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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 26, 1896, Image 1

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C, V ' i I I C 4 'i ' ,oiiXILNo.i: CONCORD, N. C, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2G, 1896. Whole KO. i,r!4 I' II w 7 t I i Mi', 0!oi, Irvhyat) Store. . . ,i cutting winds nre , - ! iiii: to blow and it is isiHAvn fact that It has . L'UiM ld against and to ,v whre it can be done I :- l at a moderate cost v- nl -ict that has to be V;.,i -'11 HOW, ,V haw a Tew facts, plain : i.iiii-lultMrated, that we :; r.i lay before the buying dollars and cents ,,-;r u i'ket to end what -v tos'iv and be govern DEPARTMENT. .-how i'roni tOMiav ; i lie winter a very J : ie P jv V. ol' popular .3 ( i . I 1, p TO child ren's h-.s and every tin f-g' - small profit a:jl we mariv on sell. ' We are I .in i y c we y anxious to Lave all set1 our hats le!'or.j y. AW guarantee to . ( paper tliey , .. !,t n ,iV rdher ;('' e t- corr-'-'cl n A Jinn i:riii-v a rl to Town. Eaoli Grniu or Which is Sunoumlcd y Perfect hueks. The ingenuity of man ha?, hit upon a plan by which corn and fod der can be grown together. A a soon aa the new crop comes generally into fayor there will be no more fodder racks and hay will not be used as extensiyely as stock feed as it is at present. Mr. W H Prickett who lives five and a half miles south of Atlanta brought a new fashioned car of corn into the city this morning and all who aa v it wondered, it was very much like the ordinary ear of corn as far as the cob was concerned, bat theie the likeness ended, for instead of having a big shuck over the cob and toe grains, each grain was pro vided with a shuck of its own. These little shucks were as perfect s the big shuck, only they enveloped a single grain instead of the whole ear. A genius from J-outh Carolina who did not explain how he came to possess this new fashioned corn had some of it at the exposioir He Fo'd it at one cent a grain u; all who de sired to plant it. Mr. Prickett bought 50 grains for which he paid a half dollar. He planted the 50 grains in the spring, and although this has b tn a very unfavorable year for all kinds of crops he has made from the few grains he planted six bushels of corn. Toe grains tnat ere j.!.. v-tcd with he shuck uiou vd them produced t lie same kind of corn, but those from which toe shuck had been; stripped produced ordinary every day corn, with the chuck naiad tb A laille Disappointed. A large crowd was in town to-dav, ! the drawing card oeing the hanging of Frank Howard, which did not take place. Of course it was gener ally understood that only a few wa3 to have witnessed the execution, but those who are curiou3 and naturally love to be on hand from all sec ions some from neighboring counties, were here. It was a disappointment to many j that the hanging did not take place, while others are satisfied with the turn of affairs. CASTOR I A For Infants and Children, Tha fac simile signature Cf 6& Howard a Scurf d Xejjro. Quite n large crowd of colorel people and a few curious whites went to the depot Friday evening, when F r a u k Howard was taken to Raleigh, and as the trr.m vn3 rolling up there was such a racket and so much confusion on the outside of the oflice that the negro criminal thought certain that a mob had come to take his lifV. He wa? surely a scared negro, and for the first time since his arrest showed signs of fear. Ntockholderti and Director Meet. There will be a meeting of the stockholders and also of the direc tory of the Concord Southern KaiN road Company, held at the office of V M fcmith in Concord, N. C, on Ciiven Away Free To advertise out gonri wp will 41e a., uy, uoco.uui) licr,ui.e box of five-cent cigars, one 2old ring ana sample bottle of Peelers Pain Killer to every one sending ns fft cents to piy p.-jeking and postage Address, Peeler Andehsox Medicine Co. Lock Pox 1, KernertsviUe, N. C Dr. Miles' Taiu Tills cure Neuralgia AT COST Tuesday 29th of September, 1S9G,AND W0 MISTAKE ABOUT IT at 11 o clock a. m , wuen and where 1 . Elax 'Kixg. Jno. P Allison, D It Hoover, W M Smith, Director of Concord Southern IWU wav. all parties interested are requested T , r eThre Jlr'e of Watofc to be ., W ooi iz::: pee MUiiaiMaMiUi io('iki;amii,i)i. oxk day Take laxative Promo Quinine Tab lets. All druggists refund the rnonev if it fails to cure. 25c. m!4 A l'rayer i'r CJlrls. You ask for a little prayer. Here i3 one written by Jeremy Taylor in his effort to tecn the world what was meant by holy living: "Teach -e to w.-ttch ovr ?.ll fiy ways tha1 1 p.ay neyt-r be surprised by sudden temptations or a careless ppint, nor ever return to fo!;y and vanity. Set a watch, U J;ird, bffore r:.v mouth, aiid keep the door of my lips, Th'v: I rffend not in my tongue, hole 'c ir untied of are. una!Ji'r flgainsr piety nor charity i r 1 1 . i. I . r . . . l i j. leacn me to ihiuk ui no.r.m oui grain.. Mr. Prick c-tt claims that there is much merit in the newf;;. hiou?-d corn, s it will be inv; for j'cek. j he whole tar cm Lj fed to the stock and the cittle, ard they will ?ft lie benefit of both the corn nd the ehucl:8. This wilt saw ".h feed in the shrp Thre, and id in order to Thy glory and ceryicv: to epeak nothing hn- of The? and Thy glories, :) d to do nothing but whao ne comes Thy servant, whom Thy infinite mercy, by the grace of Thy holy spirit, hath sealed up to the day of Pe denption." Ruth Ashmnro in Oc tober Ladies' Home Journal. W. D. Anthony & Co. PAINTERS, PLASTieOERS, VARM1SHERS AND PAPER HANGERS. ALL JOES GUARANTEED. V- WANT YOUR WORK. Old 'ure mido to look as good a i . . Mattresses made or renewed with perfect natjafactiou. UpholateriuL' a specialty- See. us. W. D. Anthony & Co. d o20 w jl ACTUAL COST For the next f.fteeu daji,. It will bo to youi :: l,TPsf to tvi?; at once and :- curH .e i : -:rf I bargains which we olieryou. A. B. CORRELL, ti viount Amoena S E M I N A R A t'leuriwhirnar School for Yrunp Oriamentfil Prwrebeo Rcf:ive ( . fire,1 v. 3 Tiontion HE V. C. L. T. 1 ISBER, A, M Pia oipaa-, C O A L ! K L C r n ve n i s n ; w i e v h i vi n the best Jellico fnnip Coal. Also superior Hmcl Coal, Ep nnd Stove, irompt attention'. Free deliver'. Orders scs licited. COAL BliaNERS. ) .i ;" i .'X e: CO!!. Every citieu.)'' Con ! v to burn eeal !iu '.: ;iic cow.' wiil s;tve money v.nd Trouble inu; from u.'. 'e wo! '. 1 1 ? r ?v and will (leln e' y . ' of the c ity . Youi oidc! :;ey- ) I A 'H J , IJ ' ' i i i 1 ' ' ' A . ' TT)iTn'Tiit. Ol . . . .M i West L'epot vi we V V J T KP9 'iJ :C arc wasted as corn h row Ted. "he -f-v: corn is quite a curiofiity. to iy the U-vC ol it. . . n -JB S ilD 'V t' or," tr-.t-n tion of Central ? Tf'tlicdist church, will reorganize 1 'V i i n - . F of shoes, rill to be i'ouiul SL. kJ f v five cents ui). 1 li o -ii w C v j ' Cl i.b Sur.da- school e . . ui i.. u tomorrow aftem.con at 3 o'clock. Il he enierlaining and prof:';vj!e v-il Mr. I). I. Coltrane, the suni-rinteu Jtovival at forest II III, R7. :.I A Srsith, pr-. r Fcr-t. Hill Methodlist church, will begin til 8 fall c;:ries of religion meetings it his church tomorrow niht. The R ;v. J D Arnold, of Kirg'j Monti-t:-in, i? fxnectd next Wednr noy to 'a?ist Rev. Smith. Everybody ! cordially invited to attei.-d th-.'o meetings. fa? porker Ve are determirrd not to spend oui 'ii; J ii. 1 i . . alio ' ' 'ii- .s ir t- J .. Iy ever I rvl, It- t hem i'unt.. d-nt of thu Sunday pchord, hf eued the foHowiL-g invitation. "Von arc invited to he villi us ou i .a; i . i.j , 11 -ji - 'lo- ihnn ith 'i t. o:r i -ii temb.r 7ih, 1800, besrinrins piomptly ai 3 o'clock, j). m.: Jhiiiht faces, glad hearts, eTvcet f-c, i d other intrcs'in exercises will rMTt you most heartily. Come end c;o with ue. We will endeavor to u: i?oa ;?ood. . The public is most cordhVlly in vited to attend. ':vo, hi ' n e:; .and M the T r: . i ! ' ' : . i . Ii' , 4 y. ' i "U ' ' i lev- ; vu il to r vcar:?. about dull times. We will pitch in and i der to mrvL'o this incoming nionth the oi::;.." are mittimr out a lot of "Hummers1' mid we ro troin t Wo are oin to do away with S'ic'xein. We will mat. them. lter goes: About CO urs of Ladies fine slices of Zejirlor'- 1 small yizes, 2h, :-U and 4 that we wiil f-eli hI Si- - r:n . i. . ; i tfiem but eol aod over. They must o. NO. 2, About one hundred pair ol L ulles Fine Oxford Tie f-nv piteut leathers, houio tan p. eotno tino donjla p it, tips, nil to ; -j et 7;"t'. itioy coyt from SI to t:1.50. They must J?o. NO. 3. -About 50 pairs Ladies tine Oxi'ord-s al- ' d;d'. f ; 1 I f.nd black ooze and D.n" kid, Hizes 1 to U. All t; ; ; -.1. : . -t. ! S2 and :2.r(). They must go. NO. 4. About 75 prs ot Ladies Oxfords and 1- strap ban dais ,;.'.:;..-:.;,. !'v Htato and Piuhni Bros., ail to to in at Sl.'Ju. Cud for th j won't he horelom,'. TLey must go. NO. 5 A few prs ot Misyes OxtonH, sizv.-i I.: ; NO. C FOR !df.N: A lor of j an, Goat j:n-: . 1 7 ney ure SI. 50 shoe?, avid are trenn sto; !; - t if : "O f i . ; il i'.'l : v t I v .'. yl .? 'i It is Simmons Liver Regulator SPECIALS ErvP STORE. Iil You i:vir Trv Electric Bitters as a remedy for your troubles? If not, gei a bottle j noT.v and et relief. This medicine has been found to be peculiarly adaptodto the relief and euro of all j female complaints, exerting a won.-, derful direct influence in giving strength and tone to the organs. If you have loss of appetite, constipa tion, headache, fainting spells, or 'are nervous, sleepless, excitable, melancholy or troubled with dizzy spells, Electric Bitters is the medi cine you need. Health and strength are guaranteed by its use. tifty c-nts and $1.00 at Fetzer s Drug Store. mtjBE Q y IATO For years you and your fathers have found it of sterlino; worth. It is and always has been put up only by J. H. Zeilin & Co. Take none but the genuine. It has the Bed Z on the front of the wrapper, and nothing else is the same, and nothing so good. "Won-; An a Solid Lr-aHur Shoes at Cre, Womoi.s solid Leather Febbh Grain and Glove Grain Lace and But! on bhoes at 75c. The.-e are ;i shoes, all freb amt nice. Ladies fine Dongoia ici-.i hiiiln ,;t;s h' Alexandria, Ya. Solid as any t hoe in tlse n aiket, regular .:-l-50 noes, to go at 81. Mens Fine Satin Oil Shoes, inee ai d gaifMS ru :?!. 'l ; v"i regular 1,25 shoes. .Mens hefivy Engisn Tiey, everyda;. ai-e, I - - . ! as leather can make them Biir iob m straw? hats at 1'c, some vf tiim are 50c hats. We buy Trunks in' car loads nnd retail ihi-n at h;Kl iiriees. One hundred ?enh. line Serge Coats at just ::t)i pnte. e have everything in the Jine ot clothing and turnismrg .Vi.-"o. Evt-rv 'iing u I-n ktft nuA ft rrir-tlit f fin'i he l.ent un v wh ei il: tV-j St?.te. J.ul ul-1 see samplesof the free Crayon Pictures we are h made fu;- ..n customers- JOB Twentvfive suits of fine All-WooIJCassimere in Cutaway'.IVock Suits, sizes 34 to 36 lor 4 00 a suit.UThey aie 10.00, 12.50 fand lu.V'-.i Call on us and ste these and othei 'attractions. CANNONvS & FETZER :;'.'f4 i ! 4 hi i 1. i. I :MI "''I. Ml;- I 4 i' : ii- !:!; j Ll ifi ft. I'll n Ii Hi f;i;. r j ; ' ':f !j : J J: i ft . l i : I: t v i ! A ' 1' IS ; Ait i; .y

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