER MARK. WATSON AND GUTHRIE HERE J I j S h fflieaD Store. yd to rliH top now with :- (!: . Everything you in the way of a new from a 3 cent Calico, aiiis or Plaids up to the line of -r- - 3 r-t 1.00 per yard '.."?:- vies are ctbso i -ect and the price is Flvo Htimircd and Four Stiiiionts in The Uiibcniatorlnl nmlKlates All Departments at the Viitversity. Chapel Hill, N. (J., Sept. 11. The high water mark of attendance has been reached this week at the University, The first, week closes with a total attendance of 504 in all departments. Tnese are distributed as follows: Collegiate department 280, law 45, medicine 2G, summer school 153. This means, if the ex perience of the past is carried out, a total enrollment of GOO. The Fresh man class numbers thus far one hundred men. The week has been an interesting JCotiee of .Seizure. Seized near Concord, N, C., on the night of August 31t, 189G, the iHsseussinyr the issues jomtiy-A following propertv for yiolatin the "111 i Intorriul T?n-,-i T nirm nP V TT-.?--l are iool Atteinlance Watson Spenlt Toiiltflit. According to date previously an nounced, Hon. Cyrus B Watson and Major Wm. Guthrie are here dis cussing jointly the issues of the day. The hour of speaking being so late, we are unable to give a synopsis tov States, to wit: Two small bay horses one two horse wapon and harnes?, about 15 gallons of whiskey and four empty kegs, supposed to be the property of Jacob Hartsell. Notice is hereby giyen to any one claiming said property to give notice in the form and manner prescribed day, but will furnish it to our readbv law to the undersigned at his lers in Monday's daily. There are several hundred countrymen in at tendance. Many of the faimers are hindered from turning out on ac count of the busy season. Mr. Wat- one at Chanel Hill. Dr. Alderman I 0n tne uemocrauc nominee, win made his formal opening address to:sa.k at the court hon8e at 8 o'clock the students on Tuesday in the pres ence of a large gathering, outlining the policy of the University and his own policy to the youn men. The speech was received with great en thusiasm by the young mm and partly as a result of it vM thi o.d classes of the University huw volun- tonight. Everybody is respectfully invited to hear him. office m Asheville, N. C, within 30 days from the date hereof!, cr said property will be declared forfeited to the Government of the United States. By Smi L Rogers, Collector 5:h District N. C. R. S. Harris, Deputy Collector. Stockholders and Directors Meet There will be a meeting of t'is stockholders and also of the dj.i-. tors of the Concord Southern Ei.aU road Company, held at the cf!lc . " W M Smith in Concord, N. C , :,- Tuesday, 9rb of September, 1':'.0 ? at 11 o'clock a. m., when and all parties interested are request L"; to be present. .1 W Caxxot. Flam Kixg. Ixo 1; I) R Hoove p., W M Smith, Directors of Concord Southern Ravi .,, way. mH -! Jtmm , : ii id V d 'r t :i i i t ' 7 " ' r Pairs T!n,ikets t'ro-n 75 cts to OF 75 vnts to 3.00, -lit v-ii ve V k Shirt: dozen Men's that originally -;M for 40 crs have been re Inced to 25cts. Ten dozen VER-fiLLS :h:'t sold for 75 cents hnve reduced to 50 cents. The ivalitv can't be matched for the price. HOC- Boltstr WOOL JEANS that will go ar the extremelv low price of 15, 20 and 25 cts p-T yard. r tarily adopted resolutions prohibit ing b:.zing, thus co-operating with the f acuity in the first principles of self government. The new adminis tration starts off with all the Je- pertinents m thorough harmony. All the student organizations are forming end the great school is thoroughly started on its year's work. Commons Hall with arrange ments for boarding one hundred or more opens with tea next Monday night. It i3 one of the best equip ped dining rooms in the State. Both this and the kitchen are due to the beneP.cienoe of Mrs. Frederick Ba ker, of New York, It is a great boon to all students. Five new men of talent in their departments haye been added to the teaching force, an instructor each in Latin, modern languages, English, history and scientific physical culture. Whiie the last does not count on a course yet Mr. Mechling comes to cne State thoroughly equipped to make intelligent physical culture practical, pleasant and profitable. The Young Men's Christian Acso ciation gives its annual reception to she new students with refreshments and short talks, music, etc. on Friday night in Commons Hall, Xnver haye we been so well fixed in the shoe line as at pient. We have the cheap- shoes you will lind any New lot of t insp mo" cent V..' vW) ' : t Sold .SO fast. White guilts all the way from 50 cts 'I- to sl. 75. Our house is w fall up to the top and we -ill et new goods daily and 'ill till the" basement. We v.'nit your trade this fall and 'vill sell you goods very low Hi order to get it, You loose noney to make a purchase v'it bout (irodin li'r. UrUle i7. Dr. J L Johnson, of this county, and Mis. M C Alsop, who resides near ) Ridge, Guilford county, vt r; uiiitea m the holy bonds of i ui'iiriiiiony yesterday at noon at the resilenee of the bride's son-in-law, Mr. John W SraHord, ne-.r Oak rncge. iiev. n i cmrtora cJiiciatea The groom i3 70 years of age, while the bride's age is G7. Mrs. Alsop has relatives in Win ston, whom she visited several days ago. Dr. Johnson is the father of Mrs. II W Foltz, of this city, and is well knowi here. Immediately after the ceremony, the newly married couple took their departnre for :he home of Dr. Johnson, in this countv. Winston Sentinel. TO HEAR BRYAN. seeing us. DICK Special Train Will Probably I5? Kuu From This Point to C harlotte Thursday Xext. The Standard learns on reiia ble authority that the Southern KiiWay Company will probably run a special train from this point to Charlotte cn Thursday next, when Candidate William Jennings Bryan will sneak there. If Concord and Cabarrus will furnish 200 passen gers the railroad company will ac commodate them. One first class fare, 70 cents, will be charged for the round trip. The special wil leaye the station early in the morn ing in time to land them in Char lotte for the speaking. 4rf Sclioo . Mi8. Jennie Klutt'z Art School will oprti on fceptenibrr 14. Recom mendations, etc., are in the hands of the principal of the graded schools. el2 J. F. HURLEY INSURANCE AGENT Office "ccr XETZER'S )J?n; y:u!ij. Ijcli Wanted Female. 810 to SI 8 per week to Men and Women tor easy homo work. .No books or canvassing. No experi ence. Bop a fide offer. No catch. Ser;( ."tamp for work and particu lars. E. Herrman, 213 South Sixth Street, P iiladelphia, Pa. eSl A NICE ! OF TI KJ mrtenm'J T iv o 1" CL O Bnfklcirs AniicaMurw. The Best Saive in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, bait Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetterd Chappe Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles or no pay requi.-ed. It is guaranteed to give statisf action or monev refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale at P B Fetzer's Drug store, -mmmmm-m mmm George Barnliardt Hurt. On Thursday last, Mr, George F Barnhardt, once figuring as an ato tache of this office, met with quite a serious accident. He was riding his fine horse, which became frightened and threw him, bruising and scratching him up pretty badly. We are glad to know that George was not fatally hurt. 9 JSc!i Wanted . Agents wanted to sell Macintoshes and Rubber Clothing, Tires, and a full line of Rubber Goods, (Part or all of). Free samples, and protected groun;! to workers. Factory P. O 1371, New York. mm mm Heartache, and Neuralgia cured by De MILES' PAIN I'lLLS. "One cent a dose." C O L ! K L Craven is now receiving: the best Jelllco Lump Coal, Also superior Hard Coal, Egg and Stove. Prompt attention. OPPOSITE ST COAL BUSNEBfv. Every citizen ot" v'oncoui who in'.f.u. to burn coal during the cumin;;- .v I:. will save money a'n-l Trouble by pn yfy.' ing from u-. We will hiimijc thti 7 i ' JELL1CQ UIP. i and will deliver any q'.ian t it y in anj:.V?i of the city. oui crcer- are soh' iil Slackweldir I hMk, Free delivery, licited. Orders 0 I Headquarters at RLvkn cider's storv, I West Depot street. We want to Beat : . . . the Eecord foi J 111' CHEaP store. Kleetrlc Bitters. Electric Bitters is a medicine suited for any season, but perhaps more generally needed, when the languid exhausted feeling prevails, when the liver is torpid and slug fish and the need of a tome and alterative is felt. A prompt use of this medicine has often averted lone an3 perhaps fatal bilious fevers No medicine will act more surely m counteracting and freeing the system from the malarial poison. Headache indigestion, constipation, dizziness yields to Electric Bitters. 50c and ll 00 per bottle at Fetzer4 Drug Store. ASK the recovered i .- ... C iii i i nvsnemics. uiuuus lu- S3MI2EM fcn:rs victims of fever anu aj;ue, me nn-inawi diseased patient, how hey recovered health, cheerful spirits and good appetite; they will tell you by taking Simmons Livkk Regulator. Tlie Cliefippst. Purest nncl Host Family 31edicine in the World! For DYSPKPSTA, CONSTIPATION, Jaanritce, Kilious attacks, SICK. HKAOACHK. Coli.;, Oepres sion of Spirits. SOUR STOMACH, Heartburn, etc. This unrivaled remedy is warranted not to contain a sin-le particle of Mercvky, or any mineral substance, bUt'S PURELY VEGETABLE, containing those Southern Roots and Herb-; which an all-wise l'nnidence has placed in countries xhere Liver Diseases must prevail. It v.ill cure Jill Diseases caused by Uerangeirieiit of the Iiver and HoavIs. The SYMPTOMS of Liver Complaint a bitter or bad taste in the mouth ; Pain in the IUc'k, Sides ur Joints, often mistaken for Rheumatism ; Sour Stomach; Loss of Appetite; Rowels alternately costive and lax; Headache; Loss of Memory, with a painful sensation of having failed to do something which aught to have been done; Debility ; Low Spirits; a thick, yellow appearance of the Skin and Eyes; a dry Couh, often mistaken for Consumption. Sometimes many of these symptoms attend the disease, at others very few ; but the Livf.k, the largest oran in the body, is generally the seat of the disease, and if not Regulated in time, great suffering, wretch edness and DEATH will ensue. The following highly-esteemed persons attest to the virtues of Simmons Liver Regulator: Gen.W. S. Holt, Pres. Ga. S. W. R. R. Co. ; Rev. J. R. Felder, Perrv.Ga.; Col. E. K. Sparks, Albany, Ga.: C. Master son, Esq.,SherilTRibbCo.,(;a.; J. A. Butts, Bainbridge, Ga. ; Rev. J. W. Burke, Macon, Ga.; Virgil Powers, Supt. Ga. S. W. R. R. ; Hon. Alexander H. Stephens. We have tested its virtues personally, and know that for Dyspepsia, Biliousness and Throbbing Head ache, it is the best medicine the world ever saw. We have tried forty other remedies before Simmons Liver Regulator, and none of them gave us more than tem- erary relief; the Regulator not only relieved, but cured ," Ed. Telegraph and Messenger, Macok, Ga. manufactured only by J. H. ZEILXN & CO., PLiladelphiu. p. We are determined not to spend our time and frr;y cruris.! h about dull times. We will pitch in and make times lively, isow, ra v-w der to make this incoming month the biggest July we luyh ever hnO . are putting out a lot of "Hummers" and we are going to i,i -,Le the!: r;::L,(. We are going to do away with Stickers. We will mak'-i Movtre ov xti: them- Here goes: About GO ore of Ladies fine shoes of Zeiglers and Rpf-d'ri r.i'A? i . iu I small sizes, 2J, 3, 3i and 4 that we will fell at SI a pair. Nut a pair am r-. -; them but cost 2 and over, 'lney must go. NO. 2. About one hundred pair of Ladies Fine Oxford Ties, sgj, patent leathers, some tans, some line dongola pat tip:s, all to i,'0 at "Zi Ihey cost from 81 to $1.50. They must go. NO. 3. -About 50 pairs Ladies fine Oxfords, all Zeiglers, tac, jyy and black'ooze and fin kid, sizes 1 to All to go at 31, Made to s'-11 itt. and S2.50- They must go. NO. 4. Abnnt. 75 tyrs of Ladies Oxfords and l-etr?.p Sandal?; Zeici. Bay State and Tadsn Bros-, all to go in at $1.2?. Call for llicm won't bo here long. They must go. NO. 5 A few prs of Mibaes Oxfords, sizes 12 to 1, to go at 50e. NO. 0. FOB MFN: A lot of T an, Goat and Black Vici Kid Ozfoitt-r-.: at SI. They 1.50 shoes, and are t'resu stock juot bought them. SPEC! A. L a A- t Wmnms Solid Leather Shoes at 05c. WomeLs solid Leather ftrnii, ft nil Olovft Grain Lace and Button Shoes at 75c. These $ shoes, all fresh and nice. Ladies fine Dongola kid button shors, mx .v Alexandria, Ya. Solid as any shoe in the n arktt, regular ?1.50 .hoe3 i.a. go at SL Mens Fine Satin Oil Sboes, lace and gaiters at l. liie j. xit, regular 1,25 shoes. Mens heavy English Ties, everyday slices, 1.00 ::a as leather can make them Big job in straw hats at 10c, some o; tsjuu are 50c hats. We buy Trunks in car loads and retail tbenl at whole suit prices. One hundred Mens fine Serge Coats at just half price. We .v-ut everything in the line of clcthiDg and furnishing goods- Everythir;- x.p, to date and at pricesthat csnt be beat anywheie in the State. Cali axd see sampleslof the free Cravon Pictures we are having made for our fris tomers- ( JOB Twentvfive suits of fine All-WoolfCassimere in Cataway'irotdc Suits, sizes 34 to 36 Jor 4 00 a suit.l )They are 10.00, 12.50 and 15.00B3its. Call on us and see these and otheilattracticns. CANNONS & FETZER

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