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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 01, 1896, Image 3

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paily Standard. standard is published Vv thy (Sunday excepted) and U:.;i:;Vj by carriers. KATi:.- OF SLT.SUKIPTION : ... year. $00 :iV)nthr. . 2 00 Tnrte moiuns 1.00 , ;;;ie month 35 single copy. 05 lYu.; Weekly Standard is a our '!- ei-ht-coluinn paper. It -; l.iT i circulation in Cabarrus anv other paper. Price $1.00 ..r ,-; u ii u :n, i n Jid va n ce, . ' Vi kti?i.t; rates : , , r fr: regular advertisements knovn on application. ;, ;.drcro all comLounications to THE STANDARD, Concord, N. C. Arrival of, Iralim. : : Rich:;v!Hlarrives at 11:17 a. m. Y. .i-iliiT " " 10 j. ni. A: I K!'. i. " "7:2 p. ir.. A: a . " " 9:35 a. m. ; A N ot k " " i: a. in A '.'ant 1 " '" 0:00 y.m. ' ninii froi-ht leaves at 11:17 a- m, , " " " 5:45 p. m. l !' are the local trains between . : ! 1 Atlanta. Xos. 35 arid 36 are the :r.t !T..:ns between Atlanta and Washint;- ,.- atui 3S are the Washington and c-iii.u'icd Limited trains and stop . : .i cm signal- WW 'ER BULBS from -.i-Tro mil L i Lis l J I El received to-day. :hzeb's :dhdg STOBt. a:;i:y P. Deaton, local reporter. SHORT LOCALS. A eo'-.'l niilco cow for sale. Call :n E T Post at Cannons & Fetzer's. Go to Armory Hall tomorrow night and erjjy your old rusty self. Three-fourth of ninety-six is 20Le! Another year is soon upon Cotton buyers were busy to-day. The highest price paid for the fleecy staple was 7.75. Kead carefully the Ould man's add, it always has something new in it and prices that talk. M. John M Young, the efficient night operator at the depot, is laid .i1 with the chills. Mr. John Bridges, whose critical ainess was noted in yesterday's :-a:;iakd, is slowly improving. The new Phifer and King build ings are ornaments to the city. We ill have more new ones some day. All the trains have been coming :n on irregular time for the past two. days. The schedules seem to r,e dui of joint. Her many friends will regret to Aarii that Miss Elizabeth Gibson is juitesick too unwell to leave for -hool. A new register is on the counter the St. Cloud hotel. It contains numerous advertisements of our business men LOST Watch charm, composed .-if, ,1,1 ,1 1 1 ,A(nn i hiu ami aiiver in suapeui uulwvu oil. Letters N. O. engraved on bottom. A liberal reward offered; (;f Joe Cannon. Miss Lessie Boykin,. the little daughter of Judge E T Boykin, of Clinton, is stopping with Mr. B F Rogers. Lessie has been enrolled as - pupil at Concord High School. A felt want is that gnawing at &e stomach after you have eaten a full meal, and can't eat any more, and yet there is that feeling as though you had eaten nothing. What is wanted then is a dose of Simmons Liver Regulator, the best dyspepsia cure, for that is what the gnawing means. , Simmons Liver Regulator is, all that is. re commended for indigestion." A; Iyche, -London, Ky. News from Reidsville iri regard to the condition of Miss Mary White Fetzer today i8 not encouraging 8 mill m Iso .7 township was de stroyed by fire on Wednesday after noon. About 25,000 feet of lumber was consumed with the kiln. When the tank is ready to receive the water the supply will be fully sufficient for the demand. The new pump at the Reed mine is in place uipiug au iaia and con nected. The protracted meeting at Bays' chapel is attracting large congrega tions andjmuch good work is being done. Rev. Moose was assisted last night by the Rev. W H L McLau riu, of the Concord circuit. Mr. Jim Parker, who recency moved to this city from Salisbury has moved to the G W Patterson ootton mill and will superintend the work out there when the mill resumes work. Governor Carr mak requisition on the Governor of Pennsylvania for Young Savage (not one of Rus sell's savages; who is wanted in Halifax county for robbing the store of M fc G Hoffman. Savage is in custody in Philadelphia. uFive years ago, I was taken so ill with rheumatism that I wa3 un able to do any work," writes Peter Christensen, Sherwood, Wi3- "I took three boxes of Ayer's Pills and was entirely cured. Since that time, Ialways keep them in the house." They arc easy to take. Only ten marriage license wera issued last month ivq to waite and five to colored people. The whites were: Hampton Blackwel der and Cora Allmon ; Anderson Shoe and Eiectra Stallings ; Train ham P Thornton and Ida William?; Wm. J Cline and Loula Post ; John H Williams and Carrie Drake. To eradicate the poisons which produce fever and ague, take Ayer's Ague Cur3. It cures without leav ing any injurious effect upon the system, and it is the only medicine in existence. which may be consid ered . an absolute antidote for malaria. The calisthenicand flag drills by the physical culture class at Armory hall tomorrow night, will be one of the most entertaining events that has been presented to the public in a long time. Imagine a school of thirty-two little children on the stage at once, and see if you don't think it grand. The entertainment is for the church. Let everybody go. Monthly Weather Report. In his monthly weather report for September for The Standard, Prof. H T J Ludwig, of Mt. Pleas ant, submits the following : Highest temperature 98 on 18tb. Lowest temperature 38 on 24tb, Average temperature 72.2. Number of clear days 15, partly cloudy 4, cloudy 11. Prevailing direction of the wind Southwest. Number of days on which rain fell, 10. Total rainfall 3.88 inches. ' Heaviest rain 1,07 inches on 29 th. RAINFALL FOR. THE YE-YR. January 2.06 inches, February 5,89, March 2.19, April 1.19, May 2.53, June 4.33, July 6.83, August 2.95, September 3.88. Total 31.85. . am m Enqnlrer Answered. Mr. Editor : In answer to En quirer in yesterday's Standard, I wish to say that all the reply that I think needed is that 1 am filling my appointment as advertised in the Standard and I rely upon my patrons to testify of my merits as a workman. I would further say that I am practicing JDentistry consistent with the laws of North Carolina. R. W. Ivy. TO CURE A COLD IS ONE DAY ' Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tab lets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. 25c. PERSONAL POINTERS. The Ebb and Flow, of the Human Tide at .This." Tort, asJSeeu By our Reporter. Dr. J R Jerome, of Georgeville, was in the city today. Mrs. Agnes Goodrum, of Char lotte, is visiting Mrs. R L McCon nell, on West Depot street. Dr. John F Reed will go to Lexington tonight, from where he will jjurney on to New York. Miss Mabel Hamilton, of Oak Ridge, is vibiting her cousin, Miss Ola Hamilton, on West Depot street. Mr. H E Galloway, of Char lotte, is substituting fur Mr. J M Young as night operator at the de pot. Mi.-72es Laura and Jennie Gour ley, df Flowe'e, passed through the city this morning on their way to Asheviiie. Mrs. C G Montgomery and children are spending today at Springsviiie, witn the lamiiy of Mr. Shakespeare Harris. Misses Emily Gibson and Fran ces Hill left this morning for Greensboro, where they re-enter the State Normal College. Mrs. Sam Patterson, who was visiting Miss Sallie Belle Erwin, left last night on tho delayed vestibule train for her home in Baltimore. Dr. R W Ivy, of New London, arrived in the city last evening and is doing dental work at Forest Hill. Dr. Ivy will be in the city a week. The Forest Hill Meeting. The protraced meeting at Forest Hiii grova in interest. Every meet ing shows indications of a success ful revival. Rv. M A Smith, who has been indisposed for several days, was able to preach last night. Rev. R H Parker, of Central Methodist church, will conduct the service to night. The public is invited to at tend these meetings. A ISousehol:! Treasure. tD. W. Fuller, of Canajoharie, N. Y., says that ho always keeps Dr. Kirg's New Discovery in the house and his family has always found the very best results foll'v its use ; that he would nob be wir.hnut it, if procurable;. G. A. Dy kenrin. Drill? grist, CatskiU. N. i1., hays that Dr. Kic'fl New Discovery is undoubt edly the best eouh remedy ; that he has used' it in his famii v for eiht years, and it has never t'aiie t to do all that is claimed for it.- Why not try a remedy so lon tried and tested. Trial bottles lreo at Fet zer's Drug store. Regular size 50c. and Si. 00- THE RED HOT QUESTION, WHERE TO BUY. At the Ould Mercantile Company's Cash Bargain House, of course. No other house offers such big values as we do. Here they are in plain figures and cold facts we give the price. .No fear of any body duplicating these griees. BARGAIN NO. 6, At 20 cts. 36 inch Henriettas at 20 cents. Sold aad worth 25, 30 and 35 cents. BARGAIN NO-7, At 25 cts. 36 inch all wool Henriettas worth and sold for 35 and 40 cents. BARGAIN NO. 8, At 42 J cts. 52 inch all wool sacking worth 60 cts. We will sell for 42 cents. No such value ever shown. BARGAIN NO. 9, Al 79 cts. 52 inch Boucle Cloth, the latest thing out in dress goods, worth $1.00 per yard, we will sell f or 79 ctents. I keep your eye on tnis aavertise- 5ft ment and you will see what ) you want. The prices" speak tor themselves. V 1 km Ould Him Cipj, HAVEN'T TIE To talk about any thing but HANDKERCHIEFS And Linen Towels rnT. i t- ittUie IjllieilS See our Plain White Hemstitched at 5c. See our PlainlWhite Linen Hemstitched at 12 l-2c, worth 20c Our 44x21 Fringed Towels, worth 25 c, for 16 2-3. See Them THE NEARER THE BONE THE SWEETER THE MEAT. It is an bid and homely adage and finds an application here. The maker of merchandise has reached the end of his summer. His season is over ; yours has just begun. He's anxious to sell what is left of his made up product at almost any reas sonable sacrifice. We're watching your interest in this matter and as a result have made some purchases that will surprise you4 by their cheapness. HERE THEYIA'RE: Wash goods at 5, 8i, 10 and 12 cents. Figured Mohair, black; 36 inches, at 25 cents, A. bargain, Billows of hand ksrehiefs, you'd wonder how it could be done if we hadn't told you, There's no loss to us, but a Big Gain to You and the maker pays the piper. Come ann see them, 5, 10, 121. 15, 25 and 50 cts. Oxford Ties: Prince J Albert and Spring Heel Ties in all the new toes. These are Genuine Bargains, no old goods. All new, direct from the factory. Come and SeeoUs. Gib'snil Mosrrison. Concord la it. in Concord, N. C. . M. Odell, President D, B. Ccltrane. Cashier. rj. D. Coltrane, Assistant Cashier Capital, Surplus, $50,000 $16,000 DIRECTORS ; i. M. Odell, i). F. Cannon Klym King, J. w. Cannon R. Odell, W. H, Lilly, D. B Coltrane OR to Gout. Per Year Guaranteed to All Investors ON Investments both Large and Small WHEN MDE WITH Th New York Investment Co. BI10KERS IN Stocks, Bonds, Grain and Cotton, 40 AND 42 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY.j "P. S. People who desire'to have a steady ami ure income." on J '.'sin iH'or,llarq;eui vestments e:ui for ourjexulanatory, fro. - i o 73 n 03 O z CJ.T1CCY "J a3 L rvi ft : K 0" 1 w riz. r O PI I Co 1 j7 a r-. - . a f n -5; , fS O rn j s ; n .i ji -. - ... n if - : i r-. Some Medicines belorjg to one season and some to another. DR. KING'S ROYAL GERMETUER IS IN SEASON ALL THE YEfIR KOUND. IN THE SPRING It purifies tl blood, removes languor and depresu'on, invigorates and exhila rates the whole sj-stem. IN THE SUMMER It overcomes the relaxation and debility caused by hot weather and corrects bowel troubles that are so prevalent then. Besides, it makes the most de jghtful and refreshing drink. IN THE FALL When malaria "rides on every passing1 breeze," it is the great preventive and the unfailing cure of troubles result fog" from that cause. IN THE ISINTER. It is still needed fosr euring Colds, Grip, Catarrh, Rheumatism, and the ills thai belong to cold seasons. It does these thing not In a feebla and uncertain wa' .ut with assured and triumphant pu wer. Keep It in the Home at All Times. t57Sold by Druggists, new package, larg bottle, 103 Doses, One Dollar. ManuIactureA only by - THE ATLANTA CHEMICAL CO., ATLANTA, Gil fm.: a-Pa Sook, Billed Frw. 5 k en! Per in ( i ' o e jT

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