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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, August 31, 1899, Image 4

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iUmm . 7j ll ! iff - T I I ! S . Id Mdl . j S'ii: -3 . !:..! (M'l .;':a'f j i v iV i ' v ji: " i ' ' .... vi t . in ! i ....... v ...i-twi ,"u; '.i 1 ' !l!ilH,".V!l!) iivxrov! :i I'W.V-i - 1:1 -ai; T Is For Infririts R ; : K;tf mi;;:. : i ..... f . i . i. . : i i TA-nl.u.Nor Scariot Kovr, Sinai. I 1 1 ; . V ji'' '!,!' - v!h ran t!a' ,l. i,v ,''k. Mr. Watnr K. i ISR I rti. .-Via. Krys!olas. ApHMKlicit is. tC. 't'.'.. "iC i'!i:ait ilftJiliiHM'i jrfcl-I . All! M Iii'lS:'-' I MlfHIMUini: iii. ml ppp Nil w Nip dpi hmm m : "ill li iv.i :J : Lr. i j t J ha vdMki a : H SiW'S !1 ' ! a a. ( '.Si; Lw. a: d a d ja 'd' :n ! I'fTj ' IO .1 .1 V- a a- :a :1 4! Aniiii:ir feti win it 'f,: !r- li llil Hi; (J t ". 'J' i ! ' '4 IS 5 ' ,1 !! W 3;!.i . 3 p n ;vif; 1 viiS' ! I ' 'i.l ' ':fc.!i: I !8f .:;(, , i' mult li t r It Hi;ii4'il! ii: 111! K I 11! 3? ; -, IIP l 1 imMu: to 'Hi S'.-i Hi Hi,.' -'r-K til l-gfl ".. "Si i 5 Ii-kit's -I i!4':;C5:;V; 1: J 'ii t M ; -It 'A V -'A t., . '.''is r l i li : -p, ..fcil y, ! ' 4 -J e iv;-''V.. in !i . 'Si ' i' ;J 11 Ir'IViM' r;;' Mtfi l1'' 3tJ rvj;- . il iiliiii $ i ill ill Iliifii Jii',i:.f if. i. J . 13 f 5',f' :tmm : 1 1 1 i jf li I Sii ill li l';'li h ;flii 1 V'-r i sociiiV il'is Insiii -Hire. ;,. voar iavs for s r.ia pM' v--u. ' . ' t . ' I ' v ii voi :);u!, - 4.,V: ,).,,, Hut. prrh 'i'- 4 ' r 1 1 ; . , TT 71 IP TT r,uii ACH'IDKNT VnS( N '?v Mil tiu KTN A. of fianfotvl. r,:i. ' . i, -j. .... : -,. 1 nor v: 1 vv !M Mi . . . , i ... . : anuxiji: iiis acn i:a i nt -; , s "oU)i''.l a-aiv who -' ; xv:-;., -nui ivai w: itin:: hut was! f!.; coon INSURANCE COMPAN Tl,...iv,n savs b4 bas scon Uu ,-!(,' rr.-.'.t bills atal 1 iiat lirj soi!i- .:aau' o him Kt him t .) 'opy a piiir oi' jniit in ! . r t-v t-i x i t t m cm to a kt r ;;' in the ri(t writing AttlUC-iN l in .... .-lj nr, in. . fiv,i lu (tlio lHro) iilk.Lilnsnrancv. if so, do yon. ,u t :, i ; Thls ;tm.v is nnaomo.niod finsnranco. wniion in a mm i.. v... .m. ii . ''''y V ;'. h , .,,1;, -i, l.nt. Mr. Thomn- sal lonn o 'Hum. you want u, u, he Can In,,, B; m ; ;, s U sou stands ,va.!y to ! sworn il ,....n k,wx-.-i- hi 1 v. nn iiiH'jjrrii . rl"r , ' ,T. u Pa, T myou vu,t toinsun.ini It is a little re.narkable how t ri? XKI US'" SS 'IAT ON of Atl-m.a. Ca.. Hon. W. A. I one can l,arn to ana read i ' t n, h he 1 nit-, CVnsHtution. 1 'resilient. This company writiiiR and yet be unable to lead,,,, business orth ; r;,d print, ttber aretaany Carolina. But you sav that vou will only insuro m an OLD LINE COMPANY Then if -o I represent one anionr the very best. The PHOENIX MrTr-U f Hartford. Conn. Established in 1S5K distributes its c'-p'deiid'uinuaiU-. And while the PKEMIUMS are the EC) WEST, the' 1)1 VIHEXHS aie onlv eoualled by thrive other companies doni business in Nortii Caroliiia (Two of these have now withdrawn 'IN,t'1 Ilu' sate.! TXT.f, , t , n,., oi... Perhaps vou want ua.nv r,. l 1,1 s I Twenty-fivv -rtnta 1- oorf jr, lie rre For vr FI uy YMrM i3 r . x 1.; i o v u bo o t ? 1 a y, 5 y r :: jj h ! bttD ub'it for over Hfty yc-iar bj unliicn of inotherri for their ct.ih.i ren while ithin.. vjib rv:rect ?rc. ooas. It yoothes the child, softnE the gucia, :il!ayc' pHiu, eunse 'ind cohc, uQii ia the- beet r?iP.?ly for Dmrrhou. It will reliwe ho poor little euflVrer un Mediately. Sold by Kssse itestxoniaiio nfflLw OimimJvi'orphtn cor Mesial. JOT XABCOTSC 1 .1 L. ' " I , , ;lnv (mnd Viririnia Comnanv, a irood com- arngRiflt in ev,ry vi w; won-, o -v- .... nf tiu trnnc-ii ortlieiai (. omnaiiies x DailVOI.M'U UIHMU,. vn, v,. .... 4 lanflaaVfnr "Mm. Wifute Sooth- :UCem"lf "m a," interested in some of the different forms of in Syrnp." -"o o.h? tcind INSURANCE referred to above. j What Makes Success. Then write me or call to set' me at othce, and oblige. j ;in, forrVer.iroi to bein Yours to serve. j wor'K-iu ,.:iniest. tomorrow' said -?r SSSLa -trm fs ! Mr. Stay bolt, "ami we are never rr" .-y v 0'-w.' m in a sutistied with the job we've zot. and wk perforin the labor in volved in' 1 1 in only a half hearted manner, but we are iroinir to work in dead earnest when we tret a job to suit us. "The fact is that tomorrow. Aix.StTirin' fnise Seed Ipptnnint- jft CarbvnaltSaear ffermSecd- flttrihed Staffs A perfect Remedy forCoftStipa tion. Sour SforaachiDiarrtoea. Worms Convulsions Jevcnsh tiess gcdLoss OF SLH TacSxcnik: Srgpaturecf TEW YORK. E.XAGT COPY QW VBAEPCB VWl'., p. 'y t?M fTafi Jill J W !:' ., , ... ,. fi Bears the ' , I : ill rr j - i;;,:ir fa MS. w , You. Have I Ifllwavs Bouarhf. I I K l B ' ' 1 1 I 'hT.' J W F TMC CtNTIUD COMPINY. NIWYORH CITY HIIUMIII A e n t . Vfeilwia,5f - 13 O 1 31 gkl fell TEETHIH6 POWDERS Aids Digestion. Regulates the Bowels, HaKes Teething Easy. TEETHINA Relieves the when wo;cer to it, will he tons as todav is t us iue,v; we shatvt .I'to tier! ailV !llO!,, iilvC 'V-'I'K. ; tl(t hat t her job. w!. ii -'. 'ome in actinii cout.'.cI wiiii it :'i ti S(m' it Bowel Troubles cl "jcsfl Coet8 Qtx1 ODELL ii nnniMP pnwn'v rfiiiuniHt buiiir i MAM FACTUKERS OF FINE D ! O i OLL o si SAVED DAUGHTERS LIFE. T, . -, 1 c- I r flua the metner of ei;ht ehild- Jv.T.aired Promptly and Satistac- j , , ' , , , ! . . , j ! ren and have Inni a great deal oi turn .uarant!ed. . v- - T , experience with medicines. I.?t FRESH FRUITS summer my little daughter had . . , (the dysentery m its worst form. Uid -.atv- .-o'K at -j We tflon,ljt s0 wollkl dje. j I 1 ? DPC ; tried evervlhine I con 1.1 M:nk of. 1. sav by an H'lvr im ;;iviit m cur IN B Iv " R O W ,:lpor that .niambedain's 1 oiic. r . . y - ' W;iS Cleanliness In a ;;!'':' S : , o i'i '.- ; ry :-- . p ''" : 1 : y a 1 : : o; .!;;.: : We SJilisfv Ifcide t.' iriv 11LT to them f 1 . i : . i.n . i at is fact -rv " .' oil : ' : : T. j . BROWN, ' V. proved to ho. one of the vi rv ' i nu diciyu-s 'ver lind -n : ; 1 ei lii'e. I am anxiorM ior .v.ry v' i mother to know what rn excellent! LO ?;imediciie it is. Had 1 known it at 'j first it would have baved me a great deal of anxietv ai d mv:'" ; little daughter much vullrriivy.- ; ;f'rl M. L. Marsh Co., Drupgiat. Scvcnt) -Mnc Diiys Without Food. close at !.!. !iv:. won 1 : C;i n any hc'tt 'V lam t ce o-n W"'-- irot now docs. "Tile vv ' ) : i I'm! we M'e la v-dhMs and ! ' '.vorK and t y iliir to :.-'i ' a.'ii.u .a--: a ersy a.- vc can. ;. 1 ; o pd d in and 1:0 at. 1 1 : !;;,. 1 'd lie t di u tor us 1 ( v o ;. i ; now. no- KMiii-rrow, at; ! jd for ai to ordir. r is t !;, r:.;:o we've t. Round Ida1 up in ;yle. do !he wo! !: d'd'd :d t enr oll;;:. 'y. a i: y. d K l :. ;v. ;....v d to hud h-;v you'i i . ; il ( ut. and '.' duii. ;"- ' , 'iife in d. And everydv; 4 . UiiWS aboul Vvur word or d? a ay way eou ceiaied or a 1 d.. as 1 is d- jiie Weil c.r d v. . : :e d;d';:,' (l to . e ii , . ; dt ui v c-v-: s.,-y !a x!y likes to siv a db. vdra'vo: ii ;s well done- am! pleax-d -with the doer, and d .ore's uioney a. it eve! y dnaa "It isin't tin1 dob ' make.s : su,- -; ;;.-: d's idv1 aum. aad don't s y.-u i'i '!.;; ."- New ork Sun. - -Muir.X9 ; - '". jTunw . -. ... - j HCnV'S THIS? i We dTar one hnndrel (hollars in chains Plaids, Sheeting, -AND uting- lis. 0- DEALER IN ? viini ji aia vi. vim M i 'i. SCHEDUI-E. IN EFFECT JUNE THE 1 Tad This condensed schedule is pub lished as information, ana i: subject to change withoi: to the public : Trains leave Concord X. d ! 5..V2 A. Aid V S, d:ii! ., a : mond; cod: .cU" nt Gr!e;'-b ..r liiileih ami v-.oldsboro. m' a j for Norfolk, nt I.nvlilr and points , o:ra .v -1 y Ashevillc, Ivuoxuiif and ioibt wot. 7. la A. M-No. the d, , Y- ti. Florida Express, carris Iidln . v -: inj? Cars l-.ftween Sew ioik a S. C, New York and Tarn in, Id:.., Norfolk to Charlotte. S;li) A. No. HT, daily, v iiifrtou and Houthwcfterr lia aa-1. j Atlanta, liirminlmm, Mt'Cj i 1.-. . 1 tromery, ?Tobil and Jio'.v C;1 . 1 -. ail points South ana S .a. Through Pullman i-leeicr Ni'v; r iNw Orleans and New York to 3i Dining car. vestd)'.ikd aoacli, ' ' Yu shin : ton an-.l A t Liu hi . maA A. M. No. d.i!y. a i K ii;t.)n, Idchmond, haa-ina points North. Cnrris!. " room butfft ''v. New Yoik; 'M ianjrt, frt-cksouvii'-. York: Vul) vihu tourist : Francisco vd.i. New (iit-f--a... vru Pacific Monday's aaI Id ur - ' 11 A. M. No. 11, de' v r - ' : and all points SorUi. Soa a o mond to Atlanta. , 7::j p. M. No. 12, daily, v : ! mond, Ashevillo, Ch.nn?.tuj;a:: d ' Norfolk, and all points Norta j 8:51 PM. -No 7, d'dly, fa : ' i uiond, Wahiup;ton, ( didd r. . j lladaii, 'iret'iiidu .10 :.;. -a. li i Ash:v-"; , diarlotte. N. C. 0- BUYERS OP- ! 8: r. i and s. i into') . j PuIIni i; ! Now ora- &fts-V YEARS' V EXPERIENCE i Wodusoeket, K. 1., Hona rev:'.rd for any caao of catarrh (Juyette died Saturday of cay r ' ,7 . - 1 '41i"j vestibuh - - -'H. daiav, ;a. aa.'lc.i. t.N1; North. '! : - ' t . . i"rk. ii'" i' i.a-" dminar rar. i of tin? stomach, after haiin;. it! 1 ' Ms claimed, lived without --h: 1 F. tT. Cheney k Co., Props., : Toledo, Ohio. ! of all kind. Copyrights Ac. Anyone sending a sketch Aiid dopcription may jnt kly jiscertain our opinion free whether aa invention is probably patentable. Communica tions Htrictly contldcntlal. Handbook on Patents mt frt-e. Oldost aeeiicy for securing patents. I'atents taken tnrouuh Muira Co. reeelr tiwcUil miti-ce, without ol.arae, in the Scientific JSmcrican.. A tandsomely Illustrated wecklv. T.areeflt cir culation of any scii.MiTiilc Journal. Terms, : a vrar : fon- mouth;, JI. Sold t yall newsdealers. fti U N Fi Co.36,3roadra New York lirs.11 eh Ortire. t?S V .. ',ii?iH'ti'l. 7'. i- WANTED Te buy 100,000 pounds of old cast-iron scrap, de livered at the foundry at once, for which we will pay a fair price. No burnt iron wanted. alCtf. Concord. Foundry Co, mv(n1 v-nino :; vis i" ! ; " ; '.;..! i ' J ' 'i ...... , time he ate only -cruslil lard' j " l" imuersjiziieu, nave This needs confirmation m I Knovn i- a noney ior uie last i.j . Trademarks, i y,-,,i;,.oi a.-nnic to vn i.vnrtihin years, and boiihvo him nerieetlv ESIGN3 . i.k io,. ,n i : l tions and financially able to carry! out any obligations made by their firm. Aest iv; Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. AV aiding:, Kinnan k Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in ternally, acts directly upon the blood and mucous snrface of the system. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimo nials free. Dining the ciyil war, as well as in our late war with Spain, diar rhoea was one of the most troublesome diseases the army had to contend with. in manyi instances it became chronic and the old soldiers still suffer from it. Mr. Dayid Taylor, of Wind Kidge, Greene county, Pa., is one of these. He uses Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Kemedy and says he never found anything that would give him such quick relief. It is for sale by M. L. Marsh k Co., Druggist J for Norfolk. j l M.- ,o. 35. a. land New Ovains. ou. ra - 1 sleeper New a k to New Oa" York to Jack. ville a.d ('' Atlanta. A. I an ra. "' Washington tc aan ' Orleans Wedr.cK 1 5 aa . ad r, j 0.45 P. M. No. .5., . the i our-foot Wood always Wanted. Beet York and Florida Express, enrrit-.- I man Sleepine: Cars between d -j and New York. 'iV.mpa, F!'., Price for same. . . . . o . o We inyite an inspection of all the goods ... we manufacture . . . ill Iralacturis? k 'oncord N. c. YTork and Charlotte to Richm'- ries Bleepers Charlotte to Sv:.- Greensboro. First section? cf reulftr thr-' -local freight trains cany r;l- "7, ! only to points where they stop ace-. to schedule. Frank S. Gannon, Third Vice-Pres. and Gen'i. Kf Washington, k. c John "M. Culp, Traffic Manner. Washington, D. W. A. Turk, Gen'l. Pass. A?ect, Washinjrton, 1- L' (Oowan Dasenbery, Local M'. i Concord, L . mm ' fi'1-

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