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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 01, 1896, Image 2

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V Daily Standard JOHN D. BARRIER & SON, Editors and Proprietors. JAS. P. COOK, . Editorial Correspondent. OFFICE IN BKiCK ROW. Democratic Ticket. NA lIOiAL. FOR PRESIDENT, WILLIAM JEXNIiNGS BRYAN. FOU VICE PRESIDENT. ART HUH SEW ALL. STATE. J FOR GOVERNOR, CYRUS B. WATSON OF FORSYTH. FOR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR, T1I0S. W. MASON OF NORTHAMPTON. FOR SECRETARY OF STATE, CHAS. M. COOKE OF FRANKLIN. FOR TREASURER, B. F. AY COCK OF WAYNE, FOR AUDITOR, ROHT. M. FUKMAN OF BUNCOMBE FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL, FRANK I. OSBORNE OF MECKLENBURG. yCii, UP Kiil NTENDENT OF PUBLIC! INSTRUCTION, .'QHN C. SCARBOROUGH OF JOHNSTON. FOR ASSOCIATE JUSTICES, AC. AVERY', of Burke, Geo. H. BROWN, of Beaufort. FOR CONGRESS FROM VTII CONGRES- j SIGNAL DISTRICT. SAmUEL J. PEMBERTON. COL'X Y. FOR THE STATE SENATE, C 1). BAR RING Eft. FOR THE HOT'S K, M. F. NESBIT. FIR PITH RIFF, THOMAS J. WHITE. FOR REGISTER OF DEEDS, . JOHN K. PATTERSON. FOR TREASURER. CALEB W. SW1NK, FOR COTTON WEIGHER, W. H. B03T. FOE SURVEYOR. JOHN H. LONG. FOR CORONER. CHARLES A. SHERWOOD. FOR COMMISSIONERS, L. J. FOIL, J. S. HARRIS, M. L BROWN. CONCORD. OCT., 1, 1896. r mi in i Til HEGIOX OF THOUGHT LO CATED. It is a well known fact that scieucs has been prying into the myeries centered in the cranium and so thoroughly has the brain been studied that nervous disorders have u se a traced to the particular parts of the brain from which they emanated and the cause removed. Indeed the cranial expert sees the brain as the geographer sees the sur face cf the globe and as the machin ist sees his machinery, but till re cently the point where thought is formed seemed to baffle his skill. A German scientific expert now seems confident that he hat discovered the seat of thought, and to make his theory the more creditable it is that particular part of the brain whose functions have hitherto been un known. He finds the brain in an infant in a condition that he com pares to a green apple. That of the adult as a ripe apple. With the Rcentgen rays and a well defined knowledge of the brain, it seems that we might eventually know when a man is a safe leader or when he is off. Whether it will be very comforting to a majority of lis is doubtful. We suspect that the number of braiDS that will be found perfectly ripe and sound will not compare favorably with those of apples and it might be of great advantage, though of little comfort, to ajellow to know that it is a defective spot from which his hallucinations ema nate, and if .not too far gone it might cause him to keep his mouth shut to the joy of the rest of the worid. The edifor received a ppecbl in vitation to visit the opening of Con cord's beautiful millinery stores, and gladly responded. He does not pride hiuidelf on the best of taste for the crowning touched of uai lire's crowning work, out h-; ventures to say ihii Miss Nannie Alexander and Miss Moliie Bracheu both have stocks of headgear goods tbat would make an ugly girl pretty and a pretty girl prettier. These stocks are cenainly very beautiful and are well up at the head. We are sorry to learn that Mt Pieaeant'd most venerable citizen, Col. John Shimpoch, has suffered another stroke of paralysis recently and is now filling out life's lingering decline with little to make life de sirable. The Colonel has pissed man's allotod years, and by reason of etrength has eyen passed hid four score years, yet with vitality oi body and mind that keeps at bay the an gel of death, the struggle of nature nature leaves little of life's apparent joys. Mr. Tom Watson is trying to claim that it was the understanding ing that Sewall was to Iv? taken down and now implies a threat of Bryan's defeat if Chairman Jones does not attend to that little mat ter. Mr. Watson does not know that Populists are not all so erratic and contentious. We have a num ber, and we think a goodly number in Cabarrus who had determined before the fusion to vote straight out for Bryan and Sawall. There is little doubt that Bryan and Sewall could have had a heavier vote than Bryan and Watson. But of course Mr. Watson can't see it that way. Hon. Tom Reed says he does not like campaigning; it is too much like doing "penance" for him. We are not surprised at this. It is no easy matter for a man who requires so much belly band as Tom does to transport himself around. Morn ing Star. A man may dress as well as his own good judgment and the assist ance of an artistic tailor may elect. He may take his ''tubs" but if his digestive organs are out of order, he will have an unwholesome appear ance. His complexion and the white of his eyes will have a yellow ish cast. His tongue wiil be coated, appetite poor, his teeth rusty, his breath abominable. He is one big, unmistakable sign of constipation. The quickest, surest, easiest way to cure this trouble is to take Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They are made of refined, concentrated vege table extracts. Nothing in the leact harmful enters into their composi tion. They hunt down all impuri ties, and "make them move on." They are the product of many years' study and practice. Dr. Pierce cannot aflord to put forth a worth less article. Address with 21 cents in one-cent stamps, to cover cost of mailing only, World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y., and get a free copy of the "Medical Adviser." Help Wanted yemalc. 610 to 818 per week to Men and j vv omen lor easy home work. No books or canvassing. No experi ence. Bona fide offer. No catch. Send Btamp for work and particu lars. E. Herrman, 213 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. o31 A 25.000 Fire at Wilmlnffton. Wilmington, N. C, Sept. 30 Fire along the river front, Tuesday night, destroyed several naval store?, sheds and whaives, with some 8,000 barrels ot rosin and a few casks of spirits of turpentine. Tne loss is estimated at about $25,000; fully insured. The Swedish barqaentine, Ver dani, with a cargo ot 2 G85 barrels of rosin for Manchester, England, lying at one of the wharves, burned to the water's edge and sank. A Natural Deaili. "What does it mean, pop, when the papers say a person died a natural death?" 'YYheii a mm dies a natu-al death, Bobbie, it means that he died without medical assistance." Baoklyu Life. tssxss Fifty Years Ago Tresident Polk in the White House chair, While in Lowell was Doctor Ayer; Loth were busy for human weal One to govern and one to heal. And, as a president's power of will E( i:v ti;ncs depends on a liver-pill, 'r. Folk took Aycr's 1'ills I trow For his liver, 50 ytcrs ago. Aycr's Cathartic Pills were designed to supply a model purgative to people who hcid so long injured themselves with griping medicines. Being carefully prepared and their in gredients adjusted to the exact necessities of the bowels and liver, their popularity was in stantaneous. That this popu larity has been maintained is well marked in the medal awarded these pills at the World's Fair 1893. 50 Years of Cures. JNO.R- ERWIN. C A. MISENHEIMER ERWIN & M1SENHEIMEK1 Physicians and Surgeons Office No. 3. Harty building, op posite 2nd Presbyterian church. Charlotte. N. C- DR. H. C. HERRING Is again at the old stand, where he will be pleased to see all who are in need of hia - SERVICES si PROFESSIONAL C O L! K L Craven is now receiving: the best Jellico Lump Coal, Also superior Hard Coal, Egg and Stove. Prctmpt attention. Free delivery. Orders gos licited, L.M ARCI1EY, M P. Physician and Surgeon, Concord, N. C. OFFICE: ST. CLOUD ANNEX FIRE INSURANCE. When in heed ol Fire lusuxance, call and see us, or nite. We iepre sent only firstclat ? Borne and For eign companies. Kespect fully, WOODH HUE & llAJtBIS. J. F. HURLEY, INSURANCE AGENT Officeover tETZERS DRUG STORE. he Racket E3 Men's Laundered colored shirty 28 cts. Club house ties 5 cents up. Sox 4 cents to 40 cts. Ladies black hose 4 cents to 37' cents. Ladies 35 inch Hermsdorf Opera hose 35 cents. Ladies white collars 10 cent, cuffs 18 cts. Ladies silvered or black bone shirt waist buttons 5 cts per doz. Ladies black silk watch guards 10 cts. Chair seats 3 to 5 cts each. Wire hair brushes 8 cents. Royal talcum pow der at 3 for 25 cents. Handkerchiefs 1 ct to 37s cts each. Mens caps 10 cents, hats 23 cts up. a Stop? m for 1 cent, or better ones 1 cent. . Sewing machine oil 5 cts per bottle. Towels 4 cts up. Shaving brushes 3 cts up. Garter elastic 2 cts per yard up. White tape 1 ct per and Ts 2 doz- for i cent, improved 1 cent per dozen. The , best colored spool cotton made at 2i cents. Tooth brushes 2 cts up. Shoe blacking 1 cent up. Six dozen shirt but tons for 1 cent. Three lead pencils for 1 cent. Combs 3 cents up. 0 st i n

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