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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 14, 1896, Image 1

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A- MM Vol. XIIL-No. 124. CONC?01U N. C.-. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 1896. Whole NO. 1,503 . . i : GRADED SCHOOLS START. DR. PRESTON DEAD. IE DIGK, The Enrollment at tin Central Rniltl. Iny: Ntuiiborea 318 Forest Hill Will Hegin Wednesday. Olieap Store. The city graded school opened up this morning with a mo3t favorable start. The enrollment at the central building, which includes those com- ing up from Cannonville and the heart of the city,numbers 318, which is more than the total enrollment at the opening last fall, including For est Hill. Superintendent Sainn is very mucn encouraged by the pre&ence of Killed to the top now with so many pupils this morning, and iiw mM.'us. uvcij luiu jwu uc vyiu cuueavur iu make me ecnooi wani- iii ujc u! u. ncv moe oi tne most proutaole and sno mr?o aiv" v.,.v vy.wv, uebsiui odcs ever taugnt in triia ciiy.i (n-liams or riums up 10 uie The Foreat nni gchool win not handsomest line of nnpn Hll Wprlnpaf1aw The day was taken up in the grading and classifying the pupils, Work will begin in earnest to in or row morning. 1 1 Sovotv A Good and Mucli Beloved Minister Jies While Away from His Home. Rev. Dr. John A Preston, paster of the First Presbyterian church of Charlotte and one of the most able divines in the Presbyterian church, died at 6 o'clock Sunday evening at Blackeburg, Va. Seyeral months ago this congrega tion, one of the largest in this whole section, gave Dr. Preston a leave of absence for a month's va cation. He went to Virginia and wasaken with typhoid lever, from the effects of which his precious and useful life rapidly wore away until now he is cold in death. Dr. Preston has a number of. ! close friends in this city and county who will learn with Borrow and sadness of this dispensation of Him who doeth all things well. tv-s Gnr-ds tit $1.00 per yard ii, : 'V :i. The styles are abso-i-iiclv correct and the price is .iint. i- humlnd Pairs Blankets r rices from 7f) cts to rr pair PI LINE OF- Tlie Henry f itmlu! I St Iiool. Mi?s Laura Parish, of this city, wno leit Favtrai weelis aso tor Muekogee, Indian Territory, to tach in the Henry Kendai College. has charge of the primary depart ment of that institution. There is a corps of twelve teachers, and the college i? second to none in the ter- ritnrv. A short historv of the in- 8L3lt& ?ttUon 18 cPPeo from the Daily News, of Muekogee : "The college bears the name of Henry Kendall in honor of the (lOZen lieil Sjfe,iluu U1U nciu ui uuaiD ixiiccsiuuc, Shirts that originally Henry Kendall, D. D. Dr. Kendall lor 40 cts Lave been re was of English origin, which, with CI i r:i TTi cents to 3.00, Twntv-iive lu-ed to 2octs. Ten dozen the rigorous tliscipline of a farm life, gave him the stalwart man hood that carried him on bo firmly through nearly a half century of continuous and exhaustive labor. "In ' 1S40 he' graduated from been reduced to f)0 cents. The Hamilton College and from Auburn -lvalitv can't be matched for Theological Seminary in 1844. For a number of years he labored sue cesefully in the pastorate. During the fall of 1S61 Dr. Kendall entered HIS' mot over &ll: dipt sold for 75 cents hnve the price. -100 Boltsii WOOL JEANS that will go at the extremelv otv price of 15, 20 and 25 cts I'er vird. "SEW T upon the duties as secretary of the Board of Home Missions, which po sition he filled for thirty years in a masterlv manner. Until his death Dr. Kendall manifested a lively in terest in Indian Territory, and it is a fitting tribute to his memory that SHOES. thia fir8t Presbyterian College laVinnlH hpnr the name of Henrv . I VJ VJ V V4 i V wr J a ever haye we Deen so weji r , ,i nxxi in tne snoe line as ai present. We have the Cheap- our 'ext Consressman Here st shoes you will find any Hon. Samuel J Pemberton, cf l'lace. New lot of those bio; AiKTorlp tho npmocratic nominee - I L 1 U. mni v , for Congress from this district, was in tne ciiy, mo vioiu ucic uuug purely business. He told a Stan dard reporter that the outlook for nnif q of io-fonf nrt ll..,t WliUo a" BUUUcBO ao H J .-uiu au iaoL, xaxtv, mmhf. hp guilts all the way from 50 cts ana w f . y , Unto si 7H Onr hnr.Sft is Close, ubiocio om, - v- I CU f 1 A now full lir, to thft ton and we over uongressmau ouuiuiu. -I A I 1 i. k 1 still ffet nnv rrnnHa dm v and rar.eements nave uui jet utai uuui- till the basement. We Lleted for his canyassing tour over (arr to lie in tliarye. Col. Julian b Carr will have the control arid direction of President Bryan during his itinerary through North Carolinu, nr eting Mr, Bryan at Kuoxville, Teun. Mr. (Jitment Manly, recdling the ytry successful President Stevenson on the occasion of his tour through North Carolina some four years ago, has prevailed upon him to undertake a like duty in behalf of our next President, so that our worthy townsman will be master of ceremonies on the greatest occasion North Carolina has eeen since tne war. IjOok out ooys: He'll do it big. Durham Sun, . - MnrvcloiiM Itosuim. From a letter written by Ilev. J. Gunderman. of Diamondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this ex tract: 1 have no hesitation in re commending Dr. King's New Dis covery, as the results were almost marvelous in the casa of my wife. While I was pastor of the Baptist church at Bives Junction she was brought down with pneumonia succeeding La Grippe, Terrible paroxysms of coughiug would last hours with little interruption and it seemed as if she could not survive them, A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discouery; it was quick in its work and highly satisfactory in results. Trial bottles free at Fetzer's Drug Store R?gular size 50c and $1,00. Arm Torn Up in a cotton liin. Bob Biggers, a young white m?n of No. 10 township, who was em ployed 'at Dulin's cotton gin, in Mecklenburg county, met with a serious accident Saturday while feeding the gin. In some way his left arm was caught in the ma chinery and badly lacerated, and the fingers on his right hand were all broken. Dr. Black says it is doubtful if the arm can be saved, and if it is, Mr. Biggers will be dis figured for life. Notice of Seizure. Seized near Concord, N. C,, on the night of August 31t, 1896, the following property for yiolating the Internal Kevenue Laws of the United States, to wit: Two small bay horses one two horce wagon and harness, about 15 gallons of whiskey and four empty kegs, supposed to be the property of Jacob Hartsell. Notice is hereoy given to any one clfii'nine 8 ad property to give notice in the form and manner prescribed j by law to the uudersizned at hip office m Asheville, N. C, within 30 day from the date hereeff. or said property will be declared forfeited to the Government of the United States. B7 Sam L. Rogers, Collector 5th District N. C. R. S. Harris, Deputy Collector. men an licl Wanted female. S10 to S18 per week to Men and Women for easy home work. No books or canvassing. No experi ence. Bona fide offer. No catch. Send stamp for work and particu lars. E. Herrman, 213 South Sixth Street, P tiladelphia, Pa. c31 Stockholders and Directors Meet. There will be a meer.irg oi the stockholders and also of the direc tors of the Concord Southern RaiN road Company, held at the office of W M Smith in Concord, N. C, on Tuesday, '20th of September, 1S90, at 11 o'clock a. m., when and where all parties interested are requested to be present. ,1 W Cannon, tElam Kino. Jno. P ALLISON, D R Hoover, W M Smith, Directors of Concord Southern RaiU way. J. F. HURLEY, INSURANCE AGENT, Office over lETZEITS DRIV STORE. A NICE LINE OF stick p; at km OPPOSITE ST. CLOUD HOTEL K cent waat your trade this fall and the district, but he will be around ili vhII vnn cmnrla vpt'V low 1: Sam Pemberton should be our next Congressman, and Cabarrus will unquestionably do her part towards sending him to Washing- V f J lr- order to get it, You loose l!10Iy to make a purchase v,ltout seeing us Couffrojfatlon Extends a Call. At a congregational meeting of Holy Trinity Evangelical .Lutheran church at Mt. Pleasant Sunday af ternoon, Rey. Dr. L A Maun, of Mercersburg, Penn., was unanimous ly called to take charge of the pas torate of the Mt. Pleasant, Albe marle and Prosperity churches. The meeting was harmonious and there was not a dissenting vote. Dr. Maun is said to be an able divine. COAL! K L Craven is now receiving; the best Jellico Lump Coal, Also superior Hard Coal, Egg and Stove. Prompt attention. Free delivery. Orders son licited. COAL BURNERS. Every citizen of Concord wLo intcrJds to burn cciil during the coming winter will save money and trouble ny pn i chas- e will iiuimk' Uie best incr from v MICQ LIP COIL and will deliver any quantity in any part of the city. Youi orcers aie solicited. bckwalder 1 lelii, Headquarters at Bla'k welder's store, on WCfet Depot street. oS Mr. Rcndleman Takes the Stnmp. Mr. Jno. L Rendleman, who re cently joined the Republican party, will take the stump. lie has re ceived an invitation to speak in Da vie county and has accepted the in vitation. It is also probable that he will make several speeches in Rowan. Salisbury World. My! My! Jno. L., who'd a "thunk" it? IT -j kJ SI CHEaP STORE. ton. CASTOR I A For Infants and , Children. The fao- signature Cf 0 iC OS Dr. Miles' Pain Pills cure Neuralgia. For Over Fifty If ears Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their child ren while teething, with perfect suc cess. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea, It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world, Twentj-fiye cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslows Sooth ing Syrup," and take no other kind We want to Beat . the "Record for July. We are determined not to spend our time and fnf-jgy grumbling about dull times. We will pitch in and make times lively. Now, in ors der to make this incoming month the biggetst July we havn ever had, we are putting out a lot of "Hummers" and we are going to umLo Iheni hum. We are going to do away with Stickers. We will make Movers out of them. Here goes: About 60 prs of Ladies fine shoes of Zeigler's and Rp-d'ii m kes, all small sizes, 2, 3, 3 and 4 that we will eell at SI a pair. Not a pair among them but cost $2 and over. They must go. NO. 2, About one hundred pair of Ladies Fine Oxford Ties, some patent leathers, some tans, some fine dongola pat tips, all to go at 75c. They cost from SI to $1.50. They must go. NO. 3. -About 50 pairs Ladies fine Oxfords, all Zeiglers, tan. gray and black ooze and fine kid, sizes 1 to 4. All to go at 31, Made to sell at S2 and $2.50- They must go. NO. 4 About 75 prs of Ladies Oxfords and 1-strap Sandals Zeicrlers. Bay State and Pad&n Bros-, all to go in at $1.2. Call for them they won't be here long. They must go. NO. 5 A few prs of Misses Oxfords, sizes 12 to 1, to go at 50c. NO. 6. FOR MEN: A lot of Tan, Goat and Black Vici Kid Oxfords at $1. They are 1.50 shoes, and are tresu stock just bought them. SPECIALS. Womens Solid Leather Shoes at G5c. Womens solid Leather. Pebble Grain and Glove Grain Lace and Button Shoes at 75c. These are $1 shoes, all fresh and nice. Ladies fine Dongola kid button shoes, made at Alexandria, Va. Solid as any shoe in the n arket, regular SI-50 shoes, to go at SI. Mens Fine Satin Oil Shoes, lace and gaiters at 81. They are regular 1,25 shoes. Mens heavy English Ties, everyday bhoes, 1.00 Solid as leather can make them Big job in straw hats at 10c, some of them are 50c hats. We buy Trunks in car loads and retail them at wholesale prices. One hundred Mens fine Serge Coats at just half price. We have everything in the line of clothing and furnishing goods. Everything up to date and at pricesihat rnn't be beat anywheie in the State, Call and see samples4of the free Crayon Pictures we are having made for our customers- JOB Twenty-five suits of fine All-WooKCassimere in Cutaway Frock Suits, sizes 34 to 36 lor 4.00 a suit.! )They are 10.00, 12.50 and 15.C0iSuits. Call on us and see these and other'attractions. GAMMONS & FETZER r-1: : t - ' ; ,.'1 J' 5i .ill: i -1. ?! . i i I 1 1 9 I) ft 7 It i!

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