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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 15, 1896, Image 1

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Kill. No. 125, Vol. D 1 3 f; ...j JO Cheap Store. y i y. r (j t c t li e to p n o w v i tb Iiew u-khK Everything you want i'i tlje waJT f a new ,iirSs from a 3 cent Calico, (xi riirli:U!is or Plaids up to the handsome:-! line of ' v; .. r , uils at $ 1 .00 per yard - , !:. The styles are abso ;:.'!: .lir-ct and the price is ;:v.. i:::mlid Pairs Plankets ; : I'loiu ?r cts to : ;ll link of men's Pants ?." cents to ?3.00, Tw-nty-live dozen Men's 'A 1 Shirts that originally - -1 x I iur 40 cts have been re" luced to 26cts. Ten dozen If OVER ALLS tli?t sold for 75 cents have been reduced to 50 cents. The .vality can't be matched for the price. -100 Bolts- VVOOLJEAINSS that will go at the extremely low price of 15, 20 and 25 cts l'?r yard. NEW : SHOES. Never haye we been so well lixed in the shoe line as at pi'ent. We have the cheap HSt shoes you will find any 'la-e. New lot of those big lo cHnt 4.1 I sold so fnst. White guilts all the way from 50 cts I1 u 1.75. Our house is n,w full up to the top and we s'ill get new goods daily and viH till the basement. We warn your trade this fall and sell you goods very low in order to et it You loose Mi or oriey to make a purchase n h out seeing us. ( n. CHEaP store. urn My NO EXCURSION TUAIN. The Groat SoiKhon, Will Xot R Special from This Point to ftin.-' lofle Thursday Morning. One of the greatest disappoint- ments the people of Cabarrus ha?e ' experienced in many years will be conveyed to them in the news that the Southern has refused to run a special train from this point to Charlotte on Thursday morning, when Bryan is to speak in that city. Reduced rates will be sold, how ever, at 70 cents for round trip, and many of our citizens will take ad vantage of the cheap rate and go down the night before. Mr. Otisen bury did everything in his power to secure a train for the accommoda tion of those desiring to go to Char lotte upon this occasion, but without effect. About the ouly consolation that those who would go to Charlotte and return on Thursday, but who wuiun i, uiioru to t:iv noti? aim other necessary expenses -to itiiv over j night, cau get out of the matter, is that Bryan will stop at our own station lor several minutes, possibly fifteen. An attempt will Le made to get the train that bears the great orator oyer the land to stop at this place fur fifteen minutes. Let Charlotte aloae and stay in your own town if you can't get the accommodations that should be ac corded our patronizing public. CITIZENS BURNING TAR. IIal to Use It in Order to Kill Foul and Nlckeiiing Odors. Citizens on North Spring street, who have made considerable and repeated complaints to the town about obnoxious and sickening odors that arise on close, warm nights, have resorttd to burning tar to kill the smell. On Monday night the odor was loud and pervaded that entire portion of the city, making it so unpleasant for the inhabitants that it became necessary to burn something. There ia a lack of duty some where, either on the part of the cit izans or the authorities and the mat t?r should be thoroughly investi gated. A town commissioner, liying in that part of the city, was called upon and to his (?) astonishment he found that there was "something rotten'' but nearer than Denmark. Marvelous Results. From a letter written by Rev. J. Gunderman, of Diamondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this ex tract: I have no hesitation in re commending Dr. King's New Dis covery, as the results were almost marvelous in the casa of my wife. While I was pastor of the Baptist church at Rives Junction she was brought down with pneumonia succeeding La Grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hours with little interruption and it seemed as if she codd not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discouery; it was quick in its work and highly satisfactory in results. Trial bottles free at Fetzer's Drug Store. Itegular size 50c and SI, 00. Help Wanted. Agents wanted to sell Macintoshes and Rubber Clothing, Tires, and a full line of Rubber Goods, (Part or all of). Free samples, and protected ground to workers. Factory P. O 1371, New York. Concord Flour and l eea store. "Fenix Mill" flour, millfeed, bran, meal and chicken feed, kept at Lore building on West depot street and for sale by g24 G G Richmond. CONCOR7 N. C, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1896. DANGEROUS WORK. Besides liie Ioff. a Cow Falls Victim to Ioiwoii A niilirent I n-rii-i t i. MioulU Be Miule. Some may not think seriously of tDe number of fatalities caused by scattering poison about in different parts of the city, but if a diligent inyestigation was made the author ties might make some mean, sneaks ing person pay a very severe penalty. Six or eight fine bird dogs have recently died from poisoning, and others have been dosed, but saved. The fine pup of 'VLr. Charles Wag oner got a dose Sunday night and it was hard work to save him from an untimely death. Belle xMcMoore, an industrious negro woman who runs a restaurant next to Coleman's store, lost her cow Sunday night, and she is of the opinion and belief that the animal was poisoned. The poison that has been put out for the dogs is on beef cracklings and in scattering these crackling around thelot in rear of her eating house, where her cow had graz-d and where Mr. Smith's dos were found dead, the grass became saturated with tbe poison, and in this way it is believed that the cow was poisoned. The meanest man on earth is he who would distribute poison in such a way. This matter should be sif led to the bottom. A correspondent of the Charleston News and Courier tells of having met Gen. Wrade Hampton at Spar tanburg last week and reports him looking younger and better than he did a year or two ago. The cor respondent continues: "Curiously, no one in the depot knew who he was, but there were few who did not turn to look at him and the porters and email boys, and old ones, too, instinctively touched their hats." Manifestly South Caro linians are not a people who bow to one whose race is run. They have forgotten Hampton pretty quickly. A North Carolinian tells the Ob server oT having seen him on a train at Laurens last week, and though he sat at the car window, in full view of every passer-by while the train stopped, nobody paid the slightest attention to him, though it was ascertained by inquiry that 8 number of those who saw him knew who he was. The North Carolinian raised his hat, and this was the only recognition the ex General, ex-Governor and ex-Senator received at Laarens. ASK the recovered dyspeptics, bilious suf ferers, victims of fes'er and ague, the mu curia! diseased patient, how they recovered health, cheerful spirits and good appetite ; they will tell you by taking Simmons Livek Regulator. The Cheapest, Purest and Hest Family Medicine in the World! For DYSPEPSIA, CONSTIPATION, Jaundice, F.ilious attacks, SICK. HEADACHE. Colic. Depres sion of Spirits. SOUR STOMACH, Heartburn, etc. This unrivaled remedy is warranted tiot to contain a single particle of Mekcvky, or any mineral substance, but is PURELY VEGETABLE, containing those Southern Roots and Herbs which an all-wise Providence has placed in countries where Liver Diseases most prevail. It will cure all Diseases caused by Derangement of the Liver and Howels. The SYMPTOMS of Liver Complaint are a bitter or bad taste in the mouth; Pain in the Lack, Sides or Joints, often mistaken for Rheumatism ; Sour Stomach; Loss of Appetite; Howels alternately costive and lax; Headache; Loss of Memory, with a painful sensation of having- failed to do something which auht to have been done; Debility; Low Spirits; a thick, yellow appearance of the Skin and Eyes; a dry Cough, often mistaken for Consumption. Sometimes many of these symptoms attend the disease, at others very few ; but the Liver, the largest organ in the body, is generally the seat of the disease, and if not Regulated in time, great suffering, wretch edness and DKATH will ensue. The follow ing highly-esteemed persons attest to the Virtues of Simmons Liver Regulator : Gen. W. S. Holt, Pres. Oa. S. W. R. R. Co. ; Rev. J. R. Felder, Perry, Ga.; Col. E. K. Sparks, Albany, Ga.; C. Master son, Esq., Sheriff Bibb Co.,Ga.; J. A. Butts, Bainbridge, Ga. ; Rev. J. W. Burke, Macon, Ga.; Virgil Powers, Supt. Ga. S. W. R. R. ; Hon. Alexander H.Stephens. We have tested its virtues personally, and know that for Dyspepsia, Biliousness and Throbbing Head ache, it is the best medicine the world ever saw. We have tried forty other remedies before S'mmons Liver Regulator, and none of them gave us njiore than tern- Crary relief ; the Regulator not only relieved, but cured ," Ei. Telegkafh and Messenger, Macom, Ga MANUFACTURED ONLY BY J. H. ZEIXlLN & CO.. Philadelphia. pa. 81,000 from the I. of P. Mrs. A M Frez, mother of the young man, Walter C Freeze, of Mill Hill, whose death was noted in these columns last May, has received a check from the Knights of Pyth las lodge at Mooresville for 1000 Mr. .Freeze being a member of the lodge of that place. Tt CURE A COLD IX OXE DAY Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tab lets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. 25c. JSTotice or Seizure, Seized near Concord, N. C on the night of August 31t, 1896, the following property for violating; the Internal Ke venue Laws of the United States, to wit: Two small bay horses one two hore wapon and harnesr, about 15 gallons of whiskey and four empty kegs, supposed to be the property cf Jacob Ilnrtsell. Notice is hereoy giyen to any one clairnine: s ad property to give notice in the form and manner prescribed hy law to the undersigned at hi? otlice in Asheville, N. C, within 30 Uays from the date hereeff, or aaid property will he declared forfeited to the Government of the United States. By Sam; L. Rogers, Collector 5ih District N. C. R. S. Harris, Deputy Collector. lieli Wanted Female. $10 to S18 per week to Men and Women for easy home work. No books or canvassing. No experi ence. Bona fide ofler. No catch. Send ptamp for work and particu lars. E." Herrman, 213 South Sixth Street, P uladelphia, Pa. c31 O O Xj ! K L Craven is now receiving the best Jellico Lump Coal. Also superior Hard Coal, Egg and Stove. Prompt attention. Free delivery. Orders sos licited. We want to Beat . . . . the "Record for July. We are determined not to epend our time and fr.fiy ffrunibliijg: about dull times. We will pitch in and make times lively. New, in oi der to make this incoming month the biggest July we hnve ever had, we are putting out a lot of "Hummers" and we are going to make them hum. We are going to do away with Stickers. We will make Movers oui of them. Here goes: About 60 prs of Ladies fine shoes of Zeigler's and Intel's motes, fill small sizes, 2jt 3, 3 and 4. that we will Fell at $1 a pair. Not a pair amoLa: them but cost 2 and over. They must go. NO. 2, About one hundred pair of Ladies Fine Oxford Ties, some patent leathers, some tans, some fine dongola pat tips, all to go at T5c They cost from 1 to S1.50. They must go. NO. 3. -About 50 pairs Ladies fine Oxfords, all Zeiglers, tan. griy and black ooze and fino feid, sizes 1 to 4. All to go at 31, Made to sell at 2 and $2.50- They must go. NO. 4 About 75 prs of Ladies" Oxfords and 1-strap Sandals Zeis! era. B8y State and Padsn Bros-, all to go in at 81.20. Call for them they won't be here long. They must go. NO. 5 A few prs of Misses Oxfords, sizes 12 to 1, to go at 50c. NO. 6. FOIt MEN: A lot of Tan, Goat and Black Vici Kid Oxfords at $1. They are 1.50 shoes, and are fresn stock just bought them. SPECIALS. Womens Solid Leather Shoes at G5c. Womens solid Leather Pebble Grain and Glove Grain Lace and Button Sh&es at 75c. These are 31 shoes, all fresh and nice. Ladies fine Dongola kid button fhoe, made at Alexandria, Ya. Solid as any shoe in the market, regular 81-50 f-hoes, to go at SI. Mens Fine Satin Oil Shoes, lace and gaiters at SI. They are regular 1,25 shoes. Mens heavy EngJish Ties, every-day bhoes, 1.00 Solid as leather can make them Big job in straw hats at 10c, some of them are 50c hats. We buy Trunks in car loadB and retail them at wholesale prices. One hundred Mens fine Serge (Jouts. at just half price. We have everything in the line of clothing and furnishing goode. Everything up to date and at pricf-sthat can't be beat anywheie in the State. Call nuU see samples;of the free Crayon Pictures we are having made for our customers- JOB Twentyfive suits of fine All-WoollCassimere in CutawayFrcck Suits, sizes 34 to 36 lor 4 00 a suit.l They are 10.00, 12.50 and 15.00fcsuitfii Call on us and see these and other'attractions. CANNONS & FETZER W ROLE NO. IJiV-l Stockholders and f i rectors Jit, Thprp il! n. mptinfj of thy stockholders and also of the direc tors of the Concord Southern Ban road Company, held at the cfficD of W M Smith in Concord, N. C, on Tuesday, 29th cf September, 1S0O, at 11 o'clock a. m., when and where all parties interested are requested to be present. J W Caxxon, El am King. D R Hoover, W M Smith, Directors of Concord Southern liaiK wav. J. F. HURLEY, INSURANCE AGENT. Office over 1ETZERS nun; STOIlt ANICE LINE OF STICK PINS co c 1i MSI ill ail Mi 1 ) L' L"J Li I i OPPOSITE ST. CL0C1D HOTEL COAL BURN Every citizen of Concord who intern! s to burn cusd during the coming winter will save money-and ir -nblc hy pu Cl ris ing from U -. Ve luiinile the best JELLICO UP 2 and will deliver auy quantity in any part of the city. Youi on'ers aie soliiiitd . lackwsldir I Bon! Headquarters at tfla'ku eMer's store, on West Depot street. oS

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