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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 06, 1899, Image 2

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DAILY STAN JOHN D. BARRIER and SON, Editors and Proprietors. DREYFUS CASE REPRODUCED. jU'ln ; THE MOKKIN buildixg 1LLL STAMiAltlJ is published even day bui y excepted) aud delivered bu ries. Yl'tes of Subscription : Out $4.00 Six m jinL-b 2 00 Three mootbb 1-00 One month Sivi i" cnv 05 THE WEEKLY STANDARD is a our-page, eight-eolimm paper. It lias a lr.riTi'r ciij-.ilidn.n in Cabarrus than any other paper. Price 81. UO per annum in aJv;mc . Advertising Kates: Wo are about to hare a repro duction of the Dreyfus case here in the United States in that of O M Carter, who has been charged with squandering irreat : I sums of public money on the shed every 1 L . harbor at Savannah or stealing outright. He was arraigned before a court martial and was .declared We so often hear the charge that there is little done for the farmer. We see no chance to legislate agriculture into pros perity as is done in certain lines of manufacturing but North Caro lina is doing probably all she can do at the Agricultural and Experiment Station to help our farmers to many practical ideas. Tin' lUillotin is sent out every mouth free to all who will have w i .... a . . . e i . v i. ' jruuiyoi a 'nnuH,;., names put on the mailing weboliovo. Hisjuunsh.H,.n, wis! nnunwnl desires mute severe. We have s.v-n uie 1 Terms for regular advertisements; edited the decree of t lie court . muuie I. u wii on stppJieaho'.i. Ada: ;..s all eornumnic it ions to THE STANDARD. Concord, N. C. ..... , I IV !u.i ir ii.- 11.1 (UH. .-iv -.' ..v,- president severely cntieised thiu ; , 1 . , , ,! send to persons dead or indillei- ent to it. Therefore notice is out will; the August number he has not reviewed tlie case and A I WIT THE NEW DAILY. V.'o ilmnk ,,Eair Play" very au- for his kindly considera- ol our s'.iaaiHui ami iin1 : . : i ; il i s OcStoW'iM oil US asi -avcess with The Stand- I f 1 -V is only one side to our ne. that is frankness. We ; aiued to Ihhik that with all Now, however, si:v:: ami :U;e character avow their ce-ief that Capt. Carter is innoce'i! and th-4 victim of envy and eon.;.i The Chicago Tim. s Hera's' publishes a reputed iuierview with Erark P Blah' co":-.! for Capt. Carter, in wliicii he ivp resented as preferring charges of perjury and subornation of perjury in the i "arter i "i:; I a:: ainst 1 Gen. Otis and that he will at an early date prefer like charges thai all who want it must signify it by sending in their names, ox ivpiing thoe wiu have sub scrlhc i for it since the first day of .June. The Standard's farmer readers will please note this and attend to the matter. The Bulle tin is a very ;u.vepk"d.)io gift. 'ow it is whispered out loud tint John R McLean does not car;' a snap to be governor of Dry Goods Depart ment. Linen, colored Crash, for 5c. a yard, worth 10 c. Printed Marseilles at 12c. Duck, Plain White, solid col ored and Printed. Calico 3c up. Yard wide Percale at 20 and 25 cents per pound. Light colored Outing 5 & 7c. Bargains in Towels. Hosiery. against Col. Thomas F Parr. unio out wants io oeai vviuiam The Chicago Chronicle of .J- Bryan at getting the presi sanie date, however, gives a re-'dential nomination next year, puted interview with Mr. Blair j The step would be shorter and eil s.;mticing etlorts that j hi which he denies having made ' ,ar -f could win the sruber- violation of the charges but he declares iaii h :Ualorial distinction. It is even rumored that he would take the hv- phyologicai laws that prom-1 in Capt. Carter's innocence, us ie health and longevity, oven, I does Hon. Wayne MacYeigh. abject of slaughter j -vn meemr. e lor u:v eenni ac is ottered m the tact that i apt. Carter was placed on the Xicara guan Canal Commission. in which capacity he said he would . c ai e u ;e st :! hv hands of those we have iivovl o hard to serve. Wo have alwavs sutfered from : h.fiiv'u tice that we were not equal scrutinize the matter closelv and to the legitimate demands of our j would expose any crookedness own in lemied editorial protic- j he found. There was crookedness i.mcy, out we have questioned ! and Capt. Carter was not wanted. whether the talent that ought to run a daily in Concord would re ceive such support as would be encouraging. Wc are entirelv satisfied to re tire in favor of a superior, but a movement, which, to be success ful, must neccessarilv crush us. we do not feel called upon to view eheerfullv. As for the press dispatches it is as "Fair Play" says, we are willing, even anxious to take them and it has been our grief that we could not feel justified tinanciailv in enlarging The Standard long ere this. There are other things in Concord that Hence the conspiracy to humuli ate and crush him. It promises to be a bad case and if a conspiracy, it will be equal in disgracefulness to the Drevfus case. CATTLE ANT) TICKS. The August Bulletin contains a number of articles that should be read, especially by our farm ers. One particular topic is very interesting, that pertaining to ticks and tick fever in cattle. It gives the experience of cattle men with it including their losses and the remedies for it. It is a snbiect ."hat should bo mnro will be greatly improved and en- . ' , fitml,Pfl larL-cu when finances justify. T- t , . J ' until a few years aro ''dis- r l ,.;n the best we can jrather L , " , temper was looked u: ion as an tiie new movement will depend . -, , n , , . . -i i unavoidable evil and ticks were lur lis materiaiii;i upon such sunrio 't as would be of very ma terial aid in bringing up The Standard to a desired status. This business men know full regarded with much iml:4T Felice. Since the one is proven to be tlie second place on the ticket or would put up with a senatorial plum if nothing better should come within reach. - But allow ance must be made for rumors. Admiral Dewey is quoted in a dispatch of the 5th from Gi braltar as saying the next dry season will, in his opinion, see the insurgent forces subdued in the Philippines. There's nothing new in the idea but it is pleasant to have the hero giving opinions so in li arm oii3T with the general desire. Two job lots of Samples oiGent's fine sox, lot No.l, pkin and fancy colors, at 15c worth 20 to 25c. Fancy colored and black Lisle at 18c worth 25 to 50c. The best line of Men's and La dies' Hosiery on the market for 10 cents. Notions. Crochet Cotton, 4c; per spool, Silk (short measuroj at 5c. Turk ey Red Cotton, 20c per dozn spools. Embroidery Silks, lilo, outlining, rope and twisted at 3c per skein, worth 5 cents. Also gold embroidery thread at 3e per skein. Embroidery Hoops 5c. Car- A MOTHER TELLS HOW SHE SAVED DAUGHTERS LIFE. I am the mother of eight child ren and have had a great deal of experience with medicines. Last summer my little daughter had the dysentery in its worst form. We thought she would die. I tried everything I could think of. I saw by an advertisement in onr paper that Chamberlaiu's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was highly recommended and sent and got a bottle at once. It proved to be one of the very best medicines we ever had in the house. It saved my little daught er's life. I am anxious for every mother to know what an tjX'edent cause of the other it is plain ! medicine it i. Had L known it at j enough that great care should be t Drft would have snved inn a .1. -1 x 1 exercised in keeoin- tieksutT the -ie;u UI av aua mY X r-i - -1 well. We therefore feel justified i .xi -, . , . J 1 cattle and avoiding, as ::j ;':MUi; inai some reasonaoiG , . . , , . , possible, any contact witn cattle an-;, hving chance oe iriven us by , , . , f , , , . , . , : J I not known to be free from them, whicii to retire and rive an open r . A , little d in-ihter mucii Lufferinf?.- tar us ! I.. T.r, i -r -Lotus niiiy, xUift. r. lur held to the new daily with our hcavTy irood will and the cheer in i av quiescence of those who have shown us such -kindness as to encourage us that they would ' not be willing to aid in our hu miliation and financial distress. We do not wish to be under stood as playing the part of a mendicant but our sense of right gives us some claim to recogni tion and a chance for adjustment ! a changed situation if our ser vices to the public in our present position are not satisfactory. We know we deserve better than to be crushed and we feel as 4 'Fair Flay'' says and we think every other thoughtful man will admh that Concord will not sustain two dailies. these valuable lessons, audit is reasonable to hope that the war against the disease will bring valuable results. Before dismissing the subject we would like to say to those who recall that all cattle used to have ticks and they seemed to do little harm, that since you have the stock law, good improved stock has been introduced, on which you find no ticks and most of the farm herds are without ticks. All these are doubly liable to take the disease. Cattle that grow up among the ticks are like people growing up in the yellow fever districts, they are almost immune, but cattle unused to the ticks are so sus ceptible that herds are almost swept away if not treated vigor dick, Liberty, K. I. For Sale by M. L Marsh A; Co., Druggist. Bone Dr-ss Siay Hooks arid 1's 10.; he ; Thread 3c per spool, 2c per dozen, Brass ; paper and 25j per : Fins Ic, li'-ibber ntuq Shields 10, Mourning j . 5c ppr box, Alu uiiiinr: v 5-3 dozen, S'de Coiah.s " Fompadour 103, co;trs- : tooth Dressing Combs I . Stationary. Jobs in Brx Fanci -c. ; co.t to produce. 25 j n. 15c and lUc ones io Faper at lUc per p(hU'l. Erasers c, Typewriter 1 "j bon Faper for typewrlu sheets tor 5c, Typewritv'i at 3 ounces for 5c. Fa. cv Faper for Loup Shch loilot Taper z roii lor P'c and Mueilage 3c, Slior- : M-ki lc up, Tan do. 5c, Bin :1: 0'xin,r 5 to loo, Wood Tooth Ticks h per 1.000. Gent's Furnishings, Boston Garters ISc, Drawers Supporters 3e per pair, Silk Bosom Shirts 48c. Glass Ware 5c up. Crockery andTinware up stairs. D. J. Bostian. Crtpe j - t ' If you are not a subscriber to J t The Standard t 4. now l& the time to subscribe. 4. t i If you have anything te pell 4, l you can make it known through I The Standard, j f - 0 WEAR M II! Is the laundry hard on your goods ? Some are. Examine your goods as carefully when jTou send them to us as when you reoeiv thm ttick again and you will rind tuat we sew up many a rip, mend uiuuy a button hole, put new neck bauds on shirts not too badly worn (when requested), and in many ways try to prolong the use of your linen. One trial is not a test. Often damage h.-is been done in preyiou laundering and we get the blame. Give us your steady patronage and we will guarantee your linen to last longer than when done at many other laundries. illfl SIM Hi T and DCJE WORKS 'Phone iNo. 2 -I THE STANDARD is published every day (Sunday ex cej)tad) and delivered at your door for only 10c per week or 35 e- per month.- THE STANDARD prints home and other news that is of interest to our renders and to make it grow better we must have the pat ronage of the people. . '. Giye us a trial when you make v your next order for. V Job Work D. G Caldwell, M. u. M .L. Stevens, M.D Dra. C A. LOWELL & T EVENS. Concord, N. C. )ffice in old post office building jp).ite St, Cloud Hotei. Phone No 37 Work ready when promised. ah-v-I - Advertising rates in The Standard 3. If you want to buy anything J you can call for it through $ t The Standard. .8. Y J 1 .,.,l,".a tl 111. TlAr.t a:c itack enn oe ourett witB ,i. iuueei- LUVE FLA ST Eli Only 25c ously an.l in due time. 5-

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