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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 25, 1896, Image 1

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Y v - " - i - i. - Daily oiicord Standard Vol. XIII. No. 134, CONC01U N. C., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1896. IIl DICK, Olieap Store. Th cool cutting winds are commencing to blow and it is a well known fact that It has to be guarded against and to know where it can be done uell and at a moderate cost is the subject that has to be studied well now. We have a few facts, plain and unadulterated, that we want to lay before the buying public It will be dollars and cents in your pocket to read what we have to say and be govern eil by it. NEW DEPARTMENT. We will show from today on through the winter a very liaudsome line of popular priced millinery. Ladies ats ironi the very cheapest up to Misses and children's hats all styles and everything to go at the small profit and low price that we mark on Tvervthing we sell. We are especially anxious to have all the ladies see our hats before thev buy. We guarantee to sell them cheaper than they ( an he bought any other place and the style will be correct ForSci 00L Two hundred and fifty Urns llus all the way from 50cts for children, 1 1 VJ -i. ii l I i it ,id re. line of shoe Kinds to be ?. all founc Whole NO. 1,513 HOWARD WILL NOT HANG. ' THE WATER WORKS. Governor Carr Commuted the Dealli Sentence to Life Imprisonment at JIara Labor Howard Showed No Signs of Pleasure nt th Action or Jlis Excellency; Frank Howard will not hang to- morrow. After hearing'the plea for com mutation and considering thesirong petittons asking that the sentence of Frank Howard, the negro who was convicted at the July ttrm of Ca barrus .Superior court on the charge of arson, having applied the torch to the barn of Mr. 0 O Gillon in No. 4 township last winter, Hi3 Excellency, Governor Eiia Carr, Thursday, September 24,'igntd the document that gives to tbe negro that which we all hold so dear life. Governor Carr commuted the stntence of death to impriponmeot at hard labor in the penitentiary for life. Sheriff Sims received the papers today and immediately proceeded to the jail to break the news to How ard, who did not show any signs of surpiise or pleasure at the action of His Excellency. Howard's villain ous expression and tone of vcice did not change m the least. Sheriff Sims will leave with the criminal on the first train for RaU eigh. Cabarrus can console herself on the fact that a desperate negro is without her borders. N ' S HATS ntyKlive cents up. Cheaper thins: ihan ver. 1 i 0 CHEP STORE, For Over Fifty Years Mrs. Winslow's Soothing: Syrup has been utd for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their child ren while teething, with perfect suc cess. It soothes the cnild, sof tens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea, It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world, Twtnty-fiye cents a bottle. Be sure ind ask for "Mrs. Winslows Sooth ing Syrup," and take no other kind - - -, A J,igiit in the Window. It is a pathetic story that is told of the grief of the wife of John Y McKane, the Grayesend ''boss," who is now serving a teim in the New York penitentiary for election fiaudp. It is said that a light shinea all night from an upper win dow of McKane's home. Every night his wife places it theie, "so that John may see the way when he comes home," she says. "He went away in the morning, but I always thmk that he will come back after sunset, and I want him to know that we are waiting for him." Never has the wife ceased to look for hi3 coming, but hope is almost dead, and her physicians say that she has not long to live. While the ex-boss has grown fat in prison, the : crushed the woman'd heart and broken ir. Thi3 is a sad stciy, and tbe worst of it is that the burden has fallen the hoariest where it should be the lightest. Norfolk Virrinian. IjoIi Wanted J'cnialo. $10 to SIS per week to Men and Women lor easy home work. No books or canvassing. No experi ence. Bona fide ciler. No catch. Send Ftamp for work and particu lars. E. Herrrxan, 213 South Sixth Street, P tiladelphiaPa. col Help wauled. Agents wanted to sell Macintoshes and Robber Clothine, Tires, and a full line of Rubber (joocts, (Tart or all of). Free samptes. and prorected ground to worKers, Factory P. 0. 1371, New York. A Reservoir nt the llnttnm nf n. RnM Mine Shaft The New Main Will Empty Into the New Tank. Facilities for furnishing water to consamers in this city are being in creased. The water at the electric light station, where the old reservoir stands, has not been sufficient for the demand during the past sum mer, but arrangements are being made to furnish an unlimited quan tity from now on. Mr. P B Fetzer owner of the Concord water works, is putting a reservoir at the bottom of the main shaft of the old Reed gold mine, about three hundred yards back of Central Methodist church. The bottom of the shaft is solid rock and the supply of water that emerges into the fifteen foot square reservoir is simply enormous. He is placing a pump in the shaft and will pump a four inch stream of water into the new tank when it is complete. The new water main strikes East Depot street at the M L Ritch residence and runs up Depot street on to the tank. The water is clear and cold and has been tnor oughly anal zed and pronounced good and healthy. The shaft is about G5 feet deep. Wl TO CURE A: COM) IX OXE DAY Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tab lets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. 25c. ml4 Resolutions of Respect. Resolutions of respect to the mem ory of Miss.Carrie L Walter, passed by the Canncnyille Union Sunday tchool, of which she. was a member: Whereas, it has plt-ased Almighty God in Ufa all wise Providence to remove from our midst our beloved sister and friend, therefore be it Resolyed, That while we deeply feel the loss of cne of our number whose memory is so tenderly cher i3hed by all who knew her that we submit ourselves to His Diyine will, remembering that what our Hea venly Father doeth is always best for his children. Resolved, That since her absence leaves an aching void in the hearts of all her loved ones, still we feel that our Iojs is her eternal gain. May God heal the broken hearted and may we all be prepared to meet our loved oce again on the shore of eternal happiness where partings never come. Rrsolved, That sirce our Sunday school has loet this ruber cf Jove? disposition, one ever zealous and Hcuve in tbe Masfei?es work that we ;o s rive to live and follow her 'implethat when death snail ca1 us ue too may hear the welcome plau dit "Well done." Resolved, That to tbe sorely e tricks n familv we extend onr heart felt sympathy ?r.d pray the God of ail comfort to be vith and comfort them in their sad affliction. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be Br-nt to the bereaved family and also furnishc! to the Concord papers. Estell Howell, Willie Sloop, Czllie Creech. Committee, s T For Infants and Children. Tie fae- sinila clgsatars cf is ca erer7 T CURE A COLD 1?S OXE DAV Take laxative Brcmo Quinine Tab lets. All druggets refund the money if it Uils to cure. 2oj. Rev. Shaw No Better. Word ws received in the city this morning that the condition of Rey. W M Shaw was not improved. Dr D G Caldwell went out to Bethpage this morning, when Dr. M L Ste vens, of Enochyille, and himself held a consultation over Rev. Shaw's case. Given Away Tree To advertise oui goods we will give away, absolutely tree, one box of five-cent cigars, one gold ring and a pample bottle cf Peelei'a Pain Killer to every one sending ns fifty cents to pay packing and postage. Address, Peeler Anderson Medicine Co. Lock Box 1, Kernersyille, N. C Stockholders and Directors Moot. There will be a meeting of the stockholders and also of the direc-1 tors of the Concord Southern RaiU road Company, held at the office of W M Smith in Concord, N. C, on Tuesday, 29th of September, 1896, at 11 o'clock a. m , when and where all parties interested are requested to be present. J W Cannon, Elam King, Jno. P Allison, D R Hoover, -W M Smith, Directors of Concord Southern Rail wav. Dr. Miles' Pain Pills cure Neuralgia. W. D. Anthony & Co. PAINTERS, PLASTICOERS, VARN1SHERS AND PAPER HANGERS. ALL JOBS GUARANTEED. "WE WANT YOUR WORK. Old furniture made to. look ss good as nfew. Mattresses made or renewed with perfect satisfaction. Upholstering a soecialty. See us. W. D. Anthony & Co. d o2C w jl flount Amoena SEMINARS A F!ounsnhi School for Young Ladies. TEN TEACHERS On amentel Brarches Rfceive Carefui Attention EV. O. I.. T. F1SBEE. A. M PRINOIPAI.. WOt7 NTT Pi,EAVr. M 0 AT COST AND NO MISTAKE AB0C1T IT. Our entire line of Watches, Tewelry, Silverware, UIocks, Specr taclee, etc., etc., to tjo at ACTUAL COST For the next Gffe9n dnys. It will be to youv mi to call at once and secure some of the rare bargains which we oiler joo. A. B. CORRELL, JEWELER. C O A L ! K L Craven is now receiving the best Jellico huinp Coal, Also superior Hard Coal, Kgg and Stove. Prompt attention. Free delivery. Orders got licited, COAL BURNERS. Every citizen of Conconl who intends to burn coal during the coining "winter will save money and trouble by purchas ing from in. Ve will handle the best JELLICO LUMP COIL and will deliver any quantity in any part of the city. Youi orders are solicited. orukkli. Headquarters at Bla'k've'der's store, on West Depot street. oS I m fl We want to Beat . . . . the "Record for July, . We are determined not to spend ourl time and oi'-iav t:ruinblinr about dulJ times. We will pitch in and make times lively. "Sow, in or-, der to make this incoming month the biggest July we hav ever had, w? are putting out a lot of "Hummers" and we are going to i; them hum. We are going to do away with Stickers. We will mako Movtra out of tnera. nere goes: About GO prs of Ladies fine shoes of Zeigler's and m kf-F, ."1J Kot a pair among small sizes, 2, 3, 3J and 4 that we will fell .t $1 a pair, them but cost 82 and over. Thev must n. NO. 2. About one hundred pair oi Ladies Fine Oxford Ties, some pateut leathers, some tans, some fine dongola pat tips, all to go at TSc They cost from 81 to $1.50. They must go. NO. 3. -About 50 pairs Ladies tine Oxford?, all Zeiglern, tar. gr.'y and black ooze and fin kid, sizes 1 to All to -j at 31, 31a Jo to'tsed at S2 and $2.50. They must go. NO. 4. About 75 prs of Ladies Oxfords and 1-strap Sandals Zeiglers. Bay State and Padan Bros., all to go in at Call for them thoy won't be here long. They munt go. NO. 5 A few prs of Misses Oxford-, sizes 12 to 1, to go at ISU. ti.t Uti iUfciN: A Jot ot Tan, Txoat and iack V ici Kid Oxford? SPECIALS 1 Wornens Solid Leather Shoes at 05c. Womer.s solid Leather Pebble Grain and Glove Grain L.ico nnd Button Shoes at 75c. These are 81 shoes, all fresh and nice. Lndies fine Dongola kid button rdiof-s, made t Alexandria, Ya. Solid as any shoo in the n arket, regular 1 50 'hoeo, o go at $1. Mens Fine Satin Oil Shoes, kce or-d gaiters at 81. Tii- v . ; regular 1,25 shoes. 3iens heavy English Tie, every-day hces, l.uo Sc. as ieaiber can mako them Big job m straw hat3 at 10c, some of them ate 50c hats. We buy Trunks in'car loads &nd retail them at v, boh Lalo prices. One hundred Mens fine Serge Coats at just halt price. We have everything in the line of clothing rind furnishing good:.. Everything up to date and at pricf s'hat can't be beat any wheie in the State, ("ail and see samples'of the free Crajon Pictures we are having made for our customers- JOB Twenty-five suits of fine AlNWcolICassimere in Cutawav;Froc' Suits, sizes 34 to 36 lor 4 00 a suit. I They are 10.00, 12.50 laud 15.C0Asuit8. Call on us and see these and othei'attractions. CANNONS & FETZER rdv 1 ij; 1 8 i 1 H '.in !':' ,1 V m i

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