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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 27, 1896, Image 1

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.... k - m 31 -: A : 't.,--.. . PfiMy (Soncoird SMMdlsiiFda Vol. XIII. No. 1S7 THANKSGIVING. m Con jl II K.!yert I oonl -A I nion Sorvirc Key. Miller's Wis. (.onrM'-'VliiMTica" Onr Pri1e. Thanksgiving seemed a day of rjlatl rifts and joy to most of our ptC.,V, Many closed their business y h .;id rrgagcd in recreate o Sio:i5 uut of town. Others engaged in social gatherings and festive ensures. Some sought exhiliara uon i-i that most bracing of a!l outi mzji teams and vehicles; but to mny all festivities are unpalatable and are limited if the sanctuary i do: the chief among joys. J C Davis held a Thanksgiv ing service at All Saints' Episcopal church. Besides an appropriate diSN course the service was rendered at trr'iye ty specially selected music and a collection consisting of money, clotbinsr, etc., to be bestowed on Thompson Orphanage at Charlotte. A most delightful feature of the lay wu? the gathering: of pastors, Akiaiider, Parker, Davis and MiK ler and parts of their congregation, a and others at the First Presbyterian church, where each of the pastors named took part in th.e Thanksgiv ing service. liev. Miller preached the' sermon from the text : "Let the people praise thee, 0 God ; let all the peo ple praise thee. Then shall the far th yif-M her increase, and God, vt n our (Jo-J, shall bless us." The 7pt-:kcr dwelt on the virtue of grat itude and the beauty of Thanksgiy icg and praise, He dwelt also with delight on the fact that this great nation, with all its progress and all its iinmenet; business, and in spite of the fact that there is much wicked ness to be deplored, when called by i -3 chosen head to conform to this our established custom, closed its business and hushed its noisy clat ter in honor of Him who rules in the kingdoms of men. If wicked v: icm wen Id ha?e been saved for it ii righteous this land, with so Duiij v ho lovetence and adore Htm, cast receive his loving care and protection. The late campaign, fiaid the sp&aker, was absorbed with te great issues so vigorously con tended for by the respective parties, ft ;t the two eminent men that were chc3:-n by the people to champion the respective causes were -themeelvc s 'I7-rjg powers in the kingdom (f v -, ; nd no great calamity could Wj us while such trua . piety ft'-iiSisour chosen leaders. fl-ke sreaker reminded the people f f-ht threatened war between the twr ereatest nations on the earth, tG;- fnr a while caused much anviety Bufc the fact that Engiana the United States were two of Iri -t -Mistian lands, made it P??:be to avert the war, and rbi lr ' ''ie outcome of Christianity, Pted to our sword3 made into rl u res ami our spears into speaker claimed that the our leading nations "'i Christianity, and that rested on the observance -Vu-ith as God's appointed 'rem our ordinary la c t if W tl.r. ,,-. ce of all erood. Orphanage at Barium opni and amounted to $24. The church was almost full of attentive listeners, the music filled well its noble part. As the church was being vacated the crg:;n forth that grand old national air "America" and we regretted that it was not sent echoing over the land by every voice of those who love God and countrv. 3fotes from I lie Organ. Miss Dora Bost has a lemon tree that has 43 lemons on it, twenty-one green onej and two ripe onea. Mr. Jack Shu ping, who was run ningon the Western Railroad, is visiting his mother. Mr. Burt Rymer and Miss Bame were married last Thursday. James Augustus Beaver, who lest a finger last spring while coupling cars in Salisbury, has gone back to work for the Southern. There will be a OhnstL- .s r. . ac Organ church Christmas day at 10 a, m, L W S Bost sold a turkey Monday for ?2.S0, being 10 cents pt.r pound. The school at lower Stone church, taught by Mr. Ritchie, of Stanley, has been suspended. Mr. Ritchie, unfortunately, took charge of this school, which has been under the charge of very efficient teachers, and was a little too far advanced for Mr Ritchie, so he resigned. Whit Two Ilves Saved, Mrs. Phoebo Thomas, of Junction City. Hi., was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no hope for her recovery, but two bottles of Dr. Kind's New Dis covery saved her life. Mr. Thomas Eggers, 139 Florida St. Sao Francis co, suffered from a draadful cold, approaching consumption, tried without result everything else then bought a bottle of Dr. liings New Discovery and in two weeks was cured. He is naturally thankful It ia such results, of which these are samples, that prove te wonder ful efficacy of this medicine in coughs and colds. Free trial bottles at FVtzer's Drug: store. Regular size 50c. and 1.00. Spanish Nples Following1 Gen. l.ce. Consul General Lee's friends do not know whether to be amused or. amazed at the discovery made today that two of the spies who are being paid by the Spanish minister out of a large "secret service fund" which has been allowed him by the Span ish government have been following Consul General Lee's movements ever since he returned to Washing ton. Washington Dispatch. Belfortl's Carnival of Novelties. Belford's carnival show struck town this morning and by 1 o'clock, at the time of the parade, the streets were lined with the usual variegated circus crowd. The show trave's through the country and the outfit i3 carried by a long train of wagons and pretty horses. They gave a performance at 2 o'clock this after noon and will show again tonight. The press in various parts of the S'ate speak in complimentary terms of the show as being strictly first class and very clean. The price of admission is 25 cents, children 15 cents. The band will give an open air concert in the square at 7 o'clock this evening. fO CURE A COIaD IS ONE DAY Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tab lets. All druggists retuna the CONCORD, N. C. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 27, 1896. KKNNETT ENTERTAINS. A Siims.mous Supper-Oysters, Quail On Toast, Etc. Mr, J A Knnett celebrated the national holiday with an oyster sup per in fconor of his employer, Mr. W R Odell, and eight of bis asao-. ciates in daily business, wi'h liv. Payseur and The Standard mv). who 13 proud to be the uncle of the hostess, Mr3. Kennett, who knows so well how to pleaee the palate of that class of human beings who take much stock in good eating and who generally show it by their deeds. After the feast a most pleasant eening of social chat was enjoyed and we dispersed, leaving our most hearty thanks and carrying v-ith v.? the most satiated appetites and most grateful remembrances. Thanks;;! vi ii J? Casualties. Jim Folks, a joung man living at Cannonville, was out for a spin Thankrgincg Day, and while coast ing down the steep prade beyond Mr. F A Archibald's, on North Church street his pants leg was caught in the chain, throwing him with terrible force upon a rock. Ills right ear was cut nearly off, a horri ble gash cut over his right temple and his fce was "bodily" skinned. He was knocked unconscious and remained in that condition for sev eral hours before receiving medical attention. Dr. Sam Montgomery dressed the wounded man, but found no bones broken. Mr. Folk was able lo be up this (Friday) morning, but somewhat disfigured and very weak from the loss of blood. His bicycle was broken to pieces. Brown Bros, hired out two bug gies that werp topped,'' having been turned over and the tops bro ken off. CASTOR 1 For Infants and Children Th8 faa- simila cigaattira cf 1 it 09 ererj vrappjt. Forest II 111 News. Mr. George Cleaver is suffering from the effects of mumps. One of our worthy citizens, Mr. J D Cagle is lying very low with con sumption. : Rev, D A Braswell preached a very interesting and instructive sermon last night , at the residence of Mr. John Ballard from the text "Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life." Whiskey Dealer in Jail. Lafayette Ury, a negro for whom a warrant has been in the hands of the Sheriff since last court, charging him with retailing without license, is now in jail, having been arrested and placed there Thankpgivingday. His arrest had been deffered on ac count his plea of ill-health. For Over Fifty Tears Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their child ren while teething, wuh perfect suc cess. It soothes the child, poftens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea, It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world, Twenty -five cents a bottle, Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslows Sooth iLg Syrup," and take no other kind. lit. ftrne&'jrtiifi f-m?ure atmranteeato J list flew - Clothing - a No doubt about if tlease you in Clothin been. aeii s est. oys' best. Children's and best. "We'guarantee to IB VERC HATS ANDJCAPSIFOR EVERYBODY. CANNONS & FETZER THE- CONCORD ST DAILY & WEEKLY. Democraict in principle, ,conservativemmethods. Newsyjbutjnof sensational. , DevotedtoJtneJ'n teres t of jinity, harmony and progress. Itseffects JandTairnsareJJto addtothejoys3ofrthe home , circle, theelevationjjof tbe ambitiousj'and aspirations of its readers. It would gladly filljthemind with pleasant and profitably thoughts, making life's burdens lighter, its duties clearer, its opportunities more apparent. DO YOU TAKE IT? If not please try it and see if you doiff sayUiiat THE STANDARD isworth manyimesiits'cost to you. J. D. BARRIER & SOI Publishers. Whole NO.-l,5bV m moos?- ii - Mm'i we are better fixed to - than we have -e HA'- Suits, latest and Suits, latest and Suits, lat save ou mone. SHIIill ANDARD 1 : 1 1 ii. it 2'i ?: I,, t: I'M i I .1 1 ". ' I i .: -I i-. it t: I'll Hection was taken for the JSzadaeix rJpt "One d - .1 Si monev if it fails to cure 25c. ml4

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