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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 12, 1896, Image 2

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fill 1 niwir-"" .miiii iiimii .- iiiiiMaiiiTitwi'aiiiiltilirMirtt-f --.5 m n m n mi ilu M If IN 1! si jfij ji.i lit 'km Ml rffi HI :fl '5$ In '"9,1 ;;f.j m 1 I ,?J I .Daily standard. . JOTTIVT D. BARRIER & SON, Editors and Proprietors. z :OOK, Editorial Correspondent. IN BKiCK ROW. s standard is published eww .y (Sandity excepted) tad deli v-j red by carriers. HATES OF SUBSCRIPTION : Ohp vear $4.00 Six months 2 00 Tnrtd mouths 100 Oae mouth Single copy. 05 The Weekly Standard is a :our-pi", eigot-coluinn paper. It has a larger circulation in Cabarrus than any oiher paper. Price 81 00 per annum, in advance. ADVERTISING RATES! Terras for regular advertisements rmade known on application. Addree3 all communications to THE STANDARD, Concord, N. C CONCORD. DEO. VI IS':J5. Aianta's cens will show a pop ulation of S5 000. A strike is thr-satfned among Pennsylvania coal miners. Maceo's doctor says the Cuban general is dead euougn this tim. The House has passed a bill pro hibiting the sale of liquor in the Nationol Capitol. Gen. J S Coxy, of "army" fame, has resigned from thePeople's party. Maj. O E Elliott, one of the best 'known turfmen in the South, is re p3ficd dying at Nashville, Tenn. Mrs. Bryan will accompany her i c-'-viiI on hi- lect : it tour. TneBankof Commerce failed at West Superior,"' Wis., yesterday. The bank is capitalized at. 8200 0- The Executive Committee of ?he :old Deujocratd are m session at In- tf iDftpoli3. The bill in the Georgia Legisla pviuihk' for State dispen saries has been laid aside tiil next Mark Hanna came very near bfmg run out by a cable car in Washington lust night. Spanish troops have been sent to oring in the body of Maceo, the dead Cuban leader. Paper manufacturers have or gauizsd a trust and will operate as firm. It is claimed that prices 111 not Ll advanced. " Whitecappera near Dallas, Texas, drivnur neoro tenants from the f " '-:- nii,;;ij Lil is in San Francisco on t wr hri: w.t i to ashington and then p.-o.Uoiy to London. Her mission, she say&, will in due time be made f:n wii to the public. Surmiser? fanr'.y her appealing to President Li- .-el iM! for restoration to her l'rf!i? Jii, Lis ord. YofiK, Nov. 11. At 10 ''c'CK the fJcore of the eix day bi : v.:' : r. ee in: Hale, 145 G mile?; Foa ! !S; K-ce, H1G; J?adng, 1417; :h, 1375; Taylor, 13G2; Smith, 1350; Moore, 1343; Fierce, 1300; VcL.r-. r, 12C7. 1 tic previous world's record for the eame' time is 1327 inilep, made 0y Schoch in 1503. The EIkotiol iii Jaeksou. DrLLsnono, N, CM Dec. 11. The new election in Jackson for repre sentative gives Ensley, Republican, from 50 to 65 majority over Moore, Democrat. Much Republican bood le is said to have been spent from the outside. Considerable excitement prevails, and serious trouble was narrowly averted at Sylva yesterday. News .and Observer. TO CUREA COf.l IN OSE DAY Tako laxative Bromo Quinine Tab lets. All druggists refund the rnoney if it fails to cure. 25c. .Dr. Crovell wnh hid excellent microtome and bis Uion.ogli c-; qutiutuuce with the hue scientific phenomena of disease genus ia making valuable investigations nu lays bare the tnermes to huiiiaujand moie especially so as bo b the life and health that the tcience of ; ioptJi!yr aaj Republican parties pes- i ;.i ,T. By his courtesy we viewed Friday in China irov tie germs of cou sumption magn'ued 1000 tinus The d. ercr takta jreac mrerebt in thtse inwstigH'ions ann may be ranked ua autto ity cn tl is bostru e science. The ComtiiHiee on Ways and Meaus ar beltng about to Mnk.r the tarilf bill. President Cleveland holdd the reind yet but atter the j 4th of March the flood gatts will probably be tbro-vu wide open for tinff extremeti -3. Natural conse quences will euse and another free coinage campaign will be ripened up for 1900. Would it cuie the earacne to pull m;i ey tooth. There is r' j y ia this world equal ti the h p;)'oe-s of mother- nood. A wo.nrtH lualtn is ner dareet possess on. Good looks, good timep, happin p- love and its C' ntinuanee, t - i r j J on her health. A! most all of he :cki ess of women is trareable dine ly or indirectly tnsome dfiraneuieijf, of the organs di-tincly feMiM.ii.-e. Troubles of tl is kind are of. en neglected be cause a vry r arural and proper moiesty keep women away from paysiciars wh!p- insistence upon examination and b'oal treatment is general iv as us-e-- s it com mon. Dr. Pieic 's F.iv. Pre soripti i n il do mor for them than 90 doctors in 100. It will do more than the hundredth doctor can un less he prescribe it. It is a pre scription of Dr. R V Pierc3, who for 30 years has been 'jhief consulting phvsioian of the Worbl'n Dispensary snd Invalids' Hotel, at Buffalo, N. Y. Sen 1 "21 oiib c n stamps to cover cost of mailing only, and get his great bok, Tne People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, absolutely free. At(cuiIL at Iiai At Mountain Island, o;i the Ca tawba river, day before yesterday, a negro named Frrar attempted to commit rapa upon a seventeen year old girl, a Miss Underwood. A number of schoolchildren happened to be near and frustrauu the at tempt. The negro escaped, but is likely to hud trouble if he is caught. Charlotte News. Cure I'or IScadat As a remedy for all forms of Headach Electric Bitteicf has proved to be the very ' best. It effects a permanent euro and thoinoit dread1 j ed habitual sick neauaches yield to I ta iilueucc ro ur all who are ! alihccca to DiOv '-o i? !; m.d j trive this remedy a fuii- tiiul. In cases or habitb,! constipation Elec trie iiitteis c iy giving caJ it , - iw..u ' ! caso i0i, les;.f tho of 4 medicine. Try it once, FiJty cents and SI. 00 at L'otzoi'u Di u Stoie. Su ; i t J3ie i'uii r t . Cases he Ard ) l." iday ; Mcli: :.:.-y vs. Riiiroad, a bv Ihi? v.. Wnh'.-r j.-?! ' r rgued for ; H:?3.jn and Kec-n.Ma for dL-ft.;.' Jones TiUett fr v Ron and Kecrna for defenuuut. M&lloiie.' Vi. ll c:dt Ui fucu oy Bur well, Wi.hver a:id C'itdef for plaih'"'; Geo. F Baion for doce?iI- ant. Simrno2::, , j. Allison, :.r -i x i RnrwrU fnr nlfiinfiff- Tfrnna f. defendant. News and Observer Al-TIatler Tliat SIoiall Uavo T!rr At tviiii:,zi in the Vv.zn ;:!;;. A correspondent of the Froress-. iye Farmer dwells upen the fr.c brought out by the Eileigh New3 and Observer, that the Sf--.V print ing, under reform, has cost $15,000 more within the past two years than. it had ever cost in any previous two years, and that freight and express age are to be added to this. The correspondent recite, in addition, that a quantity of the Sta'e work . II. tl be''ott', bin working injustice c h.ine pi inn-re, and adds that "TUu is not only urjus, but disgraceful; us the frn-nd 10 the working peupit-, fo 1 at-d hn people have so regaiu.-u ih-tn." Ic always apfejired to ut th it wcuid have been a good 8-jheme for the Democrats to ; r e develope d buch little matters as thtse dunug the recent campaign and broiiiih: the.n to the artention of the peoph; but you can't fuse with foikcaiid bliit tiil;i aboUl tliOLli. Eschant;. The Ui.Z:Ut ieaiiio that at a point near L.j- .ville a few days ago there were three blockade liquor wugons, and a ieleram wad dent to a revenue officer f t Grenaboro to come at ouci and apprehend the illicit ven ders. No efficer came in response, but instead a telegram was received from Greenbboro, stating th it the officer himself wa.j so drNnk that he could not be put on the train. Fifty Years Ago. This 3 the stamp that the letter bore Which carried the story far and wids. Of certain cure for the loathsome sore That bubbled up from the tainted tide Oi the blood below. And 'twas A3'er'6nain And his sarsaparilla, that all now, know, That was just beginning- its fight of fiiac With its cures of 50 years ao. Aver's -Sarsaparilla Is ths original sarsaparilla. It has behind it a record for curea unequalled by any blood puri fyin compound. It is tho only earsaparilla honored by a medal at tho World's Fair cf Others imitate the remedy ; they can't imitato ti record : BQ Years of Cures. Southern Stock Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Greensloro, N. C, ia backed by many of th;j wealtniest and b?at GnancierG of xNortn OaroliTia. It paid last ..n !.. "'a -, i hi 20 per cent to its policy holders and is in better (shape than KKaYOUY MONEY AT HOME " :Cord I'-uecy ia Lore building on Wrst Depot street. C. G. RICHMOND, THOS. W.SMITH. NOT OK TO CONSIGNEES. Con'cord, N. C Dec- i, j- 6. The Southern li!xi)ress Compan will ! t .it I ) i Davvault's st: j". ' ' i ':' .'.'"s !i:.:i;t three hundred freight aek" j heuii; oa iiatul six moat lis and over, on S.iturua ' ' ' '..Hi. 1-7, co:riiiu'nci;i"- at 10 o'clock a. 1 iniK ss called lor, charts paia or uthe. . L,c r I). i DAY VAULT, A-er.t. - (j M. SADi;LER, Superintend, it. jS L. T. HARTSELL AXTOKNEY-AT-LA'vV, CONCORD, - - N C. Prompt attention given to all business. Office in Morris building opposite court house, JN0. R- ZRWIN. C A- MISENHEIMER ay t - ERVV1N & MISENHEIMER? Physicians and Surgeons Office No. 3. Harty buildiner, op nosite 2nd Presbyterian church. Charlotte. N. C I RACKET HE 13L Well, ths offer of 10 per cent, moved the China and Glassware. The money wet::!: in by this special order is already inveaieu iu more Christmas goods and on the way. We expect $S00 or $1,000 worth of Christmas goods in, in time for Christmas, but will not have any more China, Come and see us; we can save you money. Very Respectfully H. r. Y

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