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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 22, 1896, Image 1

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1 I i 4 XIH -No. 131. Vol CONCOIVD, N. C, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1896. Whole NO. 1,51 A SCIENTIFIC COLLISION. 50 or 31)0 yards from the track A Premeditate.! ana Pr0arraKcd ' WUld thcr away Rallroart Wreck in Texas Witnessed if C0Ud nave -otten through the By a concord Boy Two jicn and a 1 crowd) and two or three people were woman Kiiied-itaiiroad rompany ! injured about 20 yards in front of Made $30,000 Out oi Their Seien- ' me tific Miow. I , TYTrB m G 1(v tt If you ever have an opportunity Iiler, Texas, Sept. 17. Here is ' e u m- t t , . , r of witnessing such a collision, I ad- uwiuvuuiijg x uuiiixx villi piuyc IlilciO Oiieap Store. Killed to the top now with new coods. Everything you want in the way of a new dr-ss from a 3 cent Calico, Ginghams or Plaids up to the handsomest line of Dress Goods at $1.00 per yard MS Elask : Novelty esting : I have just returned from seeing the greatest and most noyel perform ance I haye ever witnessed, namely: the premeditated and prearranged collision of two railroad engines, "in the interest of science," hich took place yesterday evening, near the small village of Crush, Tex., on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroad, about 20 miles east of Waco. The yast crowd present was esti mated by competent judges at any where from 50,000 to 75,000 people, but it was almost impossible to get anything like an accurate estimate, it being right on a prairie, but it was the greatest number of people I vise you, and you adyise your friends, to get just as far from it as possible. Jim Beaton. ever saw together and I have at- mi 1 1 I ' ' in town, ine styies are aDso- tended the p Ur Tent and g. lately correct and the price is John8 Falr8aQd they were from rt oil nninfo 1 r Ti-- n o n A fi rf Tn-vna Two hundred Pairs Blankets ,r .7 to at ail prices from 75 cts A 40 per pair. CHEaP store. -FULL LINE OF Men's Pants from 75 cents to 13.00, Very elaborate preparations had been made, and the people were made as comfortable as perhaps it would be possible to render such a vast crowd, there being plenty of ice water, "Texas refreshments," etc., and about 5 o'clock two engines, to each of which were attached six box cars, came down the track, and each was given a trial run of one mile in the presence of the people, in order to ascertain if everything was in Twenty-five dozen Men's order. Then the two engines came Work Shirts that originally down to the point at which the col- sold lor 40 cts have been re Haion was to take nlace. until the lueed to 25cts. Ten dozen nilnfH nf t Vi t,wn encinpA ramp t.n- I - o gether. Standing that way, under their pressure of steam, they reminded me of two prizs-fighters who had met to shake hands before a fight. Blowing their whistles at each other two or three times, they began to back apart quietly. Then the peo ple realized that the final set-to wes at hand, and interest grew intense. At a givtn signal the engineer cn Vf OO L J EE A INS S eacti enice put bis train in motin for tne contest, ana remained on ms engine until it had gained consid erable speed; then throwing the A Very Important Matter. An entirely new registration is required for the coming election in all cases where there has been a di vision of any Ward or Township. Where there heo been no such divis ion, a revision of the registration j books only is required. It should be noted especially that j j.0 e only four days are allowed for regis tration, viz : Saturday, September 26; Saturday, October 3rd; Satur day, October 10th ; and Saturday, j October 17th. Remember the dates. The hours of registration are from ) o'c.ock a. m. to 4 o'clocx p. m. The law provides that all candi dates, or their duly authorized repre sentatives, may witness the count ing of the ballots. Practicing Among: Ts. J A S White, the Indian doctor who gained such notoriety some time sgo and who was recently tried for his life in Salisbury, was in the city and was looking well, having gained seventeen pounds of flesh since he was liberated from cusody. He wears his hair in long flowing locks and has sprouted a set of goatees. He was down profes sionally, practicing and selling medicine in various parti of the town and country. He is located in Salisbury and wants his Cabarrus friends to write to him atthit place. ! Cure For fleadach. As a remedy for all forms of Headach Electric Bitters has proved o very best. It effects a permanent, cure and the most dread ed habitual sick headaches yield to s influence. We urge all who are afflicted to procure a bottle, and give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitbal constipation Elecw trie isitters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowles, and few case loner resist the use of this medicine. Try it once, Fifty cents and $1.00 at Fetzer's Drug Store. TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY i S' HEAVY OVER-ALLS that sold for 75 cents have been reduced to 50 cents. The qvality can't be-matched for the price. CT.00 Bolts that will go at the- extremely U-v -m ice of 15. 20 and 25 cts i t 1" r vurd. trottle wide open, he jumped off and His Dor's Scripture Name. HugoTolandis the owner of a handsome English setter, which bears a peculiar name. When the animal first reached Mr. Toland's possession he was moat anxious to call it something out of common And so he delayed. Hnce the greeting, "Hugo, bae you named your dog yet?" whs often heard in the clubs and on the Bourse. "I have sir,'1 replied the haughty dilettante in response to the inter rogatory, thrown on him in the University Club. "1 nave given my dog a Scriptural name. Hence forth he will be known as "More over." "Pshaw," Enid Horace Piatt, ''that is not a Scriptural name." 'Nor is there hny dog called by its name mentioned iu the Scrip- tnrpfl." Runnlemented Mr. , - i i O'Shaughnefsy." Mr. Toland booked a . few bets, and then producing from the club library a Bible, turnvd to the Book of Job and read ; "More 'ver the dog cam'', etc." The bets were, paid on the spot San Francisco News Letter, Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tab lets. All drueeists refund the money if it fails to cure. 25c. Stockholders and Directors Meet. There will bp a meeting of ih& stockholders and also of the direc tors of the Concord Southern RujK road Company, held at the office oT W M Smith in Concord, N. C, pi Tuesday, 20th of September, 1SS5. at 11 o'clock a. m., when and where all parties interested are reque&teit to be present. J W Cannon,. El am Kino, Jno. P ALU. on,, D K Hoover, W M Smith, Directors of Concord Southern Ru?N way. J. F. HURLEY, INSURANCE AGENT, Office over tETZER'S DRCCw STOREi A NICELINE OF STICK PINS at mil's Jewelry Stork OPPOSITE ST. eLOOD HOTEL Help Wanted Female. $10 to $18 per week to Men and Women for easy home work. No books or canvassing. No experi ence. Bona fide offer. No catch. Send stamp for work and particu lars. E. Herrman, 213 South Sixth Strfet, Piiladelphia, Pa. 1 31 O O Hi ! K L Craven is now receiving: the best Jellico Lnmp Coal, Also superior Hard Coal, Egg and Stove. Prompt attention. Free delivery. Orders so licited. COAL BURNERS. Every citizen of Concord who inteoi! to burn coal during the coming wintt-r will save money and trouble by purchas ing from us. We -will handle the best JELLICO LUMP COIL and will deliver any quantity in any part of the city. Youi orders are solicited,. Blackwelder I hmk. Headquarters at Bla?k eMer's store, West Depot street. oS Y WT QT-TifYrrQ abandoned it to its fate. V : bllUiib. course eacb lr; rain rapidly ' t iiaye we been so well gained epeed, until before they came in the shoe line as at together they were running at the 1I.T Via have the cheap- rate of 50 mje8 an hour. Esplodir you will imd v lot of those QyTi 1 'it.; mill cold so fast. White 1 1 s all the way from 50 cts o si. 75. Our house is full up to the top and we rjf new goods daily and iiil the basement. We your trade tins fall nd 71 you goods very low r to et it, You loose y to' make a purchase ' ' t S"'Ug us. IILVER OR GOLD. Better than either is a healthy iiror Tf tli r liver is O. K. the uyhArnn warned the crowd they' man is O.K. His blood is kept were corning, and men, women and j pure, his digestion perfect, and he .t. t- 'cm en ov life and act intelligently children were od their tip! oes. , can enjoy i ntions I cannot find -.aiguage sufTcient of theFday You all know what to to describe the final scene. It was i you have known it for years, but a moment a crash, a jar, a ! jt 3 Simmons Liver Regulator- cloud of smoke and dust and steam oil TCfl? nvpr ! anci iiyiLi ueunc, tuu. i- Two engines were crumbled into' atoms, eeven box cars torn and epht ir,frt irindlinfT wood, the railroad track torn up for some distance, twoj men and one woman killed, seven ethers wounded, and the "great head-end collision in the interest of j science" was oyer. - j It is said the railroad company j We Want to Beat . the "Record for July. We are determined not to spend our" time and rr.rsy urobilin about dull times. We will pitch in and make times live y. iu, iu ti tier to make this incoming month the biggest July we ht.e ever bad-srtj are putting out a lot of 'Hummers and we are going to make thera brum. We are going to do away with btickers. We will make onz them. Here goes: About 60 pra of Ladies fine shoes of Zeigler's and Koed's mkes, pmall sizes, 2J, 3, 3J and 4 that we will pell at 81 a pair. Not a pair urn thc-m but cost 552 and over, mey must go. XO. 2, About one hundred pair of Ladies Fine Oxford Tie?, scraa patent haihers, some tans, some tine dongola pat tips, all to go at 73c. They cost from $1 to $1.50. They must go. sjfc NO. 3. -About 50 pairs Ladies fine Oxford?, all Zei.:lers, tar. gray and black ooze and fine kid, sizes 1 to 4. All to go at $1, Mado to scjjt 2 and $2.50- Thoy must go. i NO. 4 About 75 prs of Ladies Oxfords and 1-strap SanrlaJs :eier. Bny State and Padan Bros., all to go in at S1.2r. Cull far lLt ;-- tby won't be here long. They must go. JO. 5 A few prs of Misses Oxfords, sizss 2 to 1, to go fit 50c. NO. 6. FOE MEN: A l6t of Tan, Goat nn-1 B!ack Vici Kid Oxfcrtla r.t 81. They are 1.50 shoee, and are Iresh stock just bought them, '.fx ,I1 i C I I B hVI made at least 50,000 out of their "scientific''' show. One of the men killed was a phc. to rapher, who was trying to photo sraph the scene, and was about 100 vrds from the engines. The other man was in a tree, about the samel and nothing else i3..thej3ame, and distance off. I was standing about nothing SO goodi ' For years you and your fathers have found it of sterling worth. It is and always has been put up only by J. H. Zeilin & Co. Take none but the genuine. It has the Red Z on the front of the wrapper, SPECIALS Women's Solid Leathc-r Shoos at 05c. Wompr.c old LHiier Feb Wo I jiaiu auu vimiu .-- ziortoci nl! frPHh mi.i1 nifP. TiJiHies fineDongoJft kid button phop, mac.ant Uexandria, Ya. Solid as ary shoe in the u arkct, vc -vm- .?U0 t hce )o "o at 1. Mens Fine Satin Oil Shoe?, ard ;n:h ft 1. J ht y are regular 1,25 shoes. .Mens hevy Eng.ibh Ties, evt rry-day .-hoen, 1.00 bolid is leather can make, them Big job m straw Luis ut 10c, mjic of tLeiii i-o 50c hats. We buy Trunks in car loads r.r.d retail tlcm at whol'sato ,Mces- Ore hundred Mens fine Serge JJouts fit just half price. Ye barn everything in the line of clothing and furnishing goods. Everythinf- up to date Bndat pricf-Hthct (uu'x be beat anywhere in tLo State, Call niMj see smpleslcf the free Crayon Pictures we are hfviu;.: made for oar cus tomerS' JOB Twentvfive suits of fine All-Woo: JaK-;mero in!C tawa IFr&i'i. Suits, sizes 31 to 36 ior 4.00 a suit.l They .aie 10.00, 12.50.. and lS-GCys-jib. Call on us and see these and ctiieOttractkxn. CANNONS p i t I .' I'M I ( I? 1 'I .1 ,W if-' 1! - f 3 i- I V: ? 4." ' t 7

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