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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 03, 1896, Image 1

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M. N :,'. I MM r-n IB l C ' f; r m m mm w .v I Nro. 102 CONldORD, N. CM THURSDAY, DECEMBERS, 1896. K:-v. " ' I1: fflh In- ' ; i ;, of the Southei n : i , has been in Perm- f "v days post, con--.irchittct r-.Iaiivo to ; ;.i i::e original plans ,.s which it ha3 been .Ue to nriue. It has ; inf of ihtsa proposed vt the work has been de :; rounds lure. After ...i U-cii adopted, the v Ik -'iv improvements - I ;ul the architect hia 1 -mo a in the revised King 13 expected in ..wiii tl:.j utxt ten days ;k will be commenced r !' as possible? ;o:is for the founda- ov airjady been dug, : . : i not be materially i ' i reasonably sure that o' Mo will be re-uly . 1 ;'i .rii'ig of the big i.,xt October. The ; !; -Hiding wants to be ...;t..'j no miot.'ike at the :: tiii.3 the members have o:md i ad cement. Once ;u s it will be pushed i liiilih, and next Octo- ;i c uater of magnificent .he wooded hill over . .' : from the. east. En r.:i ;AN' COLLEGE. V ! AT THE HE rUKHS SHOWS'. ,1. ,,., Proclo ,, Volo fr NMsWlifn Work ViIl . .... . w -su.i, 1. A I post-mortem elimination of j the election returns diaclwe sr.n interesting facts. These returns show that in the five congressional districts carried by the Populists tne total vote received by the Populist candidates wals 99,531. In these districts McKiniey received 77,179 votes. It is fair to assume that 75,000 ot" these vote3 were cast by Keubiicnns for the Populist candi dates. In return for iir-i-e 75,000 Republican votes it appears that the Popuiist3 gave Pearson, in the ninth, 140 votes ; Lhiney, in the eighth, 750 votes; Settle, in the fifth, none; White, in the second, none. In other words, in curving out the "arrangement" made by the to State committee.?, the Populisms received 75 000 votes from P -pub-, mm gave in ,r"..a:.i It iC -.i. 1,000 votes. These returns also show ihat if each of the three parties had nomi naced straight tickets in each of the congressional districts every Popu list candidate would have been de feated by more thin 5,000 plurality, and that the Republicans would have carried the first, third and sixth districts, and the Democrats would have carried the fourth and seventh districts, making the repre sentation stand in the Fifty-fifth Congress nx. Republicans and three Dcmocrs. If the3e facts have no influence upon the present si uation, they may be profitable in shaping the make-up of future "amiugemsute.'' Pee Die in Charlotte Ooserver. Whole SO. 1.572 GIVEN" TO SHARKEY. - -v' ;u t - e world for Cr-. B.h-s Sores, Ulcers, Salt P:-".:- K'-v- r Snrs, 'J'etterd Ohappe fii-K ...i;u, Corns and all , positively cures reqm-ed, It is h'lve 8 tat ipf action or . PriCw 25 cents per t P B Pezzer's Dm? o tnonev r. f .,!. t . r t of the amount f :1 compensation an ; rd to the member? : r er:ding 189G J Dove . compensation to eer m oiher of t he bord, , ir-d $25 to looking Wm. Pro pa c re ci-nipsnation to ser ' '. h- -r of the board, ! Turner rfcsivrd .- ition to servicts rs a, i.--r-L mileage, e'c. : ivf d'07 com pen sm-' 3 a nr-ruber of ihe c. The boird yus i y one day 8 during iVr 0f rnilpg trav- Hi -JM h-!-3 of K"!ftd: .; J S Turner, 30 v -y. 1 1 mile?; Jo. ? roo;-;rts ere au- . h EI) DING TON, Cieik t3 Board. V TIio E!ec!oral College SIccls. The Electoral College met at Ral eigh Tuesday according to law. Dr. Tyre York was abint. The elec tors proceeded to organize by elect ing II an. B B Divis tho Populist elector at largo as chairman and W D Merrit as ScrcUry. Tney thoa adjourned till Wednesday 12 whoa it was learned that York was sick. It was the opinion of tho Attorney General that the college had no authority to declare a vacancy iuaI could not then fill one The meet ing adiourred till Jan. 11, '97. n TO(TKEArOM) IS M3 DAY TnNo ! Promo Qumine Tab !o!r. All (Irogg-s refund the money if it fails to csro. 25c. The i.-;7onteeth F.-ri-'-n of stock in f, a e Concord Perpetual S,;JU!h?.g and Loan A:T,!jciiticn will be open for r firt navm;nt Stnrflcv. D-3C 5th, Call on tbo Scret-vo and Treasurer .t Ccnoo-s Fet zer's store and sab.-crl'-.e. d 1 . J. P. ALLTS 'X. P-?!d: ---r-t. 51. L WooDiroufrio, P-rty a r5"' , 1 , I can save - !) ever Acciuent in ;rarar,ce a io d. t ;" j '' Bee rre ior r 'i'e, J' nnire t Llie tin 0-3 1. JJ r (Jcorge Rnckler Iloro. Buckler's Big Stock Company with bras3 band and orchestra ar rived in Concord this morning. They play a throe night engage ment at Armory Hall, opening this evening la the great .melodrama "Led Astray or the Wages of Sin." Among the stellar lights both the classic and modern drama none shine more brilliantly than Mr. George Buckler and hia beautiful and charming wife, Eleanor New. ton. Mr. and Mrs. Buckler bring with them this season direct from the Grand Opera House at Washington, D. C, one of the strongest support, ing companies that ever left the city of New York. A sprc'al feature of the Buckler's B g Slock Company this year is his superb uniformed br; band and orcaertra. It is composed entirely of finished sdIo musicians, and every member is an artist. Their cone: rts alone are worth the price of admission. They are tho talk of every town and the delight of ail rho hear them. Tne band u under tt'6 ieadnrjhip of the famous band master, Mr. J C Cornelius, and the diriotion of tho orchestra i3 in the hands of Mr. II L Baker, the cele brated clarion ;-.t soloist. T..ojiO.'row evening "East Lynne" vj.! be presen4 1. Oa Situtday jaf-eraoon at two o'clock there wid ! b : a la lies and children.-! matinee vhe; "The Two Orphans" will be id-.'en. and the engagement will close Saturday nr'ght with a gr.n orod'iction of been. Xlionsh Fiiz Knocks out tlio Sailor tfio Itoferee Calls It a Foul. San Francisco, Dec. 2. The ten-round contest betweea Fitzsim- mons and Tom Sharkey was wit uessed by 15,000 people. One hun dred blue-coats ?v?ro on hand to jee that order waa preserved and that the law wa3 not over-stepped. Every thing went of quietly aad no inter ference was found necessary. BeNiLVuH ting was iu favor of the Australian. Sharkey fouled several times and spectotora-sy the fiht should haye been given to Fitzaimmons in the tbird round, when the sailor made a palpaole foul. The refereo seemed to have it in for B )b, ho vever, ,ud could not see the unfairness of his opponent. Fitzdmmons kneckjd Sharkey down at will, bub he took his medi cine bravely, and cams up to the c-fi:ch smiling till the eighth ronndj ii Bob lauded his riglu in Shar- vvic in rapid succession, and the sailor wa3 carritd :tvvay to iiis corner I . m aa a dh-rar The crowd cheered Kitzjimmons to tho echo, but when tu? uproar subsided the referee announced that the fight had been given to Sharkey on a foul by Fitzsimmons. The unauiruGU3 sentiment is that the Australian hid betD robbed in a most cold-blooded manner. He came out of the fight without a scratch. it DC d m e M. t mm: i - Caonoii s -t- Mm No " doubt ;about if we are' better fixed to Please you in Clothm- than?, we have ever iilen s Suits, lat Boys' Suits, latest and Oliildreii s and best. Suits;; lat Weguarantee to!save von mone. niiTn -10 - IHMIClilHPC Id 0.J, HATS'AJSTD GAPS FOB EVERYBODY. CANNONS & FE1 4w THE CONCORD STANDARD DAILY & WEEKLY. Democraict in principle, conservative in methods. Newsy butfnot sensational. Devoted to tli intere of unity, harmony and progress. Its effects and aims are to add to tho joys of the home circle, the elevation of the ambitions and aspirations of its readers. It would glad yill the; mind with pJecsant snd prob.. I thoughts, making life's burdens lighter, its dnties dearer, oppoitunities more apparent. iti "Ten Nir;btfl id in a ui; - I ,fc pewir i- arly 811,000 ! han(1 8pit bDttom chrdrp, only 25 : ''Of'-er .informed a! ceiUj, Apply at this cince t.13 morning ' b0 had been coi- , ,t xt ' t Ii ut a n A incr For llvii t. o:;d tijiies after the erent liiat: 25, 35 and 50 Cvute. tin -e 25 cer ' ? everybody, i J i gvg Bcjiili at Forest Hill. DO YOU TAKE IT? If eoi i L r.-o try it and see if you c!cl STANDARD is worth'manytimes its'coil Miss Ella Gadd, ied IS, sur rounded by loving friends, night passed quietly to the gre-t b.:c?Ld. iSuhai suiTered with pneumonia! only a few das. The rent ' :3 will Furaished room?, suitable for Le shipped today (Thursdaj) to "ien. Te " vevy rea?onabTe. stanly county, her ora:er home, 1 ' - E Publishers, it i i i ill nen fAL and tite, aids sup and Q " om Is , and kage, ollar. la, Ea r:" to bejas scarce i Apply ut thlSffflccS....:; . U H 0

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